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Denise Richards In Danger Of Reaching Healthy BMI

It’s a slow celeb news day.  To the point that one of the big items flying around today is that Rihanna drank water yesterday.  The sports bottle would neither confirm or deny.  So when it’s quiet, there is only one person to talk about:  Denise Richards.

Denise Richards looks hot.  I know she’s seventeen kinds of crazy (and feeling completely vindicated) but I think she looks great.  I’ve been reading some blogs lately that are calling her fat.  She appeared to be maintaining her robust size four frame with a 112 calorie dinner last night at Tao Nightclub’s Three Year Anniversary Celebration last night in Vegas.

Other happenings included Ellen Pompeo, as always, looking like a Mennonite and Robin Leach in perhaps the most unnatural situation I could ever envision for him.  Oh, and Mickey Rourke is the poster child for plastic surgery addiction.

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