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John McCain Finally Shows Up to Do Letterman!

Did he redeem himself?

What do we think, kids???

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  • what a fucking asshole that old piece of shit is. i would be ashamed if he were to be the one to represent america. even during a late night show he comes off as condescending, disrespectful, and is rude to the host, what does this show about his character? if he becomes the president, we’re dooomeddd, eight years of republican has already ruined us enough, we don’t need anymore this shit. fuck mccain

  • Not really… though it is nice to see a sense of humor. Basically, he took the Hugh Grant approach of just admitting he “screwed up” and hoped that would get him through. But if he can’t withstand a grilling from David Letterman, he’s not going to do to well on the world platform.

    Unfortunately, it seems he didn’t really think through his comments. After admitting that he told Dave that he had to leave for Washington in 1 1/2 hours and then appearing with Katie Couric for an interview (so “I screwed up” = “I lied about going right back to Washington”) he lambasted Obama for his relationship with Ayers because he said Obama was “not being honest” about how much he knew him. Hey McCain don’t stick your finger in a guy’s eye claiming it was justified after he allegedly lied RIGHT AFTER admitting you lied!!!!!

    I really wish both of them would just sop “telling on each other” and just tell everyone what their plan is (1) To fix the economy, (2) Address Iraq, (3) For their tax program, and (4) For National Healthcare. Each of them should write out their proposal, post it on the internet, and then the US people can vote.

  • Letterman should have moderated the debates! I feel I got more raw — I’m feeling you” data from his brief interview than from hours of TV and print media coverage. The best part of the show was musical guest Neyo. He had Obama’s face and name emblazoned on the back of his jacket. Loved it!!!!

  • That was great! I appreciate that he said, “I screwed up.” That was good. He still couldn’t back up anything or “recall” a bunch of stuff also.
    He’s still a shyster to me.

  • I like the point that all of this speculation is really just rather silly. And I am not just talking about this ridiculous claim about Obama and terrorists- also any claim of McCain and his ties with bad people. It does so much to take away from the real issues that people should know about.

    I think, though, people should be very careful when throwing around words like “terrorist.” If anyone REALLY thinks that Obama has valid ties with terrorists… well…. god…. they should read a fucking book or something. Both of these men are generally good…. I mean, politicians aren’t exactly known for their ethics. But, COME ON.

    I heart Dave

  • I still don’t like him. He’s like the creepy old teacher who wants to be everyones friend and then after class you walk in and his sitting there talking to himself in the corner.


  • he acts like letterman should *know* how this whole election thingie’s just an act, wink wink

    it’s ONLY cute when ur talking to, say, bruce willis and he admits to not actually ever having saved the planet single handedly

  • No keightlynn, it shows that you often make statements without facts. You are so filled with hate that you spread lies.

    We get it already, you don’t like black people.

  • Calm down. No need for cursing. I dont live in the US so i’m not getting into the politics but I get a kick out of the old fart. :D he seems like a nice fella to me..

  • Ha! He can’t even explain how Obama and Ayers supposedly know each other. They lived in the same neigborhood and served on a charity board together.. but Mccain doesn’t want to admit that was the extent of their relationship. He just ignores the question every time!

  • Letterman needs to shut his fuckin mouth and let McCain talk! Letterman is obviously a hypocrat and tried to make him look bad, and the crowd are a bunch of idiots that don’t even know what they’re clapping and cheering about! McCain couldn’t even get a word in edgewise. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s political views, it’s another when you assholes sit there and attack McCain with insults and profanity to make yourselves feel better about your miserable, ignorant lives. McCain is a good man who served his country with pride and honor and made it possible for you to even open your mouth without having your tongue cut out! If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him, but shut your fuckin mouth, you sound like a bunch of undereducated, ignorant fucks!