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John McCain Wins Viewers, If Not Voters

McCain’s appearance last night on Letterman brought in 6.5M viewers, the show’s highest numbers since Oprah was on in December 2005.

And that’s just the people who actually tuned in, despite knowing that anything important would be on the Internet like 20 seconds later.

In fact, we had the best clips up on this site before the show even aired on the West coast.

I wonder if McCain’s contrition won over any voters.

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  • Stop trying to make this a political blog and get back to talking about rehab and breast implants, damn it!

  • not my vote. i watched the clip on here yesterday because i wanted to see how much of an ass letterman would make mccain look like.

  • I agree…. this place is becoming like the Liberal MSNBC. What you’re seeing now is alot of polls tightening and the liberal media and Obama supporters are starting to get a little worried. LOL…. Alot of people are going to be supprised come election night. Bank on it!

  • Why are you sons of bitches so stupid.This is where we gossip about important things,not blow jobs and sluts and boob jobs.Itz a gossip site.Beet is alot smarter than you and knows what to put on here.So stop being so damn dumb.

  • haha. Oh yeah, tight race. I am so skeered… I watched the clips on here and thought McCain was funny to tell you the truth. Still doesn’t get my vote.

  • what’s with you guys? you havent updated your nip/slip-upskirt galleries in five months, and you are filling your site with news of some white haired dude who’s to me as stiff as a hanger. arent there some cute celebs slipping it out there? i suggest you stalk the lindsays and the britneys more often or i’ll do so myself…. Eish!

  • I just wanted to see Dave bitch at him. Didn’t most people?

    I only knew about it because of McCain ditching him the first time… I wouldn’t have wanted to watch it without that crap.

    seriously. if you guys don’t like the shit being written on the blog, go somewhere else. you guys are acting like you pay for this or something. you are going here on purpose, during your free time. jesus christ.

  • @Gary. Most conservatives (w/ all due respect) really do not read gossip sites. Mainly, for their ‘liberal” bent. There are people that are moderate dems that agree that MNBbc whatever, is liberal; I do not dispute that at all. I am a Dem and I try not to watch that because I want the truth. Fox, well really, now. CNN is okay. Anyway, most gossip/media will tend to lean left either moderately or too much. So, maybe you should find a site that suits you. All you will get from this site is frusteration. I am totally just trying to help that is all.

  • > the liberal media and Obama supporters are starting to get a little worried.

    The liberal media, lmao. Most media today in America is run by large corporations and are very conservative.

    Conservatives are great at spinning a lie to cover up the truth.