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Slumdog Romance?


It never fails. Anytime actors have to pretend to be in love with each other they actually fall in love with each other. The news broke that Freida Pinto may have not only had a secret husband/fiance, but also that she had allegedly dropped him via the international cold shoulder. She could have at least pulled a Joe Jonas and at least sent a text, but I digress. People are now busily speculating that perhaps Freida’s change of heart towards her mate is due to a budding romance with her Slumdog Millionaire co-star Dev Patel. Dev is younger than Freida, but he is legal. 

They look like just friends to me, but these things have been known to happen. Usually when an actor/actress suddenly dumps the spouse they’ve already got the replacement on the horizon.

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  • No, they’re milking it!!

    their publicists have recommended this in order to prolong interest in their careers and get them more roles or perhaps a place in the hollywood power couples pantheon. there are no Bollywood couples out there so they would corner this huge huge huge market untapped international market.

    imho, the only thing worse than these arrangements is pretending you believe them to be real!

  • i agree with the comment above, freida is like 24 and dev is only 18, he seems more like a cute little brother to her than a boyfriend… plus she lives in mumbai and he lives in enland i just wouldnt see it working outt, its just a lot of hype

  • i don’t get all the hype. this movie was extremely boring. not to mention terrible. i will cry if it wins best picture. it doesnt deserve it.

  • OH MY GOSH! it’s so true!
    whenever i have to act as though i love someone, i usually end up actually loving them as well!

    …weird, right?

  • OH MY GOSH! you’re right!
    everytime i have to act as though i love someone, i actually wind up loving them as well.

    …funny how that works.

  • Haven’t seen the movie yet and I don’t really have any interest in it. Everything I have seen about the movie is that it looks like a bad TV movie at best.

    My theory is that people think it is better than it really is because it is a foreign film and it makes them feel superior over a “third world” country (pardon the expression).

    • meh i agree with you’r theory to why people are making a big deal out of it, but thats only one of the reasons. and its barely a foreign movie cause it was produced by fox. but it was a realy good movie, you should at least give it a chance cause its great

  • she is DESPERATTE to be a hollywood star and milking every opportunity for all it’s worth, did any one else see her talking about the nominations [for some award, forgive me i don’t follow them] and she was all “it’s a good feeling as this is going to go on and on and on for a really long time and must lead to other things” yeah right biatch. Get in line.

    I dislike her for cold shouldering her husband whatever the reasons it paints her in a really bad light.

    I don’t think she is any better than a pretty girl next door type and since catherine zeta jones already married the douglas to become a hollywood power player i don’t see what hope this one has.

    i imagine dev already sees a lot of action of the bootiful ladies thanks to his skins fame in the uk.

  • I really love Freida Pintos performance in slumdog milionair. She is a great and beautifull actress. So now it is just awesome, that she will become the next bond girl.

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