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Frailty, Thy Name Is Phelps!!!

Oh Mikey!!!!

I told you I was flying out to Vegas to be with you TONIGHT!

But you couldn’t wait that long, could you?

And do you know how I found these pictures?? Do you know??? From a commenter named “anon69”!!! Was that you, Michael? Was that your idea of a fucking joke? NOT FUNNY, ASSHOLE.


Radar got these pics of Mikey at The Playboy Club in The Palms last night.

“It was unreal,” says the photographer. “Within moments of entering the club he summoned two girls over… I’ve never seen such an aggressive grip.”

Oh, Michael. That aggressive grip was supposed to be for me. I can’t believe you betrayed me like this. After all (the condoms) we’ve been through in my fantasies!

Sad, sad, sad. I may have to return to lusting over Adrian Grenier and Adam Duritz. Both of whom, I’m sure, have never ever grabbed the ass of a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas.

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  • hey i know how much you love michael phelps but you should post more stuff on ORLANDO BLOOM ^_^. he’s so fine and omg i just want more of him.

  • I’m soo disappointed. I could have shared him with beet, but this chick? No, no, no. It’s a vegas look-a-like… has to be….

  • I am a man but actually not a pig …though I have never put my hands on a stripper exotic dancer. Regardless, we all have our moments. I just hope he can blame it on booze. Does that guy drink?

  • I wonder if any of the cocktail waitresses committed bestiality by sleeping with that giant horse headed goblin.
    Ten bucks says he ordered at least two bails of hay to munch on while he was there.

  • From super hero to super jerk. He is not a fine role model. I course I did not fall the Olympic hype. He is just a guy like the rest of them.
    I smell paternity suits nine months from now.

  • Urg! Why do all guys have to be such GUYS?!?!? Ah, the power of booze and boobs. They all just lose all mental control. Too bad, it’s a little disappointing but not at all unexpected. Unfortunately.

  • I don’t see why most women have a problem with men visiting strip clubs…
    I just don’t get it. To me it’s like the women who don’t let their guys watch porn.
    I don’t see the big deal.

  • I knew it…I pegged him for a stupid frat boy the moment I saw him. He may have won more gold medals than anyone but he and his cronies look like total losers here.

    And is that a silk shirt? Dear God.

  • I don’t think that’s Phelps. He’s wearing a different shirt, that looks like it just came out of the wrapper.

  • LOLOLOL,now, is this the way bunnies dress?
    Are you sure this is Playboy?Or?Never mind.
    I already told you he’s not wearing the chastity device
    but he’s a role model alright,
    for all those who KNOW he made it in his field of sport
    and he made it big,
    but obviously he’s a guy like any other,
    I am not
    but still a fan, of course
    he’s human
    not a fish
    although someone insists he’s a horse,
    but horses don’t swim that well.

  • I would just make a small point here
    normal blokes can’t spend 5000 euros in a party nite
    go Phelpsy!
    Enjoy all tou can
    godlike in swimsuit
    a man for fun
    a rich next door guy,
    good boy!!!!
    slap’em all

  • He was at a strip joint Ooooooooooooooooh! Not a big damn deal. Puritanical rants are so typical. Get over yourselves. He was just out for a night of fun.

    Maybe it’s because of where I live that I seem to have a much more liberal view of strip joint patronage. It’s really, really not a big deal. That being said I haven’t been to one in over a year, as they are a complete farce; and expensive to boot!

    Point is, it’s ridiculous to condemn a guy and say things like “pig” and “super jerk” really need to relax.

    All that being said, Beet I’m sure that you must be devastated. Look on the bright side though, it’s just a stripjoint/waitress. It’s not like he has a new (Olympic) flame in his life. There’s still a chance!

  • For all the girls who think this is “normal” … lots of guys do it, sure, but there are plenty of decent men out there who just don’t do the strip club/groping cocktail waitresses thing. Not because they’re puritans, but because they see women as more than tits and ass, or attractive meat. Phelps has a gorgeous body, is a very immature 23 and may be a great guy when he grows up, but please, in real life (as opposed to fantasy) don’t date guys who use strippers (or p!rn) unless you want to; if you’d rather not, there are lots of classy guys to spend your time with.

  • Yes JR
    I agree with you on strip and p*rn,
    unfortunately many men
    have a fascination for tramps and sluts,
    which puzzles me,
    once they get all the sex they want at home,
    but they need variations,I guess.
    A classy man is always so welcome!!
    As far as this one goes, he’s just a young guy
    tasting success and relaxation,
    no big deal,
    at least yet.
    Hope to have punctuated better than usual,
    you see, I’m making huge efforts
    in between calls and chores

  • LOL mambaX, sorry for being a grammar bitch :)
    Yeah, if he’s still into strippers and grabbing waitresses’ ass when he’s 30, there’s a problem, but with luck he’ll outgrow this.

  • Hey Mambax,
    just because
    someone is a stripper
    does not mean
    they are
    or a
    just for you,
    I’m typing
    like a moron

  • thanks Sally,
    that’s what I figured
    when I found out
    about lap dancing.
    think Sally,think!
    I promise it won’t hurt.

  • yeah i guess you would know
    about lap dancing
    closet whore:p
    i WOULD think
    but your typing
    makes my head hurt
    and its a shame
    that you think
    you are clever
    ms. holier than thou
    (yeah right)
    go back to doing your
    ab exercises
    doubt it will help

  • Dear Sally
    thanks for making me laugh,
    people always define themselves
    by their continued actions (and sometimes writings).
    And thanks for making a trendsetter out of me,


  • Mambax go find someone else to make u feel better about yourself! I’M BETTER THAN YOU AND YOU KNOW IT! HA!

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