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I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a tiny bit wet watching this.

Britney — who’s the new model for Candie’s (damn! Wonder what that cost them?) — released a video of some of the dress rehearsals for her tour.

SHE IS BACK, BITCHES! This is the old Britney, kicking ass and taking names and SHINING on stage. I am so happy for her it hurts.

And I am SOOOOOO excited to get see this show! I want it to be now!!!

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  • Oh my god! This is SO… aaargh, awesome, she really needs to come to Europe. She is hotter than EVER. So sexy…

  • She looks amazing!!!! Her new tour is going to kick ass, and you can bet im gonna pay the $200 for tickets to go see her!

  • “I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a tiny bit wet watching this. ”

    You professional, you!

  • Looks a lot like Cher’s show. Ring Leader costume…circque de sole flying dancers, etc.

  • OH MY GOD beet your wetness is shared.
    … only in less of a should-have-wrapped-it-before-you-tapped-it sort of way than i made that sound.
    but anyway I WANT TO SEE THIS SHOW.
    i love this woman and am so happy to see her succeed.

  • I think the whole circus theme is pretty awesome! I really love it because it’s different and refreshing!

  • omg, so happy that she seems to be back on track!!! She looks really healthy! Congratulations to her dad, he certainly helped turn everything around. I hope she never goes back to the place of shaved heads and umbrella beat downs.

  • OH MY GOD!!! Really shitty pop music RULES!!! She looks just as untalented as she ever did! Yay!

  • Shit, Beet all this fucking Britney Spears shit should be on your personal blog.

    Who the fuck cares about her?

    • Beet can post whatever she wants. If you don’t like what she posts, go create your own fucking gossip column.

      Anyway…I hope I can get tickets! I love Britney. Love, love, love her.

  • I am devastated. I use to ? you, Evil Beet. Now I think you’re an idiot.
    And it scares me that you live anywhere near me.
    Good bye.
    *running away, bawling my eyes out*

  • I’m really curious to know how Britney covers that Planet sized acne all over her face. I know she wears foundation, but still, it doesn’t cover THAT well. What do these celebrities use? Anyone know? Cameron Diaz is a broken out mess too but she always looks like she has perfect skin in movies.

  • These avatars are funny as hell. What’s even better is how no matter what beet posts there are always two or three people who comment something like “Omg I’m never reading this again its so dumb” when you know they just keep it on an open tab and refresh it every few hours.