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Hayden Panettiere’s Dad Pleads No Contest to Hitting His Wife


He’s no hero!

Hayden Panettiere’s father has received two years of informal probation after pleading no contest to hitting his wife.

Records show Alan Panettiere entered the plea on Tuesday in Beverly Hills. He was arrested in August on suspicion of hitting his wife, who is also the “Heroes” star’s mother. He was later charged with misdemeanor spousal battery.

A judge ordered Panettiere to attend a yearlong domestic violence treatment program, pay a $400 fine and serve two years of summary probation, which does not require supervision by an officer.

This seems like a WAY WEAK punishment for hitting your wife!

What the hell kind of probation doesn’t require supervision by an officer?

I don’t know why, but this whole thing reminds me of that SNL sketch with Norm MacDonald where’s he’s always winning that Christian game show, because they just give out the answer and Norm’s like, “Yup, I knew that!” while eating a cheeseburger and smoking a cigarette. And they just trust him, and the whole thing is so absurd.

Big points to anyone who can track that shit down on YouTube. That sketch was insanely funny.

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  • OMG! I love that sketch! A bible game show on the “honor system”, hilarious. I talk about it all the time and no one else remembers it.

  • I think that’s the nicest picture I’ve ever seen of her, her eyebrows look normal and she finally chose the right lipstick.

    Anyway, that sentence is a joke, unsupervised probation is basically telling an offender “When you commit this crime again all I can say is, by golly you shouldn’t have!” It’s a slap on the wrist for beating your wife.

  • Beet- In honor of your marathon from your new BFF BEEBOP….
    Google Norm MacDonald and Bible Gameshow and the first hit is the SNL Archives from May of 1995. Congrats & Enjoy. Norm MacDonald is a BAD MOFO.

    Clara Turley’s Bible Challenge

  • Hiya, reading celeb news is my guilt pleasure and I just stumbled onto your website and spent the past 20 blissful minutes reading through the pages.

    Go veg!

  • i’ll tell you what’s a better punishment. being the father of a celebrity so that when he does something lame like knock his wife around, it gets put in the mags and on internet blogs and he is never able to live it down for the rest of his life.

    • god, good call. doubt he’ll pull this shit again.

      I duno. Didn’t the wife come out the next day and try to deny everything? And at least he didn’t, like, beat the shit out of her… I mean… at least there’s that. Hopefully the training program isn’t bullshit.

      Don’t get me wrong– not trying to stand up for guys who hit girls AT ALL. but…. it could have been a lot worse. I think I read waaaaaaay too much true crime.

  • Calm down people! First of all he was arrested on “suspicion” of hitting his wife. Notice the word “beating” wasn’t used. Secondly, even if he did hit his wife it is a “misdemeanor”. Last but not least, as a previous person said, the wife came out after wards and tried to play it down which is probably indicative of her testimony to the authorities. What did you expect the DA to do? OJ almost decapitated his wife as he killed her and then killed another man and then walked away a free man. This case doesn’t warrant shit for attention. As far as I’m concerned he got fucked!

    • I sort of agree. Additionally, he claimed that she was hitting him as well, and both of them were loaded when the cops showed up. The whole thing was unbelievably sketchy.

  • how old is she??? she’s looking like a botoxed-soap-opera-star for someone that young. :( :( :( pretty… but sumthing’s not right. lol.

  • Wifey and the children protested any punishment. “Um, it was like kidding around, but the joking around got Mom and Dad miffed and they didn’t say sorry, but are sorry now. We like dad and don’t hurt him K?”