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Well, At Least Someone’s Designing Handbags

If Ashley Dupre’s not quite willing to do it yet, at least Hayden Panettiere has begun an illustrious career in handbag design.

Hayden’s already the spokesperson for Dooney & Bourke, and they’ve released bags inspired by her before, but, for the first time, Hayden has worked alongside Peter Dooney to create her own signature handbag. The Hayden Clutch — available in a variety of colors — features a 24k gold plated lion head closure, representing Hayden’s astrological sign – Leo. The bag retails for $295 and will be available exclusively at Dooney & Bourke stores nationwide beginning in December. Hayden posed for pics with her new clutch at the D&B inside the Venetian in Vegas.

What do you think?

Will you pay $300 for Hayden’s little clutch?

And if she needed to have a “Leo” on it, I really think she should have used the image of my dog, not of a stupid boring lion.

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  • lisa, i actually think she looks really good here! she looks like she’s lost a little weight though. what happened to our kinda chubby, sorta cute hayden? she’s all grown up and skinny like a hollywood actress now..

  • really? I always think she wears clothes made for another body. She likes to show off her boobs, which she doesn’t have (like that awful open-front shirt she wore to the Madonna concert), and wears clothes that make her seem bulky and unfeminine. She’s so short and muscular. The stuff she wears would look good on a really tall, really thin girl. I don’t think she has a bad body, I just think she doesn’t dress it correctly. and for 18, she always looks like she is trying to hard to look old.

  • What is she wearing? She looks really plastic. Oh and Tako I recommend the ebay store “urbanoriginal” for really cheap really awesome shoes.

    I wouldn’t buy one of her bags. I am one of those people that fails to see the point of spending that much money on a handbag. They don’t even look that cool to demand that kind of a price tag.

  • I’m so sick of this overexposed girl.
    Seriously. She sucks.
    Annoying in real life, and not particularly talented onscreen… all she’s got going for her is the jail-bait appeal.
    I usually don’t feel this strongly about dumb starlets, but seriously: hate. Hayden. Panetierre. so. frikkin. much.

    Whew, felt good to get that off my chest.

  • Her clutches look like shit. Bright colors are not in season right now, also they look CHEAP. If you want people to buy your product then make it ORIGINAL and not something that already has been brought out.

  • I know your pain, Hallie. Me too.

    I wish actors/actresses would just stay actors/actresses. Does everyone need their own line? Who cares enough to buy their crap? I have been impressed with so few celebrity designers.. I think Gwen Stefani was one who actually had a unique point of view, but most of them are crap. I feel bad for everyone who has amazing talent, and went to design school, and can’t get a break, while some 18 year old is all “OMG I totally feel like designing purses.”


  • I completely agree, ThatLisa, so true. & Hailie, re: hatin’ Hayden, yeah she rubs my fur the wrong way, too. I just really am trying not to hate her all the way, for one reason, she’s got ONE little reason saving her from Snowblood’s complete celeb-hate, only one – it’s about the thing where she tried to get that Japanese village to quit murdering their dolphins for traditional fun, remember that? Although she failed; they ignored her ass and went ahead & slaughtered all the dolphins anyway, hundreds of them, just hacked ’em up alive when they came into that little bay to breed or something. But by going out there and making a big deal about the Japanese dolphinkillers, Hayden brought a little bit of international attention to the issue, and maybe, just maybe, somehow, that Japanese dolphin-mass murdering tradition will get shut down. I don’t know how, but anyway, at least the girl brought some world awareness to this awful, horrific thing going on.

    Other than that, Hayden Panettiere bugs the holy fuck outta me. And she has one of those unfortunate body types which would look dumpy and gross if she didn’t work out, diet and stay under age 21 for the rest of her life.

    I like that purse, though, but not in those ugly colours. I’d take one if it came in black, or deep sable brown. I love the lion head, that’s my sign, too. I wouldn’t pay $300 for it, but I wouldn’t prevent anyone else from doing so for me, that’s for sure!

  • Would I pay 300 dollars for a clutch? Yes. Would I pay 300 dollars for ANYTHING D&B? Absolutely not. And totally agree w/Jamie. Go to jail for dolphins but leather is totes ok?

  • Not allowed to kill the cute animals, remember? Just the ugly ones.

    That bad is ugly. I don’t get it, but then again I think most of the purses people create these days that are “Fashion” are ugly. I don’t have time for that shit. Hayden, stick to what the people want.. you to turn to porn and put your tiny little titties all over the internet. Come on now, you know you want too…

  • Must come with a warning for online purchases. Due to troll-size model, clutch purse is smaller than displayed in picture.

  • See, I knew it was only a matter of time before she realised that a new weave was in order – she looks cute but please – I studied four years to design, it’s insulting when every celebrity just gets handed huge deals on a plate for putting their name to things.

  • ironically i hate her mostly because of the dolphin thing. those were fisherman, doing their jobs, and she’s messing with their livelyhood just because they have a different culture where lame chicks don’t use their parents credit cards to get a dolphin tattoo on their ankle.

  • and yes, thatlisa, she is always wearing shit that doesn’t look good on her, and trying to show off her tits which are those weird fat-boobs anyway.

  • I’m not familiar with her so I had to look up that Madonna Concert outfit. (Carried a black version of this line of bags.) Umm. I don’t think she even thought it was all that great either by the look of her closed off body language.

    Otherwise, she has an athletic body type, and for the most part she dresses that body type. Not that nice in certain bathing suits I saw, but other than that i kinda liked her Vanity pin ups.

    As to her boobs. More power to her. A lot of women with her type hide a small chest, or enhance it. (Im pretty sure if she got them done it would be one more reason to hate her.) What is she? 16? 17? 18? pretty normal looking girl, and in a plastic way forgettable.

  • No I would not buy it, it is straight out of “Dallas” circa 1987. And can she please invest in a side part for the love of god.

  • @ ThatLisa is correct. Hayden constantly wears clothes meant for taller women.
    Does anyone here have one of her bags? Is she designing new bags with a spin or just re-inventing the same wheel. Hand bags haven’t really changed that much in the past few hundred years. Why should we purchase hers?

  • Actually my first reaction to Hayden in this pic was “wow, she is looking good for once” I like how that dress makers her looks so long and skinny.

  • I own a Dooney Bag the one from summer that was in Teen Vogue. Chiamera in black. But this ugly shit clutch? HELL NO….