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Hayden Panettiere is More Important Than You

How else would you explain actual police showing up over a 9-1-1 call to report a confiscated license?

Inside Edition got their grubby little paws on the transcript of Hayden’s call to EMERGENCY SERVICES after her license was taken away when she allegedly attempted to order a drink at “NV” Lounge (dude, really?! Burn it down and start over that name is horrific) in Suffern, NY. Here’s the transcript:

911 OperatorWhat’s your name?
PanettiereHayden. I went into a bar and I showed them my ID. They let me in and um…he took my ID and he won’t give it back.
911 OperatorWhat bar is it?
911 OperatorNV?
911 OperatorOkay, and they took your ID and they’re not going to give it back to you?
PanettiereYeah, and I need to get on a plane in a couple of days and I really need my ID back…I live in California.
911 OperatorOkay, we have officers on the way.
PanettiereThank you very much.


The owner stated that “She was crying,” and seemed upset when talking to police about her horrible horrible ordeal.

Hayden? Sweetie? I know it sucks monkey balls being underaged. I totally get that. I understand that you’ve been having a hard time of it lately (what with your father pretty much admitting that he’s a wife beater). But I have no sympathy for someone who attempts to use their ACTUAL ID that clearly states they’re underage to buy a drink. I mean, you don’t look a day under 25 in pictures like the one above! Just find some stoner that’ll make you a fake and roll with it. If you’re going to do it, do it right. And if you get caught you do not call 9-1-1 upset, and you do NOT start blubbering when the cops get there. Let’s leave the good officers of Suffern, NY free to do their jobs, shall we?

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  • This story is a week old but I guess the transcripts are new. When your real license gets confiscated at a club you have to call the police to get it back. She had no other choice. Its all at E!

  • Really Hayden? And in Suffern? I’m from Rockland and there are two things you need to know here. 1) You are all of 40 Min. from NYC. Go to the village and find a photoshop run by some sketchball. I guarantee he can make you a fake ID in minutes. We all did it when we were like 16. 2) It’s Suffern dude! What were you even doing there? You could have had a better time in Nyack.

    And Hayden, my dear sweet child. You’ve got blonde hair and blue eyes and you’re gorgeous. Get a copy of any other pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and you’re solid!

    Better luck next time kiddo.

  • This bitch is a hypocrite. She says she doesn’t drink, or do drugs etc. There is a clear picture of her from a few years ago hanging out with who else but parasite hilton. What the f else would they be doing but drinking or something? And, what do you think she does in those bars? She’s in bars ALL the time. Let me see if I can find that damn picture link.

    • Seriously. No one tells everyone everything they do. If celebs did it, Beet and her minions would be out of jobs, and I’d have nothing to read during the work day.

    • well she can’t really go out to the world and proclaim that she drinks while she’s underage now can she? i’ve lied to my parents more than once before about what i’m doind– especially when involving stuff like parties/drinking, like ANY teenager.
      didn’t really know that made me a hypocrite. umm, yeah. i just thought it made me a liar, but that’s a whole other issue.
      is she supposed to have a press release in the name of honesty to say that she gets wasted every weekend? that’ll go down well.

  • Uhm when this happened like WEEKS ago everything said Hayden was not ordering a drink but in fact was let in and then security spotted her and knew she was under age so they kicked her out.

      • maybe not, she might not have had time or whatever since she was kicked out so fast. But I believe this girl generally does drink or does something….I just really doubt she hangs with the people she does and turns down everything. It has happened, but usually birds of a feather flock together. But no I have no proof. Just would guess someone against that kind of thing would also be against paris.

  • Here’s one of her hanging out with paris, there are more on the internet, but this is what I found for now. This girl is always saying she wants to be a role model, etc. All she is is another Paris but worse, because she tries to hide everything. Nothing worse than someone who is a do what i say, not what i do type.

  • Indeed. Pretty fucking stupid to use your real ID. Unless she was expecting special treatment from someone actually recognizing her name. That’ll teach her. hahaha

  • Well my link with the link didn’t get approved yet but my point was that she says she wants to be a role model. It’s fine when people lie, but this girl misleads people to think she is some kind of saint. When really she is just like Paris or lindsay, etc except that she tells people she is better and doesn’t approve of that type of behavior.

  • my only HUGE prob with this is that she called 911. There’s a police non-emergency number for a reason, guys

  • whether she was allowed to be there or not they should have given the id back, kick her out or whatever sure but don’t just steal someones id lol

  • Does anyone else feel like Soliel is getting all her material from Perez? Being an EvilBeet fan and a Perez fan I find it really boring reading the same articles twice, which I have for the most point avoided up until this weekend.

    Please Soleil read around for some new material, evilbeet is going to lose a reader..

    • Please… I could have said the EXACT same thing about Wendie (who YOU all love) because I read Perez and Beet and Wendie always chooses the EXACT same stories that Perez does… coincidentally of course. Oh and the story about the Twilight perfume? Wendie said that she saw a story on it and she “happened” to remember seeing a perfume bottle exactly like it and ran a search and “lo and behold” found a picture that was exactly the same. Perez did an article earlier the same day telling everyone that the Twilight bottle was the same as the more expensive one… good catch there Wendie, luckily you “just happened” to remember the same exact thing.


      • No erin, they are on different time scheduals. In otherwords evil beets 7am is not perez’s 7am. Perez posted his story first.

      • i don’t know about everyone else, but i think i can pretty safely say that a lot of people who read evil beet do so not only for the gossip, but for beet’s writing. perez sucks a lot and regardless of whether or not beet’s news is as quick to reach us as his is, i will ALWAYS choose beet and wendie over that ass. plus, uh…it’s celebrity gossip. the timeliness of it down to the hour does not really make or break its significance in our lives. it’s entertainment, not breaking news.

      • Most of the stories featured here are the same as Perez’, but I agree with Taylor here. Evil Beet is all about the writing (I’m sure even Soleil will work out, once she gets her groove).
        Besides it’s nice to get a break from penisses drawn all over the pics.

    • HA! I guess you read that bolg as closely as this one. There are completely different posts. Get over yourself. Please, stay at Perez. That site likes assholes like you.

      • Celebrity news breaks at the same time, it’s not like we know these people personally and can get exclusive shit the minute it happens except for whore Perez.

      • People please,
        more readers = more money for the Beet!
        In my book that means courteney and even people like Lynn are most welcome to stay.

    • You guys take yourselfs WAAYY too seriously on this website. It’s called an OPINION and the last time I checked you lived in a free country. I’m not an asshole and enjoy reading the site, just do not care so much for the new weekend writer. Is that a crime? The only person being an asshole on this website is you.

      • She just started today! How can you say that you don’t care for her? She hasn’t even gotten into a pattern of writing. You have to give her a chance before you try to break her down.

      • Exactly, courteney. But as far as I can tell only one person so far has called you an asshole, so please do not direct your anger at all of us.

        Honestly, it sounds to me like you’re the one that can’t stand the difference of opinions.

  • For anyone that also wants to read a great blog with actual inside scoops (instead of just rewrites and cut and paste of the other celeb news sites), check out Unfortunately no comments section.

  • The bar had no business confiscating her ID. They should have just thrown her out. There was no reason to keep the ID.

  • See, here is the thing, if Hayden couldn’t get back on a plane to go back and shoot some more TV, then the world would explode and Heroes would tank.

    You got the sarcasm in that, right?

  • I remember hearing about this incident but I’m glad you posted info on the 911 call, Soleil. I think you’re bang-on with this one. What the hell is she doing calling 911? I’m famous, and something happened to me, HELP! Please. Maybe they hung on to here ID to teach her a lesson. The cops should have basically said, file a complaint, we’re busy dealing with real issues.

    • I agree that she shouldnt have called 911. She definitly should have called the non-emergency police number because they had no right to take her id. However, i dont think she was saying “im famous, and something happened to me”. Infact she didnt say anything about being famous and didnt even mention her last name…

    • well I work at a bar. If a bar takes your ID, they will tell you to get a cop to make them give it back to you. But, as far as I know, bars are only supposed to be doing this to IDs that they think are FAKE. There is no reason to take someone’s real ID. The whole point in involving police is that- if it is a fake, you will obviously not call the cops, because they can tell 100% if it is a fake or not.

      But again, don’t call 911 for anything that is not an emergency. Should have used the non-emerg line.

  • I’m so motherfucking drunk right now (3am where I am in england) and all I feel is pity for americans who have to be 21. Jesus christ – I’m actually going to die when I go over there for my year doing american studies and I’ll only be 20. I mean wtf?

    BTW I love soleil – continuing in the great evil beet style ;)

    Also – why the hell are birds tweeting outside my window? Its 3am u bastards shut the hell up!

    • These are the kinds of people that make me glad our drinking age is 21. Too immautre to even be talking about alcohol.

      • Um, harsh? It’s a funny drunk comment. Not even that drunk, because the words are all spelled correctly. Chill out.

      • I am so impressed with my ability to spell correctly while lying on the floor =P (don’t drink jaegerbombs. Ever. It does not end well. EVER. It’s midafternoon and I can still taste it – eurgh.)
        I agree with you hellooooo, I am too immature to be drinking (to be fair though, I actually went home with the same clothes on that I started out in. If that isn’t a sign of damn near heroic levels of maturity I don’t know what is!

        (Although I do now have a fairy wand and a police hat that I fear may actually have come from a real policeman. Hmm.)

  • its so funny that all the evil commenters are all coming out of the woodwork…its like grade 3 all over again, the bullies picking on the new kid

    • I agree! I was starting to wonder if there are more evil commenters here right now, or if it’s just the same one(s) using different names…

      • you have to look at the environment, the situation. she is trying to lead a site dedicated to making fun of people and saying mean things while trying to be funny. she knows what she’s getting into.

        she shouldn’t be bashed or insulted, but she’s having her chops busted just like she should on her first day. its how the game works. and the overcompensation is bullshit the other way. “oh you calling paula abdul a hellbeast is the funniest thing i’ve ever read. ha ha” bullshit. she’s stepping into a tough room and needs to bring it. and coddling her with the slightest comment is “gold”, doesn’t help.

      • To musicstudent: I get what you’re saying, but people are being nastier to each other than usual too.

        As for Soleil, I figured I’d give her at least a full weekend before I wrote anything mean. Like, that she should proofread a little more and use run-on sentences a little less.


      • “and the overcompensation is bullshit the other way. “oh you calling paula abdul a hellbeast is the funniest thing i’ve ever read. ha ha” bullshit.”

        I was the one who complimented her on that post, and I meant it. Blowing sunshine up someone’s ass is not my style, ever. With that I’d like to offer you the following: “Jerk-o!” Yeah, take that and try not to cry too hard about it. So pathetic that if Soleil gets positive feedback some of you try to be this annoying about it. Get a life.

    • i’ve been off the site for like over a month, so i come back and theres a new writer and all of a sudden everyone hates her but loves “beet and wendie” lol. of course this is funny because 2 months ago everyone was hatin’ on poor new wendie.

      • This is so weird. I just saw the tale (or tail?) end of the Wendie bashing, was it this bad? Talk about baptism by fire – you’d think Soleil was forcing a lot ( 2 words :)) of these commentors to give her half their income or had killed their mothers – it’s intense!

  • I like Soliel so far, though not as much as I liked Wendie on her first day, and it is only because of too many run-on sentences. Please use more commas, so I don’t have to keep going back to make sure I have read the sentence correctly!! Beet’s punctuation is PERFECT! ALWAYS!

    • My only complaint is the commas. Otherwise I have to reread everything to make sure I’m getting it properly.

  • She didn’t try to buy a drink. Someone recognized her and asked for her I.D. She just wanted to come in and see a friend or something, so they let her in the back (or so the story goes). And, yes, the only way to get your I.D. back is to call the police. She probably should’ve called the non-emergency line, though. Also, why are you people being assholes? I know Soliel said not to go easy on her, but, damnit, it can’t feel good to get bashed on your first day. Let her do her thing. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I doubt you can write better. Being mean is so useless, spend your time and energy on something more important.

  • I like you a lot, Soliel. Your voice and style have both impressed me, especially since you seem to have adapted to this site very well in a short period of time. My only complaints are, as they were on your first day, your punctuation and sentence structure. Please, please, PLEASE reread Strunk and White’s before posting anymore. I fell in love with Beet’s writing when I realized that it reflected an immaculate grasp of punctuation, grammar, and command of structure. I don’t mean to over-criticize, but those things are pretty important to success in a job like this. Other than a few little slips in your posts, you’re absolutely fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed reading your stuff so far. This post is especially humorously written. I can’t wait to see how well you do! Welcome to the site!

    • funny you say that. i’ve always said if you can’t afford college go buy the elements of style and you’ll be pretty close. i’m no genius but the lack of sharp jokes with uneducated writing structure drives me crazy and she clearly needs to at a minimum study this book and that’s as kind as i can be.

      i instantly loved beets sharp jokes and clearly educated knowledge of how to write the english language. it just stands out so much when someone unlike that writes on her site

    • um, do you know what a “writing style” is? this is not a term paper, people write differently to achieve comedic results. beet just happens to be one who is funny and grammatically perfect at the same time. that doesn’t mean we all are.

  • You know, at first I thought everybody saying things like “maybe all the pro-Soleil commenters are really the same person under different names” were a teensy bit paranoid, but I think I’ve just changed my mind. Look at the comments above (mamalulu, briles and taylor), all relatively positive about her writing and all misspell her name in exactly the same way. Makes me wonder….

    Still think we should give the girl a break though & trust in Beet’s better judgement.

  • First, all you fuckwad haters, back off Soleil, she got the job; you didn’t, get over your over-indulged, over-inflated selves. As for our dear Hayden, I’m hating on this little gnome more and more as she gets older, can’t say grow with her… Her beautific, hollywood elitist ‘tude is wonderfully caught on the tape… I’m surprised she didn’t trash Suffern in the call with a “it’s not even the CITY”…our favorite Oompa Loompa should have made sure she was in a ‘friendly’ club before she got settled.

    • i agree. her and her fat-boobs better not come to any bar where i am or it looks like joan’s going to jail again. for punching her in her stupid face.

  • Have you ever noticed how big her head is compared to her shoulders? Just look at it…you’ll see.