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Supporting the Sister-in-Law!

Well look who showed up front and center at the Charlotte Ronson show at NY fashion week!

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, of course!

The couple created quite the media frenzy, distracting the paps from anyone else present, much to the dismay of model Jessica Stam, Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr, and, um, Waldo, who also attended.

Ya know, they might not have called People magazine to give them the exclusive just yet, but I think these two are way over hiding their relationship. They’re obviously “out,” whether or not they’re issuing statements to the press about it. Lindsay looks happier than I’ve seen her in, well, ever, and even Samantha is slowly beginning to look less and less like the creepy girl in high school who you think might be casting spells on you during lunch. I for one am thrilled for them.

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  • I agree Beet, Lindsay looks happy, healthy and beautiful. On a side note, has anyone ever heard this Ronson chick DJ? Cuz that’s what she’s supposed to be, right, a DJ? Is she any good? I’d be interested to know.

  • they’re so hot together.

    @tiger33- as with most djs it depends on what kind of music you like and the people you are djing for. she plays everything from 70s-now mainstream; all genres. she’s good. saw her in dallas and towards the end of her set she played a lot of shit that we were singing along too (while highly intoxicated and high) it was one of the best sets i’ve experienced. diplo is better though.

  • Lindsay looks amazing and is rocking that Charlotte Ronson dress. I’m thrilled for both of them.

    @tiger33 – Ronson has been one of the hottest DJs on the club scene circuit for awhile now.

  • Samantha’s a dope DJ. I caught her about 3 or 4 times and she really caters to whatever crowd she’s spinning for. She really knows how to read her audience and give them what she wants. She’s right up there in LA’s club scene as one of the hottest DJ’s.

    They both look great in these pics…. good for them!!

  • Sam and her twin look so different. Sam looks like she never sees the light of day. I guess she really is a night person.

  • How classy that they’re not bothering to “come out” on the cover of People. You know how to get people to respect your privacy? Keep it private. I’m so happy for them (especially LiLo who, let’s face it, seemed about a month away from a nasty death not so long ago, whether from drugs or DUI or what) and think it’s very cool just to live their lives, not make it everyone’s business.

    See, the “not discussing it” works for some people, just not Phelps! ;)

  • Lindsay still looks like a 40 year old hooker and the other one looks like a butch Anne Frank… I bet the diaries of these two would be as boring as they are when they are constantly forced on a brainwashed public. I could give a ratsass about their no-talent relationship! NEXT!

  • Linz looks FANTASTIC. Happy, healthy. Look at her arms – there’s healthy levels of meat! And that dress is fabulous.

  • V.Eye Pete – You don’t give a ratsass about them? Then why bother clicking on a link to read about them! And why waste your time commenting on them at all!

    Anyway, I think they are a cute couple and it looks like Lindsay is doing really well – she looks happy and healthy!

    And I love the Ronson/Dexter-Jones family. I think it’s great for Lindsay to be around such a supportive and loving family – must be a nice change for her!

  • they look good together.
    and lindsay looks amazing
    i know this girl who looks exactly like sam
    cept her hairs black…..

  • I really like that they haven’t done a glossy, it’s always kind of tacky when celebs do that. I like that they just get on with it and live their life and are not making it into a big deal. They look adorable together and it’s good to see LL looking this happy and healthy. She is way more interesting and edgy than most of the bland starlets Hollywood has to offer and it would be great seeing her getting back to good old Mean Girls form!

  • Were they brought up separately?
    How is it that he lives in England and the rest the family doesn’t.
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • I can’t believe Lindsay is still with that ugly little dude. We get it man, you like to dress up in 80’s costumes. My 8 year old cousin used to want to be a cowboy and play dress up also, so I can understand where Lindsay’s boyfriend is coming from.

  • Smirfy- Mark, Samantha and Charlotte moved with their mom (Ann Dexter-Jones) to New York when their parents broke up and their mom married Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones. After high school, College and being a dj in the New York club scene, Mark eventually moved to London. And Samantha and Charlotte stayed in America.

  • why is waldo there???
    its kinda creeping me out…
    im gonna have nightmares about waldo…
    aaaahhhh make it stop!!!

    im done now

  • Damnit I figured Waldo would be in a more inconspicuous place like by the bathroom at the fashion show. Gets me everytime!

  • good god, lindsay looks soooo good. good enough to eat & yummmy .the shoes are fierce (can see ’em in other pics)
    luv these two-they re growing on me…