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Congratulations! You Just Won Eight Olympic Gold Medals! What Are You Going to Do Now?

Michael Phelps?

Is going to Blackoutville.

HotelChatter reports that Michael Phelps ended his crazy night in Vegas by throwing napkins at the bartender and passing out face-down on the bar.

He went in and out of Playboy Club like a swimmer with ADD (went Playboy to Moon, back to Playboy). Lots of his own fishy entourage … He went to the Mint lobby bar had a shot — was seen throwing napkins at the bartender and ended up face down on the bar.

Hey, at least he was in Vegas and not driving. Remember that DUI he got a few years ago? Hopefully Michael can reign things in a bit now that he’s very much in the public eye and a role model for lots of young kids. Get shitty wasted in Vegas in six months, buddy, not now. You’ll still be able to toss your cock in anything you want, but the media won’t be all over it.

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  • It’s funny reading quotes from his last DUI: Defense attorney Steve Allen described Phelps as a “remarkably decent young man”…. “Michael knows he’s a role model and he knows he made a mistake,” said Allen, who said Phelps’ arrest occurred during “a brief period of decompression after the Olympics.”

    He’s got a remarkable hand full of ass in these pics! :-) I guess we can look forward to “decompression” every 4 years.

  • As Beet said, at least he’s not driving.

    I’ve never gotten why people who are rich and famous enough to have minders make mistakes like that. Sure, decompress. Have a house party and get a blitzed as your heart desires. No DUI, no photos, and if you pick your friends wisely, nobody to tell the press if you pass out/admit you’re a horse-dolphin hybrid/make out with a houseplant.

    Even this could have been avoided if he’d had a private party in his palatial hotel suite. He could even have ordered up a few Bunnies.

  • He need to go out and get all the stripper pussy he can now because in six months nobody is going to remember who the fuck he is. Unless he gets a nose job and braces on his crooked troll teeth he’s gonna be screwed.

    You’d think a giant horse headed goblin, like himself, could handle his liquor a little better. I bet his friend’s were pissed that they couldn’t saddle him up and ride him back to the hotel. Can you imagine how much gas money his friends and family must save by him pulling them around in the Phelps Wagon?

  • I remember seeing here, some time ago,
    some party pics of a person called Sarah Larson
    and they were considered normal for the circumstances.
    The only problem about Phelpsy
    is the fact that he wants to live it in the open
    like everybody else
    but has the papparazzi behind him,
    other than that
    he’s doing the same stuff
    I’ve seen others of the same age do
    when I go to Vegas.
    So, maybe you think he’s stupid,
    but , at least, he’s not fooling anyone
    nor double standarding anyone,
    so, go on sweetie,and then calm down,
    otherwise you’ll be put in the fire
    like a Middle Age epilepsy sufferer

  • What do you expect from a Neanderthal ? The guys has no manly grace or natural polish. He is a gorilla and was the most un-sportsmanly like winner I have seen in years. He is the type of egomaniac athlete that turns my stomach. Most all non Americans think we are ape-like animals and this guy has shown the world they are correct. I guess he will continue in the vein.

    • Act like you have never ended up drinking to much and fucking some guy u didnt want to women are just as bad good luck finding a woman president any time soon. he is 23 and having a good time. dont be envious.

  • Was that poetry, mambaX? Pretty cool. I never caught Phelps fever but I do think we should let the boy have his fun. We’re in a post-role-model world anyway.

  • Sure, FrozeRightHere
    I agree with you, as you can see
    I also think I am responsible for setting the role model
    for my kids,
    I won’t leave that responsibility in the hands of a 23yr old,
    who gave his best in his area of expertise,
    gave 1 million to enhance swimming in the USA,
    and now wants to live his own life,
    have his own experiences
    and eventually make his own mistakes too.
    Isn’t that the natural process of life anyway?

  • I think all the fame is going to his head. Poor, poor sweet Michael. And I thought he was so innocent. His mom needs to come down hard on his ass before he starts grabbing more bunny tails.

  • Geeshhh! I say give the guy a break. He went to Vegas & got drunk. OMG!!! He didn’t drive, so who gives a shit? I don’t get the big deal. And I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

  • “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” in an advertising slogan, not, y’know, an actual philosophy to live by.

    I hear y’all, he’s done nothing illegal. But there’s a hell of a lot of stuff that isn’t illegal, and shouldn’t be, but still reveals poor judgement and character.