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So, Um, When Is Abigail Breslin Going to Be Old Enough for Me to Make Fun of What She’s Wearing?

Abigail Breslin

And also her hair and makeup?

I’m just looking for a ballpark figure here.

15? 16? I mean, do you really have to wait until a kid’s 18 when she’s already been nominated for an Oscar? Doesn’t that shit make her fair game a little sooner? We were allowed to make fun of Anna Paquin’s teeth back in ’94, weren’t we?

Because, like, if I were allowed to make fun of Abigail Breslin at this tender age, I would note that her hair is a better fit for, say, the Little Miss Sunshine pageant than a Los Angeles fundraiser. And that if you’re going to put that much makeup on a 12-year-old — which is a bad idea to begin with — you need to bite the bullet and get her some eyelashes, too. And the boots? I can’t even talk about the boots right now. I want to talk about the boots. I just can’t talk about the boots. Please talk about the boots for me.

At a benefit party hosted by Animal Fair magazine this weekend.

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  • your wish is my command, queen beet!
    (and no, i’m not being sarcastic. i effing *wish* i were being sarcastic – but as it turns out, my personal spiritual journey does indeed include communion with the divine spirits of gossip bloggers. go figure.)
    so anyway.
    i don’t blame poor abigail for the boots – i don’t know if it’s just a new york thing or if it’s everywhere (in a pitiful three months i’ve become one of those tragic manhattanites without the faintest clue what’s going on outside The Island), but i at least am seeing footwear like that, on absolutely everyone, absolutely every day. it’s a phenomenon that transcends every one of the cultural boundaries on which we’d normally rely to keep such a thing limited in its infiltration of society.
    and so really i don’t believe she can help it. it’s like a virus – a deadly virus that attacks not only the feet, ankles and calves, but the very mind and heart as well. even as i sit mocking these boots, i’m planning outfits around the similar pair i don’t yet own.
    try, abigal. try to break free.
    but if, like so many of us, you cannot… just try to keep that blessing and curse of a baby face, that childlike look that makes people feel too crushingly guilty to make fun of you, for as many more years as possible.
    i think they’re making injections for that now.

  • 12 year olds should never wear that much make up. it just looks so wrong and clashes with her adorable little baby face. I don’t want to see little miss sunshine dressed/made up all adult-like. she’s such a cute kid, but it wrecks it.

    And I love you little Abigail. This is not your fault. You are so cute just the way you are! You don’t need all this other crap.

  • she is adorable, but yes this is an awful putfit. but i mean, she looks human- like a kid i would see walking around the mall. who happens to have an oscar.

  • LOL Jenny S.
    i love abigail breslin, she was adorable in little miss sunshine.

    and honestly, every one of us has at least one picture that shows embarrassing, awkward or just plain horrible fashion choice.

  • Well Beet- 12 is too young. And a child who’s not already caught up in the friendly, generous and always pretty world of fashion- good for her.
    Every descriptive word was a joke there. How often is what’s fashionable just plain ugly? I’m including all of you wearing leg-warmers right now.

  • make up and hair style are bad, i agree. but the boots? what’s wrong with the boots? here in italy everybody, and i mean everybody, uses the boots like that. last year too, same thing.

  • Thank God I was never caught wearing horrible blue eye shadow plastered on my lids when I was 12, or the grey kneepants (a/k/a knickers) I thought were so cool in 1983. She was just unfortunate to be caught wearing something people are judging her on.

  • I’m always surprised when I see her and she DOESN’T look like Olive from Little Miss Sunshine. I guess that shows you just how rarely she is in the gossip blogs, which means she must be avoiding her scheduled time in Promises 2014 very well. Keep it up Abigail! Believe me, the Disney gals have got plenty of scandal to go around for all of you.

  • Beet!
    You F_ _King MORON!!!!!
    the kid is 12!! for christ sake!!! maybe if kids were allowed to behave more like their true age, maybe HollyWood wouldnt have so many burned out actors who cannot just be themselves. If you make the pedestal too high, the fall is extra hard!!!

  • It’s refreshing that she is dressed appropriately and doesn’t feel the need to show off too much skin at too young an age. I only hope she continues to use her head and doesn’t end up taking candid goldfish shots of herself with her cell phone which will then get hacked *cough miley cough*

    • I don’t think she is dressed appropriately at all…. I mean, at least not like a 12 year old. she looks too adult-y

  • I have no problem with any of that. It’s casual but at least it’s not an entire velour track suit and flip flops. It’s winter and she’s wearing a sweater, jeans and boots.

    I was always obsessed with make-up when I was that age and would put it on after I left the house (my dad forbade it) and you know what? 12 year olds aren’t skilled at applying make-up. That might be why she’s wearing too much.

  • At least she isnt wearing so much make-up that she looks 28, I do recall a certain girl crush of yours only a couple of years older wearing a ton more on a regular basis. Like many others have said, I like that she looks her age, hair included its a cute young style.

  • my take on abigail….
    this little girl has been annoying from the get go!!!!
    and with that being said,this outfit suits her well
    the boots dont fit her!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are to big for her little body
    and the shirt is so not flattering.
    i dont care if she is 12 or not. if she wants to dress older i will treat her as older. and bash on her.
    she is in the public eye and shouldnt be tootin around like she is going to school no?
    how did she land in hollywood again?


  • Nooo come on, we all make pretty horrible awkward fashion, hair, and makeup decisions from the age of twelve til fourteen. Leave her alone for her awkward years, at least. Think of how hard it must be to go through the awkward phase when you’re in the spotlight.

    I think she looks cute.

  • Those style of boots can work on some people… who have long and slender legs. They make her legs look like stumps and the grey jeans are a little too acid washy looking. But I like her awkward charm, bad fashion aside.

  • I don’t understand why her boots are up for debate. Most young girls wear them like that. If they’re cute, why hide them under your pants?

  • i mean grow up. yeah, she can be using to many makeup for her age but that the point! she is 12! every simple girl of that age want to apear more ans she isnt an exepcion for being famous, 5% of 9-14 girls dont want to apear 20, just thanks she isnt using little shirts like noah cyrus, that is bad the way that little girl want to take people attention, in all case, abigail just is passin a dificult age and she just want to be the actress she is, she want people to notice her more, she is just an amazing girl love you.

  • she will never be old enough for you to make fun of her because even when she is older than Betty white she will still be awesome and have a wicked fashion sense