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Yes Of Course There Are EVEN MORE Pics of Amy Winehouse Naked


Wendie ran the first batch this weekend; you can see them here. Now there are even more, plus a video of Amy dancing topless on her balcony. I’m not joking. It’s here.

You know what’s weird?

Despite all the hell she puts her body through, she still has really nice tits. I guess the gods of evolution (is that an oxymoron?) want us to keep our reproductive organs intact no matter what.

I also love how, without her crazy wig beehive, she’s totally rocking the Jew-fro. Like, underneath the rock-star career and the crack habit, this is just a nice Jewish girl who took a few wrong turns along the way …

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  • that video


    I’m going to have nightmares for sure

    her hair looks SO BAD LIKE THIS. i miss her crack pomp teased thing.

  • I haven’t looked at the other photos, so this might just be a good angle, but…has she started eating or something? She looks…ok. Something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to say about Wino again.

  • Yeah, she looks actually quite nice here, for her, that is. Her skin looks so soft and supple, and I like her “Jew-fro!” Well, I love, adore Amy Winehouse, so I’m always looking for nice things to say about her. The clinic must have been doing her some good lately, after all. She looks as if she’s put on some desperately needed weight. Good for her! Good!

  • She still has the hospital bracelets on. Must be a timesaver for when she heads back from her “sabbatical”.

    She’s such a sad case, really; all that talent, money, fame…and an addiction from hell. No one’s immune, just some have easier access to their own demise. Verra sad, indeed.

    • That’s a good way of putting it – “No one’s immune, just some have easier acess to their own demise.” Great sentence! And so true…

  • her boobs do look nice….much better than they look in a bra for some reason…maybe because she has gained a little weight & they are fuller.

      • Hahaha. I don’t know if anyone else in the world ever read Animorphs, but that comment really reminded me of Ax (the Andalite).
        But yeah, that’s not one of the pre-agreed-upon stereotypes about jewish girls…I think? It’s not, right?

  • She wears “clean” better. I do believe that this is the closest that Amy Winehouse has gotten to a source of water in months. What with the cuts and scabs on her arms and face, and the smeared, gooey make-up I was beginning to wonder if she ever bathed. Let’s not even discuss the teeth. I was beginning to regard the poor thing as a very effective appetite suppressant. Take one look at her rotting visage before a meal and the thought of food is repulsive. Well, let’s hope this is a turning point, of some sort, for her. “Dead” is a rather permanent state. Once you’re there, as Anna Nicole and Heath Ledger can attest, there’s no turning back. Here’s to making more music and less falling down drunk in the street.

  • What on earth is going on with her body? She looks like one of those UNICEF orphans, with a distended stomach and tiny limbs :s
    It’s a shame though, because if you look at the photos of her onstage at the News Of the World slideshow she looks really cute and 50s-sexy.

  • It’s nice to see that she’s a normal weight, maybe she’s off the crack… Nah that’s too much to hope for

  • looks like someone has been eating marmite sandwiches lately, very very good miss winehouse. i’m glad to see she kinda seems to be doin better. i’m a big supporter of her tho i will always think there’s sth very wrong with her hair.

  • I think, for Amy, she looks beautiful!! Her figure, her hair, everything looks a million times better than it has for years. I love her and hope she keeps it up. Get better Amy-don’t leave us.

  • She has really put some weight on!
    That’s a VERY good thing.

    I hope things turn around for her because she does have quite a talent.

  • i think that its time to say THANK GOD she looks so freakin healthy!!! she looked disgusting before-really really gross but hey look at her now-all relaxed and apparently eating and such. good for you amy-dont ever leave the carribean and go back to the real world K? k.