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Slumdog Millionaire Star Ditches Secret Spouse


Freida Pinto, star of the surprise hit Slumdog Millionaire, has a secret.  In December 2007, while still filming Slumdog, she married businessman Rohan Antao, in Goa.  He has previously been referred to as her fiance.  Now that Pinto has become an overnight sensation, the husband is out.  According to his friends, she stopped taking his calls around Golden Globes time.  Freida’s agent in India, who should also expect to be dumped momentarily, asked for a copy of a marriage certificate when confronted by reporters.

I suppose the biggest confirmation that this story is true, is that Antao changed his Facebook status to “single”.  And I know it’s shameful, but I friend requested him.  There is something about a wronged Mumbai-based marketing exec wearing a Hooters t-shirt that I cannot resist.

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  • She looks so hot and sexy. I just saw her profile on millionaire dating site “*****Love Wealth y . c om****” last week. Did she meet him there?!

  • she’s like ‘i got my OWN money now’ bye. still that is so sad. he probably really loved her. really REALLY loved her. i mean look at her!

  • that sucks. if she left him because she got famous and he was too low for her then screw her, but if its simply because now she has different goals and she will be travelling and it was causing problems for their relationship it is to be expected.

  • What a skunt. She needs to ride that indian cawk for all its worth. I haven’t seen the movie, I watch reruns of Millionaire on local TV instead.

  • its dev patel not nev, but that really would be weird because hes like 18 and she seems mature even though she is so young and hes more goofy, but it would be cute i guess because theyre kindve opposites?

  • she wants to move to the hollywood hills and become a big hollywood actress.


    Never going to happen love.

    This story made me really dislike her, and i imagine many others feel the same. She’s not really that pretty and pretty faces are hardly in short supply espically in Hollywood. Her acting isn’t really impressive, so she stands no real chance and she is just breaking her vows and this dude’s heart for her 5 seconds of fame.

    Did any of you watch skins?

    • If by “not really that pretty” you mean “absolutely gorgeous,” then I agree, wholeheartedly.

      He must be have a champion personality or run a (still solvent) hedge fund or something if he, looking like that, snagged her, looking like that.

    • I love SKINS! She is gorg! This guy does and probs is creepy.
      Being an East Indian woman born in London….
      Lots of traditional indian men are Male chauvinist pigs…and I don’t believe
      in arranged marriage.

      GO Freida!!!!!

    • hahahha….yeah Frieda Pinto classic story of pretty but broke aspiring actress meets weird but rich boy…charms him with her good looks and wits and dumps him in “hopes” of one good movie making her a super star…sweetie Aishwarya Rai is still trying to make it in bollywood since like 1994…get in line

      • and she [aishearya] is actually the beautiful one isn’t she, wasn’t she miss world or something. This one is just average pretty, i mean we’re all pretty [unless we really overdo the food/ drugs] untill we’re about 30 aren’t we. POst 30 you’re only pretty if you look after yourself and watch your kcals/drugs.

  • correction…HOLLYWOOD…not Bollywood…lol Well in Frieda’s case looks like she’ll be neither here nor there…lets hope,your husband is forgiving when you’re back in Mumbai audtioning

  • she’s pretty and now she’s incredibly famous.
    but that’s kindof mean to ditch your husband
    i hope there was a good reason for it.
    anyway, i kinda expected someone better-looking no offense to him.

  • I really love Freida Pintos performance in slumdog milionair. She is a great and beautifull actress. So now it is just awesome, that she will become the next bond girl.