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Hollywood ::Hearts:: Obama

Make sure to stay tuned for Blake Lively’s bit at the end. It’s my fave.

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  • i’m a little ashamed to say but the first time i saw this (not on this site) i didn’t get the whole sarcasm thing, especially not with the blake lively stuff, and so i had to watch it again, cos i was too confused

    could it be that the deluge of uberserious celeb endorsements are to blame? (cos the other alternative i don’t fancy that much)

  • haha omg, blake lively is adorable and i love her bit the best too.
    i didn’t really like the whole “voting republican even once can have disastrous consequences” thing, cause it’s not like any one party = spawn of the devil.
    but i’m pretty sure blake is so friggin’ cute i just don’t care.

  • this ad upsets me. don’t be bashing on republicans, but, anyway, i don’t like blake. everytime she speaks i feel like she’s spitting or something. It’s like open you’re mouth and announciate. you’re a god damn actress, blake. stop whispering in that quiet, weird, i’m a “good girl” voice. i’m done. :)

  • Just hope the directors of MENSA watch this; they can bring these wonderful people together to cure cancer and aids.

    Shut up and sing, bitches!

  • I AGREE WITH ASH. everytime blake talks, esp when she’s doing an emotional scene, i criiiinge. and she’s got fake titties! that’s her only appeal to make her look cute.

    i’m so over celebrity political ads. ><