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A Note on John McCain

I know there’s been a lot of posts on this website lately that seem to be poking fun of the McCain/Palin campaign. I know some people have a problem with it. And I know some people think I should come out and say where I stand on this election.

This is not a partisan website, nor is it on its way to becoming a partisan website.

I’ve been talking about John McCain and Sarah Palin frequently because they’re the ones who have been fun to talk about lately. They are the ones who have been making choices and taking actions and giving interviews that are, frankly, amusing and broadly newsworthy, in one way or another. It’s not that Barack Obama hasn’t been doing things this month, it’s just that he hasn’t been doing very interesting things. He hasn’t been newsworthy.

And I find that fascinating.

Six months ago, we all figured that Barack Obama would be the interesting candidate right now. That his campaign would be exciting. That we’d be hearing his words and his ideas and incessantly discussing his actions here, a month before the election. We thought, if nothing else, that Barack Obama would have the buzz. That there was no way an old white dude with zero skill as an orator could run a campaign anywhere near as enthralling — as attention-grabbing — as Barack Obama.

We figured wrong.

We, as a nation, have been talking entirely about the John McCain campaign for the past month, and all signs indicate that we’ll be talking entirely about the John McCain campaign in the next month.

Take a step back and think about it.

How the fuck did he pull that shit off?

It’s been brilliant. Phenomenal. And if what you’re looking for is a leader with the experience, the team and the finesse to think outside the box and execute risky choices that tilt the axis of history in unexpected ways … well, folks, that’s exactly what John McCain is doing right now.

I’m just saying.

For the sake of non-partisanship, here’s a video of Sarah Palin making an ass of herself for Katie Couric. And if John McCain dies while in office, this creature becomes the most powerful human being on the planet. I’m just saying.

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  • See, I’m trying to understand politics a little bit more, recently, but seriously, I would be like your sister, Beet, when she was like, completely clueless about what’s going on with economics and all that.

    So I’m super super clueless when it comes to this, and I didn’t understand, like…….at all.

    But you know what I thought was hilarious, and I DID get? that on the VERY first question that the reporter asked, Palin made this “….HUH?” look for like 4598435 minutes before answering.

    It makes me happy that we’re both just as clueless. lol

  • I kind of want to punch her in the face a little bit.

    What scares me is that this sounds like it would be on SNL, but it’s not. It’s real. I don’t understand how America can’t look at her and say, “Why would we put that in power?’

  • i love the panic in her eyes around 5:02. couric slaughtered her. amazing.

    “i’ll try to find ya some and i’ll bring ’em to ya”

  • When in doubt, pull out the “he’s a Maverick” line. Are people in America really watching her talk when they say how amazing she is?

    And now McCain wants to postpone the debates because of the banking crisis. Wake up people…he wants to postpone it until 10/2. Not because of what’s going on, but because 10/2 is the VP debates, and they’d have to be rescheduled giving them extra time to prep Palin. I think this interview with Katie Couric scared the shit out of them.

  • I’m neither American, nor care a shit for politics, but I think we should just lock Sarah Palin and Katie Couric, the two most pointless women on the planet, in a room ad let them maul each other. Or eat one another. Whichever is more entertaining.

  • Palin has no experience, and she is running for the VP, and Obama and no experience and he is running for the presidency.

    At least McCain has experience.

    And when people were talking about Obama, they were all saying he’s a dumbass too. If he didn’t have his teleprompter he would look jut like Palin trying to answer questions.

  • Gotta give Katie props – I think of her as basically fluffy but there she goes, all steely-eyed, flustering Palin in a way that Charlie didn’t. Go Katie!

  • Interesting…Beet did you not find it hilarious when Biden was interviewed by Couric and stated that during the market crash of 1929, FDR went on TV to address the nation???? Hoover was president and the television didn’t exist!!!! Now THAT is a blunder from someone who will be “a heartbeat away from the Presidency”.

  • Sarah Palin is like the toys one used to get in a box of Cracker Jacks. They were bright, shining trinkets, or, toys made out of some cheap material that were fascinating ( to a ten year old) for about fifteen minutes and were then discarded. The fact that Conservatives continue to pin their hopes on her pushing McCain’s wrinkled, old carcass across the finish line first says that they’re not even as bright as your average ten year old.

  • I agree with you keightlynn. Besides which, in case anyone of you is still “clueless” McCain didn’t bow OUT of the debates, he simply asked that they be postponed while he did EXACTLY what he said he was going to run for office for: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Without which, you morons would be paying out even MORE in taxes than you already are at the expense of not OWNING anything! Instead of just spouting rhetoric, why don’t ya’ll do some more serious reading, huh?

  • hee hee, ha ha, hee hee, ha ha. oh, hey guys, by the way, chinese banks are now saying they don’t want to loan the u.s. any more money! but anyway, this palin bashing is super funny!! omg, i can’t stand up it’s so hilarious. oh yeah, i guess you heard this morning that the fucking FDIC is going to need 150 billion bailout themselves to stay solvent. the fucking FDIC. anyways, hee hee, ha ha, hee. oh and one last thing, your country just printed up 700 billion dollars to bail out the powerful ones of the world that lost their money investing in our country.700 billion that we didn’t have to start with….but back to this funny shit beet keeps posting! hiiilarious. oh, i forgot. aren’t we all so fucking lucky that our first black president and his psycho sidekick are going to save the fucking planet! thank you jesus!!!!!

  • I love the way Katie Couric has this look of “Mrs know-it-all” at the whole interview, expecting Sarah Palin’s stupid clueless answer and making her the same questions all over again. Is just priceless!

  • Lee! Cracking me up. This is some scary scary stuff!! She has as much business running the free world as I do, and trust me I don’t. I’me voting Obama! And so is my cat!!

  • “And as Senator John McCain has said…”

    “And as Senator John McCain has said…”

    “And as Senator John McCain has said…”

  • Caitlin: OMG, you’re right! Obama is a dumbass. When Chicago Law goes out to find people to teach their constitutional law classes, they always look for the dumbasses who need teleprompters.

  • the site has been totally partisan towards the well spoken, inexperienced candidate… That’s cool, it’s your site; just happy to see the comments spin. “I’m just saying”

  • re; liberty

    ironic name, don’t you think? i’m guessing you’re the pitiful definition of the masses of idiots out there that don’t know shit from shinola, but at least you’ve got just enough marbles bouncing around in your moshpit of a brain to realize just how fucking stupid you are, and even better, to admit it. good for you. good for you.

  • I am sitting here cracking up watching Obama speak on FNC. OMG, when the teleprompter freezes you can tell he’s thinking, oh shit… Supposedly it’s applause, whatever. It’s hilarious.

    But really, yeah, he touched on the economy, but what is with all this bull crap about global health? Our country soon will not have any money for people to even swipe their credit cards, why are we talking about global health? He seems to be ignoring the issue here. Lets deal with the issues here at home first before we go on helping some kid on the other side of the world with money we pull of our asses, or tax the crap of out the people for.

  • “…not have any money for people to even swipe their credit cards.”

    You’re hilarious! Please, tell us more.

  • @keightlynn

    That’s what you’re worried about??? Swiping your credit card??? Omg, you scare me.

    But what do I know? You’re 19, married and pregnant, so you must already know everything.

  • The Iraq conflict is costing us at least 120 billion dollars a year, Mrs. Favre. Maybe some of that money could be used to make sure kids in this country have a better life (not to mention their parents).

  • JK- I’m not saying things have been done right before(obviously) I just want it to change with the new candidates. Let’s focus on America’s financial crisis

  • I am on the edge of my chair, waiting to see what this moron comes up with next. I wonder what Palin will say if (shudder) she ever is vice president and needs to come up with a serious answer in a hurry. Uhhh….let me have time and I’ll ask someone what my opinion is and I’ll bring it to ya. She is simply a talking head, albeit a talking head that speaks inbred hick. Can’t wait for the VP debates!

  • “Lets deal with the issues here at home first before we go on helping some kid on the other side of the world with money we pull of our asses, or tax the crap of out the people for.”

    Probably should’ve thought about that before we invaded Iraq, a country that didn’t attack us and had no ties to Al-Queda, yet we’ve poured and will continue to pour billions of dollars into that country with nothing to show for it. With the huge deficit that’s been created by Bush and his “economic policy” taxes will be raised, regardless of who becomes President. Where the hell do you think the money’s going to come from to pay for anything?


    Oh keightlynn!! You silly, silly little girl–you’re killing me!

    “Lets deal with the issues here at home first before we go on helping some kid on the other side of the world with money we pull of our asses, or tax the crap of out the people for.”

    YEAH!! Like the war in Iraq!!! That’s tax money WELL spent!

    I obviously don’t know you aside from the things you post here but if I had to guess, I would bet that you grew up in a small blue collar town in the midwest, married the guy you dated all through high school–probably when he joined the military. Am I close? Not even a little bit??

  • @ smoky: i think it is you who needs to do some reading: obviously the debate should not be postponed…if we could have debates during the civil war, the great depression, & world war II we can certainly have them now. it would do no good for either of them to rush off to DC because neither obama nor mc cain is on the committee for approving the bailout, and obviously senators & reps. can vote via absentee ballots, which they do all the time. although both of these two have missed lots of votes in the past, which pisses me off. and a president needs to be able to handle many huge issues/crisis at the same time, which i don’t think mc cain can do. if he is this erratic now, what would he be like in the white house? while i don’t apporove of paulson’s plan, i think mc cain’s plan of “forming a committee to oversee the economy” is hilarious because 1) there already is one that didn’t work 2) way to waste tax dollars and 3) this comng from the “stop big government” candidate. sounds like big government to me. i think mc cain has painted himself into a corner, along with his featherheaded VP pick. and as for her, i can only compare here to dan quayle because she is attractive but clueless, and is basically being kept away the media. jesus, if she got rattled by katie couric, how will she do in the war room or at the UN? they should just put duct tape over her mouth and be done with it.
    *end of rant*

  • Yes, Keightlynn, Obama uses a teleprompter. Just like the one Sarah Palin used and then, for whatever bizarro reason, lied about being broken. I guess you got him there.
    The man is incredibly smart. You don’t get to be head of the Harvard Law Review unless you are smart. And if you actually take a second to look at his economic policies you would understand that Obama will do lots to help the middle class become powerful again. And maybe you are not in agreement, but I think the stronger the middle class is, the strong America is. They just tried the trickle down thing for 8 years, which is basically the belief that if you make the incredibly wealthy even wealthier somehow the rest of us will benefit, and we all see where that got us: in an economic crisis not just on Wall Street but in small towns as well. People have lost jobs, homes, health care, etc. Obama also has plans to give money back to the people for gas prices by taxing the record breaking windfall profits made by the big gas companies in recent years. Each family would receive between $500 and $1000. The plan would be paid for in two years just by the tax coming in from these big gas companies.

    And as for financial crisis, dear Keightlynn, can you tell me why Rick Davis, the McCain campaign manager, was receiving $15,000 a month from Freddie Mac until the big bailout? I don’t know, and McCain’s not telling us. I know Obama has had connections with lobbyists as well, and has severed those ties. McCain has not only not severed those ties, but put one guy at the top of his campaign! And Carly Fiorina received a nice big million dollar bailout as head of HP when she was fired, and thousands of her employees received nothing. Whatever kind of Maverick John McCain is, he is not a Maverick when it comes to having big corporations and their skeevy lobbyists on your team.

    And also, can anyone please tell me what the heck McCain’s or Palin’s plans are to deal with the economy? How do they plan on lowering the unemployment rate? How do they plan on fixing the healthcare crisis? Does McCain have any strategy besides political tricks? I don’t think McCain is a jerk, or an idiot, and I appreciate his great service as a soldier, but I don’t think the man should be president. I don’t think he has any solid ideas for this country.

    Obviously, neither candidate is gonig to be able to solve this crisis and he will have a big, difficult job ahead as president. I trust more in a president who can multi-task. Yes, there should be a freaking debate right now because I’d sure as hell like to hear both of their takes on the economy right now and what that means to foreign policy. I think it’s important. If there’s a crisis while McCain’s president, will he shut down the White House for a while? No thanks.

    Not that I think this logic will work on you, Keightlynn. Reading through your comments, you have blind hatred of an incredibly intelligent, capable man who in my opinion, and the majority of the country’s opinion, will make an excellent president. And unfortunately for all those people you piss off with your blind hatred, your life will probably be made better after he is president. I mean, you’ll have to deal with those pesky things for conservatives like equal pay for women, access to rape kits for victims (poor Sarah Palin had to pony up and pay for victims of rape instead of charging them, hoping they couldn’t afford that morning after pill because it’s totally the same thing as abortion), civil unions (which I hear ruins some heterosexual marriages), and better education programs (like science classes where teachers don’t teach creationism to young Americans who could possibly become future scientists and help us compete technologically on a global scale). Oh, and Roe v. Wade wont be overturned. Sorry. You’ll have to take out your hatred of women some other way.
    But you will probably benefit from the economic programs Obama has proposed. You and your friends will probably benefit from having access to health care (my dear friend was hit by a train last year and were he not to have health insurance (thourhg his dad’s company), he would be bankrupt now, certainly not able to afford the prosthetic leg he has and all the therapy and surgeries involved, or he would be dead). You will probably benefit by job openings in the country when Obama raises taxes on compaines that choose to outsource their jobs and a bunch of new green jobs are created while we research and work for renewable energy sources.

    So, although I think you are rather simple in your arguments, as if you have just watched the ticker at the bottom of Fox News for about thirty seconds and then made up your poltical mind without ever having read either of these candidates policies or positions, and your teleprompter argument is just lame, I can only say congrats to us both, because we both will benefit when Obama is sworn in.

    (And when Hillary is in the Supreme Court, we’re even better!)

  • @ Moxy

    I grew up in Cleveland, thank you. Yes I did marry the man I dated in high school, though he is 4 years older than I. And no he is not in the military.

    And the war is money well spent. Ask a soldier. I personally have many friends are over there serving currently and they say that they are making a huge difference.

    @ kitten

    I personally have 5 credit cards that are all paid off, I only use them to build credit. I have a wonderful credit score of 730-some and we are currently looking into buying our first home depending on how this crisis pans out. But it is true, if this does not give resolved, credit cards, loans, and house loans will no longer be available. And the average person uses their credit cards on a daily basis, though home loans may not effect everyone, if they cannot use their credit cards, that will definitely wake the head in the clouds American up.

    Just because I am young does not mean that my opinion doesn’t count. I am a registered voter too, like it or not, and my opinions are just as in important as yours. If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, but I’m still going to say what I think.

  • How anyone can watch that and endorse her is unfathomable to me. Fuck, she is so stupid you can hear her blink.

  • well said keightlynn!!!!!!! Ya know isn’t it ironic how ALL these ppl post their opinions, yet when you may go a little against what they think they freak the fuck out. I myself am a repulican… however I do not feel the need to bash all the democrats in here just bc they have a different opinion. I am young also. Im 22, married, and have a 3 year old son. and I agree, my opinion and vote counts just as much as the ppl who stand against me. And those that do not like that will have to just get the fuck over it. bitches.

  • Beet, never talk politics and religon; messy, personal and ugly. Your vote is yours and cool, you don’t answer who you will vote for. People who make one feel stupid for whomever they chose as their candidate, are uneducated and wrong.

  • keightlynn-

    Ok, I wasn’t too far off! I don’t think that you should silence your views–not at all! But I do think you need to be totally informed and open to other possibilities beyond your immediate horizon–as does everyone.

    I also grew up in Ohio, in a blue collar town (actually not too far from Cleveland) but I moved away and went off to school and formed my own opinions aside from what people told me growing up. The things I felt and believed in at age 19 are much different now nearly 20 years later after having children of my own.

    Please continue to express your opinions–it’s what makes life interesting. Just be open to the possibility that opinions are subject to change as your life changes.

  • beet can we have a vote for you to ban all comments from keightlynn? her deliberate ignorance just ruined my day. on one hand i want to beat the shit out of her, on the other i feel like crying for her.

  • So, Sarah Palin, what is your track record for dealing with a crisis? :) God forbid you ever become the president.

  • and by the way some ppl’s posts are way too long and i fell asleep while tryin to read the shit. **cough dinosaur cough cough**

  • Mallory

    “I agree, my opinion and vote counts just as much as the ppl who stand against me. And those that do not like that will have to just get the fuck over it. bitches.”

    You’re right–your opinion and vote do count, (which frankly scares me a little bit) but still, you have a right to be heard.

  • @ dinosaurs

    I personally do not care for either candidate. I agree with you, McCain does have many ties to lobbyist, but I do not have a hatred towards Obama. Yes he is a smart man, as you pointed out he graduated from Havard, but I do not feel he has enough experience in the government to lead this country. And you are right, I am a conservative, and because of my morals, I am voting Republican though I do not agree with all Republican views.
    I rarely ever watch FNC because I feel it is slanted and bias. I get most of my news and information online because there I feel I can get many points of view and then make up my opinion.
    I am personally a poverty level American, and I see what happens with government programs first hand. They are all abused and overused. And I personally will have no part in them. Obama just wants to create more programs to tax us and for them to be abuse just like the others. It is not the governments business to provide me with my healthcare, food stamps, wic, ect. I would much rather lower taxes, do away with the programs, and put more money back in my paycheck, where it needs to be.
    I live in the state with one of the highest unemployment rate currently, why? Because since Ford, steel and many other large factories have left Northern Ohio, it has left us devastated. This is one reason I do not care for McCain because he supports outsourcing.

    But anyway, as I said before, I do not care for either candidate and laugh at both quite frequently, but I still feel McCain can do a better job.

  • Joan-
    That’s not fair. While I disagree with her views she has as much right as anyone to post. Just like censorthis who, while I find somewhat grating at times, I’m strangely drawn to his posts…

  • This woman is a shining example of ‘Beauty Queens turns Electronic Broadcasting Major at State School turns I think I know something, I’m a gun totin’ Christian Mother’. There are lots of these women in the deep south. Only most are too busy with Junior League to run for office.

  • re; moxygirl

    hey now! i’m just an innocent bystander masturbating to a stupendous bitch fight. leave me out of it, would you?

  • All of our votes count. That includes people who’s views are based solely on sound bites and talking points and vague notions of “what’s right”.

  • guys, we have to admit sarah palin did very poorly in this interview and has obviously been warned that they will kill her if she says one word that she’s not programmed to say. here’s the deal; women, in general, are honest. men, on the other hand, are raised to be deceitful and manipulative, primarily based on evolution and the need to figure out what needs to be said to have the opportunity to impregnate you and keep our genetic code alive. so, when she doesn’t know an answer, she’s punished for not making one up. with time, women can learn to be manipulative and deceitful and even murderous (google the name hillary clinton). so, she’s a bush leaguer in a major league world right now. so is obama. we’ve got two relative novices that we’ll soon have to choose between to run what’s left of our country. happy voting.

  • keightlynn & mallory

    You have every right the voice your opinion, just like everyone else here. But posting something along the lines of “And those that do not like that will have to just get the fuck over it. bitches.” really doesn’t show any signs of being mature.

    Just educate yourself on what you are talking about and form your opinions on actual facts and research. Politics isn’t like watching a movie trailer and deciding on that little snippet of information on whether or not you like it.

  • Let’s STOP focusing on PAlin and McCain and renew the buzz about Obama. This IS an attempt to steal the spotlight from Obama and it seems to be working as long as media outlets report obsessively on them. I ask everyone on the Obama side to take a moment and visualize Obama winning. If we continue to focus on Palin and McCAin we are only feeding the fire of their idiotic campaign.

  • Sorry to bore you, Mallory. I wish I had as deft wit as yours to keep you interested.

    Keightlynn, I am also at poverty level. While I don’t have children, I am struggling to keep myself afloat especially considering that I work for a non profit and therefore do not make a great deal of money (although the benefits aren’t bad). So, I udnerstand your concerns. If you actually look at Obama’s plans for taxes, he will actually lower taxes for folks like us. The only folks he plans to raise taxes for (and this might change now due to whatever the economic resuce package is) are those top 2% wealthy folks. And he would only be taking them back to the taxes they paid under the Reagan. He would also tax big corporations who outsource jobs, and the big oil companies. He actually would also like to give us more stimulus packages. His goal is really to strengthen the middle class- and I agree %100. This information is all available on the internet and on Obama’s website.

    I understand that it is scary to have an outsider come in to Washington, but I really do have gfaith in the extraordinary mind of Barack Obama and the great team he will surround himself with. McCain has really offered no solutions and no answers. The only time he ever offered a solution was to say that we should have a committee look at this. His top economic advisor said the economic crisis was in our heads, and that we were a nation of whiners. McCain has more experience in Washington, but he has more experience just being flat out wrong. And he surrounds himself with some bad people. Us losing our homes and jobs does not make us whiners. F you, Phil Gramm.

    Anyway, I really can’t argue with your conservative ideals. You and I are just really on the opposite sides of the fence here. I believe in women’s rights (and that includes being staunchly pro-choice), gay marriage (or civil union whichever just gets folks equality under the law- I don’t mess with churches), and pro social programs set up to help those who society has left behind. We just have to agree to disagree on that stuff. Like I said, I don’t mess with churches and I wont mess with your personal values (I do mess with these things when personal or religious values are mixed with government- such as anti-choice or anti-equality laws).

  • re; dinosaurs

    good job. i should be more sensitive, compassionate, and polite like you instead of a fucking jerk when i write. i’ll try to work on it.

  • Holy shit a somewhat compliment from censorthis. I’ve made a new life-changing decision. Aim my life (and thus posts in this comments) to make censorthis happy. Life quest!!

    And as for my name being ironic, isn’t that the trend you’re trying to set censor?

    Also: 700 billion dollars?

    Why does that number sound awfully awfully familiar?

  • @ Moxygirl,

    That psychic shit’s amazing…. do me next! Do you need an old sock or a used Q-tip or something?

    @ KekeLynn,

    If you keep walking into the monkey cage you’re gonna get shit thrown on you. Words of wisdom for your new baby.

    @ Mallory,

    How U Doin?

    @ Dinosaur

    Stop cut’n & past’n from the New Testament. When I finished reading your shit I had to look at a calendar.

  • yup honey… if all ur boring old ass has to do is talk about me being immature. then why not live up to ur standards.mmkay? wouldn’t want to disappoint u

  • @ Dinosaurs

    I understand what you are trying to say, but I still do not believe raising taxes solve problems, and I also think taxes should be the same across the board, whether you are wealthy or poor.

    But in the end, it all comes down to morals to me, and as you said, we completely disagree here.

  • o TSS how I have longed to hear from you this morning! Why did I marry for money instead of love? If I could go back in time it’d be you my dearest…got fucked on the whole money part anyhow

  • TSS

    I KNOW! My abilities are freaky, aren’t they?? Haven’t you already been profiled by the FBI? I’d hate to be redundant…

  • Ok, now that we’re talking politics here, can someone tell me one thing that Obama has accomplished in his short time as a Senator; other than setting a record for NOT VOTING. ( voted “present”, not “yes”, “no” or “abstain” more than anyone else, ever). He is well spoken though, I’m just saying.

  • O Mal, I don’t even know how to respond to that. It doesn’t make any sense. Oh well, guess you got me there.

  • Yeah, there’s a real “buzz” about the McCain campaign. The buzz is: he’s desperate, he’s impulsive, his judgement is questionable, and he totally does not want Palin to have to stand up against Joe Biden in a debate. The new buzz this AM: McCain does not look well.

  • How ironic that Barack was accused of being a “celebrity” when the McCain campaign has become completely “celebrity.” What a hypocrite!

  • re; dinosaurs

    holy shit, i just read this part of your post: (And when Hillary is in the Supreme Court, we’re even better!)

    based on this sentence alone, i’ve decided you are (multiple choice. more than one answer can apply):

    1. an alien that was sent to earth to wreak havoc
    2. one of those people that have to be rescued by firemen by tearing down the wall of the house because you weigh 1,500 pounds (no, i’m not saying you’re oprah)
    3. the serial murderer, hillary clinton herself
    4. sherry lewis’s puppet, lambchop, typing with her dead masters ghost hand
    5. a ball busting lesbian
    6. the chick that designs those godawful yellow pantsuits
    7. a transgender that covets one of those godawful yellow pantsuits
    8. beets emasculated puppy after secretly learning beets keyboard while she’s out tanning or lunching with male models or whatever the fuck she does in her fantasy world
    9. that iranian chick with the big nose hillary ties to the bedpost
    10. a vampire that has lived 250 years and specifically feeds on democrats and fools alike
    11. the rat feces i just found in my cabinet
    12. just a plain old poo poo head
    13. my sisters butch high school gym coach that married my sister
    14. sad, just plain sad

  • People may be talking about her still, but it’s definitely not the same type of talk and excitement that surrounded her when she was first introduced as his running mate. You can kinda see that by their numbers dropping significantly over the course of just a week. I think women just finally realized that’s she’s not Hillary Clinton and how much of a fucking moron she is… which is exactly what I figured would happen. The McCain camp wants everybody to believe that any negative talk about Palin is sexist but the true sexist act here is them believing that women are too stupid to think for themselves. They believed they’d see a person with a vagina and tits that’s a mom and automatically vote for her despite what she stands for and that’s starting to backfire on them as time goes by.

  • WOW…you find stupid, non educated things interesting?! I guess you would. I mean this is, after all, a website that caters to that sort of thing. So no you would find a person who talks about the issues only…interesting! Things like “I’ll get back to you on that” when asked about her partner on the ticket. And talk about pigs and hockey moms constitute as news to you. You should feel OUTRAGED by this, not amused! But then again anyone who would come here for politcal news is about as unintelligent as Palins answer. We’re here to see who dating who, and who in a bikini today, or who brought a new house.

    Stay in your lane Beet. Leave the politics to those who know what there talking about. I wouldnt go to to get Celeb news. That would be a slap in the face to you and other celeb bloggers!

    …and thats real talk!

  • And P.S. It took me a long time to come around to Hillary again after she made me want to puke every day in the primaries. I still have my problems, but I do value some of what she’s done and what she stands for. Some.

  • @ Tim

    Tim I don’t know if you’re new here an all, but don’t let these sarcastic bitches get to you.

    I’m probably the nicest and most serious person in here (excuse me for one sec)….. ok, sorry, and let me tell you that Beet is a highly intelligent, educated and well read woman (excuse me again)….sorry.. capable of discussing multiple topics ranging from political diatribe to Clay’s Gay Baybay.

    So ……. in conclusion……what the fuck was I … oh yeah…. be kind to others and don’t eat carbs after seven n shit.

    Good day sir!

  • Interesting, how “A Note on Mcrum” ends in yet another Sarah Palin— “oh my god this woman got picked?!.” In the very very near future I expect one of the headlines like “Your Daily Paris” or “A Note on Leo” to end in: Sarah Palin. At least, I will know now that it doesn’t mean that the Evil Beet is thinking of pulling a samLo on her readers and moving to Alaska to raise little beets– thanks to a surrogate father– Clay Aiken, with evil Sarah Palin. I know where you stand now without knowing where you stand….. You are a regular Maverick, Beet. Oh, and I agree with your insight on this Phenomenon. Yet, I personally always thought Obama’s “charisma” just hid a cardboard conservative private personality. Let’s call this the Michael Phelps syndrome. Fantastic when he’s in his element and awkward out it. Obama’s great in front of a stadium (reading off a teleprompter–ok just pulling legs here) and awkward off his soap box. I often wonder if it was the pick of Biden or the pick of Palin that aged him and made him so—-boring. I was sort of also disappointed that for someone who staked his claim to the race on “the less time you spend in Washington the better” and f-ck “conventional Washington wisdom,” he would have found a more reform oriented experienced energized face–not that Washington dinosaur–Biden.

  • Seriously stop saying “I”m just saying.” We get that your saying it because you’re typing it. It’s annoying as hell.

  • COURIC: Why isn’t it better, Governor Palin, to spend $700 billion helping middle-class families who are struggling with health care, housing, gas and groceries? Allow them to spend more, and put more money into the economy, instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess?
    PALIN: That’s why I say I, like every American I’m speaking with, we’re ill about this position that we have been put in. Where it is the taxpayers looking to bail out. But ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy. Um, helping, oh, it’s got to be about job creation, too. Shoring up our economy, and putting it back on the right track. So health care reform and reducing taxes and reining in spending has got to accompany tax reductions, and tax relief for Americans, and trade — we have got to see trade as opportunity, not as, uh, competitive, um, scary thing, but one in five jobs created in the trade sector today. We’ve got to look at that as more opportunity. All of those things under the umbrella of job creation.

    Can somebody unpack this answer for me? I’m used to full sentences.

  • keightlynn-

    “Lets deal with the issues here at home first before we go on helping some kid on the other side of the world with money we pull of our asses, or tax the crap of out the people for.”

    because you have no idea that our taxes pretty much all go to the war in iraq but…..ya know lets remember that is not a issue at alllllllll at home. why dont you think america has money? do you know how much money it takes to have a war? you obv have no idea what your talking about and im not saying i do but its common sence..

  • re; iiirene

    well, sence you made such a good point and sence you did that cool thing with the word ‘all’ and sence you did that other cool but lazy thing with obvious and shortened it to ‘obv’ we’ve met in a top secret regular beet poster club meeting and have decided to give you a break and only amputate your right hand using this old rusty jagged spoon that was left in my garbage disposal. it’s ok. you’ll eventually learn to type with your left hand when not cleaning up the brain matter that is obv spilling from your ears.

  • re; jelena

    shit beet, get in here!! the retards have gotten past the guard dogs and security and have obv taken over your command center keyboards and are posting again. stat!

  • Despite the howling ignorance of blind liberals, the U.S. is and has always been a Christian nation. McCain will win.

    What is the core principal of Liberalism anyway? Asides from ‘rob your neighbor’?

  • Where did you find our secret handbook, AlmostChosen?

    We also think women shouldn’t have a choice about their reproductive and sexual health (we will only teach abstinence in schools because we think pregnant 16 year olds are adorable! Then we don’t have to worry about them going to college and taking up valuable scholarship money), women shouldn’t be paid equal to men (actually ALL minorities have to make less than you, AlmostChosen), women should pay for rape kits when they are victimized (included in the price, however, are tickets to John McCain’s comedy act where he makes all those hilarious rape jokes!), we should always be fighting in preemptive wars spending obscene amounts of money and wasting precious lives (look out Putin, you’re next! I love threatening nations with access to nuclear weapons- makes me feel alive! It’s almost as good as shooting wolves in the back from a low flying plane!), children shouldn’t all have access to healthcare (ESPECIALLY if they are Mexican!), science should just be thrown out completely, we just freaking HATE polar bears, we think global warming is a trick being played on us from those Satanist “scientists”, we think if you live anywhere on a coast you’re just asking for a natural disaster and we wont provide any more help than letting an ex-horse trainer “take the reins” (HAHAHAHA, aren’t funny? Excellent job, Brownie), when gay people kiss each other our marriages are liable to fall apart (it’s especially hard for the marriages of gays who turned straight after being saved by Sarah Palin’s pastor- I think it works like magic after he kills some lady’s pet in Africa), and all of our laws should be based on the Bible (including being arrested if you mix your fabrics. I think that should be punishable by death).

    That’s just a taste of some of our howling ignorance.

    Oh, wait…

  • Amen dinosaurs (pun intended)!! :) I too strongly agree with the separation of church and state

    The Establishment Clause
    The First Amendment “Establishment Clause,” stating that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” is generally read to prohibit the Federal government from establishing a national church (“religion”) or excessively involving itself in religion, particularly to the benefit of one religion over another. Following the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and through the doctrine of incorporation, this restriction is held to be applicable to state governments as well.

  • Ummmm…I strongly agree wth the separation of kittenpause and crystal meth ….

    which would be the only reason why she’s still talking about this shit.

  • OMG, America, I implore you. Was visiting San Francisco a few weeks ago just after the Sarah Palin shiteasco kicked in and the most elegantly dressed, intelligent looking foursome sat next to us in a restaurant. We overhead them say… we’re not sure now……. maybe McCain is the way forward.. I feel sorry for you guys and the world at large!! I have family and friends in the US and they are about ready to pack up and leave if that asshole gets in. Surely that can’t happen?