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Here is the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl game.

J-Hud did a phenomenal job with this.

If only the refs had been equally competent!!!

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  • I am not normally a fan of J. Hudson but she did great…she sounded amazing…and I freaking LOVED her jacket! Does anyone know what brand it is?

      • It doesn’t have to be. Bruce wasn’t lip-syncing. She’s way too talented to have to resort to that. And we shouldn’t put up with it either.

        I’m really sorry about her family. And I thought she looked good. But don’t ask me to like her pretending to sing.

  • She was flawless! I just couldn’t help thinking of all she has gone through yet she came out with poise and class. *wipes a tear*

  • That was undoubtedly the most incredible rendition of the National Anthem that I have ever heard. In fact, I plan to save it so that I can re-play it every once in a while. I think it was because of what Jennifer has gone through that she was able to reach very deep and bring SO MUCH emotion to a song to which most people don’t even know all of the words. My heart bleeds for Jennifer, and I thank her for her inspiration.

  • It would be nice if a black person could someday sing the national anthem in a non-soulful way. Obama won, you people can give up on trying to make everything black all over.

    • dude it would be nice if ANYONE would sing it in a non-soulful, turn every note into 5 notes way, but it’s not gonna happen. you don’t need to be all picky about the race, everybody does it.

  • TBH. i didnt think it was THAT good… :/
    towards the end the long high notes were produced from a tensed throat which made it quite scraping on the ear, her transition from cheast to head voice was appaaaling, her diction was non-existent, she either didnt use any, or very minimal support from her diaphragm, which didn’t help… and to top it all off she went off key terribly at 1:49. So, if this WAS a pre-recording then the person who made it should be shot. Ok, shot is a bit harsh but fired, certainly :). Without being big headed, because belive me i’m not, I could have done better.. although i do have the advantage that i am actualy a TRAINED singer.

    however, if thats the kind of singing you like, who am I to say its crap… although it was ;)

    • Wow what a jealous loser. You did not impress us with your lingo and i dont think you would impress us with your trained voice either. No one cares. I think your fibbing or you are extremely unmotivated considering that you seem to be very into singing and think you can do better than her. I mean if that were true then why are you not anywhere near where she is at?

      Give it up.

    • well jennifer hudson’s famous and you’re a nobody who is bragging on an online blogging site, so she still wins. at life.

    • ermm well, considering i’m only 16, Jennifer Hudson wasn’t exactly famous at my age was she, so dont call me “unmotivated” :) also, I didnt really use any “lingo” if you simply don’t understand then I think you should look up some basic terminology before you start dishing out rude comments, because i clearly DO know what i’m talking about. Oh and with regards to my voice, I’m studying post grade 8 music, I have a four octave range and I currently sing for the NYCGB so erm unless you think that thats crap, which btw is one of the best choirs in the world… shh yourself.

  • who gives a shit if it was prerecorded. i would be able to drag my ass out of bed for a year if i was in her situation. THAT GIRL CAN SING and she looked fantastic doing it.

  • That was BEAUTIFUL. God bless America and God bless her. What a voice. She is a courageous, beautiful young woman. How did she pull herself together to accomplish that fabulous rendition of our national anthem. I wish her all the best.