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It’s Still Creepy


Paul Walker’s friends deny that he is engaged to his 19-year old girlfriend, Jasmine, but they do not deny that the two began dating when she was just 16 to Walker’s 32.

Even creepier? The rumors started after pics of the two vacationing in Maui surfaced. Walker frequently goes to Hawaii to visit his 10-year old daughter, Meadow, from a previous relationship. So, basically, while Paul was gettin his willy wet and conceiving children some 10 years ago his girlfriend was learning to write cursive in second grade.

I have nothing against age differences – truly. But I do prefer that all parties are LEGAL before they start their generation gap shenanigans. I guess the good news is at least she’s old enough to vote.

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  • There’s this huge underground campaign (by parents) to stop the instruction of cursive in school. Actually to stop the instruction of handwriting at all (because if they’re children don’t write correctly they are traumatized by mean teachers and frustrated and then never want to write EVER). Isn’t that the dumbest thing EVER.

    If your fucking kid can’t learn handwriting from the teacher (with the rest of the class) then you need to teach them SPECIALLY.

    They claim there is no longer a need for handwriting because people only write electronically now. Idiot woman actually is like a professor.

  • my partner is 17 years younger than me. Only thing is we met when she was 26 and already done with school and other experiences. She wanted the relationship and I wanted to wait but she changed my mind ;-)

    • Erm… there’s extra info here.
      It’s saying that he may not actually be engaged to this girl, its just a rumour started by them being on holiday together.

    • No, I think Wendie reported that they WERE engaged and Soleil is now reporting him denying that fact.

  • Yes, Evil Beet introduced this story a few days ago and now she has taken the proper step of following up on it and informing her readers.

  • I’m sixteen and I hold an attraction for older men. Seriously, if RDJ were to ask, I’d be on it in two seconds flat.

  • I really don’t have an issue with age differences when it comes to dating either, but my beef with it is this…

    What does a 32 year old have in common with a 16 year old? I’m sorry but there’s a lot of differences between people of those ages. No matter how mature the 16 year old thinks they are, that’s still a huge difference. So I guess I’m impressed that they’re still dating.

    It’s creepy.

  • This father-figure seeking behavior coincides with a lack of needs being met during early childhood development. This woman/girl must not have had an appropriate father figure in her life when she was about 3-6 years old. It’s sad really.

    If she was nurtured appropriately when she was younger, she would not be looking for a father figure in her adult relationships.

    • I understand what you mean
      On the other hand…what figure is he looking for?
      That’s another huge issue, admitting their relationship truly exists

      • OMG, don’t you get it? The guy is HOT. You don’t see guys that look like that walking down the street everyday- it doesn’t matter what his age is or whether she had an appropriate father figure.

  • Sixteen is legal in the UK and plenty of other places. And in some places, the age of consent is lower. (Is it 14 in the Netherlands?) It’s such an arbitrary thing.

  • 00zoey says:
    February 7, 2009 at 7:16 pm
    that’s why I see the point of theorizing, but practice is soooo different from theory
    yes, the guy is exceptionally handsome
    I was trying to remember where I first watched him
    and I guess it was in a movie with Jessica Alba???
    Am I right?
    Some snorkeling movie I bought in a Bluray version
    I think it’s him
    but I am too lazy to go to the shelf and confirm

      • here it goes
        when a young woman or girl dates an older man, she’s looking for a father figure
        when an older man dates a girl, what is he looking for?
        esspecially when he’s not old at all
        and he could have someone his age easily
        a daughter figure?
        That’s the point.
        a 32 yr guy with a 16 yr old, as good as he may look, does he or does he not have a problem there?
        and I mean, not a legal problem, but an intrinsic psychological issue.
        makes me wonder.

  • I dont care what age you are, I think most women would go totally gaga if that man would talk to them :)

  • Okay i don’t know if you guys have seen the pictures of the two of them together… but they’re adorable. And they look right together… they just do. She looks like a down to earth like hippie chick and he looks like a mountain climber or something… and like they just look like they fit. I think the pictures of them are really cute.

  • Ah, it is what it is.. If I was in his position, I’d go for it, she’s an alright looking chick and legal.. (From what I know.) Probably just blossomed into what it is. You should be happy for both of them.. I mean, nine times out of ten, it doesn’t work out for whatever bull**** reason. Who cares about age anyway? I mean, I fancy Famke Janssen and she’s 43, I’m 22.. So, yeah, I still would given a chance..