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Woody Allen and his next wife *ahem* daughter attended the Knick’s game at Madison Square Garden Friday night.

Did anyone hear that?

That was the sound of me shooting fish in a barrel. 

I think I’m gonna let this one slide based on the premise that it basically writes itself….Also, I do not want to go to Hell.

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    • Yeah, that’s good:)

      I didn’t know they had a kid, she is cute though. Why does he always wear those awful pants. That color looks SO bad with grey.

    • Totally nailed it. Others can defend him all they want. He still, for all intents and purposes, married his wife’s daughter. It’s all kinds of creepy.

  • so funny. I love the girl in the corner giving him the stink eye.

    …And is it just me, or is she too adorable to be Woody Allen’s daughter?

  • This whole situation is gross. I cannot believe Hollywood still kisses his ass after what he did. He’s no different than Roman Polanski.

    • Get a grip…soon ye was 22 when they got together…THIS is their daughter.
      Insinuating that he would molest her is whats sick.

      • Then I must be sick. I would not put it past him to want to pork-fried rice her. Gross? Yes! As gross as marrying the adopted daughter you raised for years.

      • I agreed with Kristin’s post, not Andrea’s. How come the little sub-reply posts don’t end up going down in the order that they were posted? Weird…

  • He is a dirty old man. He is an incestuous child molester. He should not only be ashamed of himself but be prosecuted. He disgusts me.

    • how is he a molester again? how was it incest again? go back to school and learn the definition of the words you use…so stupid

      • I get the sense that perhaps you are in a relationship with a relative … LMAO! Just kidding, I agree Kristen. It is neither incest or molestation, but it is highly disturbing.

  • You people are slightly out of line here. Just so you know, she was 22 when they initiated their relationship. She was Mia’s adopted daughter, not his. He and Mia were never married, nor did they actually reside together.
    And in this pic isn’t his daughter by blood. He and Soon-Yi adopted two girls when they got together. They’ve also been married for 12 years now. That’s added to the 5 that they were together for before the marriage.
    You’re entitled to your opinions, but to call him an incestuous child molester is completely unwarranted.

    • THANK YOU, Sharon!! Yes, get a fucking grip, people, Woody Allen is not a goddamn child molester and he never was. You all need to get your facts straight before you start sanctimoniously stoning people for shits & giggles.

  • Excellent writing, I would point out the difference between these weekend posts and the old weekend posts but I don’t feel like getting yelled at today…

  • weak. i don’t really think posting this picture and trying to be all coy counts as ‘letting it slide’, do you?

    the man has kids, and just because it’s fun to tease about age differences doesn’t mean it’s cool to come out and say he’s molesting his daughter(who btw looks like she’s probably old enough to be online and smart enough to do a google search on her own dad).

    beet, come back :(

      • NO I agreed with LoveitLoveit! YOU lighten up, Andrea! As a funny aside, when you said “Google search a personality” I was immediately reminded of when that Yahoo executive’s daughter whose name eludes me right nowtold some bar bouncer “Google me you dumb fuck!” lol –

        and jesus it is so annoying how the little reply-posts end up going up out of the order that they’d been posted! I’ve gotta remember to specify with whom it is I’m agreeing from now on, ’cause this can get kinda confusing.

  • I see Woody and his people are posting here. He raised Soon Yi as his daughter, she called him DAD you boneheads so even though they aren’t genetically related it’s disgusting and creepy. Sometimes I wonder what’s WRONG with you people, weren’t you taught right from wrong?

    • I agree with you. Some people need to get their own facts straight first before dishing out a lecture.

    • I concur. Just because its not illegal doesn’t make it creepy and gross. Technically necrophilia isn’t illegal; are all these pro-Woody people gonna start defending that too?
      Haha, I just wrote pro-woody!

    • Exactly! No-one is getting this fact. He may not have sent his sperm a-swimming to produce Soon Yi, but he did help raise her even though he didn’t official adopt her.
      Who knows what was going on in that house when she was growing up. And besides, what normal girl grows up and thinks “Hey! I’m gonna start porking my adopted father! Yeah, seems like a cool thing to do.” She obviously went through some serious trauma.

  • Just in case this post ends where it is not intended, I totally agree with Jennifer, me, and others who think this guy is scum. This old dude screwed up in a big way. So what if she was 22 “when they got together” how old was she when he started playing daddy? I cannot believe the amount of people supporting him here. Do any of you Woody lovers have daughters?

  • I just feel bad for that little girl bc if SHE is old enough to google her dad, so are all her friends. Im guessing she wont be hosting any sleepovers. Poor kid. Why do jacked up people have to involve children in all their jacked-upness?

  • I met them in a bar in London in the summer of 95. I think they had just been officially outed as a couple. He was tiny and scrawny and had a waxy horrible pallor and she looked like his granddaughter. I was just so shocked by how incongruous they looked together.
    She had been raised by both Mia and Woody. He was a Father figure. The whole thing is creepy.

      • Genetic sexual attraction!
        Actually my husband’s first cousin is married to a woman who was adopted as an infant. She traced her bio dad 11 years ago. They met and were ‘attracted’ to each other. I don’t think they actually had sex..she referred to it as a ‘relationship’. She was immensely fucked up for years over it. Didn’t have therapy of course, and now everyone just pretends it didn’t happen.

  • technically it was not incest or child molestation with soon yi, but i do think it is a bit creepy that he was a sort of father figure to her while she was growing up, because he did help raise her and all mia’s adopted kids. i don’t know…it seems a bit inappropriate to me, but they seem happy together.