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Playing Nice for the Kids

They’ve been divorced for awhile now — and, from what I can tell, Britney still hates her mother — but Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears were spotted out and about together in NYC on Monday night, where Britney was promoting her new album.

Go away, Lynne! You’re nothing but TROUBLE for Britney. And I STILL can’t believe you wrote that damn book about raising Britney and Jamie-Lynn. Capitalizing on the personal and emotional struggles of your children when the wounds are still fresh?? Disgusting. Piss off.


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  • Only thing that sucks is that BritBrit gives him shit for putting her back into play… she would be dead by now if he didn’t intervene. Hope she sees that and maybe throws him a bone at the Grammys. And please, Brit, stay away from Adnan; let him bone your mom… those 2 losers deserve each other and they’d be happy with the extra press.

  • Those two are are the heart of Brittany’s emotional health issues.
    While they made have done the best they were capable of, they were pretty shit parents.

  • yo!

    papa spears is da MAN!

    he makes his precious cheese grits. CHEEZE GRITS Y’ALL!

    now, that’s what’s up.

    they are down home southern and i love a dad that’ll make his daughter chesse grits for breakfast.

    nothin’ says lov-in’ from tha ov-en!

    y’all. :-)