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Charlotte Ronson and Ali Hilfiger prove definitively that money cannot buy beauty at the Art Rocks! benefit in NYC.

Seriously, Charlotte Ronson needs to hurry up and take a fucking nap. Those bags under her eyes are so last season. And Ali? Stop puking, sweetie. You’re too old for that shit now.

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  • Some people are just born with baggy eyes; maybe she’s one of them. I am. I could take a fifteen hour nap and I would still have baggy eyes upon waking up. On my third grade school picture, I had baggy eyes. There’s just nothing to do. And anyway, it’s not that big a deal. I don’t think it makes someone ugly.

  • Isnt it rumoured that Ali is having the affair with Robin Williams.. Which is why his wife filed for divorce in the first place?

    Weird.. Both “eh” girls.

  • You know how genetics show that if a twin is gay, the other is very likely to be as well? Would it be possible Charlotte is a homo? Who is she dating? Beet, you need to get on that.

  • I think Ali is really pretty. This might make me a total lametard, but they kind of do look cool. I would totally want to be friends with them.

  • I think that they are pretty darn cool in an edgy alternative way, but the beet likes sugar sweet cutsey blondes such as old narrow eyes swift. That thing always looks like she is giving evil glances at people… i love her glasses, and the girl looks tired as she has a busy life – give her a break! :@

  • Beet, have you taken a Wendie pill, this sort of stupid mean spirited comment doesn’t usually appear until the weekend shift.

  • I like them, they look way cooler than the usual airbrushed run of the mill people you post about. More hipster, less boring glossy middle american please.

  • honestly, this was a bit surprising, I mean the tone & attitude of the post, it seems like it’s coming from somewhere else other than your usual humor & wit. I don’t want to say jealousy b/c I think you’re better than that, I’m just saying this is the 1st time that I, a loyal, reader, was a bit like, wow.
    I kind of remember the Mtv show as well, mainly b/c her bf. I don’t remember her name or why she was on the show, I ust recall vomiting in my mouth a little whenever she spoke.
    & yeah, there has been a bit much of that little girl from Gossip Girl, taylor swift, miley, jonas, fljked. It’s okay though, you more than make up for it by being virtually “The Hills” free…..
    much ♥ P

  • i think it’s so funny that people talk shit about YOU on here beet.
    f them it’s your blog and if you were 28733 pounds and looked like a monster, you can STILL call people beasts.

    i always get ali hilfiger and courteney semel confused..i don’t know why. well, i’s the ugly that throws me off.

  • Liz….

    he is 28733 pounds and a monster… just like little perez hilton. That’s why he can be so mean to everybody… He just likes people who stand him without “vomiting a little bit in their mouths” like Miss P. (which is too gross to say even here) Enfin, chacun son goût, chacun son bêtise.. n’est-ce pas???