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Um, Woah

The photo agency assures me that this is a photo of Joey Lawrence.

He was at some Z-list gifting suite to promote some brand of sunglasses (other attendees: Nick D’Anna, Holly Huddleston, Brian Peeler, Jeremy Green, Angelina Jolie) so there aren’t any photos of him without the sunglasses, but still.


I’d get with that.

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  • Myopic lately Beet?

    OK, I’ve seen a couple of your posts regarding whom you would “get with” over the past few weeks. I’ve got to be honest when I tell you YOUR TASTE SUCKS! Sorry… but Joey Lawrence is just the cherry on the cake of ugly washed up freaks you’ve drooled over. :-)

    Speaking of, what happened to 5th Floor Black BMW guy with his (possible wedding band?) hand in his pocket?

  • I don’t know….Joey Lawrence is looking pretty David Beckham here. I’d do him. Gotta side with you beet.

  • I totally thought it was David Beckham-but I was like, “hmmmm-what is wrong w/ David Beckham in this pic?” Now I know what-it’s not him! hahaha :)

  • it is a cross between david beckham and george michael!!! beet if you ever sleep with anything that has that facial hair i will quit reading this blog. oh, not to worry, guys with that type of facial hair do not get with chicks.

  • He’s just got to drop the Deep V-neck, makes him look like a chick..
    well, at least we know he’s buff….

  • David Beckham is hot, but that’s because he’s the original. Joey Lawrence copping Beckham’s look is like being a fake Louis Vuitton lying next to a pile of garbage on Canal Street.

  • these guys in my country invade the disco clubs like a plague
    v necks, sunglasses,machoman look
    if you like this kind
    we have plenty to offer
    he looks very much southern european
    very little american to me

  • david beckingham.

    i doubt you’d get him beet – but you should try, phone him up and ask him out. You never know unless you try.

  • You just like him because the sunglasses hide those hideously over-groomed brows he’s been rocking for the past, well, FAR TOO LONG.

  • i didn’t see david beckham until i read the comments.
    i thought one of the guys from the village people or maybe a george michael impersonator.

  • I’m from San Francisco and I’ve seen hundreds of guys with this look. A lot of girls find them hot but have as much of a chance of sleeping with guys like this as they do with Tom Cruise or George Michael.

  • He was hot when I was in middle school and he was hot a few years ago on Dancing With the Stars. But I have a thing for bald, ripped men who can’t act that well.

    Mmmm Vin Diesel…

    Joey seems to be a really great dad, and I was going to use that as a not gay defense, but I suppose it doesn’t prove anything.