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Um, Can We Please Get Matt Felker in the New Britney Spears Video?


Remember this guy from Britney’s “Toxic” video?

He also appeared as the sexy masseuse in the “Stacy’s Mom” video.

Matt Felker is definitely the male video vixen of our video generation, and, as many of you may have noticed over the years, my #1 personal crush. I think he’s just about the most perfect definition of male beauty I’ve ever seen. I ::heart:: Matt so much.

When I noticed a spot in the “If You Seek Amy” casting call for:

“KEN DOLL” HUSBAND / No Union Affiliation / Featured / Male / Caucasian / 22-29
the perfect ken doll husband
Wardrobe: american…. J CREW… ALL THE WAY
Rate: $1000+20%

I immediately thought of Matt. I mean, is there anyone who better resembles the perfect Ken Doll husband? All-American? J CREW….. ALL THE WAY???? That. Is. Matt. (Although I’m sure he’d be upset with me for this definition of him … “I do have a brain of my own, you know.”)

I know he’s way past working for $1000/day right now — he’s a big shot these days, producing a television show starring Sophie Monk, while preparing to film and star in a movie he wrote — but I just had to ask. Because, despite the fact that his film career is about to take off, he is still, at heart, a nice Wisconsin boy who makes time in his day to answer all my stupid stalkerish emails about Britney Spears videos. Nothing could make my life better than having him in this video. BRITNEY AND MATT FELKER TOGETHER AGAIN???

Oh. Hells. Yes.

“No,” was his response.

“Are you aware they’re casting tomorrow?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You’re not going in?”

“I don’t really do music videos anymore, Sash.”

“Not even for Britney?”

“Sweetie, I wish I could but … ”


“Look. If they call me, I’m open to it, okay? But I don’t think I’m gonna go in for the casting. I mean, I can’t even get a guest spot on One Tree Hill right now, so how do you think this’ll end?”

I told him I was going to post about this no matter what, because he NEEDS TO BE IN THIS VIDEO, and I asked for photos of him to use that would work well for the post. He begrudgingly sent a few over after I harrassed him about it for awhile. “I’m so Spencer Pratt right now,” he says as he emails the image files, which just endears him further to me.

Please please please BRITNEY PEOPLE!

If you’re paying ANY ATTENTION!!!


What a GREAT way to show how she’s come full-circle than to show that she can still land the same hottie Midwestern boy she could in her Toxic days … at least on-screen.


Matt is my favorite. This would be a fantastic full-circle video for Brit. Please please PLEASE???

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