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Rosario Dawson

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  • Rosario Dawson was born with a cleft lip and her mother Isabel used to talk about it in the neighborhood. The scar is from her right nostril to her lip. Rosario also had a breast reduction after Josie and the Pussycats. She seems to have had more work recently done to even her nostrils cause the right one was much bigger, she should be a poster child and spokesperson for .

  • Vera youre a goddamn fool I grew up in LES and her mom never spoke of this “cleft lip” you idiot. no she doesnt have a cleft lip. where are you getting your info from? it seems lke youre just hating on her cause she has a tiny scar on her face.

  • She actually does have a cleft lip. My daughter was born with a cleft lip also & so I can tell (although I already knew bc of previous reading). Why are you so mad about what she said anyway? She said she should be a spokesperson (meaning she believes she looks great) no hating there. I have to agree with her, kids with cleft lips need to see a beautiful women and know that they too are that beautiful.

  • If she had a cleft lip if was incredibly minor, and I seriously doubt it. even the most skilled surgeon cannot make a repaired cleft lip that unnoticeable.

  • seriously what the hell is wrong with some of you people? How is saying that somebody was born with a cleft lip hating?? She WAS born with a cleft lip. she has spoke in interviews about it. it is a FACT. To say that she cant have because no surgeon is that good to make it unnoticable is daft. Cleft lips come in all shapes and varietys and it all depends on the individual case as to how well they are repaired. One child could have an acute cleft or not a full cleft but it may look more noticable due to the location of the cleft, bilateral, unilateral and the position of the cleft in relation to the nostril and cupids bow.
    Surgical expertise and technics have advance somewhat over the last 10 years giving any child with a cleft lip a far better chance of been perceived as Normal by retards like you who seem to think it is the end of the world. I addition as a person gets older they can have revision operations to further improve the look of the lip or the scar or the nostril.

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