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Couple Confirmation

My restless nights can end.  Criss Angel and Holly Madison are a confirmed couple.  On the opening night of his show Criss Angel Believe by Cirque Du Soleil , Criss told People Magazine “This is one of the most special evenings for me in my life and I can not think of a more beautiful person, a more special person, inside and out, than Holly to spend it with.”

I’m glad he’s happy in his personal life since word is that his show is unBelievably bad.

Below are other Z-listers that went to the opening night in Las Vegas

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  • I can’t believe I am going to say this but she looks much better with a guy around her own age instead of that old fossil.

  • I thought Criss was a decent guy until I saw those pictures of him and Paris Hilton swapping saliva… ugh that was just so gross lol.

  • this looks so so wrong. Holly belonged with the Hefster, and why is she still whoring the playboy merchandise if she left him? She should return all the gifts if she had any class! i am bitterly disspointed with her, i thought she seemed genuine and caring when she was with Hef, and Mindfreaky seems to go with anyone if PARIS HILTON

  • Was there anyone alive that still had doubts about them? Pfft.

    I think Criss borrowed her under eye concealer, that shade is too light for him, he looks washed out.

    …But I’d still hit it. :P

  • God, that guy is SUCH a douchebag. Who the fuck cares about “magic” anyway? Even little kids know that shit is fake. And what’s up with all the rings? Only a douchebag would wear that many rings. Ugh.

  • sigh……it now appears the bitch will date anything wearing a velvet smoking jacket. and i had such hope for her future celebrity status. damn it all!!!

  • @ Camilla – you don’t give gifts back… unless you are throwing them at an ex (with extreme force). Also, she’s ‘whoring’ the Playboy logo because 1) she’s a part of the playboy family 2) she works there (or did… I am curious to see how that works out since apparently she did a really great job) and 3) why not? I know plenty of people who wear playboy insignia who have absolutely nothing to do with the company.

  • She looks truly happy, whats the problem? They’re both adults, if he’s really an ass, or if she’s really just money grubbing it’ll all come out. Besides she’s spent HOW long being one of THREE girlfriends to an old guy who’s still married to yet another woman, a relationship that just publicly went in the crapper because the old horndog wanted to trade “up” for some 19 year old tramps.
    Leave ’em be, let them be happy!

  • amen tracy! but yes, holly looks much better with a man her age, or at least way younger than hef! she was genuine but why bother staying with a guy who wont commit after many years?!?!?! i wish holly the best!