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You Know Why I Love This Couple?


I may not be a fan of all her headbands and sunglasses but I will say this:  Nicole Richie and Joel Madden actually do stuff other than shop.  We always see them being involved in different charities and that is so refreshing to see.  They give back which goes a long way towards forgiving her accessories.

Pics of Nic and Joel today at a party hosted by Beyond Shelter at Magic Mountain.  And listen, I know this is shallow while I’m applauding their philanthropy, but does anyone know where I can find that Clone Wars hoodie? 

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  • Lots of celebrities do more than just shop and help charity, they just don’t make a photo op of everything.

    • Like who else? Brad Pitt?I think Wendie means young celebrities. Yeah there are celebs that do charity work but that’s usually after they get over their insipid narcissism, which normally takes a really long time. Do you think Brad Pitt would have done all that charity work in New Orleans back when he was in “Thelma and Louise” hell no!

      As for Photops, if it gets their charity more publicity I’m sure they will let the fuckers snap away.

      Good point Wendie

  • i don’t care if she does charity work or whatever, i can’t stand nicole richie and her ugly face. sorry, but ugh. i don’t know what joel is thinking.

    • ickk much?
      she might be ugly,
      [i personally think she’s pretty in an odd, unusual way]
      but obviously, she’s good on the inside.
      if this charity thing is just a stunt,
      boo for her,
      but either ways, some poor family in africa with aids or homeless person
      is being helped right now because of her.

  • remember her on the simple life, like how gross in every way she was. Well, it’s nice to see her change for the better, while Paris grows into an even bigger piece of useless elephant turd.

    & yeah, Joel actually looks good with that hair….