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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!


This is the kind of genius I wish I possessed. I don’t care who you’re voting for — this shit is funny.

If you want to see just the video showing on the bluescreen without the RNC stuff, it’s after the jump.

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  • i’m not really into politics, whoever is in power screws you over. Dont you just think though that puerile behaviour like this demeans the efforts of those people throughout history who have died in wars to protect the rights of people to democracy?

  • Personally I love it ~ and McCain accused Obama of being a celebrity? Look what he’s doing, he’s showboating more than Obama is. I love the dissapointed confused embarrassed face he’s making (as though his people didn’t make it and approve it with him first)

    Childs play ~ are we in kindergarten? I’m not voting for the rich bully!

  • McCain looks like he’s trying to pass a kidney stone. And talk about Botox!!! His face is tight as a drum!!

  • hey Karma, you don’t really thing McCain had anything to do with that do you? it’s edited on a blue screen after the RNC were McCain’s staff made an error in judgement and put him in front of said screen….

  • this didnt show at the RNC people. this is doctored after the fact. he was making that face when people wouldn’t stop chanting and cheering so he could make his speech.

  • Watching this really helped me decide. I can’t staaaand Rick Astley, and to think that a presidential candidate has chosen to quote him is simply unacceptable! Just based on this video alone I have determined that I will now indeed be voting for the Old Navy guy and the double-breasted gun nut!

  • That is pretty funny even though I am completely sick of that Rick Roll shit.

    The top one with McBush was the best. It would have taken them a very long time to piece that all together.

    Watching that video reminded me of how McCain kept talking about how the Republicans will defend America against terrorists. Don’t be fooled folks. A shit storm is coming your way no matter who is in power. You can’t change the hatred towards America now. Payback is coming and it is going to be a bitch in heat.

    It doesn’t take a psychic to figure out you guys are even more of a target than you were before 9/11.

  • HAHAHAHAH! I am sending that to everybody in my address book. Thanks, Beet! I love that people think this really happened. Don’t you think we would have known about this by now?

  • its erally funny and all, but McCain shouldnt want the presidency bad enough to put other people down. reallly. if he realy is all he says and he really cares about the United States of America, he would want the best person to be president, and that might or might not mean him.