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Molly Ringwald Officially Knocked Up


Molly and her daughter Matilda.

I had totally forgotten about Molly Ringwald. It didn’t help that the height of her career roughly coincided with my birth so I wasn’t exactly in the position to keep tabs on her.

These days Molly plays mother to a pregnant teen on ABC Family’s “Secret Life of the American Teenager”. Being around all that pubescent placenta musta got her in the mood because now she’s having twins!

Molly Ringwald, who plays the anxious mother of a pregnant teen on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, is expecting twins of her own, the actress tells PEOPLE exclusively.

It will be the second daughter and first son for Ringwald, 40, and husband Panio Gianopoulos, 33. They have a 5-year-old daughter Mathilda Ereni. The babies are due in August.

How sullen does her first kid look in this picture? Did they tell her she was going to have to share her toys with new tiny strangers right before they picked her up for the cameras? She looks like she’s plotting somebody’s destruction. If I were Molly I’d keep that kid at least three feet in front of me at all times and confiscate all her baby scissors.

Sidenote: Ringwald is OBVIOUSLY a cougar seeing as her husband is seven years her junior. I think Lohan will be pleased to know that the firecrotch allure continues well into middle age. You know…for if (i.e when) she goes back to dudes.

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  • What a shock. Another middle-age actress having twins.
    Must be nice to have the money for all of the IVF therapy.
    It’s not that I don’t appreciate what modern science has done for people who have trouble conceiving, but I almost feel as if there should be a cutoff in the age they allow it until we are able to extend our life expectancy just a bit more (say, until 90 or so).
    And to all the haters I say this: I lost my parents as a teen, both to cancer. They had me and my brother later in life. I don’t resent them for it. I just wish I’d had more time with them.

    • I think you are perfectly justified in feeling that way and I’m so sorry you lost your parents so young. Your comment made me cry, the part about saying you just wish you’d had more time with them.

      • I didn’t mean to make anyone cry! I’m sorry! :)
        I guess I can be a little too emotional when attempting to point out how selfish it can be to FORCE yourself to have a child when your body just physically is too old to do it naturally.

    • With all due respect, Sharon, 40 is not too old to have a baby naturally. Your body is too old to have a baby when you go through menopause. After that, I agree, it’s not right to force things. Unfortunately younger parents sometimes die and leave their kids parentless, too. On the other hand it’s possible for older parents to lead long, healthy lives (including to age 90). Heck, there are plenty of grandparents out there raising grandkids because the middle generation is out of the picture for one reason or another.

    • agreed, and seven years isn’t a big deal. try that sharon stone shit where i think the kid can now go into bars with her and she’s like 60

    • How about adding the letters ‘sshole’ to your ‘name’ or at least come up with something constructive.

      Beet chose Soleil. Go somewhere else if you can’t respect that.

      • ok COW. I see you have a MUCH better name than I do. Now run along, finish eating your tubs of ice cream and try to to drip on your mumu.

  • Is it me, or does her daughter have sort of a Travis Bickle stare? She looks like she’s about to say: “You talkin’ to me?! Are you talkin’ to me?!” to the paps on the red carpet.

  • So you think sweet Molly is a A Cougar??!! C’mon New Girl you are off to a slow and stupid start. Find us some EVIL gossip that is what why we visit this site!

    • thank. you.

      uhh seven years doesn’t make her a cougar. basic rule of dating is: don’t date under (yourage/2) + 7. so she’s officially a cougar if she’s dating under 27.

  • Funny post! I like you Soleil. Disagree with the cougar thing though–if her husband were 23, then we’d have a case for that.

  • bagging on a little kid (who is not a celebrity, did not ask to have a celebrity mom) in a picture seems kind of rude.

  • Oh, mags, I think the word you are looking for is CLASSY. It’s CLASSY to make fun of kids. It’s edgy and she goes there!

    Wait, no, it’s crass bs to make a point. So yes, I am completely unimpressed with new girl, much like I’m completely unimpressed with Wendie, and their definition of acting anything like a human being.