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Lauren Conrad’s Book Cover Revealed

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So LC was paid a shitload of cash to “write” a “novel,” and here’s your first look at the cover art for L.A. Candy.

Wanna hear about the “plot”?

Conrad’s publishing debut is a fictional story about a 19-year-old girl named Jane Roberts who has not-so-subtle similarities to the author.

“Roberts can’t wait to start living it up,” the official book synopsis says. “She may be in L.A. for an internship, but Jane plans to play as hard as she works and has enlisted her BFF Scarlett to join in the fun.”

In the novel, the two main characters are approached by a producer who wants them to be on a reality version of Sexy [sic?] and the City.

The book is about “what it’s like to come of age in Hollywood while starring in a reality TV show, written by a girl who has experienced it all firsthand,” the synopsis says.

Yeah I’m sure Lauren wrote every damn word of this herself.

Coming soon: My “novel” about a fictional character named Shnevil Tweet who writes a celebrity gossip “plog” and is very jealous of the star of a reality TV show called The Lumps because there are lots of very talented writers out there dying to get a publishing deal and this girl lands one just by getting drunk and accusing all her best friends of betraying her for six years straight.

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  • LMAO. I am dying to know how this story ends, oh wait no I’m not because I don’t even want to watch “The Lumps”.

    We all really want you to write a book though!

  • You know the book is more about the cover than the story when the author’s name is three times the size of the title.

  • Beet, you are genius! Literally laughed out loud when I read this post. And everything you said is so true! Lauren Conrad could not put together a coherent sentence if her life depended on it. And it makes me so mad to know that hardworking writers, with actual talent, can’t get book deals. However, some talentless twat can. Laaaaame.

  • This makes my stomach hurt. Between you and Wendie, I don’t know whose book I’m more anxious to read.

    I’m really not a suck-up. Just tellin’ ya.

  • lol Beet.

    ugh I feel wrong, because I think the cover is pretty cute.

    luckily, I do not watch the lumps, nor plan on ever reading “her” book. lame. I want a book deal.

  • May I add fashion designers to the list of professions that should resent this girl.

    The bonus is her retarded fans don’t read.

  • I like that the official plot of the book specifically describes Scarlett as a “BFF”. That says something to me about who the whole thing is targeted to. You know, 12 year old girls.

  • Do I see the next Twilight series about to launch???

    I wonder who they found to write this shit for her.

  • It’s sad that young writers who have a passion for this can’t even get their name out in the world. But, Lauren Conrad can. Who would want the book? It’s about her life, just watch the scripted series “The Hills”.