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Looks Like Al Franken Won the Minnesota Senate Race


I was reading this article on my Treo this morning at brunch, and I looked up at my friends and said, “Hey, looks like Al Franken’s gonna win the Minnesota Senate race!” and they were like “That thing is seriously still going on?” and then promptly returned to more important matters, like drinking mimosas and spoon-feeding coffee to their one-year-old daughter, which actually happened.

But, yeah, they’re still counting votes in the Minnesota Senate race, and now it looks like former SNL-er Al Franken won the race by 225 votes. A state election board on Monday will announce his victory on Monday. His opponent, Republican incumbent Norm Coleman, plans to challenge the findings on the grounds that hundreds of absentee ballots were improperly rejected, but it’s probably a lost cause. Al Franken will almost certainly be the new Minnesota senator.

Interestingly, the initial count of votes had Coleman winning by 215 votes, but Franken came out on top in the recount.

So here’s the point, kids: No, your vote doesn’t really count in the Presidential election, especially if you don’t live in a swing state, but it does count in matters like these. A Senate seat in Minnesota just changed parties because of a couple hundred votes. That is a huuuuge fucking deal.

Your. Vote. Counts.

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  • My God!! Al Franken looks fucking creepy. His face could be the standardized image shown to every victim of pedophilia. They would all say, “THAT’S HIM!!!!!”, “HE”S THE ONE WHO TOOK ME TO THE RECTUM-REAM AND SHOWED ME THE HOLY STAFF!!!”. I know damn well if he makes it into the U.S. Senate it won’t be more than a month before he and Barney Frank are caught exchanging body fluids in the men’s room. The world is coming to an end. What else would explain people voting that for this F-list moron to represent them.

    • SimpleJack you live up to your name. Bet this is your standard rant, pedophilia, homosexuality. So pathetic.

      • If the shoe fits! I rant about other things as well. Lighten up! Why such a reaction? Are you gay? A pedophile? Ever been a victim? Does Al look like your old man? Oh, I know your Catholic (so am I) and the play of words for Rectory got you all bent. If you consider me pathetic I would like to thank you for the compliment. To know that I am totally opposite of you pleases me tremendously.

    • Nope, none of the above. I bar tend in an upscale hotel in a tourist city & listen to this kind of narrow minded bullshit on a daily basis. And to keep my job I have to keep a smile on my face & make like it doesn’t bother me. Being in the hospitality business, I work with lots of gays & lesbians & a lot of them are good friends. So that kind of stuff you wrote – I find it personally offensive.

      • Wow your a tight ass. You need a career change or you need to tend bar at a religious retreat were everyone holds hands and sings Kum Bah Ya. You may think I’m “simple” but who felt one zero wasn’t sufficient to classify themselves so they had to put two in front of their name? If you are so loving and accepting why aren’t they all good friends? Also what a stereotypical comment about so many gays and lesbians being in the hospitality business.
        Sorry Johnny you can’t be the hospitality manager at the resort because you don’t cross dress and have “same sex”! Fine tune your reasoning and your logic then speak.

  • I’m actually surprised at this. It’s damn hard to beat an incumbent Senator.

    Congrats Al Franken. I hope you do MN proud.

    • Make MN. proud? By doing what? Making center fold for the first Senate Fag Rag Calendar. He has zero experience in politics. Even when he acted, which is what he trained and aspired towards all of his life, he sucked at that. Now you expect him to do you “proud” in something he is even less experienced in? I hope you are from MN. You are going to get what you deserve.

  • Woo-hooo! Aweome news. :-)

    See, he’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like him.

  • Goes o show, you can never underestimate the intelligence of the Minnesota electorate. Let’s see, Ventura, Franken, just waiting for the election to office of Keillor.

  • I guess the water in Minnesota must cause them to vote for total morons. First Jesse “The Body” Ventura for governor, now Al “Stuart Smalley” Franken for Senator.

    If Mickey Mouse could sustain a campaign, Minnesota would vote him in too!

  • I’m from Minnesota. I voted for Al. The reason we voted him in, is because we care about the environment, mass transit, and hope to legalize gay marriage. Norm would have cow towed to his GOP backers, de-railing our growing support for more trains in Minneapolis, cleaner lake waters, and not selling Lake Superior water to Arizona, so people in the desert can have lawns. I’m glad Al won. We’re glad he won, and hopefully he’ll be better than Jesse, who got all ego mania on us once he was elected. The only reason it was so close, is half our population lives in the Twin Cities, which are blue, and all the red crazies up in the iron range and suburbs make up the insane, backwards half.

    • Hopefully he’ll be better than Jesse? You replace one inexperienced, loud mouthed goof ball with one who is arguably worse and your expecting a better outcome? I also like your utter lies about the GOP’s position on things. Republicans want to destroy the environment, make people walk every where, and pollute the lakes? Yes I do believe I saw Norm Coleman driving down the parkway in a gas guzzling limo while laughing at those walking on the side of the road like Croatian refugees, all the while him and his posse were throwing empties, cigarette butts, and used condoms out the windows and trying to piss in the lake at 90 mph. Your an Idiot ! The reason you voted for Al is because of the only true difference between the two is legalizing gay marriage. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have for that reason but don’t try and obfuscate the populace with extraneous bull shit. Don’t be like the dildo you put into office……speak the fucking truth!

  • I’m from Minnesota also. I live in the heart of St Paul and I’m not for Al Franken. So, correction: Not we. Just you.

  • actually Franken has NOT won by a long shot, this is what criminal collusion and vote tampering looks like. As of the end of this farce, 29 precincts have more votes counted than total voters signed in. The are also refusing to count 654 ballots from troops over seas. This is fraud plain and simple and we need to nail these crooked bastards to the wall for it.

  • I am hoping Al wins. I’ve listened to him and he know’s the issues and isn’t a phony like the last Senator. Just count the wrongly rejected ballots and that should settle it. Al won’t be a closeted gay man like Larry Craig, an accepted adulterer like Norm Coleman, or a confirmed John like David Vitter in Louisiana. But hey, no one is perfect. Anyone that heard his Air America show knows he is knowledgeable and will do his homework. A passionate liberal is just what the nation needs right now.