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The McCain Snort

Heh. This was my favorite part of the debate last night.

Thanks Danika!

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  • It’s like if McDonald’s tried to market their brand of cocaine, it would be called the “McCain: I’m snortin it!”.

  • ahahaha that was hilarious! “we’re gonna ask ourselves, what would a maverick do in this situation, and then you know, we’ll do that.”

  • I hate to say, but that is probably the cutest moment of a presidential campaign ever! Brilliant. McCain, so loveable, yet so Republican…

  • I hate to say, but that is probably the cutest moment of a presidential campaign ever! Brilliant. McCain: so loveable, yet so Republican…

  • I don’t think he’s lovable at all. He’s so rude. I couldn’t stand how he kept sighing and making rude noises when Obama was talking….not to mention the fact that he kept interrupting him and cutting him off.

  • There is alot of hyperbole right now about how right Obama is for President.

    This is absolute proof that people can be sucked in so easily by words. The man couldn’t reform or fix a broken bucket, let alone a nation struggling to hold onto its place in the international pecking order.

    Tell you what, lets see if anyone’s view changes 2 years into Obama’s term. But by then, of course, it will be too late.

    Love to all.

  • @Mark

    Do you truly think people are being sucked in by Obama’s words? I say it’s more likely that they think the Republicans have done a terrible job these past eight years and believe Obama’s the better of the two candidates to get us out of the giant messes we’re in.

    I respected McCain more before he picked his running mate. I think he showed a huge lack of judgement in choosing Palin. She stirred up a lot of excitement but I doubt many honestly believe she’s ready to be president if McCain dies.

  • During my lunch hour I was watching some news channel, anyway, the news anchor had made a comment about how they had Palin speaking in Maine…because they could relate to her moose hunting, rifles and snowmobiles…
    So I got to thinking, do they only hunt moose with rifles while driving ski-doos in Alaska and Maine? What does the rest of the US hunt, and with what? Giant Gerbils with bows and arrows?