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MUCH Better!



Apparently someone from her management team read my little rant about how she was dressed last week, because 12-year-old Abigail Breslin was back to looking like the adorable little girl that she is at the NYC premiere of Marley and Me last night. Disaster averted. Phew!

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  • Words cannot express how adorable she is

    I love how she still stands like a kid, and she looks genuinely happy most of the time.

  • Um, I hate to point this out, but isn’t that the SAME sweater and boots she was wearing in the photo from a few days ago?

    • Agreed. You’re exactly right. I mean, a cowl-necked dark grey acrylic sweater? And that awful, dowdy skirt? No, no no, this is not age-appropriate any more than a super-slut outfit would be. This is the opposite of skanky, but STILL terrible-looking. She’s got a beautiful smile and face and eyes, though.

  • I think she meant the lack of make-up this time, which does look a lot better. Also, she’s 12. It’s an awkward clothes phase. I remember liking weird things when I was 12, it’s perfectly normal. She doesn’t need a damn stylist, jesus, let her be a kid!

  • Her clothes leave something to be desired, but that fresh, beautiful, un-made up face is phenomenal. She’s too young for make up and, when she gets a little older, should consider avoiding it if her face stays this fresh. She’s beaming without it!

  • So beautiful and fresh faced – much nicer than the scarlett lipped effect of the other day, but the clothes are so matronly! But it’s true when you’re 12 odd things appeal. I wanted to wear my mother’s clothes when I was 12 because I thought they were lovely!

  • are you blind?? she looks a hot ass mess…sorry little girl..but you look like a old lady…who got dressed in the dark….where is her High School Musical shirt

  • I know you are somewhat kidding Beet, but leave this sweet child alone!
    Loved her in Little Miss Sunshine when she was wearing the wackiest of clothes, and will adore her with whatever she wears now. If she’s still in the biz at 18, then it will be open season then!

  • She looks warm, but a bit layered up. I think she would do better with a pair of low heels until she can grow into those boots a bit.

  • ew, i hate it, im fourteen and ive heard that shes older than me? she needs to get into style a bit more because, about all my girlfriends have started dressing themseleves and adopting their own style since they were twelve. sorry, she needs to grow up, because pretty soon she’ll stop being a cute little kid and have to start becoming somebody before she fades away.

    alright im done my rant,
    and yes i know i did have no capitals in that paragraph,
    whatchaa gunna do bout it?

  • it really creeps me out that she looks exactly like someone i dated for like 2 years, much older of course