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Singlehandedly Resurrecting The Economy

This guy



has managed to bring in some 83 million dollars in the past three weeks. In light of the grim economic outlook January’s movie revenues are a surprise to the industry. North American ticket sales are up 20% compared to the same time last year and ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ is a large part of that improved number. I hear security guards are none to pleased with the film, but America seems to be loving it. I’ll admit when I saw the trailer I was like “what in the segway riding mustachioed hell?!” But once I learned it was set in the dirty jerz I had to support it. 

Kudos to Kevin James. In step with Michael Cera he’s slowly changing the “leading man” stereotype and ‘King of Queens’ reruns are still hilarious.

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  • I’m sorry but your grammar is awful!
    Shouldn’t it read; ‘…security guards are none TOO pleased with the film’ ??
    In almost every post there have been silly errors and it’s really annoying haha :)

  • Has anyone else seen this movie? I thought the trailers made it look so stupid.. is it actually funny? Just wondering. :)

  • Oh, and contrary to my posts last week, I think Soleil is doing a great job! She could post a couple more blog posts but I think her writing style is funny and original. She fits into Evilbeet very well! :)

  • Well, movies and entertainment generally do well in bad economic times. I’m assuming it’s because people need to escape?

  • I have a friend who is a mall cop. He HATES that term, and prefers that you call him mall security. Whatever. He goes back and forth between being hostile about this movie and being sort of proud about it, especially since the security term he works for apparently taught Kevin James to ride a segway. It’s hilarious to hear people who work as “mall cops” talk about this movie, they take this really, REALLY seriously.

  • “Kudos to Kevin James. In step with Michael Cera he’s slowly changing the “leading man” stereotype”

    what?… how is he in step with Michael Cera? They are so unlike. And how is he changing the leading man stereotype? There are always fatty unattractive guys heading movies, especially comedies. This is not new at all. I’d be shocked if a comedy was actually headed by a super hot guy. Almost never happens. We always get like.. Will Ferrell. ugh

  • I personally find this to be depressing. And law of circumstance. America is hurting, and needs dumb right now, and this happens to be the dumbest movie out there. It’s a family movie, and something people can go to, sit for 1.5 hrs, and forget to think. I could’ve been any stupid movie. This one just had the fortunate timing to open when we are at the lowest we’ve been in a really long time.

  • ohhhh shit, i didn’t know it was set in jersey..i was hands down against ever seeing this shit pile of a film…but now it’s a JERSEY shit pile…which makes it GOLD…i’m gonna have to see it..on dvd when i can rent it and not waste 12 bucks on it in theaters