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Jon and Kate Plus Eight Gets Nasty: Aunt Jodi Tells Her Side

You guys may or may not have noticed, but a certain page of this blog has, in the past months, somehow become a de facto discussion board for Jon & Kate Plus 8 fans (and critics). If you don’t believe me, click here and read the comments.

A popular point of discussion over there is a blog called Truth Breeds Hatred, which is supposedly written by the sister of Aunt Jodi, who is married to Kate Gosselin’s brother. If you watch the show, you know that Aunt Jodi was very involved in the first seasons of the show, basically bending over backwards to accommodate Kate’s every babysitting need — sometimes watching all eight of the Gosselin kids, overnight, in addition to her own four children. For free! And then when she didn’t show up in the most recent season, people started suggesting that Kate was bitter because Jodi’s patient and kind mothering skills were making Kate look awful in comparison, and also noting that the producers offered to pay Jodi for appearing on the current season — she had been doing all of this shit for free up until then — but that Kate put her foot down, said “no one gets paid for this show except our family” and booted Aunt Jodi out of the kids’ lives.

The Truth Breeds Hatred blog discusses all this from an insider’s perspective — confirming the rumors and basically painting Kate as the most horrid, despicable, selfish person on the planet. But was the blog really written by Jodi’s sister? Were the things she said about Kate actually true?

Today, Truth Breeds Hatred ran a video clip of Jodi, who seems genuinely crushed by how Kate betrayed her, and confirming that her sister does write the blog, and that it’s the truth.

I kind of hate how fascinated I am to watch all this play out, but I really do love it.

(If you’re having trouble viewing the video, try here.)

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  • Omfg! I love this show because Kate is such a crazy bitch! This blog is to die for!

    I always knew there was some crazy shit going on behind the scenes! I can’t believe they actually have a personal chef! When Kate is always going on about how great of a cook she is!

    Soooo juicy! Thanks for the link Beet!

  • OMG I can’t believe she would do this to Jodi!!! Well i guess I can but still! Everyone who watches the show should read this blog.

  • Wow, I just read every entry on there. I’ll definitely be watching those episodes in a new light now. I did think she was a bit harsh on jodi for the gum ep even before i read that tho.

  • Dude-I freakin’ love this show. I can’t believe all this shit is true! :0 I’ve been dying to know what all is made up & what’s real. From the above post-they have a personal chef?!?! What??? Oh my-if I can’t trust Jon & Kate, I can’t trust anyone! haha ;)

    btw-just saw in a magazine today that jon & kate renewed their vows in hawaii recently w/ all of the kids…wonder how much she had to pay him to do that one?! haha :) she looked miserable, of course.

  • I want this train wreck off the air. I love Aunt Jodi…. Let’s see a show about her. It would be cool to see her interact and give back to the community like she does off the show. I think she’s a saint for putting up with what she did. Her and Beth.

    I heard thru the grapevine that sponsors are none too happy with the show and I bet they pull it without notice to KON. Too bad for figure 8 productions. They’ll have to find some other network to hock their sextuplet land to. Has anyone noticed how the girls names on KON’s website has been updated to show their real age but the tups age still say’s 3. They are 4. Weird maybe the younger they are the more money they bring in for things like crazy hairplugs, tummy tucks, breast lifts, botox, teethwhitening. You know things that are important. Also, snubbing Kelly Ripa just urked me to no end. Who doe that Kate lady think she is. The kids are really cute, but so are a lot of kids. I think to whom much is given much is required.

    Oh to ramble on more, Do you think that crazy plastic surgeon featured on the j&k website has gotten any backlash…
    I feel sorry for his practice now.

  • after reading the blog and knowing all the episodes, i fully believe this. i’ve been questioning kate more and more with her outbursts, not to mention how every episode they are paying for some lavish vacation or buying something new. tisk tisk.

  • I think the real truth lies somewhere inbetween. This Jolie person whom started the website seems to try to disect everything they do to make them look evil. I get stressed sometimes w/ 2 kids – so I can’t imagine what it’s like to have 8. I watch the show here and there and enjoy it. I think there may be some truth to what the aunt’s sister is saying, but I’m sure it’s exagerated. I honestly don’t think the mature way for her to handle the “threats” she was receiving was to handle it privately. That would be the classy thing to do IMO. Not pages of blogs on “gumgate”.

  • I agree with SazzyJane, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. I grew up with a mom that was a yeller and a screamer, very much like Kate. She had her angry outbursts and moments with three kids, I can’t imagine what it would be like with eight.
    Personally, I think that this person needs to back off. Just because Kate has a temper does not mean that she is doing wrong. Not everyone has the personality to be soft spoken with their children.
    It seems to me like SHE is the one trying to start an “internet war” to get more attention for herself.

  • O, I hope you brought an umberella, b/c you just sooooo rained on my Jon & Kate + 8 parade! I love that show, even turned my mom onto it, so of course I read the entire blog just now. The more I think about it, the more I don’t think it’s entirely true. Yes, the gum thing was a little out of hand, & the parents can overreact & make mistakes (who doesn’t?) But they have 8 kids. EIGHT. Six of them under the age of 4 (fyi, in most preschools, the teacher to child ratio for 4 & under is 5 kids to one teacher). So what if they have someone to help clean the house, so what if they have someone help cook? As for them having all this money, wouldn’t they have a nicer clothes, furniture, make up application skills (Kate’s blush is a bit, let’s just say much, sometimes)? & isn’t Jodi’s house, or more like Mansion, all hard wood floors, with a pool & modern furniture, or am I thinking of someone else? Who knows, maybe she wanted more money & that’s why she’s not on anymore. Who knows?

    which is pretty much my point. Who knows with any reality show? ‘d still watch it, but my nieghbor that I was “ghetto sharing” cable with moved & well, I can always catch up when I visit moms….

  • I never knew any of this was going on. Thanks to you Beet, I never miss this show and watch the marathons all the time. I kinda feel like I did when I found out Santa Clause wasn’t real.

  • I used to think that Kate was like a Drill Sergeant because she had to be. This is sad, and I used to be additcted to Jon and Kate. Now, not so much. I do believe that she has issues…

  • this woman is so sad.
    she is so hungry for attention that she is willing to betray her family.
    Aunt Jodi get a life!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE jon and KATE!

  • she is super anal. like giving disposal bibs every time they eat (not enviromentally sane) so many things i have p/u on. like, i think her husband is brow beat to death. Kate needs a fashion lesson. and the kids clothes look like they just swooped them off the Wal-Mart rack all pressed and perfect because they were never washed first. Is that weird? go to Baby Gap instead. She seems super overwhelmed not to mention a total control freak to make up for what she lacked as a child. blech. i wish i could watch it more. but it’s annoying! the kids are cute, but the parents are just clueless. hire a nanny and make that part of the show. stop being a helicopter parent with them and let them get dirty and go outside with out some stupid spread sheet plan.

  • I read the ‘Truth Breeds Hatred’ a week or so ago, and I must say, that just the name of the blog turned me off. If you watch the show consistently, you already knew that Kate had issues, but why should that knowledge result in hatred of Kate? She has been super annoying in current episodes, true, but that just makes her one more flawed human being. Maybe Aunt Jodie and Jon are better at censoring their negative behavior when the camera is on, or are they just saints? (Actually, sometimes I think that Jon comes close.)

    I do sympathize with Aunt Jodie, who seems genuinely sweet and loving, but using her sister’s blog as a forum for her response was not wise. Her sister is the woman who claims that Jodie and her husband have financial problems, yet I suspect that if they sold their mansion with the pool in the backyard and lived in more modest circumstances, they could resolve their financial issues. And it is definitely not the responsibility of Jon and Kate to help them financially, and I understand Kate’s premise perfectly. If your relatives come to rely on a tv contract and salary, it could definitely corrupt/alter their relationship with your children that the tv show is about.

    This said, here are my pet peeves:

    1. In a recent episode Kate kept putting Jon down as he cooked a large and time consuming Korean meal for the family, and complained that the kitchen is her only refuge, and that she can’t stand having anyone else in it. Then it turns out that they have a professional chef cooking for them?

    And during the ‘confessional’ after the meal, Kate complimented Jon on the meal, and said that she would have to do several Aisian dishes after seeing how the kids enjoyed the Korean meal, seemed a little competetive and missing the point. The kids loved the meal not just because Korean food is delicious, but because the father they love cooked it, and was sharing the Korean heritage that he, not Kate, shares with the kids.

    I think that Kate always wants to be perceived as the number one and best parent.

    3. I have been deeply concerned about Kate’s treatment of Jon for a long time. She is emotionally abusive of him, and her children are learning that behavior. As they continue to develop and their unique personality’s emerge more and more, the negative behaviors they have internalized will emerge too. Plus, they will deeply resent their mother for her treatment of their father. Wake up Kate, and get some help.

    Finally, I do think Jon and Kate love their chidren with all their heart and soul. During the first season you saw Jon coming home from work while the kids are alseep as Kate leaves for her week end nursing job. Both parents worked, and their work schedules plus the work of taking care of all 8 chilren was grueling. In the episode where Jon and Kate moved to a larger home, you saw them both working like dogs to accomplish the move, largely on their own, especially Jon. Of course they would prefer to be supported by the tv show and have a better life style as well. And I am sure that they realize that the show will not continue indefinitely.

    Their recent problems, as I see it, have to do more with handling sudden fame and wealth and the personal intrusion into their family that it brings. I think that they are trying to find a way to minimize the intrusion but still have an interesting show. And I do not see the children as being exploited, although that could come if the show continued to follow them into their teens, which Jon and Kate have already said will not happen. The children seem perfectly happy with the cameras on, and I get the distinct impression that they love the people on the camera crew, and vice versa.

    Anyway, I love this show and this family!

    2. Why do Jon and Kate speak in churches across the country every other week end when they have EIGHT children at home who DESPERATELY need their time and attention?

  • Kate WOULD freak out about some gum spots. She has nothing else going on in her life except kids, cooking, and cleaning. For her gum spots are a big deal because it’s her whole life. She should have had all those extra fertilized eggs taken out like what normal people do in that situation. It’s their fault she’s stuck in the house with 8 kids for the next 18 years. I think what she needs to calm down is a life outside of the house. If anything she’s probably jealous of Jodi’s freedom and easy-going attitude.

  • I’m not one to stick up for celebrities.. but since Kate isn’t really a celebrity but a hardworking mother I guess I can comment.
    I think that this Aunt Jodi character needs to shut up.
    Jon and Kate obviously need the money for their kids more than she does, and if she doesn’t want to babysit.. then I’m sure there are people more than happy to help with the eight children.
    I don’t know these people personally.. but again they aren’t celebrities.. and no one wants to hear Aunt Jodi rant on like some D-lister who wants her 5 minutes of fame. Hope that wasn’t too harsh.

  • I could not read that whole blog.. But, Kate is definitely a bitch. To be quite honest, I’ve never liked Kate. I understand she has eight kids, blah blah blahhh. However, Kate is not the only fucking one. Has anyone seen that episode of that show that Oprah did (no, not the Oprah show), and that guy had to do something for a family who had like FIFTEEN disabled children that they adopted? I understand that family doesn’t have a show, so we don’t know exactly what their home life is like. But you can get a pretty good idea. Sooo.. listen Kate, not everyone who has more than 5 kids is a fucking bitch.

  • I think this person is pretty sad and pathetic to be posting about people she isn’t even actually personally involved with. She’s just living through it all by Jodi. She seems really bitter. SAD!

  • I would rather see a reality show about the family who has their 18th child on the way ( due in January ).. Is it the Dugger family??? They are wholesome and are not phony as Kate… I cannot STAND her and will NOT watch another episode or will any of my friends. She needs therapy fast AND medication !!!

  • right on, rita! or is running ragged or has impossibly short hair, or browbeats her husband/partner, or has a reality show……………

  • What really bothers me is that they claim that they believe that they should not have had selective abortion because GOD gave them all these children, and that it would be worng… BUT, GOD did not give them 6 kids, fertility drugs did! If GOD wanted them to have any kids, then they shouldn’t have had to use the fertility drugs in the first place…. That in itself boils my blood! Then they have the audacity to ask for handouts! UGGGGHHH I just can’t. It makes me so angry!

  • the show actually induces anxiety. seriously. instead of chuckling or being ingaged, i get anxious. just like nanny 911. yuck. give us fun.

  • Strong feelings about this show…could some one inform me where this show is aired…I have never even heard of it. Thanks.

  • Team Kate. Having mulitples is a completely different dynamic. I have 3 kids, my oldest two are twins. Everything was handled with military precision when they were little, things can get out of hand very quickly. I think we all have moments that we are VERY glad are not televised. Regarding the Jodi contract issue: while we may not all see the reasons behind it, I’m sure that Kate feels that she’s protecting the interests of her kids. Jodi seems guinely heartbroken and appears to be a very sensitive person. I’m guessing she took “Gumgate” a little too seriously and her sister’s involvement has made the situation worse.

  • Yes, Kate does seem sincere…..sincere in seeing that NOBODY makes a dime off whoring out her kids but her. I’ll never watch again.

  • I agree with CGL, multiples change everything. Team Kate all the way. If Kate was such a horrible person, you would see it in her kids. Basically, two parenting styles and personalities clashed, and it turned into a publicized family feud. “Don’t believe what you see on TV,” well, don’t believe what you read on clearly biased blog. If half the feuding my family goes through was put on the internet, this exact thing would happen too.

  • If you research local paper articles you can find out that they had a nurse paid for by the state around the clock when the kids were infants and when they turned 1 the state stopped paying and Jon freaked out saying it wasn’t fair to take anything away from them. They went on local tv and instead of thanking everyone for donations etc they said “we need transportation—a 15 passenger van would be good”. Jon himself made many quotes in local papers etc. about how people need to help support them and the county helped set up college funds etc for the kids. He has openly gone on message boards in 2005 saying straight out that the county and state owes it to them to provide for these children. It is also been printed in local papers that the house renovations etc. are all fully paid for by the network in addition to being paid for the show to “create story lines that would pull in viewers”. So anytime you see $$$$$ flying around it’s pretty safe to assume the network paid for it so that they could get drama out of Kate for a story line. Basically if you search hometown papers etc you can get the truth and even quotes from J&K themselves proving all these things so the blog by Jodie’s sister shouldn’t be shocking.

  • You’ve been slow today beet,
    No worries!! I enjoyed that.. I never liked Kate but now I really dislike Kate.
    QUestion- Why when I come to comment is there already a name in there? One that i’ve never used.

  • So wheres kates response to this? I figured they were not as family loving as seen.That poor lady took care of those babies even the time they had the flu…

  • they are just jealous. it is simple as that. Kate knows that you never get into business with family-money will tear relationships apart. she is just being smart. those red headed sisters are just bitter and jealous. it might be just me but from the beginning Jodi came off as an evil stepford wife type

  • You’ve got to read the Gosslinswithoutpity blog. It’s even better!

    I’ve thought this bitch was neurotic from the first episode. She is definitely whoring her kids out for money and freebies. It’s obvious. Yeah..I get having a one hour documentary (or even just one season) showing the lives of this family, cause it’s interesting and all. But why is it necessary to continue year after year and have cameras (and the world) observing these kid’s lives? They do need to grow up as normal as possible for a family like theirs. I know they aren’t like other families but that doesn’t mean they deserve to go through the stages of childhood with the world watching and scrutinizing their every move.
    As for Kate….there aren’t enough words to describe this miserable woman. I have no respect for someone who doesn’t allow their children to get their free, high end clothes dirty with the stains of childhood, just because she wants to resale them when they are outgrown. And what normal family needs SO MANY free first class trips in the course of a year? These kids have already gotten used to getting so many free things all the time, having theme parks cleared out just for them, not having to wait in line, and thinking they are too good to have to talk to other children, that when the time comes that this show gets cut off the air (which will be soon I promise) they aren’t going to know how to deal with the reality of life.
    Their horrible mother is taking advantage of other people’s kindness to such an incredible extent. And the worst part is, she doesn’t even appreciate it. She expects all this free shit, and then is picky about what she gets. You’d think with all that people do for her she can at least let fans take pictures and get autographs. Instead she snubs them like she is royalty. Even worse…she can’t even donate old clothes and toys to charity. Or give one of her first class trips to someone who truly needs it.I hope someone is smart enough to one day offer some free therapy for her soon-to-be fucked up in the head children.

  • Not to defend Kate and how bitchy she can be…….. buuuut, she does have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (please look it up) and from personal experience, you have many crazy, bitchy, hormonal tendencies. She just needs to control them for everyones sake.

  • I watch this show just because I’m convinced that one day Jon is going to haul off and punch Kate right in her mouth. It’ll be so awesome. I’ll buy the DVDs fo sho’.

  • @ kateblow i don’t think their clothes are high end; they look okay though. but why does everyone need to dress the same? mix it up a bit. maybe it’s more practical for her.

  • Love the show. Love this new blog. I do have to say, if these are the worst of the “problems” for the family (Jon, Kate, Jodi, Julie, etc. included) then they are all doing pretty damn well.

  • Oh and as for Kate’s temperamental, over-bearing need for control, she will get hers in the end. It will come in the form of an adolescent Mady.

  • I used to watch this show religiously. The kids are adorable. But I saw Kate go ape sh– about some ice cream on the kids’ shirts at Disney World and could not longer stand watching. She is just psychotic, and I feel so bad for the kids that she yells at them so much. You can tell that Madelyn has already gotten her mom’s high maintenance personality. Hopefully the sextuplets will ban together and not be affected – if that is even possible.

    I think Kate disrespects Jon in almost every episode. She yells at him in a Toys R Us and she berates him in public. Grow a pair Jon!

    I loved Aunt Jodie. She seemed so calm and collected under the circumstances. Hope this can be resolved and the kids will receive that positivity from their aunt and uncle.

  • 1. THis show went from being about the kids to being about how to get freebies and become celebrities b/c of the kids…sad ( $ is the root of all evil but we can all use it).
    2. Kate and Jon are doing what we all would do- take the freebies- true!
    3. Never leave your many sick kids to go get hair plugs- come on! where’s your priority? …sad
    4. As a fellow germaphope and neat freak I understand why Kate freaks out but the respect she should have for her husband should stop her from treating him so terribly. sad
    5. Mady is a mini Kate and its scary… true how would you change that?
    6. If this show goes on, TLC may lose many viewers true (maybe they should give the lady w/half a bod her own show- I am sure she can use the money).
    7. If the show returns to its roots, many viewers will watch. true
    8. As a fellow Christian, I am embarrased by Kate’s lack of respect for her hubby and at times how they mock the kids… especially the “icky boys”. Don’t get me wrong. We all may do it and we all have our faults. But, this is on TV people. Your kids will watch one day the funny faces that you make mocking them and it will probably be when they are in thier tween age and when they are so critical of themselves. – true
    9. I am sure that they do love thier kids- at times it shows- True
    10.Kate needs a new haircut – true
    11. Aunt Jodi was such a calm balance to drama queen Kate- she’ll be missed- true
    12.why is the book no longer co-written by Beth? Why r the parents not involved? you all know about Jodi. again the money/ controlissue… sad
    13. I hope they are no longer on government assistance b/c I don’ think they need it. true
    14. I those kids need a lil more luv and a lil less drama… true
    15. I have 7 adopted of my own & I may know a thing or two:) this whole j&k thing is sad and true.

  • I’m concerned by all the mom’s out there who think Kate is a great mom. Anyone mom who would let their child stand around in pain from constepation while she took her time to pick out frickin beds is as selfish as they come. Especially for a nurse who knows the pain and discomfort and possible negative effects that a impacted bowel can have especially on such a small child.

    I’ve also never seen a mother have such favorites in her children. And don’t start on the fact she has a lot of kids…. Any preschool teacher, like me, can tell you it’s not as crazy as Kate makes it seem.

  • i despise this show – kate is a terrible mother, always berating her husband (in front of kids, cameras, whatever), screaming and yelling like a bansheeand generally being a self serving bitch, snapping at everyone around her. i feel bad for those kids, but the husband needs to grow some balls pronto and tell his wife to STFU although something tells me that some day he will snap and strangle her just to get some peace and quiet. i’ve only seen this show 2 or 3 times and i have been appalled at kate’s behavior each time, especially the toys r us episode and the disneyworld one, where her shrieking freak out regarding the ice cream on the kid’s shirt was painful to watch…what the fuck is wrong with her? it’s ice cream, you dumb bitch, not poop. who cares? let the kid enjoy herself! and why did they have fertility treatments when they already had two kids? if they wanted more why not adopt? just because they willingly had 8 children does not make them good parents. they get no sympathy from me… this couple is in a hell of their own making.

  • All I can say is that you can’t believe everything you see or read. This is a t.v. show and the producers splice and dice and make it interesting for viewers. Most of it may be true but an exact document of them and their lives?? I highly doubt it. Anyone who believes to heart everything they see on a t.v. show or reality show should take a step back and rethink things. I don’t have a lot of respect for anyone who could put their life on camera like that anyway. They put themselves out there to be judged though, so I can’t blame anyone but them.

  • It makes me sick that these stupid fuckers would knowingly bring eight children into this world and then demand help from the community to support them. The doctor who inseminated this bitch with six eggs should be shot. Selective reduction, you ugly greedy whore!

  • jodi sank to a complete low by posting this video…she shouldn’t air her dirty laundry in public no matter how angry she is… we havent seen both sides to the agrument, cause i;m sure that jodi and julie are being biased…did jodi ever think of how this would negativly effect the kids? cara and mady are old enough to search the interent!

  • @ pak31: Exactly. What people are potentially realizing now is that it’s actually worse than what you see on tv.

    @ just me: They totally should give that lady her own show. She seems to be getting by alright, but not much more than that. She also seems to be a really decent person, and that’s probably why she only agrees to occasional hour long specials.

  • Kate is horrible and I cringe watching her. I used to feel sorry for Jon but it is obvious to all, he has no backbone. Please take this show off the air and make Kate go away! She is such a bitch!!

  • I am absolutely appalled at the whole blog/aunt jodi/contract issue, and it just makes me sick!! I agree that jodi shouldnt have made the video, BUT people do deserve to know the truth, and boy im i ever glad to know it all now!
    Ive been a faithful fan of the show since day1, and ive always thought Kate was nothing but an ignorant bitch who constantly emotionally abuses her husband, and orders all the “volunteers” and her own children around (like she is sooooo much better than everyone else..PFFFT! )…
    Ive read a couple of comments telling Jon to grow some balls, or to just leave her.. BUT what is this guy going to do?? Literally he is F&*ked for life after having 6 more kids with her. He should have gotten out after the first two!! Really, if he were to leave her, she would have him working ten jobs to pay child support!!!!!
    I feel for him, but not near as much as i do for those eight kids, aunt jodi/kevin/their family and these “volunteers” that have appeared in an episode or two then been “dismissed” if you will… Kate is THAT controlling that in the end, TLC is gonna cancel their show, and then whats left???
    8 kids to care for on her OWN, no family to help her(because jodi and kevin seemed to be all the family she had), and more and more people in this world who hate her or cant stand her.
    Way to go kate, you truly are a great mother and wife,sister,sister and law and friend NOT!!! You are just a selfish, greedy, good for nothing person..i hope one day you will see what you really are and change, before you really lose everyone!! even your own kids one day because of your disgusting ways.
    get a life, stop living in your reality world!!!!

  • Isn’t there some kind of law for working children a certain amount of hours? And, also who is protecting the financial interest of the children? Just as actors from years ago as Shirley Temple and others in her era lost millions to their parents, they were not protected. I know there is some kind of law now that protects the rights of children for hours worked and money….Is Kate jumping and screaming b/c her children are getting paid.

    Why doesn’t TLC take them off the air?

  • Wait which kids are her favorites? My mom thinks its Hannah. I used to be obsessed with this show. My mom has always seen right through it, and I would always defend it to the fullest. Now after going on blogs and reading part of the truth, I am so disappointed and over it. Something needs to be done for those kids. They basically have a full-time job. I could go on and on, because I am so DISAPPOINTED!!!! All I gotta say is Little People Big World, better not have this kind of secret side. I will be heart broken! lol seriously..jk…kinda.

  • Kate is a good Mom. She’s a bit wacko, but then most Moms are luckily sanity isn’t a prerequisite for the job … LOL!) God gave her those septuplets to raise and she is clearly the woman for the job. Her organizational skills are awesome. She has mellowed noticeably over the years. I will admit that Jon looks like he’s SO done with this woman he can’t afford to divorce, but as a family they are very committed to each other. You have to read between the lines to see the effect that fame has had on them. No more 4th of Julys in the park with the community, now they are isolated and alone but making the best of it. They clearly give a great deal of thought to making their children’s lives stable, secure and fun. The TV show has made their lives easier but also difficult as well. I’m sure it is not Kate and Jon’s ideas to drag the kids all over kingdom come to provide entertaining episodes but they do so because the income from the show has given them a good life. Kate also seems to have a deep understanding of the public’s interest in her children and doesn’t mind sharing. She & Jon try hard to always present them in the best possible light and still keep things real.

  • I love the show ,I agree with alot of comments that the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. Yes raising a family of 8 must be so very stressful and challenging , however not so very long ago it was quite common for famlies to have 10-15 kids in a time of no modern medcial help ,good living conditions,good schools ,better jobs.And you did not hear about theses parents having nervous breakdowns,Or being OCD to death (KATE).
    I love and admire Jon and Kate they have a difficult job,Yet they must remember God has blessed them with,healthy beautiful kids with parents dispite Kate OCD actions really do love them.
    She has the option of being a stay at home mom,VERY rare this day and age when both must work to survive. They go great to events ,tours .picking pumpkins, have a nice home ,good natural food to eat (love that Kate refuses to feed them crappy fast food,go Kate) nice clothes,wonderful vacacations like the one just shown from North Carolina which is lovely we’ve been b4. not in a house like that though.So they have many things to be grateful for.

    I watch all the shows each week and will continue to….maybe Aunt Jodi needs attention or maybe her hurt and anger is valid.
    We will probably never know the truth since this is a show about someone real life however,editing is one way to keep it all under control and possibly the truth about alot we don’t know or is none of the public’s business.

  • I would love to see Jody and her husband with their own reality show. The camera doesn’t lie folks and her genuine compassionate personality came through. Probably won’t happen since a calm serene life isn’t in these days.

  • Everyone seems to agree that there are major problems in this household. Jon seems helpless and Kate has so many issues as to be innumerable. Bottom line seems to me to be that she desperately needs medication and therapy to deal with some obviously deep-seated issues. For example, why is Christmas only celebrated among the ten of them – where are the grandparents, relatives, cousins, etc.? Why are Kate’s parents NEVER mentioned? What did they do to her when she was little to make her so obsessive and disturbed now? This woman does not need criticism, she needs HELP now. I do not doubt she loves her kids but she really doesn’t really know how to show it. She seems to equate cleanliness and obsessive attention to unnecessary detail with love. She has mentioned so many times, within earshot of the boys, that boys are gross because their hands are dirty. (What are the boys learning from that? That they are gross.) Mady sees her mother being rewarded by the camera crew and staff for pitching fits and acting infantile, so she does the same thing. PLEASE, TLC, help this woman. Pay her to go to therapy so she doesn’t drive her kids to drugs, rebellion, depression and all the other horrors of teenagers today and her husband to someone soft and kind. SAVE THE CHILDREN!

  • OK let me set the record straight once and for all- I have serious JNK connections- my brother is involved with the production of THE show- let’s just say he calls both JNK “outrageous, money-grubbing toads with a false sense of entitlement”. Yes, everything Jodi’s sister is blogging about is absolutely true. To be quite frank, she’s actually keeping it quite positive, and there are several other dirty secrets that she could and should expose. This show is a complete joke, and Jon and Kate have lied on several occasions about their finaicial standing and their motives for doing the show. First of all JNK get paid more for one episode aired than many people do annually, not to mention residuals- that is money they receive for re-runs aired on TLC, which come on everyday. They also receive “love offerings” from their church weekly, again that amount to more than a lot of people make in a year. JNK do speaking engagments several times a month-usually leaving the kids at home- and no, they don’t do these for free. They charge thousands of dollars for their time, and encourage each audience member to donate at minimum $5, after all that you can buy a $10 autographed photo of
    JNK + 8. These people are millionaires, plain and simple!!!! Any time they do an activity, the business either provides their services for free, or TLC takes care of the bill(s). Any time the family or JNK take a vacation, again TLC pays for everything not covered by a variety of businesses-airfare, food, accomodations, activities, special clothing, literally everything. Gap Kids supplies the kids with free clothing every year, and JNK also recieve free clothing from Gap. More business than you could imagine supply JNK with thousands of dollars of free merchandice every year, apparently they receive 5 shipments a week of “stuff”. They are planning to move relatively soon to a home they are building from the ground up, outside of Pennsylvnia, not just some random home that they’re buying and moving into. In conclusion, no, the truth does not lie somewhere in the middle, JNK do not have the truth on their side. They go on and on about how if trips and such were not donated to them they would never able to afford such luxuries- this is completely false. Kate has help out of the wazoo, such as nannies, housekeepers, lundry helpers, and a personal organic chef, yet we never see these people on camera. Kate claims she only receives 10-15 hours a week of childcare, and cooks 3 meals daily- yeah right Kate. JNK are worth millions, I’m wondering when they’re ever going to start giving back?! I hope that one day viewers see JNK for who they really are, and stop falling for their lies.

  • An addendum. During the Fourth of July episode when Kate bribed her crying little girls with lollipops if they would continue to sit and have their hair braided even though she admitted she knew it was hurting them, I thought my heart would break. And her reason for making them continue to have the braids put in? Because she didn’t like it when the girls were in the pool and their hair was in their eyes. ABSURD!!!! She has to be mentally ill to make that kind of comment and then to allow it to be shown on tv.

  • I think kate has a hard time it is very frustrating when you have ocd and cant control it she also has eight children to take care of the comments some of you have made are terrible if i had eight kids i would hope someone would feel sorry for me and give me a tummy tuck or boob job hell dont you think she deserves it its just not nice what most of you are saying there are always to sides to every story

  • This show needs to be cancelled. The public is over watching Kate and Jon pimp out their kids, plain and simple.

  • I took the time to read all of “Aunt Jodie’s” sister’s posts. It was a bit of an eye opener. Like most viewers of the J& K show, I had no idea that there are so many people working in the background to help Miss Queen Bee (Kate) take care of her little hive. I guess I, like so many others actually believed that she and Jon (along with the help of a few extremely kind-hearted people, such as “Aunt Jodie and Uncle Kevin,” “Nanna” and “Beth”) did most of the day to day family chores.

    I came to the show in it’s third year and even in the short time that I have watched the show, I have found Kate to be a very narcisstic young woman and I truly think that her mental problems are actually more harmful to her children, than the cameras that are around quite often.

    Anyone who has watched this show (even only once) can see how her constant screaming and compulsive behavior regarding “germs, dirt, etc” is so harmful to the development of her children. These poor children…….”worker bees” are missing out on a normal childhood….one whereby they can play and actually make a mess.

    How very sad that these adorable children are providing a very nice income, not to mention, free vacations, free home, etc for two adults who appear to be very immature and self-centered.

    Isn’t odd that neither Jon nor Kate never have any family members around to enjoy their children? The only family they had was “Aunt Jodie and Uncle Kevin” and now it appears that Kate has “cut” the cord with them too. I wonder how long it will be before Nana and Beth are gone from the show as well.

    The above comments I have made are “my opinion” but I do think that from reading other posts that many share them as well. I seriously doubt if this show will be around after another year or two at best because not many people care to watch a dysfunctional family for entertainment.

  • Kate is human and she’s got a lot on her plate and as the “business” of being Jon and Kate plus eight has grown, I’m sure mistakes will be made…. that’s life. good for them for doing what they need to and want to do for their family.

    So she said something negative about the gum and Jodi. Can’t Jodi see through the situation and just be okay with it? It is “reality” t.v. and everyone says things or doesn’t say things they wish no else would or would not hear. Having multiples is different than having kids of various ages. boo Jodi and her sister for dragging out that stuff, if indeed that is Jodi on the video, etc. And please Aunt Jodi can not claim to love her neices and nephews more than Jon and Kate do… as she seems to imply. back off! if you’re not a fan, don’t watch.

    I’m sure there is jealously and a whole slew of unexpected emotions involved, but to drag it out in a blog, yuck, and who cares if Kate has negotiated help and assistance…. good for her! just because she’s a mom does not mean she is nothing else. she’s allow to want things for herself and her family. so what if she’s savvy. who knows what all this will yield for their family both financially and emotionally. nobody’s perfect. we all struggle. give props to people who struggle with passion!

  • Charlene:
    I don’t thinnk Jodi said anything until the video as a response to the emailers and to thank her supporters. Yes, mistakes will be made, but if this Kate is a true christian, the mistakes will be a lot softer than telling your husband while christmas shopping in public. That’s what bites me: If she is a true christian, where is God’s love in her?

  • Seriously Kate acts like she is so great…ORGANIC…OUTINGS…whatever. I live in Amish country and I know families who have 10,11, 12 and even more children. That’s the families I give props to, NOT John and Kate, they are using their children as moneymakers for them. Plus, any couple who has eight children never should have money and time to run off the get transplants and tummy tucks. Kate acts like they have it rough with 8 children. Yeah! How rough it must be to have a network pay for all your vacations, have a chef, personal assistant, should I go on?? People need to wake up and realize this is not a true reality T.V. show. There is no such thing, remember it’s T.V.

  • KATE: Find a therapist and go every day for at least a year. Your behavior has obviously stirred up so much negative reaction that you must be questioning your mental health by now. Give yourself and your family a great gift and get your head fixed. It is so much easier to fix yourself now than it will be to fix all your kids when they are teenagers. As a former high school special ed teacher, I know what emotionally abused children become and it is so painful for everyone, kids and parents alike. PLEASE STOP HURTING YOUR CHILDREN!

  • For starters, the woman in the video isn’t Jodi. I love watching the show mostly for all of the little nuances that every family member has. Kate nagging at Jon or being OCD about cleanliness isn’t any more terrible than Jon’s passive agressiveness. They are PEOPLE and we should remember that when watching the show. They are filmed only 2 days out of each week and that is the only footage we see. How many of us whine, cry, yell, scream, or do anything of the sort 2 days a week? I know I do, and I know my parents did when I was growing up. So keep that in mind before throwing in votes for Kate as the “Worst Mother.”

  • and kate, your clothes are awful. your hair is absurd. frosty tips from 1982. the cut is a mystery.

  • jon, you just piss everyone off. bald head and the dead glazed look in your eyes. i cannot watch anymore. a bunch of hodunks from some stupid small town in PA. your children are fine, but they do not look very happy with that wife of yours. wtf is wrong with her?

  • i thought i saw some Gap Kids clothes, but usually the clothes are somewhat boring. and that’s cool to get freebies because of the show. BUT. well, read above.

  • Dear Jon and Kate
    First: No not everyone hates you; but there is something rotten going on in your household. You put yourselves in a reality show, so now you have to deal with the criticims. And, no, its not jealousy. Its embarrasement. Any christian out there- especially those who attend AG, are embarrassed at the way Kate treats Jon. Ofcourse all couples disagree and banter here and back. But, treating your spouse like a child and telling your spouse to take the stick out… well, its not very christianly. No, we are not perfect, but since you know that you are going to be on tv, why not soften the blow to each other. We AG goers would appreciate it:)
    Secondly, the whole cancel the church appearances is pretty crazy and really plays into the publics view that you are money hungry. Don’t get me wrong, putting 8 kids through college will require money; but canceling at short notice – its just not right- and to ask for $25,000- wow. That’s how much some folks make in a year! The tidbits here and there where finances are an issue are beginning to bother us all. We all now by know that you ARE NOT starving and that you are rather well off. Honestly, some of us come from huge- no ginormous households and somehow our parents managed. So, please, let go of the money stuff. I mean really, my last vacation was in 02 and we just can’t afford another one right now with todays economy. SO, I am thinking that if u can take vacations, then you are doing just fine. And, we know all about the endorsements. So please – no more about “we need ” this and that. Go ahead, buy the big house, but no more money needs talks even on your webpage. I mean, you guys are “celebrities ” now and seriously, the state of Penn should not have to support you either and we hope that they are not.
    Thirdly, how about more of the kids and less of Kate and Jon. Hey we don’t hate you…. its just that the whole idea of the show in the first place was the multiples and thier day to day interactions, not Kate’s rantings, or Jons hairplugs, etc.
    Fourthly, we all know about Jodi and why all of the help seems to go away after time. I am a control freak myself. I run my home a certain way and that’s the way I like it. But, really, cutting off family for $$$ issues- really. Let’s be honest, Jodi was so much softer than Kate (not saying that Kate does not love her children-we can see on the issue every now and then that she does) but Jodi showed loving affection something you guys seem to busy to do (really- worrying about the color of the hair clips is not important- let them mismatch Kate- kids are suppossed to be colorful anyway). Or, maybe the both of you can stop worrying about the insignificant things and get down to your kids eyeview and tell them how important and wonderful they are. It’ll be worth more to them than painting themselves with chocolate pudding.
    Fifth: Every couple can use therapy and you with multiples can defenitly use some alone time. It will help Kate’s control issues and help Jon be more assertive. I know , I know, I have heard that Kate as poly cystic OS. I have it too, but really, you can control those hormonal rantings if that’s what you are blaming it on. Or, perhaps it was the way that Kate was brought up- I hear ya. I have been their myself – my father was a strict christian man and ran a house of 11 like an army. But, Kate we are suppossed to grow and let things go. So please, get some therapy- no, not because you are crazy, but because it will refresh you, it will calm you down and it will help you see what is really important in life.
    Bottom line: you have made it clear that you are christians- now lets make the changes and see a reflection of what a christian household is rth. Then again, why change, it helps your ratings doesn’ it ? to keep the kids in last place, worry about how poor you are and treat each other disrespectfully. So what’s more important then: Your children, your fellow christians respect or money and ratings?
    ITs time for change folks…. its time for change.

  • Jon and Kate, with two, and then eight, and then six kids in college at the same time are not going to have ANY problem getting government loans, and in reality, colleges are probably going to offer those kids free tuition just to have them go to their schools. So this money-grubbing behavior in the name of college funds is crap!

  • oh my goodness!!! WHERE DO I START?????

    1. maybe with the hitting (kate hitting jon, mady hitting the little ones, the little ones hitting each other.) MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    2. its been four years, she still refers to the “family of 4” (every episode kate refers to this, now mady does) MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    3. the favoritism. (kates favorites are mady and hannah, its obvious her own BOYS are too dirty for her. “anyone that passes through can help with the cake”, unless you are a boy, right kate?) MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    4. kates constant need to reconstruct every word, comment, and remark that comes out of jons mouth. yeah kate, we heard him. we understand english. (hope my grammar was correct enough for you. that obnoxious need to correct everyone, you YOURSELF have admitted, has created “issues” for mady in everyday life and in her schoolwork.) MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    5. kates own realization that when they are out in public, she is unaware of anyone around her and their reactions to her outbursts. “they look at us with pity”. NO!!! they are looking at your children and family situation with pity, kate. these “uncontrollable” outbursts, are in turn, being acted out by your children now. MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    6. kate, herself, says on every episode that she does not have the time to work on her own issues and apparently not the childrens either. mady is already 7. you are ALREADY over a third done with her and have taught her NOTHING about controlling her behavior and sluff it off as her being INVADED by the 6 little ones, just for being born. MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    7. her own children refer to her as the queen bee, sitting on her throne, barking orders at everyone. MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    8. kates inability to have a lasting, meaningful relationship with any other female, except BETH. but beth is always there with an open hand (kates favorite kind of hand) and an open heart. GIMME GIMME. MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    9. kates constant, never-ending, day in – day out, reminding US ALL of how bad she has it. if you caught the episode about conceiving the 6, she herself admitted that jon and her DISCUSSED having more in the future, although she jumps the gun and makes appointment without first consulting jon. pretty big life decision to drag everyone through. I WANT IT – I WILL GET IT. MOMMY DOES IT!?!

    I COULD GO ON………

    i have said for the last couple years, what is she going to do when the 6 go to school? most of us that have children have NO OTHER CHOICE to send kids to daycare, etc. to meet the needs of our families. NO NOT KATE!!!!!! Does she think school, the other children (there are other children in the world, kate) and the parents of these children want cameras following them around at school? i pity any teacher that has any of the kids in their class. her constant hovering and her inability to resolve a situation for EVERYONES best interest. (its called compromise, kate) not to mention, she will be driving ONE HOUR EACH WAY to get these kids to school. (well we know whos paying for the gas, right TLC?)

    THE THING THAT BOTHERS ME MORE THAN ANYTHING: kate has no regard for ANYONE around her. HER CHILDREN, HER HUSBAND, HER FAMILY (her “family” only consists of the 10 of them, right kate).

    have you EVER heard her say NO to mady? have you EVERY heard her tell Mady to SHUT HER MOUTH? have you EVER heard her EXPLAIN ANYTHING to her children without bullying and yelling at them? have you EVER heard her react to her children without the IMMATURE squealing? have you noticed how she looks to the camera whenever she “gets on jon” about something, like she is getting support from her PEEPS. she gets that, “come one ladies, you know what i mean” look and looks at camera like we all agree with her tantrums. (WELL WE DONT, KATE!) Have you noticed how sad and mentally beat down Cara looks? did you notice in the episode when she talks about what she thinks her kids will be when they grow up, she goes on and on about mady being president, blah blah blah, and Cara will be……….responsible. WHAT??????? Cara is more mature, nurturing, well behaved and motherly than ANYONE ELSE IN THAT HOUSE!!!! INCLUDING HER OWN MOTHER. i think that comes from the fact that Cara does know how it feels to be shorted and how DRAINING it can be to have the “CUP IS ALWAYS HAVE EMPTY” CRAP shoved down her throat all the time. (too bad that free $5000.00 piano shows fingerprints, huh kate. just more poor pity cleaning for your STAFF to deal with.) kate is always talking safety and health for these kids, but their play area consists of the driveway and the driveway only. cant get grass stains – but who cares about the daily BOREDOM. THEY ARE CLEAN THOUGH. have you EVERY seen her play, swing, read to, or even let them express an emotion or feeling about THEMSELVES? JUST MADY. POOR MADY. THOSE STUPID BABIES!!!!!! have you noticed how the girls speak pretty well (not upto normal 4 year old speech, i might add) and the boys just dont seem to have the development skills that they should. Scissors, paint, even WASHABLE markers and paints cant be played with – TOO DIRTY. (they are washable – thats why they call them that.)

    OH AND THAT DARN JODI!!!!!!!!!!! amazing how they can play, be happy, enthused and creative, take turns, be listened to by Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin, all while jodi has her own kids in tow? HOW DARE JODI!!!! Kate is constantly reminding america that NO ONE COULD DO IT BUT HER. Looks like Aunt Jodi can – all with a smile on her face. You are right kate, Jodi makes you look really bad. YOU make yourself look really bad.

    Maybe when the kids are grown (they do that you know) and out of your face, then you can work on your “relationship” with jon (not that there will be one left) and start disciplining your own children. not enough time right now. (put the emails and vacation planner down. theres always time to do what is right)

    Oh, and for once Kate, can you please get control of your children without jon’s help? you cant handle the outburst of ONE child without having to yell at jon that “HES NOT HELPING ME OUT”. Maybe you should HIT him!!!!! oh yeah, you already do. Kids dont see it as a, what do you call it? a “love tap”. your kids see you HITTING daddy.

    MY LOVE OFFERING TO KATE: you should offer to LOVE your children, dirty fingernails and all. i will keep my money, thanks!!!!!

    kate, you act like a fifteen year old that wants to run off into the sunset with your boyfriend and have babies to fulfill the emptiness in your heart. THERE IS DIRT OFF IN THE SUNSET TOO KATE AND OTHER PEOPLE THERE TOO. learn to deal, mommy.

  • set an example:

    take one, just one, of your speaking engagement “offerings”, take that TLC paid plane, take those twins of yours and go to NEW ORLEANS.

    how many TRULY POOR innocent children are STILL displaced from Katrina? take your $25,000 and start a Gosselin fund for these children. i know you would never do this privately, you have to have the credit, right kate? thats o.k., we understand your insecurity with yourself, your marriage and your children.

    enough with the amusement parks, not very amusing.

    do something right. set an example, for once. show your children what NEEDY families really look like. i cant imagine new orleans children and their families watching your show and stomaching it. get off your soapbox. you are not an example of positive parenting.

    you are not living in reality. FAR FROM IT!!!!!!!!!! you are raising your children in the public eye, YOU started it. quit feeling sorry for yourself. at least someone feels sorry for you, right kate?

    she doesn’t like the outdoors, she doesn’t like snow, she doesn’t like sports, she feeds her childrens tantrums, she feeds her childrens insecurity, she CREATES their insecurity.

    GOD forbid they grow up healthy, confident, and tuned into reality, because then THEY WOULD BE ONTO YOU. LONELY, LONELY KATE.

    for someone with such CONTROL issues, your precious mady seems to control YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can understand why some people love kate, others hate kate, some love the overall premise of the show, others hate the appearance of unfair child labor (aka: pimping them out) and how there are multiple sources of help for the family, both private and corporate that contribute to them. It’s entirely fine for people to have their say on what they like and don’t, but it’s easy to forget that there are always 2 sides to things and we have only heard one side. I did read the truth breeds…blog, and while it attacks the statement that was allegedly posted on the gosselins website about this, I didn’t find anything other than a simple statement making it clear that they are not going to get into a public cat fight over this, and I have to see how that makes sense for the sake of the kids. I am less sympathetic to Jodi after the video, because if this was so terrible on her, maybe staying on vacation from the show and sticking close to her own family would have been better than a denigrating blog that really didn’t solve the original problem. After claims of Kate being nothing but drama, this is a clear moment of “Pot, meet Kettle.” Not a Kate fan, but not willing to see jodi or her sister (who received threats over this?!? who would waste the time, since her sister is of no signifigance to the actual show) as victims of any kind. Two wrongs don’t make a right and jodi IS guilty of this is, if the allegations against kate are even true. We only see the best of aunt jodi in small clips of the show, not “behind closed doors” the way kate is shown, and after such a silly ploy for sympathy about how hurt she is (enter sniff, sniff and a tissue here) she should just move on from this and leave the gosselins behind. I would love to see an end to this drama (which doesn’t really belong to any of us blogging here, so we don’t have to live with it) and hopefully Lordymememememememe can get some help for her pet project of rebuliding N.O., since Jon and Kate really don’t have anything to do with Katrina and the suffering caused there. It’s just easy to be bitter when others have it great and some don’t. The Gosselins did not cause Katrina or the aftermath.

  • seriously.

    collecting money for autographs? sitting on their couch and calling their not so pretty kids – homely? LYING about having is so hard off? watching their kids hit each other and NEVER DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

    thats great for the kids, huh?

    New Orleans is not my pet project. just giving kate ideas about how they can give back instead of CONTINUALLY asking for a handout.

    i didnt cause Katrina either, so we should let THOSE kids suffer? the gosselins do not suffer.

    seriously. kate will answer to HER god, not me our you.

    stating my opinion. GO JODI!!!!!!!!

    f.y.i. Kate and Jon get paid, not their kids. when you are collecting that much money but you dont have college accounts set up, its obvious this MOTHER (aka banchee) has got serious problems.

  • my only comment regarding Aunt Jodi was in reference to what is broadcasted on the show. SHE (JODI) IS A GOOD MOTHER. i, in no way referred to any “claims” from jodis blog (because i havent even read it.) what the gosselins charge is public knowledge and can be acquired directly from THEIR OWN SITE.

    its very disheartening to see TLC showing these kids CONTINUALLY acting out , hitting each other, and kates own bad behavior on the show. im not one of those kind of wives that likes to “huddle” and complain about our worthless husbands. typical wife/mommy cop-out behavior. its embarrassing. i dont like to “whip” my men.

    if you were one aisle over from ANY of this behavior in a grocery store, i hope you would be bothered. i believe it is VERY irresponsible for TLC to show this CONSTANT bad behavior (which, in fact, starts and ends with kate) and physical violence (which, in fact, starts and ends with kate) and then follow it by shows like NANNY TO THE RESCUE.

    i wonder what Nanny’s “family observation” notes would be of kate. i dont think they would be very good.

  • Its a sad situation. Aunt Jodi was so very maternal and loving to all those children. Doesn’t surprise me much about the Gosselins since they never ever include grandparents…What’s with that????????

  • I come a family of 8. I was the oldest, having siblings practically born every two years including brother #7 was born with Downs..Now Kate, you have it MADE!!! Our vacation consisted of going to Hershey park, where we lived! And each of us got a few dollars of spending money.

    All of our clothes were hand me downs. I was fortunate being the oldest, got the new ones. I had four brothers, four sisters, a loving Italian mom and Polish father who worked 16 hours a day to keep the family fed. Mom stayed at home and baked her own bread, made her own food, grew her own garden…So, please, spare me with this being difficult. The Down’s Syndrome brother is now 46 years old, kept alive with love surrounding him from everyone….

    The Gosselins need to wake up and get a life with a real family and day to day living issues… By the way, everyone, except my brother with Down’s syndrome, attended college (no scholarships!). We all worked summers at Hersheypark to earn the money needed to attend…

    Take a lesson…

  • To the person who said it doesn’t look like Jodi……….Um it definitely does and that is her voice.

  • I have been watching this show from the beginning. Yes, Kate can be controlling. I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of women out there. As far as Jodi goes, I thought this woman was a saint. And loved those kids to an extreme. Her sister is just jealous, and probably persuaded Jodi to turn the other cheek. She should maybe try raising 8 kids. She obviously does not know the lengths that these two hard working individuals have to go through to make sure that their kids are healthy and happy. Her sister needs to get over herself.

  • I have watched the show in ‘bits and pieces’ for a while now. Actually one cant avoid it on that station since it seems to be on constantly. I would probably enjoy watching it a bit more if they got rid of kate. John seems like a really caring father who believes in raising the children properly and at the same time allowing them to have fun and expand their horizons. He also speaks very nicely to kate and with respect. UNFORTUNATELY one cant say the same for his wife Kate. Wow what an absolute bitch. She is sarcastic to John and finds absolutely every chance she can to belittle the guy and attempt to make him look like a fool during the show. He cant do anything, and believe me he does plenty in raising the kids and making her life easy while she seems to float along and complain about everything. A pity with that many children he will be tied to this individual for longer than many could endure. I also notice that on TLC there is absolutely no place to make comments on the people and or the show.

  • Jon says he is an IT analyst. I know they dont get paid exactly peanuts, but how does he afford all of the clothing, trips, etc, while ‘the diva’ sits back and complains about doing some laundry?

  • I am also concerned about the effect that living in the public eye will have on the children (not to mention whatever family problems they are experiencing). However, when making public comments about the family, it would be good for us to realize that the children may eventually be reading our comments too. We can’t control all the negative publicity, which is the inevitable result of this celebrity status that has been thrust upon the children, but I wouldn’t want to add to their trauma in any way.

    It seems that there ought to be public agencies which monitor the psychological impact on children who are exposed to public scrutiny like this, not to mention whether or not they are being compensated for it (much like child actors). This reality television has been the stuff of science fiction up to now, and perhaps the laws haven’t caught up with it yet.

  • I can’t belive how ignorant some of these comments are:
    “If GOD wanted them to have any kids, then they shouldn’t have had to use the fertility drugs in the first place…. That in itself boils my blood!
    Are you serious with that comment???? Clearly you don’t know the heartache that comes with infertility. Fertility drugs are a wonderful thing. Some couple need more than just prayers to have a child.

    “Kate is a terrible mother!”
    Can you back that statement up? Do you have 8 children? Do you know what it’s like to have 8 children?? That is a really harsh comment.

    I think Jon and Kate are a typical couple. Couple’s bicker. It’s reality. Those who think she “treats Jon poorly” should watch Leave It To Beaver instead.
    From what I’ve seen the kids look pretty well adjusted and loved.


  • ok…I do love the show,the children are very cute. but I have to say that I have 7 kids. basically raised them alone. dad did not help with anything but money. he was never home. I had 4 kids in diapers or pullups at the same time. tons of laundry , tons of dishes, lots of times eating pasta for dinner because financially it was very hard. sometimes I do not feel sorry for them. I have to put 7 kids through college all by myself. i understand it is not all at once but it is almost every year when they start college ages. It shouldnt bother me but it does. sorry for the mean posting.

  • hahaha….that comment about Kate getting what she deserves…in the form of an adolescent Mady….was freaking hilarious. People really should flood TLC with emails, telling them they should discontinue the show. I will not be watching anymore.

  • let me start by saying that although Jodi is great with all the kids, she hasn’t had them since birth, morning, noon and night. And of course having 12 kids is much more difficult than 8, just like 4 is more difficult than 1 or 2.
    If Jodi’s version is true, I think that Kate is wrong. After all, aren’t Christians suppose to be generous???
    Let’s not forget people, this affects their kids, watch what you say out of respect towards them.
    And,yes that is Jodi!

  • I’m sorry, but it is amazing how smug and haughty most of these posts are.

    It’s just pathetic.

    I am so glad that all of you have superior parenting skills and are better spouses than Kate. I’m sure it makes you feel wonderful to get to tell yourself how great you are with every misstep another human being makes in the public eye. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a woman speak to her husband the way Kate does or overreact in public to something her child is doing, I would be a rich man.

    If there’s one thing that I have learned reading some of these bitter and jealous posts, it’s this: Women absolutely delight in tearing down other women that they feel threatened by or jealous of. Period.

    Since my wife and I have had kids I have been amazed by how few times other women have offered her moral support rather than saying things like, “You didn’t breast feed?” or “Don’t you think that doing (some mundane thing like “time outs”) is hurting your children?” All because they don’t have the self confidence to say to themselves, “Whatever works for you. Parenting is hard and we’re all in this together.”

    Kate is not Hitler, but you wouldn’t know it reading all of the “concern” in these posts. Do yourself a favor and google “Mother kills child (or children) and see what you get. Then take your concern and outrage somewhere in the world where it is needed.

  • OMG, you have no clue about women. There are some of us who aren’t jealous or threatened by Kate. We just call a spade a spade or a shrew a shrew in her case. We don’t want to tear down women-you men do that enough. However, it’s women like her that set the rest of us back about 50 years. I bet your wife still brings you slippers at night and makes sure you get three squares a day.

    Take your misogynistic ‘tude elsewhere. Maybe your wife might enjoy it.

  • Challa,

    My wife and I both work and I do breakfast, lunch and baths and the first eight hours of the day with my kids, but a lot of men today do.

    “We don’t want to tear down women-you men do that enough.”

    Misogyny is defined as hatred or contempt for women. What is hatred and contempt for men called so I can classify the above quote?

    Actually some men advocate for their wives when doctors ignore their postpartum, and walk babies back and forth down the hall at 4:00 in the morning so their wives can sleep and recover from a misdiagnosed hypo-thyroid condition post pregnancy. Others just get the fan to point at a belly enflamed from a vicious PUPPS rash during pregnancy.

    Believe me, that stuff is hard to do when you don’t know anything about women, but we do our best.

    Slippers? Are you serious? What world are you living in? This isn’t the 50’s. That made me laugh out loud. In your mind, am I also smoking a pipe?

    “We just call a spade a spade or a shrew a shrew in her case.”

    Justify your anger at Kate Gosselin however you like, but don’t have the above attitude and get angry when someone else calls a spade a spade…

  • I WAS so addicted to Jon & Kate Plus Eight. At 1st I was simply in awe of having 8 kids ( six the same age! ). I commended Jon & Kate. NOW I feel for Jon and the kids. Kate is so pushy, so all about her and can be downright rude and embarrassing as to how she treats Jon.

    I cannot help to wonder how these kids will be in years to come. TOO much ‘celebrity type’ image is a dangerous thing. They were born a blessing not a means to a TV life and $.

  • We no longer watch the show. I’m not interested in Kate at all and removing her and Maddie would help the show. They both have camera fever in my opinion. Think they are cute and brainy. Neither are.
    I would like toi have seen her do some actual work for once and not with her mouth. Or in the multible notes she leaves everyone who enters the house. My Gosh the women is a mental case who is hung up on herself!!

  • Kate over reacts to everything Jon needs to bitch slap her a couple of times and straighten that bitch out

  • If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. If this is the lifestyle Jon and Kate have chosen for their family, it is none of our business. Everyday mothers are abusing their children emotionally, physically, and sexually. Kate loves her children and she DOES show them affection and gives them positive feedback and encouragement all the time. Lets admit moms, how many of us actually sit on the floor and play with our children? When we are home, there is so much to do. We don’t love our children any less. Lets all watch the show and say something POSITIVE about Kate because if you watch closely, as you all do, you will see many positive attribues in her.

    Where I come from, SAHM’s hire nannies or au pairs to raise their children. My teenaged daughters can’t get babysitting gigs because all the moms have nannies!! They get their nails done, go the the gym, etc. This is the way they have chosen to raise their family, and again, it is nobody’s business. I, myself, chose NOT to live that lifestyle and devoted 100% of myself to my children and came close to death because of the neglect I gave MYSELF.

    I understand that the Gosselins are celebrities now, and the public will scrutinize everything they do. I feel sorry for them. They were given an opportunity that allows them to provide a decent lifestyle for their children. None of us are in their position, so it is hard to say what we would do if offered the same opportunity.

    Kate is Kate. She is not alone in her feelings, actions, etc. I know MANY mothers who function just like she does, and their kids are fine. Kate’s children are not abused or neglected. They receive love, structure, and discipline. They have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. I don’t understand why so many people are in such an outrage about this family. Who cares how they choose to make money to raise their family?

    I can’t believe the comments people make on here about Mady. She is a little girl with a very difficult and spirited temperament. Many of us know the scenario well because WE HAVE ONE TOO! My daughter was just like Mady, and she has grown into a lovely young woman.

    I think the public needs to back off! Watch the show if you enjoy the entertainment it provides you or change the channel if it does not. Simple as that people. Focus your energy towards the starving and neglected children in this world, for there are many!! Leave the Gosselins alone, for it is the public that is going to make life difficult for these little ones, not their parents. Time for many of you to tune out.

  • This is the most mean-spirited bunch of ignorant people I have ever come across at once. Some of the things some of you have said have been so hateful. I think their family is absolutely adorable. How dare some of you question their Christianity? Also how dare you say such horrible things about their children, particularly Mady? She is a CHILD, and as a teacher, I can assure you that she is nicer and sweeter than many of the neglected kids I teach every day. For those of you who call Kate a bitch or say that Jon needs to grow a pair–it is obvious that they love each other!! You can also tell that they LOVE their kids and try to always do their best by them. Please just turn the channel if you don’t like the show. Don’t post hateful remarks about them on the web. AND to the person who said that

  • (continued)
    AND to the person who said the remarks about God and infertility—it is obvious that you don’t know the first thing about GOD OR INFERTILITY!! As someone who has struggled with PCOS (like Kate), and tried for 7 years to have a baby, I was reeling after I read what you wrote. Make no mistake about it–it was part of God’s plan for them to have 8 healthy children (and yes, medical intervention can be part of God’s plan!). I will pray for your hateful soul.

  • I love aunt jody, I do not know who KATE thinks she is kidding..The kids do not seem happy…Maddy has alot of anger…She does not only abuse the kids, (emotionally), but she also abuses JON, Physically…

    She needs help…She acts like supermom..She is using the kids…

  • i think its funny that they whole time in her blog she keeps saying that she shut down her facebook because she did like all the nasty comments that were being said about her sister, so to solve that problem she makes a whole blog where all she does is post nasty comments about her brother-in-laws sister!!!!! Plus that girl doesnt ever look like Jodi!!

  • I will never quit watching the show reguardless. Lots people and famous have bed things about them and sometimes you don’t find out for years later ( look at Michael Jackson) . I think Kate is very confident, charming, and maybe she feels entitled you know the saying you are as important as what you contribute. People use people all the time. Maybe to her its a dog eat dog world. I do agree with teacherx Mady is a great child and they need to speak better of her. When she gets older to watch these it will hurt her feelings. There’s so many abused children every night. I think of the ones laying on a cold floor with wet diapers crying because their Mom or Dad’s sitting at the kitchen table high. Jon & Kate are your normal family and lots of kids now a days only have 1 parent.

  • Many of the point that have been made are great while some are completely lost becasue the poster has to use such ignorant language such as…
    “It makes me sick that these stupid fuckers would knowingly bring eight children into this world and then demand help from the community to support them. The doctor who inseminated this bitch with six eggs should be shot. Selective reduction, you ugly greedy whore!”
    What is this? How does this get any kind of opinon or critisim across? Just because someone is against reduction, which many people are, does make her a whore…and the reason that women are inseminated with so many eggs is because typically only a few actually take (thats why they only have one set of six not two). Kate herself even said in an episode that they are fertility mishaps becasue typically multiple births of that size are not expected or wanted by the parent or the doctors.
    In terms of the what is being said about the show, I totally agree that Kate can come off as a completly unreasonable, but lets face it if we all had eight kids six under the age of five we would be high strung to. I also thing the show paints her in a more negative light because it helps with ratings, people love to hate her. She is tough on Jon becuase she is the one home with the kids all day all the time and has to have a schedual, when someone messes with a set schedual it can be tough of everyone, but she does need to give him ti benifit of the doubt and understand that just because a way of dealing with something is different doesn’t make it wrong.
    It sad the Aunt Jodi feels that she can no longer be part of the show and if she had started her own blog I would have been my sympathetic towards her. But what does her sister have to do with anything? A lady no one has every heard of is not being talked about because she allowed her sister (who appears on a weel liked tv shows) to post on her blog. Something doesnt add up…and i cant help but think that she has some kind of hidden agenda.
    As for Jon and Kate leaving to go and do things like talking and getting hair transplants when they have sick kids. Come off it…the kids where not on thier death beds, they had colds and the flu. Lets all stop being so critical because we are not in there positions and are only seeing one side of everything…what TLC decided is good to show.

  • OMG I THINK THAT KATE WAS SO RIGHT I LOVE JON AND KATE PLUS 8 SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jodi,
    you seem like a wonderful and loving mother. I remember that gum episode and felt so badly for you and I actually called my sister to tell her how upset I was that Kate yelled at you for such a ridiculous thing when she should have been thanking you over and over again for watching her 8 kids.

  • oops, I made a spelling error. But really, you seem so sweet. I can’t believe she has a personal chef! I wish just once she would admit that the reason she does the show is for money, and not because she wants everyone to “understand” her family.

  • I have literally watched every single episode of this show and I have now vowed to never watch it again. kate is a total b***h to her husband, Aunt Jodi and everyone else. She is only concerned about her looks and money. I find it interesting that she is complaining about money and how they have to save and scrimp, but the houses they were looking at in NC and Virginia are on the market for $1.9 and $1.65 MILLION! Aunt Jodi is one of those people that you can just tell is a genuine nice person and shame on Kate for taking her away from those kids! When it’s all said and done, family is what matters and I guess they don’t care about their kids having cousins, aunt/uncles, or grandparents. That is awful! That is child abuse to keep their kids away from loving family members. Did you also hear that Kate cancelled their church speaking engagements for the rest of the year because she can make more at secular (non-chcurch) speaking engagements because they can charge per person. At a church, they only get $25,000.00 plus a love offering. Oh, poor Kate and Jon, only get to accept $25,000 plus church members hard-earned money to talk even more about yourself. Kate, your free ride is about to come to a screeching halt, America is about to find out the truth about you.

  • Iwas born and raised in the same Metro area as Jon and Kate and the rumors and talk here have been rampant since the show started. My daughter told me just the other day that when kate was a nurse at one of our hospitals here most of the other nurses couldn’t stand her. I worked with a girl from their first Church and she was even suggesting we chip in to help them when the babies were just born. That church and its members coughed up a lot for them I was told.

    Seems Kate feels entitled to be taken care of. Her family has a lifestyle that is extravagant compared to those other sextuplents shown on other recent shows on cable. Those live a very modest and budgeted lifestyle.

  • I am so in shock to read all the comments of what they feel. I thought so higly of kate for being such a good mom and for wanting to feed then organic foods. But now I’m not sure what to feel about her. So they realy have a chef that cooks for them. When did tall here about that. I’m so speechless.

  • Amy, taking out some “of those extra fertilized eggs” because that’s “what normal people do” would have been aborting some of her children.
    She didn’t want to “select” a few to be aborted.

  • I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand Kate’s treatment of others, especially of Jon. She probably will think it is all Jon’s fault when he looks for someone to be with that doesn’t put him down all the time, She is pathetic to watch, In fact, I will not be watching it regularly anymore. I have really enjoyed watching the kids since they were born. Kate has spoiled the show by being such a controlling bitch . She needs professional help, now!

  • i love the show and think that she is a freak but i also think jon needs to grow 2 thinggys the kids are cute and as long as the show is on i will watch it.. as for Jodi if she is really so sweeet and loving to those kids she would not be airing all of this shit for thew world too see after all who si gonna feel the most in the end not the adults all the kids and i mean all 8 of the gosslings and the 4 of jodis and kevin … If anyone in my family betrayed me like that i would not be to happy. ifg u truly love the kids it should never come down the the MONEY what is it they say about MONEY it is the root of WHAT oh yea the ROOT OF ALL EVIL even if u are christain

  • Jodi,
    you are a sorry, bitter person…. kate is the most amazing mother and wife i have ever seen.i am sure the ONLY reason kate allowed you to care for the children is the simple fact that family is who you should be able to go to in time of need and not only that but do it with NO expectations… also for any mother even yourself,im sure you would feel like your kids would better better off wit a family member rather than anyone else.i dont know if the “chef” thing is true but if it is SO WHAT!!! if you had eight children to care for and she has been doing just that, then you start making better money(for whatever reason) in this case t.v. i’m sure you would get a chef if you could. LAY OFF AND STOP TALKING ABOUT KATE!!!!!she is a better mother than you…look at what you are teaching your kids!

  • I use to love jon and kate,never missed a show,but lately kate has become a witch, she never lets the kids get dirt. how long are you going to make them wear those stupid paper bibs–until there teens.kate always says mady has issues dah i wonder were she got it from…and as for jon i think she does treat him like a dog…wake up jon your the man of the house,tell her to go pound salt.seems to me you do most of the work in the house,give the kids baths,make them breakfast because KATE IS NOT A MORNING PERSON.WAKE UP JON PUT HER IN HER PLACE!!!

  • Okay I totally agree with “the obvious.”

    When you have 8 toddlers running around screaming, kicking and being toddlers, then and only then can you try and diss kate. Not one person is perfect in any way, shape, or form.

    But in the case that there is at lease one mother who believes they are, think about this:

    If you’re perfect you’ve obviously not ever screamed at your children. Not once have you had a bad day. Nor have you been hypocritical. You don’t ever need a break away from your kids. And you’re never frustrated with your husband.

    Now, take in to consideration that NO ONE is perfect.

    Jodi OFFERED to watch the 8 children every friday until noon. That’s not long. Hell, preschool teachers have their kids longer than that. Yeah so she has no money? She lives in a gorgeous house. And instead of beating down kate she simply could’ve just said “hey this isn’t working.” But she took it the wrong way and insisted she get paid.

    I find nothing wrong with kate. She’s being a mother to her children. The best mother she can be.

    Not everyone parents the same. Period.

  • Okay I totally agree with “the obvious.”

    When you have 8 toddlers running around screaming, kicking and being toddlers, then and only then can you try and diss kate. Not one person is perfect in any way, shape, or form.

    But in the case that there is at lease one mother who believes they are, think about this:

    If you’re perfect you’ve obviously not ever screamed at your children. Not once have you had a bad day. Nor have you been hypocritical. You don’t ever need a break away from your kids. And you’re never frustrated with your husband.

    Now, take in to consideration that NO ONE is perfect.

    Jodi OFFERED to watch the 8 children every friday until noon. That’s not long. Hell, preschool teachers have their kids longer than that. Yeah so she has no money? She lives in a gorgeous house. And instead of beating down kate she simply could’ve just said “hey this isn’t working.” But she took it the wrong way and insisted she get paid.

    I find nothing wrong with kate. She’s being a mother to her children. The best mother she can be.

    Not everyone parents the same. Period. End of story.

  • Okay I totally agree with “the obvious.”

    When you have 8 toddlers running around screaming, kicking and being toddlers, then and only then can you try and diss kate. Not one person is perfect in any way, shape, or form.

    But in the case that there is at lease one mother who believes they are, think about this:

    If you’re perfect you’ve obviously not ever screamed at your children. Not once have you had a bad day. Nor have you been hypocritical. You don’t ever need a break away from your kids. And you’re never frustrated with your husband.

    Now, take in to consideration that NO ONE is perfect.

    Jodi OFFERED to watch the 8 children every friday until noon. That’s not long. Hell, preschool teachers have their kids longer than that. Yeah so she has no money? She lives in a gorgeous house. And instead of beating down kate she simply could’ve just said “hey this isn’t working.” But she took it the wrong way and insisted she get paid.

    I find nothing wrong with kate. She’s being a mother to her children. The best mother she can be.

    Not everyone parents the same. Period. Done.

  • First of all, the incident was a family matter and should have stayed a family matter. Second, if you feel that strongly against something or someone on the show, do not watch it! All this hatred over something you can’t control sounds really silly-you do not live in their house and you do not truly know all there is about the situation. So why do you even care? I watched the show just to see what it is like to have several sets of multiples-not to judge their lives or decisions. If you have not personally given them any money or your time, then their financial issues (or lack of) does not concern you. Raise your own family and hope that they become good people and don’t worry about someone who doesn’t even know you exist! And last, all you women who said that you want Jon to backhand Kate, need some serious help…a man should never raise his hand to a woman because he is the stronger of the two.

  • I have watched the show from the beginning, and at first I felt sympathy for Kate and Jon. It must be very hard work to take care of eight children. However, the show has become more difficult to watch over the years. Kate has got to be one of the most annoying, controlling, ill-tempered, rude, and incredibly ungrateful women on television. She doesn’t seem to have any real friends, since she badmouths and criticizes everyone behind their backs. I can understand why her extended family members stay far away from her. I feel sorry for her children. I am a bit of a clean freak myself, but to have a complete meltdown when the children get a bit messy is disturbing, to say the least. The Disneyworld ice cream incident was so painful to watch. The poor Disney characters looked so bewildered and nervous as Kate was screaming. And the way she ranted about Aunt Jodi giving them gum, and yelling at her small children about chewing it… I sincerely wonder if she is having some type of psychotic breakdown. She needs serious psychological counseling before she completely emotionally ruins those innocent children. I fear for their future.

  • this blog is such a joke. I am sure there is about a grain of truth to it, but it seems like someone is just looking to get some attention off of this. I love John and Kate. Grow up and get a life, if this was all true how come Jodi doesn’t come out with her own blog, why are we hearing it from her sister and not first hand. Oh and the whold gum issue, honestly I would be upset too, It’s freakin gum, I remember getting gum in stuff when i was a kid and then getting a spanking for it.

  • I have to say that I think this Kate is a selfish woman. I’ve seen parts of the show and I think it’s flat out wrong to take fertility drugs, especially if you already have children. This woman seems to have a “poor me” attitude that is pretty insulting. I personally can’t stand the Duggar family who is prego with #18, but at least Mom Duggar doesn’t have the arrogant, self-serving attitude that Kate seems to have. Jon could have done better. If he doesn’t go nuts, that will be a miracle. And yes, EIGHT IS too many!

  • I like Aunt Jodi and I’m sorry to see her go. You know the sextuplets and the twins seemed so much more relaxed at her house. I heard that Jon and Kate and the kids are moving to North Carolina where TLC is building them a dream house.

  • Teri (above) said it all!
    I too think Kate DOES need some psychological help.
    If they do move to NC, at least they will be away from Aunt Jodi…that poor woman has been put thru enough~

  • I absolutely love jon and kate. i have 3 kids under 3 and i understand the stress it can put on you. jon and my husband share the same personality and i am quite simliar to kate (minus having someone to put away my laundry or clean my kitchen).
    I can understand how some people think she’s bitchy and neurotic and that jon is a pushover or that the entire house is just in chaos…
    HOWEVER, does anyone realise that the episodes are NOT real time, they are bits and pieces and are edited and put together and you’re not getting the entire story. why would they film and broadcast a family getting along and playing nice and mom and dad drinking coffee and relaxing…..would anyone watch it?? no!!!!
    BUGGER OFF and leave them be, watch the show or don’t watch the show, just give it a rest already, you don’t know them, you don’t know the whole story and if it’s not in their show then it’s none of your business! SERIOUSLY! GET A LIFE!!!!!!

  • I think kate is the worse bitch I have seen with eight kids and a husband as nice a Jon, and who has not left her in the dust. I use to really like the show but kate has such a nasty attitude. I refuse to watch the show now. She is a sadistic and cuuel woman. I feel sorry for her. hope she reads this

  • I think kate is the worse bitch I have seen with eight kids and a husband as nice a Jon, and who has not left her in the dust. I use to really like the show but kate has such a nasty attitude. I refuse to watch the show now. She is a sadistic and cruel woman. I feel sorry for her. Hope she reads this.

  • Well let me tell you, kate is a BITCH. I am from their home town area and I run into them MANY times at a popluar restaurant, Austins, in the Sinking Spring area.

    On one of my visits, she walked by my table as they were leaving. I made a commit on how well behaved her children were throughout lunch. She looked at me and made a very snide remark, rather then just saying thank you. Two of the servers came running over to me and apologized to me on how she acted. I told the servers that they did not need to apologize, that it should be her making the apology. They then proceeded to tell me that she is like that everytime she visits.

    IF she is so concerned about her privacy, then maybe she should not be flaunting her children on TV. She talks about how hard it is physically and financially, she is so full of shit. The van that they travel in, the new home that they will be moving into soon and many other perks that she has, she got and still gets for free. And lets not forget, the show pays her very well. She should be VERY happy that these little angles came along, becasue THEY are now paying HER bills.

    Maybe BITCH is not a good way to discribe her, F—— BITCH is better.

  • Whoever gave that barren bitch kids shuld be shot. The husband should back over her with that free van. And all you big fans of the show should know by now that Jodi is the bitch’s sister in law.

  • Ican’t belie JODI ans her SISTER wld do this Kate I fully support j and k The kids love the crew and its not childlabor there are other reaity tv shows with kidsin it. jodi also neverwas asked to sit the kids ever single friday52 times a yr jodioffered and thn she wanted to be paid foor it all she had to do is say its too much the kids ae isa when KATE SAID THE KIDS AE TIED OF GOING 2 aunt jodis they ere tird of getting up ery day gettin buckled in2a carseat. katecoud have urvived woshow k peeps. the show isjust likeanyother show the kids are noy t nt going 2 turn ointo druggies or alcholishey are ok qiut ttacking katei knowher pees who have8 ids bt THERE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME AGE!! DUH U PEEPSEALLY NED TOO GET UR HEADS SCEWD ON RIGHT K OD UR ALL O NNYOING. IF U A 8 KIDLL THE SAME GE WOULDNT U WANTTHEM TO AVE EXERIENCES THEY GOT TE JUST KIK ANYOE ESE WOUDHA FAMLIES OF4 GO TODISNEY LANDANDSKIING AN TO THE REDWOD THEY AVE 8 SO ITSfair2 them k u l need to rewlzas a show that if nothing bd happened no one oul watch it aunt jodii bein overdramatic and iS WHINING LKE A MORONBBY XY MORN ALERT GOSHI O KNW EXACTLY EHAT HAPPED BC IM NOT KATE O JODIBUT I DO KNOW YOU AL NED TO LET THEMFIGUE IT OUT


  • I am a grandmother of six. Twin girls 4 boys 7- 9– 10 and 13. I would not change anything in my life. I feel that my life is in Gods hands and everything in life is what it is. My feeings are that the creation of famly is the most important number one thing there is in this life . No one has the right to judge anyone. Jon and Kate have the right to raise their children. On the show everyone seems to make it through the day and get up he next morning. God Bless them and God Bless all of the wonderfull peple who took the time tosubmit their comments and yes they are your comments. I love the show and Jon and Kate and 8 you keep going and keep the FAITH.

  • I predict a divorce in Jon & Kate’s future. Remember my name and remember I said it.

    Money is the root of all evil.

  • I don’t know why this drives me crazy, but the phrase is not “Money is the root of all evil”. It is “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

    If you’re gonna throw it out there, get it right.

  • I really enjoy watching Jon and Kate and those adorable children. It can’t be easy, and don’t begrudge them trying to make a better life for their family. If you haven’t had money than you get it, that is a hard balance to stay true to ones self and ideals. I really like Jodi and feel bad she is no longer in their lives and has been so hurt. Kate can be insensitive and rude but I see that she is mellowing.
    They are all Christians so I hope they can all make up. There is too many evil things going on in the world to be spending time pulling this family down. Good luck to them all.

  • Marla, I think you better learn how to type. better yet, learn how to SPELL. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with this country. You are an uneducated a– hole, and it shows in your typing. Get life you moron, and go back to school and study ENGLISH, not ebonics.

  • Lynda, Keeping the faith is one thing, and treating people with RESPECT is another. Kate does not know how to treat anyone with respect. She is a true BITCH, and what goes around comes around. And she will get hers.

  • IT’S A REALITY SHOW PEOPLE!!!!. Of course Kate and Jon have to make it interesting. Who wants to watch an everyday housewife go about her tedious chores day in and day out? I can’t blame them for accepting the free offers. It is called advertising. I love Jon and Kate and I am sure they love each other. As for Jodi, she is out to destroy Jon and Kate by publicly outing them and their business. Sounds like hating to me. Why should Jodi get a ontract? I can see getting paid for each episode she appears in though. Why isn’t Kevin standing up for Jodi?

  • Thanks Tom
    If I ever visit their hometown, I’ll watch out for the huge van before I pick a spot to go eat. LOL

    I don’t have a problem with people capitalizing any way they can, but I don’t want to hear their sob stories after they have it “made in the shade”.

    Maybe they will build that dream home north of where they vacationed. (only accessible by driving on the beach through the dunes). There were plenty of lots for sale there to build on. Then they can take a ferry over every time they go grocery shopping. That will make for some nice filming.

  • i have been watching the show off and on for over a year. i had a hard time with kate, her obsession with germs, the kids getting dirty, jon not being perfect. the six little ones are adorable, but the twins need some attitude adjustments. i hope that kate will realize that cleaning is not that important and spend more time with her children before they are grown and resent her ocd. i am curious as to why you never see or hear of any other family members, except for aunt jodi, do they have no other family?

  • Patsy, Look up the word REALITY. It means REAL, right. She is NOT pretending to be a BITCH, she is a BITCH and a FREELOADER.

    There are many people that have multiple children, have honest jobs and dont expect others to pay for them. These people can’t go to Hershey Park, Disney, get transportation or a brand new house, FOR FREE. Why, becasue they are to busy working and taking care of themself and their children. And not CRYING about it like that A—- hole Kate.

    The only people that I know who want everything for free, are the healthy people STEALING from WELFARE. So I guess you can say, Kate is one of those people. She gets paid for EVERY episode and still wants everone else to pay for her things.

    POOR, POOR, POOR little kate. My gosh, what would she do if she really had to work.

  • Wow, all of this information definately sheds light on the whole J&K show. It makes since why I never see Kate cook anymore, usually she is just serving the meal out of a slow cooker, never really preparing a meal. Also why you never see her doing the day to day tasks that a family of 10 would need to have done regularly like laundry, cleaning, etc. I know that doesn’t make for good TV, but they are just taks that have to be done and if they are filming 24/7 you would at least get a glimpse of it. Also i never see her read her kids a book, talk with them about…well anything. I wonder why we do place her on such a high pedastool, is it b/c she has 8 kids? Jon has not been to work in a really long time, and I am tired of watching episodes about jon and kate. She will probably home school the 6 kids to make the show last longer. What ever happened to Beth?
    I do wish Kate would quit complaining and be greatful for what they have.

  • I love Jon and Kate Plus 8, I know all 8 of there names, I absolutley adore them.I watch it every time it’s on!And yea, Kate yells and so does Jon sometimes, but every parent does.They are REAL just like everybody else. And if you dont yell, I bet you would if you had the stress of 8 kids all of the time, Kate’s with them alot!I think they do a great job of taking on the challenge of 8 little kids, yea there cute, but they do pick and hit and cry like every kid does and that has to cause Kate stress.I admire Jon and Kate for all of the things they do for there kids, vacations,events,shows, and theme parks,those kids will have so many memories of happy experiences!And I think it is wrong for Jodi to say all of that about them when in the begining she volunteered to baby sit for them, she even said on the show that she enjoyed watching them.I mean she’s family, should want to help them out and shouldn’t get that nasy throuh the media over money to Jon and Kate!Alot of people in my family watch other family memer’s kids without pay, even I do, I love kids.But through this sitauation I SUPPORT JON AND KATE 100%!!!!

  • And for the people that say Kate is a Bitch, I like her, she’s real and not fake.Alot of people are Bitches and everybody is at sometime, and the twins I think are well behaved compared to alot of kids, don’t critize them because thier on tv. People that watch reality expect it to be real not perfect.And as for them being handed what they want, they do a show, what do you expect!?!And John works, Kate quit nursing to raise her kids, they spend alot of there money on thier kids and there house is only a mid class, everyday house. Jodi has a nicer house than they do! The people that complain about the $ are just jealous,anybody would accept $ and trips, so don’t hate them for it! I think the show is doing a good thing to help make the kids’ life better.And if you dont like it, why do you watch it!?!

  • I think Jon and Kate are doing a wonderful job raising two sets of multiples!Yes,Kate&Jon yell alot but what parents don’t, especially with 8 kids,6 of which are young and the age.I love the children,they are adorabe.

    I think Jody, I think Jody is in the wrong for wanting money for babysitting for her family and for stooping so low to get back at JonandKate!

    The only thing that bothers me is that Alexis sleeps two floors down from everybody else in the (finished) basement.Whether it was because she wants to or because she wakes the other little girls up at 4:00 in the morning to play?Either way, I wouldn’t I woudn’t like the thought of it, but she obvisiouly don’t mind.But I like that Kate don’t allow the other two girls to form there own little “group”.

    Anyways I love the show,I watch it twice a week.Keep up the good work Jon and Kate!

  • That is so dirty, I wonder how many others you errassed that supported Jon and Kate,you just erased mine because it was true,and I really got into details.Jody you are fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am an advid fan of Jon and Kate. I do understand that this “reality show” is made for tv, and that some things are not always as they appear. I have been rattled by the gumgate scandal and had no idea about this at all until I stumbled upon it accidentally. I understand where Kate is coming from. IMO they are trying to get as much income as possible more then likely as they know the show will not continue for long. I cannot see this lasting into the school years. This being said, they are probably trying to build a nest egg for the years to come. If John makes under 40, 000 at his current job and Kate is not working, you can see where this will lead them in the years to come with the mouths to feed and education to fulfil.

    Several people seem to complain about her getting the “freebies”. These freebies work both ways. The companies providing the freebies are getting a return in free advertisement. I am positive, that what Jon and Kate are receiving would not compare in costs to what the companies would have to pay in advertising. The only thing I have found disturbing so far was the episode with the VTEC. That was weird. That was an endorsement plug for certain. It shouldnt have been there. A visual was all one really needed, I am sure that parents all know what VTEC is and what they make.

    I do love this show and can appreciate all sides. My husband always says, who cares what people think. Do we really need to analyse their lives to make ourselves feel better as we do not have as much? Really, the shame should be on ourselves for even caring or being so judgemental. (He would kill me if he even knew that I was posting this) Lets just watch the show, perhaps see things in Jon and Kate and the children that we can learn from (both good and bad) and change the things that need changing in our own lives. Their lives are their lives. We dont know how their children are going to turn out, we dont know what will happen in 4 or 5 years. We are not their best friends, or family and I am sure that they will not search me out to ask me what I think or what anyone else thinks.

  • I don’t live all that far from them…..or have they moved yet??? If not, maybe I can go egg their house for you guys! lol

    I only watch the show once in a while but after reading ppl’s take on this show and Kate’s behavior I am watching w/’renewed interest’ and different eyesight. I didn’t realize what an anal, cold hearted wreck Kate was. Do you think she reads these comments in ppl’s blogs. I wouldn’t trade my OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT life for anything….w/re: to ppl scrutinizing every word I said.

    I can’t believe she dissed on sweet, fun loving Kelly Ripa. I can’t believe they put a sign on their lawn telling people NOT to talk to them. (No problemo. Your family doesn’t interest me that much.) You know, when I lst read negative stuff about them I thought it was mean but sadly, all these ppl (more regular viewers than myself) can’t be wrong. Neither can her sister in law. How sad.

    She needs to lighten up. Good for Oprah not giving them any more goodies. What else do they need? They’ve had plastic surgery, teeth whitening, hair implants, spa days, free babysitting, etc etc.

    And all Kate does is complain. She can’t even enjoy a sunset. One day there is gonna be a ‘sunset’, Kate. The camera won’t shine on you forever. And no one will care. And maybe even atleast one of your kids will have a nasty TELL ALL book about you.

  • I have noticed that Mady seems very moody and angry. They may want to get her some counseling. I am sure it is hard for Jon & Kate to give each child the individual attention needed, but Mady is screamingfor attention.

  • ummm what the hell is this stuff would you guys please leave your opinions to yourself im very sure jodi would never put that stuff on because first of all its too dark to see it and second she would not air that stuff for the whole country to see would you ?if you answer yes to this question then you are an idiot get a grip on reality go to work look after your kids and stay the hell off the internet because its people like you that make the world a terrible place to live in and

  • How sad. I pray that all will work out between the families. Whatever the truths may be. They really don’t matter.

    These disagreements only hurt the children involved. Children who do not have the capacity to understand such adult issues.
    I am sure they (all 12 kids) do not know the details of the situation, nor do I believe they need to. IMO life should continue as normal, making precious memories with your family. The kids love each other and should have every opportunity to enjoy each others company.
    I am seperated by some 1800 miles from my family. My children have never played with their cousins. Not because of choice, but location. I can only wish to share such loving memories with my nieces and nephew.

    Jodi, be the mortar that holds the family together. If Kate is as rotten as made out to be, (by the tv show, not you) you should be able to not take it personally. I wish we knew how Kevin feels about the situation. As it his sister. That is a bond that shouldn’t be easily broken. I believe Kate shares that sentiment for her own children. In the episode where there are obtaining a will for the kids if something should happen to the two of them the kids should not be split up. It seems that the sibling bond is important. In times of stress, you need each other. I do not want to pass judgement on Kate or make excuses for her behavior. I only know what I am allowed to see by the show. I believe she loves those kids with all of her being. I believe that she is doing her best to raise them. I believe that the success of the show replaced the unthinkable anxiousness that must have consumed them when they found out they were expecting 6 more kids. Could their be mistakes, and mismanagement? Absolutely. Forgiveness for those mistakes – without a doubt. She is only human.
    The biggest mistake that could ever be made is your and Kevins absence in your nieces and nephew lives. Not to mention the affects on your children. I really am not advocating abusive behavior. I just want to be a kind voice of reason in this cruel world. I am not saying that you should be a door mat. Although they do perform a great service. They remove the crud that has collected and welcome you home. The dirt stays out. If everything that is said is true about Kate, her pattern is to shut out those of great importance in her life. IF all is true about Kate. She needs you and Kevin. I can’t qoute her from that episode I mentioned above, but she knows the importance of your siblings in times of stress. Keep the dirt out. Money or no money. Your being in their lives is of far greater importance. Kate needs Kevin in this time of stress. The kids need aunt Jodi, your babies need their cousins. The Gosselin babies need their true family. In the end that is all that matters. Keep it together – somebody has to do it. I believe that you know that and that it is probably out of your control at this point. My point, I guess. Just always keep the door open. God bless you and your dear family. I will welcome you into my home always. I only wish the best for “all” of you.

  • The more I read on this and a few other blogs only convinces me even more that a majority of bloggers who have nothing but hate for Kate have a childish need for something/anything to cry, whine, complain, and B*&^h about. (Apparently the option of NOT watching the show hasn’t occured to them.) I don’t agree with how Kate usually chooses to speak to Jon, but she is who she is and if you don’t like it, do yourself a favor and stop watching. I do like the kids and I enjoy watching them. I am happy Aunt Jodi got lost, because if she’s so hurt by all of this, she should just focus on her family and stay out of the media spot light. Her 15 minutes are over, the Goesslins have moved on quite happily without her, so bye bye Jodi! Don’t let the door hit you…. BTW, someone ought to mention to her sis that the National Enquirer is not a certified journalistic news source like the NYTimes or LATimes. Just because it’s published doesn’t make it credible….Just like her blog!

  • Appparently a whole bunch of you have no life. Unless you have eight children under the age of ten then you need to keep your mouth shut. Jon and Kate and their children are an inspiration to me. I have two wonderful boys, ages ten and eight and I think Jon and Kate are to INCREDIBLE parents.

  • To whoever thinks that Jon and Kate are wonderful parents clearly have no children of their own.

    Or aren’t paying attention to the obvious.

  • I have been waching Jon and Kate for quite some time now. It has been obvious to me from the beginning that Kate definitely has deep psychological problems. What has happened between Jodi and Kate is horrible. Jodi is so sweet and for a long time I thouught she only had one baby. Then all of a sudden I see she has four children and when caring for her own and Jon and Kate’s 8 she has the patience of a saint. In fact she has everthing I think Kate wishes she had and here is where lies the problem.

    I deeply worry about the children and how they will react when all of a sudden the cameras are no longer present. One can easily see that they have truly bonded with the crew and when one is missing, they immediately look for them. They crave attention. Each one has a very distinct personality and I fear what will happen when they get to be teens. Kate may be well organized but with 8 children and all the help they obviously get she really does not have to “act” so much. I feel bad that she is not getting help for herself now as her behavior is definitely rubbing off on the children. They already are showing signs of psychological trauma.

    My prayers are for all of the family. They get lots of help but not exactly the kind of help that they need. Family therapy now would not be a bad thing and definitely help for a troubled marriage. Kate is a nurse and she is NOT stupid but she is seeking help in all the wrong places.

    I have seen that they station has now taken on another large family with 14 children just before Jon and Kate comes on. You see only well behaved children and respect from all in this family and regardless that the children are not multiple births they adjust well to one another and the parents seem very respectful of each other and each of the children.

    All I can say is that wherever they settle, I hope Jon and Kate get some help now before it is too late for the children. they grow up way too fast. God Bless you Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin–you are both well admired.

  • Aunt Jodi was a great influence in the kids’ lives.

    Jon does NOT have a job. He didn’t have a job when Kate was pregnant with the 6, either. After the 6 were born, the governor gave Jon a job. Jon QUIT that job. Then he said he was working for Beth’s husband Bob, but soon afterwards he said he was working for himself. Now it’s obvious he does not have any job. Isn’t it great that a father of 8 kids doesn’t work.

    Kate has said that she never wants to work again. She wants to be a public speaker. Ok, so neither Kate nor Jon want to work. Sounds lazy to me.

    I’m glad that others think Kate is a “loving mother”, but I see no love in Kate’s personality except love for herself. Kate is not a loving mother; Kate likes BABIES. Her kids aren’t babies now and she’s losing interest. When the twins were no longer babies, Kate wanted more. (Good ole Kate, always wanting more of something) Jon did not; he was happy with the “family of 4”. Kate went ahead with Clomid treatments whether or not Jon wanted more kids. Oh yes, I sure do see a “loving couple” there.
    Slap him again, Kate. We all know that it’s only a love tap, and that it’s playful, and it’s a joke, and you’re only flirting. Slap him harder and SHOW THAT LOVE!

  • Aunt Jodi was a great influence in the kids’ lives.

    Jon does NOT have a job. He didn’t have a job when Kate was pregnant with the 6, either. After the 6 were born, the governor gave Jon a job. Jon QUIT that job. Then he said he was working for Beth’s husband Bob, but soon afterwards he said he was working for himself. Now it’s obvious he does not have any job. Isn’t it great that a father of 8 kids doesn’t work.

    Kate has said that she never wants to work again. She wants to be a public speaker. Ok, so neither Kate nor Jon want to work. Sounds lazy to me.

    I’m glad that others think Kate is a “loving mother”, but I see no love in Kate’s personality except love for herself. Kate is not a loving mother; Kate likes BABIES. Her kids aren’t babies now and she’s losing interest. When the twins were no longer babies, Kate wanted more. (Good ole Kate, always wanting more of something) Jon did not; he was happy with the “family of 4”. Kate went ahead with Clomid treatments whether or not Jon wanted more kids. Oh yes, I sure do see a “loving couple” there.
    Slap him again, Kate. We all know that it’s only a love tap, and that it’s playful, and it’s a joke, and you’re only flirting. Slap him harder and SHOW THAT LOVE!

  • They need to take this show off air and see how well they live in the “real world”.I used to be a BIG fan of the show till everything went down with “Aunt Jodi” .Kate is such a Freeloader and a psycho who treats her husband like a child. Take everything thats been given to her for free and then we’ll see how glorous her life will be!

  • Well just goes to prove they are a REAL family. Sadly because all us enjoy the show we are involved making a small problem into a monster. Haven’t any of you ever had sister in-law problems? You know little commits at thanksgiving about potatoes being lumpy or something that just sorta eats at you until you blow it and slap her down at the next family gathering with your tongue?? Come on surely I am not alone here?? Now thinking about all this I bet its a good thing Kate’s parents aren’t involved or it might be really messy? I just hope all this gets fixed before the holidays. I saw Jodie’s video and she was hurt so Kate you should try and fix it. Big deal about the help she gets with her house or cooking. There is always enough of everything unless you set limits so Jody should receive money for her time and involvement as you can see the public part of all of this has effected her and her life and she is entitle to it just as much as anyone else. I love the show the family and Kate and wish the best for all of you. As for the people who post about their hate of Kate that is really shameful please stop. Its not only unkind its harmful to yourself.

  • Can Stephanie from the august post the one who brothers is in production tell us all more about Kates secretes. Stephanie said there is more to tell. I think it should be told so the public will know what they really are supporting.

  • I always thought the “Aunt Jodi” was a big fake. That sickenly sweet attitude was just a show for the cameras.
    A real woman with class and any compassion for the children she claimed to love would have never brought that to the public like she did.
    What a money grubbing b****h.

  • Just a quick note to Diana, from the 9/23 post. You don’t know me, I don’t need to know you, but I can watch the show, enjoy the kids and dissociate my parenting skills (because I am parent, thank you) from what I see that I might not agree with. Let me know when your daily life is on display and you can show us all how superior your skills are, and that you are aware of “the obvious” at all stages of your life.
    Were you this smart in your 30’s too?? No mistakes your inlaws have to complain about, right? Could we ask your kids, without you around?

    To all others:
    Jon and Kate make mistakes in my opinion, but so do my husband and I. When our kids are grown and we see the people they are turning out to be, then we’ll know where we could have done things differently, but we have to do the best with who we actually are today.

    The more I read about everyone else’s judgement of these two only makes it more clear to me there are too many out there who really think they are just so much better parents and people than Jon and Kate. Kate will never have to say she’s better, everyone hateblogging is making it clear they think THEY are the better ones, which only proves the saying that people will point fingers at others who are displaying the same traits to distract from their own faults.

    BTW, I saw the Gumgate episode, and Kate NEVER yelled AT Aunt Jodi. When she called her, she asked in a very plaintive voice, “no more gum please??”. She may have yelled ABOUT the gum when she realized it was all over everyone’s clothes, but it was because the kids KNEW they were not to have gum, and they flat out lied to Aunt Jodi, “yes, we can have gum.” Kate then goes on to mention just how sweet Aunt Jodi is, for taking the kids’s word for it. Just how many times have all of you yelled about something that happened within the confines of your own home, but when the situation needed to be dealt with publicly, you changed your voice and manner to suit the situation? Aunt Jodi’s response of “it’s just sad, the everyday simple pleasures, you just can’t do that with six.” shows me she understood where Kate was coming from, and did not take it personal.

    I refuse to see Jodi as a victim here. She needs to be a grownup.
    And get her sis out of the mix. Is their mother proud of her daughters behaving like Junior High Tweens??

    The episode where the kids were going to Aunt Jodi’s for the first “special day”, Kate again gushes about how wonderful Jodi is and that she loved them for who they are, not what they are. Kate gave credit where credit was due at the time.
    But come the issue of payment for her involvement in the show, Jodi didn’t get her way on that, and now her sister is claiming that the lifestyle the kids have is (suddenly) abusive and she created a denigrating blog to basically cause an even bigger rift in the family ad the media.

    Everyone points fingers at Kate for being a certain way, but here, we see that Jodi was fine and dandy being portrayed as someone who “loved the kids for who they were”, but now, since she can’t get “a piece of the pie” for her minor part in fliming a life that really isn’t hers to begin with, suddenly, Kate’s a monster and Jodi has been wronged? Someone’s pointing a finger to distract from their own actions; There’s the Pot (Jodi) calling the Kettle (Kate) black!

  • So are you saying Jodi has decided not to be around the children because of the money? My understanding is Kate no longer wanted Jodie involved because she didn’t want her to get any money period. Referring to the kids life as a piece of the pie that isn’t hers to begin with. We don’t own our children or our family they are a gift we are lucky enough to receive. God placed that family together all of them including their relatives. Kate and Jon counted on them because they were family so I kinda have to disagree Jodie wasn’t forcing herself into that doorway.

  • I started to read the blog but didn’t finish because I felt a migraine coming on so I stopped reading.
    I watch this show because it makes me feel better about my own family life & its just more interesting to me than Real World or Big Brother 100. I do feel sometimes that Kate can get a bit anal about some things while Jon is more laid back. When they went to Disneyworld & got ice cream spilled on their shirts, I thought her reaction spoiled the mood. Life will go on when kids’ clothes get dirty, “they’re not completely ruined”,it’ll be OK. Childhood = FUN!

    I believe they love their kids & just want to provide for them as best they can. I’ll believe this until I hear a story on the news that she’s murdered her children like Andrea Yates did. I have no idea why these other relatives want revenge on them. If they cared about their nieces & nephew’s, they should’ve kept all this between them. What will happen if one of the older girls googles this in the future & sees all this stuff being said about their parents. Its sad. Adults should discuss their disagreements in person & handle it maturely. This reminds me a of junior high slam book.

  • oh & another thing….aren’t there worse enemies out there than these 2 parents…like cancer, rapists, murderers, terrorists…..puh-lease…focus your anger & energy where its needed more!

  • i love this. i just watch it for the enjoyment of seeing all the kids and their cute expressions and “games” . i do agree that kate does not treat jon right but what can you do.

  • I love Jon and Kate plus 8 but i think Kate can be a little harsh at some points. I think Maddy acts like here mother too!!! She is a brat and here mother is also. as we say
    well dont worry we are watching your show!!!!

  • Jemm
    I guess you missed the episodes that show that poor sweet elderly women that comes to sort and iron all the clothes.
    Did anyone see the big beach house someone had let them use. Kate let the kids do “all the things she wouldn’t in their own house”.
    What a girl

  • OMG!!1 people need to stop hating on jon and kate. this is rediculous. the show is amazing. even without the shwo the kids arent gonna change. they are perfectly normal. what about the other kids you see it tv shows or movies? is that the child labor law too? no as long as the kids are happy thats all that matters. you people need to try and be in jon and kates shoes. Jodi doesnt have to do all that. she is family that what family does!!!!! without getting paid.

  • I bet you people would not think she is so great if knew what we knew. If you read Tom’s quotes, he is not far off. As a matter of fact, he is very close to right on.

    If you want to watch a show where REAL people deserve the help of the community and charity. Watch Extreme Home Makeover. These are the real people that need the help, not Kate.

  • I am the mother of three and grandma of seven, so I know from experience that this is an extremely dysfunctional family. Maddy appears so disturbed that if she doesn’t get help soon she’ll may be shooting up a school in a few years.

    As for Kate — what a nutcase! I was thrilled, too, when my kids were potty trained, but to take photos of each of them with their first crap in the potty is sick!

    The husband is also a sicko for putting up with Kate’s putdowns and general abuse, especially in public. I’d love to see him haul off and smack her one of these days. But I’ve stopped watching because this crew makes me sick.

    The IRS should investigate them for their greediness if the assertions about the freebies are true. No wonder the grandparents want nothing to do with them.

  • Shannon, how old are you??? 12 or 14?? If so you have violated the terms of this blog by being under 18 and posting.

    And about the show, exploiting kids is wrong, no matter if they are well taken care of or not. I might show a beautiful car in a car show. I would take great care of my commodity and wax it nicely, but it would be a trophy winner for me, maybe a money maker.

    Why would we want to walk in their shoes. This was THEIR choice and you are just a voyeur in their game.

    Your banter and spelling lends me to believe you are a juvenile.

  • As a sample of something I was thinking about.
    Rumor is Kate is secretly having all this extra help and we are suppose to know nothing about it because she wants us all to play puppets to her game? And her game would be to try and con us all out of our life savings so she can spa her life away. Well, I sadly got caught up in all this lets hate Kate then it dawned on me ..wait a min here…she did shows of herself getting help and interviewing nanny’s and even listed who her helpers were so she was never hiding anything. Then there was the DR Phill show where he gave them as a gift a nanny for 6months, and $3000 in toys. That nanny might or might not be Jenn I have no idea. Also I remembered her hiring someone to help with the cleaning so there was no secret about that either. Because we don’t see them cleaning just means they are trying to hide them. I feel really ashamed that I got caught up in the hating when it was uncalled for an unfair.
    Another thought was they are coming into money now God Bless THEM. And Kate could of given the money to the McDonald house or which ever group it was in private, but why??? That poor woman is dammed if she does and dammed if she don’t at this point.

    People picking on her about saying its an hour to the kids preschool…did she actually say ONE way or round trip? Unless she sits there it is a hour because 30mins there and 30mins back…(maybe it wasn’t on this blog but another if you dont know what i am talking about sorry) and I have used that claim myself because my grocery store is 27 miles away so I refer to the store as an hour away to my relatives.
    This is their first time at all of this so cut them some slack. I think my only real feeling of loss for them is if they were to be caught up in the glam and not be the same Jon and Kate we really do love. I think when I started reading all of the negative stuff about Kate that was what I thought I saw happening and it was what bothered me the most like another good decent family would sell out for money. Have all the money you can make but just don’t loose your head in it. Try to keep blending in with the common folk. Maybe that was what Kate was trying to do when she would say she is so tired ..she was just relating to the rest of the mom’s in the world with the fact that it really is hard work the consent giving even though YES its very rewarding.
    And some may not agree with me but think about this. If you were Jon and this was your family and you had a chance to be there 24/7 while they are young wouldn’t you? How sad it would be if he had to learn about his kids by watching the show. I think with all those people in the house all day it would be nicer to have him more involved as his wife. And to be perfectly honest you can see the change in them both..having this time together to do all this was a real blessing not only for Jon but for his family as well to have him there.
    So I for one am jumping from this nasty train wreck of hate before it ruins my out look on people.
    Ok and the last thought .. how can this gracefully be fixed so that Jodi’s sister can save face? Should she just maybe place an announcement on her website… fences are mending so we have decided to close this site to let things heal? BTW Jodi should be paid for her time there. But I do understand Kates protection on fearing people would be there only for the money and not because they loved them anymore. I think Kate should know better, Beth had a book to gain from this ….Jodi is their real Aunt and was there for the right reasons so I won’t change my mind on that view. I think right now its pride that is going to be the real main charactor in this folly of the blogs of who will win the internet…just remember internet is not the real world so one button and your gone. Sorry this is so long …I got a new espresso maker can you tell…..

  • Ok, thought of something else I hadn’t thought of before. If Jody started getting paid on a regular bases and it altered her family’s income as it has Jon and Kates. Wouldn’t Jodi’s family then become dependent on the kids for support as well? That is a bit of pressure to be placing on the kids then when other people are counting on them for income. Maybe this was what Jon and Kate wanted to avoid??? Just a thought.

  • I really like Jon and Kate and yes they have flaws but dosent everyone?? Being a parent of five kids I understand the frusration of getting five kids ready and I think they are great parents and have great kids!! Lets all remember this is a show and of course they are going to get some help cooking and cleaning to have the time for the show!!! Plus dont we all want better for our kids and if they get paid, good for them! Here is a bit of advice if you dont like them then dont watch the show, have you haters ever been told buy your mothers if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anthing!!!

  • For all you people who believe that you are christians, Gossip is also a sin. If you feel that Kate needs help Try praying for her and her family. Your negative gossip is unwarrented. No one is perfect,not even you.

  • Sorry, mom of four, but when you allow cameras in your house and pimp yourself and your children out on national tv, you kind of give up the right to not have people talk about you.

  • When J&K+8 is canceled, you will soon be reading in the headlines…Jon and Kate Divorced? Guys, this show is the only string left in keeping their marriage in order. The renewal of vowel ceremony was all for the camera.

  • I heard from someone who lived in the first town they lived that they burned every bridge there. Took all kinds of donations, home renovations, etc. and then turned around and sold everything and moved away. The consignment thing is true. Gota think that if your town and church don’t like, something must ne wrong.

  • It looks like, imo, they’ll do the same again., according to locals, have
    ruined their welcome there. To save receiving winter clothes or paying
    heating bills, they should relocate in a warmer area of the country.
    They drive 45 minutes to church when Kates fathers’ church is right
    around their corner, & their families are in the area. One notices last nite that not one show can be seen without Kate correcting or interrupting Jon for doing the same to her.

  • I’ve seen the show several times and I think
    Kate can be a bit much sometimes, especially towards Jon.
    She can seem too demanding and its a wonder how Jon can take all that crap from her. She treats him as if he was one of the kids.
    I think the only reason why Jon is sticking around for the most part is the fact that they have eight kids together.

  • WOW!!! I watch the show all the time, but now I will see it in a differnt light. I wish Gymboree would give my kid free clothes!

  • Has anyone heard how Pennmommy’s son is doing??
    Sounded critical yesterday.
    From what I’m reading – Kon’s personal appearances are a
    bust. Believe there is an appearance this weekend in Florida?
    To quote: time for this train wreck to derail.
    Someone or thing will pull the rug out when we get too

  • just wanted to say i really enjoy watching your show. I love the way you raise your children. Wish my family and your family could meet some day. Happy birthday to Cara and Mady on October 8th. Have fun. Hope you air their birthday. Keep up the good parenting guys!

  • Jon seems to be a decent individual and caring father. At some point i wont be surprised if/when Kate is arrested for spousal abuse. She keeps punching that poor man and speaks to him in such a demeaning way. He, of course, with all those kids will be tied to this miserable excuse for a wife and mother for the rest of his life. I also would like to know what type of exceptionally high salary he makes working in an IT department. I know that salaries in that type of work can be quite generous, however, this family always seems to have nice wardrobes, do exciting activities, eat well both in and out of the house, and take very expensive vacations. How do they manage it? And IF they are given all of these things by manufacturers i am not thrilled about the fact that so many families in this country are really in financial bad shape and would never even think of having “spawned” such a large group INTENTIONALLY. Perhaps they did it so that they would never have to work again. But back to my first line, Kate is a real lazy bitch.

  • this show is a horrible waste of air time stop commenting on it and stop watching it so that ratings go down and it’s taken off…thats all

  • The previews for next Mondays show – gathering for a picture for the
    Good Housekeeping spread. Mady turns her back on the photographer. They still claim God gave them the children, actually
    God made Kate barren. It was science that provided the kids.
    Supposively, Jon threatens to sue anyone talking against the family.
    IMO, they will not jeopardize their millions on lawsuits when their
    family, cohorts, former church members, former employees, neighbors, and construction crews can verify the facts.

  • Unless you are visiting this site: or TLC’s website, you will not be reading official information about our family.

    There are many imposters, people who are claiming to be us, answering emails, chatting online claiming to be us or writing about us…None of these are us! Just so you know

    there are alot of phoney people trying to start gossip dont believe them

  • Edie – are you for real or just really out of touch. OH okay, I forgot, J&K’s word is the law. Oh please, they think just because they say it and say its true that makes it true????!!! Camera’s don’t lie, children don’t lie, take a long hard look at their faces. Am I the only one who doesn’t see smiles? Another question, How come JOdi can handle her four children and Kate’s “cast” (for free, yes that’s what familes do for each other) but not once has anyone seen Kate return that favor!! I believe because Saint Kon thinks they are above that, or wait….maybe they can’t handle it! I know when my sisters help me I am there to return the favor – I don’t think either one of them would ever to do the same for Jodi and Kevin…..Jodi, good move to get out now along with Beth and the others…wonder who they will bake cookies for this year! maybe the camera crew??

  • I don’t know how Jon puts up with Kate’s abusive behavior, and I can’t imagine why he won’t stand up to her more often. There has got to be some truth to the ‘rumors’ of Kate’s actions towards her family (look how almost everyone is out of their lives, it’s just not normal), if what we see on camera is just a taste of how Kate is in real life, I’m sure her family and friends stories have a ring of truth.
    In my own family we have a little ‘Jon and Kate’ story. My niece worked in an Apple store in Manhattan. This past summer Jon and Kate came into the store (no kids along) and my neice was helping them, she told us that Kate is absolutely gorgeous, she’s much prettier in person than on TV, and she said that Jon was very sweet. My niece mentioned that she watched the show and was a fan and she said that Jon seemed genuinely interested and thanked her, she also said that Kate rolled her eyes and gave her a dirty look and walked away and then proceeded to completely ignore my niece and she acted like my niece wasn’t even there. Why would someone have a reaction like that? Is she that sick of being recognized? Why have the show then? I just find her very strange to say the least.

  • I have to agree with Edie. There are some stuff being said there that are clearly lies. Why waste your time getting sucked into garbage? If you all pay attention to the facts. They haven’t been deceiving anyone.
    In fact the trip to Utah…Kate was telling Beth there next trip will be to Hawaii where we will get remarried and she gave Jon a kiss. If your just looking for something to hate stop because your harming yourselves with all the negative thoughts and actions. Spread a little love will ya.

  • Hey Eddie, sure you want everyone to check out those sites. Because those sites want you to believe what THEY say. HOWEVER, those sites are SELLING/ADVERTISING the show. How much are you making?

    Stop being a jerk and covering for that BITCH.

  • Granny, You brought up another point. The pictures that they had taken of their family were taken by Willow Street Pictures here in Reading Pa. As a matter of fact, one of their shows featured Willow Street doing a shooting at their friends estate in Wyomissing.

    A friend of mine was at a bennifitt were he placed a bid of $500 on a sitting that Willow Street was auctioning off. He won the bid and went to their studio to have the pictures done. When they sat him do to view the pictures, he picked 6 sittings. When he was getting ready to sign on the dotted line, he asked what the price would be. He was told 11 thousand dollars. He told them to take their pictures and stick them where the sun dont shine.

    So you see the kind of things that J&K get for free that everyone else has to pay TOP $$ for. They should be ashamed of them self. Stop living off of everone else.

  • The Regis & Kelly appearance was laid back. Someone mentioned that Kate had diced Kelly on a previous show – anyone know anything about that?? Kelly was very cool – a very blond Kate let Jon do the talking.
    Typical PR, the People magazine spread will make anyone ill. Be interesting to read the letters that arrive on that one.

  • I have to admit that at one time I loved to watch Jon and Kate. I was in awe of Kate and amazed at her ability to manage her household. But now I am totally dismayed and a little pissed off at TLC for letting us all believe that all was well in “Jon and Kate land.” Jon and Kate cannot be the only one’s to blame for all of the “illusion” it portrays on this show. TLC is also responsible. What people do in their own homes is one thing, but for the Network to let us all continue to watch this pack of lies is another.

  • I am so sad at the way this family and show have turned out, so different now than from the beginning of the show. I absolutely LOVED the show…as did many millions of people. I still love the people on the show.

    Now?? I just don’t know….who can say what might happen to this family? I wish and pray the best for those kids, and pray for the awakening of J & K’s brains for what is happening to the kids. Please, Jon and Kate…give them a break! You do NOT need those kids to make your living, and make you millionaires. They need lives as kids. I am afraid the kids will care only about MONEY, as their parents seems to…..maybe I am wrong about that.

    I am sure they will never read this, nor care about my thoughts or feelings on the matter, but they are in my prayers.

    Let’s try to love them in spite of their cold, heartless, greedy personalities. Let’s pray that those kids can somehow have decent lives.

  • I live right in back of where Jon and Kate lived in Wyomissing, Pa. By the way, Willow street is a ghetto and have had murders over the year,I have a friend living there now and he cannot leave his bike outside for 5 minutes without it getting stolen.Jon’s father was my son’s dentist and he and Jon’s mother went through a nasty divorce.Jon was known as being very lazy and never wanting to work.They had tons of inprovements done to their house here in Wyomissing while they were on welfare. Kate had a private nurse for one year and when the government would no longer fund it she went to Harrisburg to protest! I have the picture of her with the twins from the Reading Eagle.Go to the Reading Eagle to get back issues and you will be amazed at what she was demanding from the taxpayers.

  • Are people stupid? Beth was the one that was rich. She had the HUGE pool and HUGE house. Looks like she was cut from the show too. I guess Beth said something Kate didn’t like finally. Jodi was treated like crap. She was there a lot of the time, and barely got credit. She cared for those kids as if they were her own. She even would drink fake coffee from Joel. Kate barely has time to touch her kids. She’s too busy going to spas, sleeping in late, and whining about how her life is unfair. How is it unfair? You got lucky. You made those kids into money makers. You’re richer than ever and barely do a thing. I haven’t seen her do wash in forever. I guess she officially has someone doing that. Since well we all know she was hiring a maid. For someone lacking money (as she tries to claim) you surely can hire a bunch of people… please note I think her kids are cute and all. I just think it’s messed up how she is. She never sees what she does. She calls Jon out all the time on his stuff. She even hates when he breathes. She’s so nasty and is lucky he’s still around. If it weren’t for the money… I think he might of went into hiding. Since who really would want to live with her? She’s so mean and Maddie is picking up her bad habits. She complains about Maddie, but is without a doubt the problem. Maddie thinks if Mom can do it… so can I. Oh boy, and the list can go on for yearrs!

  • PEOPLE – are you all dazed and confused? “Aunt” Jodi has no class or taste – a real loving, caring family member would not allow others, and would not herself, display private family matters to the public. No matter how offended you may be “Aunt” Jodi – nothing positive can come out of your obvious contempt that you hold towards “your” family. It is quite obvious to me that Jodi is in fact an in-law, as a real sister would keep this problem in the family and in time, work towards resolving it – maybe giving it longer than just a few measly months. Jodi claims that she is an “advocate” for the well-being of the children and defends her motives with this. In seems to me that her real motive is to defend herself and her wounded pride after viewing how dingy she appeared on the “gum-gate” episode.

  • I am just wondering how this family of 10 has health insurance if Jon does not work? They cannot possibly get it through the state…their income would be too high.

  • IMO, the G’s are probably covered under a TLC group plan, with TLC
    paying for it. Family coverages are very expensive.
    However, they should be taking care of this themselves – be make
    self sufficient.

  • Wow. I can’t get over all the haters! Why does it piss you all off that the Gosselins are an unusual family, and have found a great, unsual way to support their family? Are you all just mad because no one wants to watch YOUR family on T.V.? Maybe Kate really is a bitch, and maybe the whole thing is a total sham, but so what? How does that affect you? If you don’t like them, stop watching the show. Sitting behind your computer talking shit isn’t going to change anything. And for “family” to go out there and try to bring them down…c’mon. Surely you can see through that b.s.

  • I love the show and faithfully watch it.I think kate does good andjon.keep the show going.we all are human and don’t please everyone.

  • wow seriously jodi and her sister get over it stop trying to get your 15 mins of fame. Leave the gosselins alone, they obviously have enough to deal with. I love how one bad egg tries to ruin something. Its not kates fault no one cares about you and your family. It does not matter what they do stop running your mouth like a teenager and leave them alone. No one believes this bitch anyway.

  • I hate this show. That Kate is a flaming “B”!!! She is a horrible mother. I can’t believe that she would mentally torment her three year old because he got gum on a blanket. Kate has a psychological problem. Please, cancel this show for the mental health of her kids. Oh, and that Maddy is a clone of her mother. Someone have that kid diagnosed with OCD and other issues and get her help before she completely turns into her mother! I hate Kate!!!

  • Kate needs professional help without a doubt. I cannot imagine how she behaves when the cameras are off. She is bad enough when they are on. I have seen this expressed all over the web about her yet in the few minutes I can stand of the show lately she seems to be getting worse. About every 3 mos. I’ll turn it on, become angry, then go to one of these sites to blow off some steam.
    What an awful woman! WAKE UP! You aRE DESTROYING YOUR CHILDREN AND ALIENATING YOUR HUSBAND!!!! Your ego is out of control. Get a grip before you lose everything!!!

  • I watch this show a lot and I agree and disagree with a lot of what’s being said here. It seems to me that Jon and Kate are both just parents who are trying their best. Kate reminds me of my mom in a lot of ways, particularly when she is being neurotic, but I also know that my mom loves me despite everything, and I am fully confident that she would do anything for me. I imagine my mom having eight children and I have to think she would be a lot more like Kate more of the time.

    I did not like the way she talked about Jodi, I think Jodi is a very selfless and caring person from what I have seen. I will not excuse the things she said about her sister in law because I believe it was wrong to say given the circumstances, and especially when she knew that her feelings would be broadcast to the nation.

    I think that Kate has made mistakes and we have seen them, but I think she has done a lot of things right as well. I really did not agree with her handling of the gum situation, but I also think it might have just been an over reaction to being thrown back into the mix of eight kids a opposed to the one she spent the day with. I could understand how that would be overwhelming.

    I would like to point out how much of the Gosselins lives we get to see. Kate has said that unless there is footage that they absolutely will not allow to be aired, anything the producer wants to air is put on television. This sounds biased considering Kate said it herself, but think about it. There are so many people on this site talking about Jon and Kate fighting and Kate hitting Jon and the way that they discipline their kids. The point is, we all think that it is very unflattering or even condemning footage of their lives, so we must imagine what they think of it. I wouldn’t want especially nasty fights with my husband on television, nor would I want video footage of myself threatening to throw out my child’s toy. I’m sure Kate does not consider these things her proudest moments, but they are on television anyway. Which means, to me, that she isn’t hiding much.

    The family that is commonly featured on TLC that REALLY scares me is the Duggars. They never argue, they are always smiling, they are always with one another, they are always perfectly content. THAT my friends, IMO is not a real image of their family.

    I don’t know what to say about the Jodi scandal. To me it sounds plausible but questionable, but I am not a member of this family and I do not know any of these people personally, so my opinion of that doesn’t matter much.

    As for the safety of the children? I don’t know much. It seems to me that the sextuplets like the camera crew and the producer, and because they have been around cameras since they can remember they don’t notice them much. Mady and Cara are a different story. I believe they understand the significance of the cameras, but notice that we rarely see Cara, and we see Mady a majority of the time. It seems to me that if they do not want to be filmed, for the most part they can avoid it.

    Also, as the series goes on I notice a change in Jon. When the children were younger he was more tired and cranky, but at this point he seems happier and more approachable. Though I do not agree with some of his parenting methods just like I have problems with things that Kate does. I think that he needs to work on how he disciplines his kids. When he puts a kid in time out he rarely says anything to them other than that they are being given a time out. He needs to explain what the child did wrong and explain the behavior he expects. Often he tells the kid that they are being annoying and that he “doesn’t have time for that” whatever “that” is.

  • omg jodi you’re being such a baby
    one it never showed her throwing away the bear
    she just said she was going to
    and also she wasn’t even that insulting to you
    she was just saying her feelings about the matter

    i’m 19 and I wouldn’t start a blog and fight about something so silly
    you must be overly sensitive about things and you should just calm down about it all
    that’s ridiculous your son starting crying over the bear I mean I don’t believe that for a minute

    and we all know Kate is high strung but I love her and you shouldn’t be bashing her over something so ridiculous

    and all of you do not even know Kate neither do I so you can’t say you know her intentions and how much she does do with the children and at home and how many times they film their show a year anways, you don’t see all that isn’t on camera.

    can we all just calm down please
    life doesn’t have to be so hard
    stop making it

    gossip is ridiculous

    and kate is rude to jon on the show sometimes but he can be rude too also, who cares just let people live there life and stop criticizing and just try to better yourselfs

    everyone should just forgive move on and don’t have hard feelings it just makes your life more difficult not the person you’re insulting.

  • Jodi’s sister needs to get a life – maybe eight kids, six of them toddlers so she can fill her time rather than turn everyone against Kate, whom, quite frankly, it seems she is jealous of.

    Jon and Kate are not perfect. Kate can be a bitch – most of us can – please -you know you’ve had moments like she has w/her kids AND w/her husband.

    That is the beauty of the show. Their kids are also not perfect, but do seem happy and likely are better behaved than most of ours.

  • I truly hope the parents get Madeline into some counseling. The girl has serious issues–that is clear. And the mother’s OCD and feeling of “entitlement” will destroy her marriage and her kids. Just wait when they do a “where are they now?” in ten years. They will be divorced and the kids will be a mess. As for Kate, she has to be the worst parent ever and Jon is nothing but a wimp. Hate this show and will never watch it again. Who can we write to at the network to tell them to cancel this piece of garbage?

  • Come on people, leave the Gosselins alone. Yes Kate may rant and rave a lot but you also must remember that we don’t see everything. Do you actually think that, as a prevous poster stated, if everything was honky dorey that people would watch. I don’t think so. If you don’t like the family and how things are done then don’t watch the show. It is your choice and no one elses. I only have one child, who was diagnosed at age 6 with ADHD who likes to act out, I could only imagine having 8. In regards to Mady, you guys need to remember that she is a child and stop belittling her on the website. Who’s business is it how the family makes their money. Do you think that it is only the Gosselins who charge $25,000 for a speaking arrangement? Maybe you should do your research. How about the motivational speakers do you think they come cheap. I think Kate and Jon are doing their best considering they don’t have much space at the moment, which can be very nerve wracking. Give them a break already!!!!

  • I heard Kate interviewed the other day on a radio talk show promoting her pathetic TV show and man was she a complete snob. Gave one word answers, made it clear that she had better things to do like, shop. Yes, that’s what she said. Her mind was on shopping. This woman is an arrogant bitch. Kate, I hope you read these comments and realize what a complete jerk you come off as. Please just go away and stop sucking the system dry. You had the kids, you pay for them.

    Can you imagine being the neighbor of this complete idiot? I feel for everyone on her street. I’m sure she has no concept of being courteous either. Probably let’s the kids scream at 5am.

  • I think Jon & Kate needs cancelled. My mom raised 10 kids alone, no show no extra help, no money, so can they. Kate is only in it for the money. her kids need her attention, they are brats, esp. Mady. Get off tv kate and pay attention to your kids true needs

  • I would love to read the blog. Where can it be found.

    BTW, I love the show. They’re not perfect, but neither am I.

    Keep the show on the air.

  • I just love watching this show and hope you never take it off. If it bothers some people so much maybe they should just change the channel. I really love the flirting that goes on between Jon and Kate, they seem to genuinely love each other. It comes on at 3 different times where I live and I try to catch each one of them.

    Those children are soo adorable, except for Mattie sometimes, showing her little Scarlett O’hara attitude. but I still love her too. It is also a great thing to be so organized when you have so much to do. I would want a chef, a maid , someone to run errands etc. just so that I could stay and enjoy playing with them while they are still so little.

  • I have watched the show from the start but no longer enjoy it. In People magazine Kate says she does the cooking. In Goodhousekeeping it says on taping days someone cooks for them. The lies are starting to trip her up. My heart broke on their birthday when they made their own cupcakes. Poor little Aaiden didn’t eat all his dinner so he couldn’t have his cupcake. He sat there crying saying ” we don’t get our cupcakes?” It was their birthday for petes sake. Give in a little. I watched the show where they took the pictures for Goodhousekeeping. The kids were crying. Maddie was throwing a fit. I felt so sorry for them. They took a vacation and the place they stayed at was gorgeous. For free naturally. Their second wedding in Hawaii — free. Kate got her dress at Kleinfields on ” Say Yes to the Dress”. You know it was free. Did Jon really need hair transplants? And who took care of their kids while they were in California for this? Jodi. And half of them were sick. One of the worst things I saw was when one of the kids got sick. He had to lay on the floor in the utility room with the washer and dryer because Kate didn’t want him throwing up on her precious carpet. Is this not child abuse? Take a clue from the people who had 7 kids in Iowa some with disablilities. They decided it was not good for their kids to have them on TV and they took over their care themselves. Is money so important to them that their childrens welfare means nothing?

  • Kate is one of the biggest bitches in the world. She says everyone is out to make her look bad, but really she does a good job of that all by herself. Aunt Jodi is pretty much a saint and those kids were lucky to have had her in their lives. I feel really bad for Jodi and everything that that bitch did to her, but it’s really no big surprise considering she cut her own parents out of the kids lives all because she wouldn’t accept the “free” beds, and clothes that were offered to her through her parents church (they weren’t good enough for her, because they weren’t brand new and matching) again…….what a BITCH!!

  • I like everyone think that Kate is someone I would not like to be friends with. I do not think she is considerate. Poor Aunt Jody was used and dumped. So what that TLC wanted to pay her? If I was Kate I would say, “Yes, she deserves it, she watches my kids AND her kids” What is wrong with Kate? I woud be happy for Jody. The thing I can relate to is them getting whatever money they can get. They are not robbing banks. I would do the same thing, go for it. This gig won’t last forever and she has 8 kids to take care of. The kids dont look unhappy and they will have lots of memories to look back on. Kate, dont burn your last bridge with a good relative, go to Jody and say, “I am sorry for treating you like crap”, and MEAN it before its too late

  • Mady desperately needs help! I’ve never seen such a nasty, whiny child. Nothing makes her happy! I hope they get her some counseling soon!!!!

  • Good Lord. Get a life. I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. I am sure that Aunt Jodi & Kate will work things out. Could you imagine your home being under a microscope. If you don’t like Jon & Kate then turn them off.

    I had 3 children and they are 28, 25 & 23 now. My oldest daughter reminded me a lot of Mady. Now she is a bright and beautiful young woman with a daughter of her own. Mady will be fine. Jon & Kate are aware of her needs.

    One person said that the Gosselins were on welfare that first year. I am happy for them that Jon & Kate plus 8 has helped the family financially. You all would be complaining if they were still on welfare.

  • This is insane. This is such a nice family! Jodi and Julie sound like weak women who couldn’t handle their private family business appropriately. If they had a problem with Kate, why blog it? Why not just address Kate. She would either understand or, not and they could make desicions from there. But they took it public and that isn’t very Christian. Even if Kate is a bit abrasive she isn’t the one blogging mean things about people and criticizing their families or parenting styles. Kate is right to just leave mean family behind. I would too, in a heartbeat and without a second thought. She has 8 kids to worry about. She is their mom and she does get to decide what is best for them, with Jon. They seem to be doing great. The kids are happy and playful and healthy! Kate tries her best and adores her kids. Just like every other mom on the planet. Jon does too… so if they parent differently, and if their dynamic is insulting/annoying to critical posters… then don’t watch.

  • From a social science perspective, watching the Gosselin family develop and grow is a unique experience. Scientists of the past would have jumped at the opportunity to tune in and observe the lives of a growing family. Granted, reality television is not entirely reality, and the viewers are dependent on what the producers provide. But it’s the closest opportunity we have until someone agrees to have a 24hour webcam aimed at their life.

    Aunt Jodi and her sister have certainly become part of drama of the story, and their blog obviously provides different aspects and perspectives. However, in watching Jon & Kate plus Eight, one must remember that science mandates an emotional separation to be maintained. When emotion and judgment of the observer are put into the equation, then not only is the original experiment altered, but the observer becomes part of the broader experiment.

  • One has to ask themselves why Jon & Kate alienate themselves and their children from both of their families. I could understand not getting along with one sibling, but not to talk to any siblings or parents really doesn’t say much about them. What ever happened to Nanny Janet, Beth, and let’s not forget the older woman who folded and sorted all the laundry. Aunt Jodi was a wonderful influence on these children, as was Uncle Kevin. How quick Kate & Jon forgot all Kevin did for them with the little kids Carnival B/D party and organizing their garage. God only knows what else these two have done for them. I was a fan of this show, but I do think that Jon & Kate are using their children to get rich! I came from a family of 9 children, and most of us were a year apart. My mother took care of us while my father worked. We didn’t have a lot, but we also didn’t have cameras following us around all day either! In People Magazine Kate said she told the kids mommy and daddy could go out and work or we could work as a family. Right there proves Kate is using her children as a means to make a living. Shame on you! You don’t have to pay for much of your children’s clothing or trips. Everything is donated to you.

  • i find myself watching this show like a car accident….the children are adorable and i can’t wait to see and hear what they do next. on the other hand, there is kate. from the first time i saw the show i found her obnoxious. the more the show goes on, the more obnoxious she becomes.

    she is lucky to have an easy-going and understanding husband….the way she berates him regularly is disturbing. every word out of his mouth is made fun of.

    i don’t understand why, because they have 8 children, they should be entitled to all the “freebies”…..if the freebies are to benefit the children that is one thing, but free trips all over the country, tummy tucks, hair transplants and all the “beautification” processes are outrageous. what one of us would not love to have those opportunities for free? they are like politicians….you can film my family and pay me to do it, and then, lets tack on all the “pork” we can get our hands on while we’re at it. that’s where the deadly sin of greed rears its ugly head.

    i do wish the very best for those beautiful children and i hope they won’t require therapists as they grow up under the microscope….

  • My wife constantly watches this show — she thinks the children are cute. They are, to some extent, but no more so than any other children in that age range. So I see little in the Gosselin family that is remarkable — at least as far as the kids go.

    What I do see that is remarkable is that TLC would air a program that is little more than a tawdry example of child exploitation. It is patent that Kate and Jon Gosselin are “pimping out” their children in pursuit of the almighty buck. In that regard, they are no better than some of the D-list Hollywood types who appear on reality TV in hopes of a paycheck. In fact, the average street whore is more honest than the Gosselins — she, at least, makes no pretentions about what she is doing as she leans against the lamp post.

    It’s clear that Kate has some sort of innate dislike of males. Her comments about little boys being dirty reinforces this perception, as does her reprehensible treatment of Jon. She constantly belittles the man, even as he does his best to pick up the slack around the house and act as a father to his children.

    Her treatment of Jon at Toys ‘r’ Us, in which she humiliated him by screaming across the store, was appalling and, I believe, a true manifestation of her personality (OCD, some have opined — I see it more as bi-polar). Had I been in that situation, I would have considered handing her the keys to the van, leaving the store, hitching a ride back home, collecting my belongings, finding another place to live — and then filing a mental cruelty divorce.

    Marriage is supposed to be about love, sharing life experiences and nurturing each other. I see little of that in their relationship. What I do see is a prima donna who is, inadvertently perhaps, teaching her children to develop a “me, me!!!” attitude toward others. This is already apparent in Maddy’s behavior, who is a veritable drama queen well on her way to being the next Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. Meanwhile, those “icky” boys are being, inadvertently of course, taught that there’s something wrong with them because they happen to have penises instead of vaginas.

    Kate’s constant denigration of Jon, her dismissive attitude toward other family members, her obvious placing of her needs ahead of those of her family (“I need a tummy tuck!”), as well as her incessant complaining about how “rough” she has it, conveys to me the impression of a woman with some serious psychological problems. If she were some poor black woman with eight kids and behaving in this way, children and family services personnel would be paying her a visit, and it wouldn’t be to commend her for her child-rearing prowess.

    As for TLC, if you people are going to continue to air this slimy example of greediness and dysfunction, how about if you focus more on the children and less on the parents? As for all you apologists who have attempted to pass off Kate’s behavior as excusable due to all those children being there, I say bullshit! It was Kate’s and Jon’s decision to go ahead with the pregnancy after learning what was in store for them. My guess is they both realized they could make a fortune from their children. As always, money trumps everything — included a normal childhood.

  • We just returned from the Orlando Women’s Show where we met Jon and Kate. All I can say is what a waste of time!

    They both seemed annoyed to be there. There were hundreds of their fans at the show from Grandma ,moms, dads and kids. It was so cute to see the kids wearing shirts they wrote on saying #1 fan and as well as signs. The women’s show told everyone during the Jon and Kate Q & A session no pictures. We were like whatever.

    The Show had a Q & A forum style setting. Their fans were able to ask questions. Let me tell you the questions were screened first by the shows employees. They had no enthusiasm at all. Cara and Mady were suppose to to be there but, Kate said they were at Disney. One of the questions was what was one of your favorite vacations? Jon responded by they are not vacations with 8 kids. They are like working at a different destination.

    They then had a meet and greet session. Which we were lucky to get a number to see them . We thought at least we though we were lucky. They only had 150 tickets to give out to the guests to met them.

    We waited 30 minutes to met them . My husband told me Kate ordered for more security for them. Remember no kids were with them. The fans were totally under control.

    My kids were so excited to met them. We had two copies of the Good Housekeeping magazine fir the girls to get their autograph.

    When they both came out to the meet and greet they hide their faces to the ground and walked quickly to their seats. I never saw anything like this before. Once again we were told no pictures at all not even with the flash off. Like they are such big celebrities!!!

    When we arrived at the table to meet Jon and Kate they never looked up to say even a hello. They signed the girls magazine and Kate made a comment on my daughters named Hanna .

    My other daughter Haley was extremely polite and said to them that she is a huge fan of the show.
    There was no response what so ever.

    It looked like they were just there for a paycheck and nothing more.

    They need to realize that without their fans they would not have the nice things or be able to go on any of the trips they experience.

    My family and I rethought about all of the money we’ve helped them make and the support we have given them.

    If you ever meet with them make sure your expectations are very low.

    The Fame is certainly gotton to them.

    One more thing I did call the producer of the Womens Show and discussed in great detail our experience. Let me say It sounded like she was not surprised at all . She then recommended me to contact TLC .

    They do all of the J & K scheduling for their appearances.
    Well a PR person from TLC does .

    We wanted respect for our children.
    The same Kate would expect for her children.
    They were very rude!!

    Thanks for letting me share.

  • looky, looky—time for a nice day in NYC….the gosselins visit GMA. then they’ll take a nice trip to american girl where the little girls will get their free dolls and maddy and cara can get new free stuff too. maybe the boys will get to do something fun for boys, if they behave and stay clean.

  • I can not stand Kate She is only out to get free what anyone will give her All her kids are bad hitting on each other all the time I Hate The Show

  • An Old saying: Expect nothings – for you won’t be disappointed.
    Sounds like alot of people in Orlando had a bad experience with
    that appearance. Everyone says they are rude – don’t acknowledge
    your presence – sounds like they’re on their way out.
    Word spreads.

  • I love the show! I think the kids are sweet and smart and as cute as can be. Jon and Kate are doing a great job with their family.

  • I think Kate just has to open up to the world and not be so mean to Jon all the time. I absolutely love this show non stop!!! I love Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Leah Hope, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, and Joel Kevin. I wish I could babysit them. I wish they could come to HAWAII. I don’t think Kate is a bitch like someone said but I think she is just a little to harsh.

  • I enjoy Jon and Kate plus eight so so much. It is my favorite show in the whole wide world. I love seeing their kids grow up and doing different activities. I think Kate will have to learn to not always be so so so demanding all the time. One example is if they are going on a trip to a store and she forgets something she would ask Jon to go in the house and get it even if it is the fourth time. I wish their family could come to Hawaii just like Alexis said. I would like to see the show on Discovery Health because our family doesn’t have TLC. You might think you can only watch it on TLC but I saw it on Discovery Health once. Your probably wondering how I watch it. That is a secret, but anyways back to the Gosselins. I would like to meet them and babysit. Other than that their family is great!!!

  • I knew this would happen! When Kate gave that ackward explanation about why their family was not involved with them it was really telling. They are the typical “Christians” that are messed up. NO Family! Are you kidding. It is so sad that those children will be scarred from this experience. I hope those two re-evaluate the commitment to the show and start commiting to their family.(off camera)

    They might have started this thing for good reasons. But now they have enough money to raise their family. LET IT GO JON AND KATE. It’s time!

  • Really it is a shame about the kids not having family around, but I don’t blame Kate for all of it for instance if Jodi really loved those kids, she would have gotten her sister involved at running her mouth,

    I believe Jodi wanted a cut in the money as well as the Gosselins did, which was fine, but she went about it all wrong, who that loves their family runs their self pitied mouth all over the inter net? Jodi is the one who cut her self out, Not Kate, Kate would be stupid to ever let Jodi around her kids again.

  • The last 2 seasons of J&K the kids are mostly wearing Gymboree. I know this because my own daughter wears the same clothing. We are always pointing out the lines. I hear they get it all for free. I have to say, I love watching the show. I have seen every episode and think the kids are adorable. Yes, it’s entertaining to see Kate bicker with Jon, but at the same time I can’t stand her. She is way too over the top and on every episode. Mady is definitly a carbon copy of her mother. I do believe Kate uses her family members (Jodi & Kevin) & friends way too much. Sure it’s great to have help, but she takes advantage of all that are willing to help her. She almost expects it. Why would she care if TLC wants to pay Jodi a little $$ for helping babysit. She receives $$ for sharing her whole life. What’s wrong with sharing a little of that with those who have helped her for free all those years. I guess when Kate is done with someone, they are out of her life. There is no question what kind of person Kate is, you can see it in every episode you watch.

  • Really this is just MO, I know 2 girls who personally went to see the Gosselins, one in the west and one in the east, they both said thet were very friendly and got to spend quite a bit of time with them, They also said Kate and Jon were very easy to visit with and would answer any questions, this was not in the audortorium it was in the foyer where they had a table sat up. They both said all the kids and Beth was with them and they were wonderful.

    So I guess it just depends on who you are and what you are looking for, Maybe Kate was just having a great day then, and maybe when others saw her she was not, IDK, there are so many stories going around, and one thing for sure is I don’t believe it unless I see it on the show, these blogs are just filled with people who claim to have inside info, and all it is , is some thing they have read some where else.

  • Um family doesnt pay family your there to support. I’m so on kate’s side just imagine if you had all those kids that would be tough! And jodi have you ever heard of saying no??? if you couldnt take care of them just say no!! its not hard. I think jodi is just a little messed up in the head. I love the Gosselins! I think jon loves kate and they actually dont fight its more of playful fighting. but i do think Kate shouldnt have told jodi she cant see her kids. But whatever family helps you should have never thought you did it forr money jeez its not a job!

  • really missy just because you know two people who met with them breifly does not mean you are liek jodi dealing with them on a day to day bases.its sad because kevin and jodi do so much for others kate and jon and i felt as though kate and jon do take advantage of peoples kindness…they expect to be catered to.
    which is sad..
    they need to show appreciation and kindness with everyone who has helped them i wont watch ever again after this..jodi is great person

  • Sonja, you are correct, except I have heard Jodi many times say I asked Kate to bring the kids to my house, I’m just pointing out that everyone wants to say Kate took advantage of Jodi, and I don’t believe that, Jodi had more in mind than just babysitting with the kids, Think about it, As Julie says , Kevin and Jodi went to Kate about the money, Well if Jodi really loved those kids like she wants everyone to believe, why did she ever mention money to begin with? b/c she wanted some to. I’m not saying there is any thing wrong with that, what is wrong is that she is a cry baby, she and Kevin could not battle it with Kate on their own, so Jodi went crying to big sister.

    What is wrong with most of what we read on these blogs, is that most of the stuff that is said there is no real proof in the puddin for it. I do not hear the Gosselins asking to be on all the talk shows, or for all the vacations and other freebies that they get, That make so mant peole upset, 99% of the naysayers on here would do exactly the same thing if it were offered to them, pleeezzzzeeeee don’t say you would’nt

    How do these stories start with no proof, b/c some one had a thought, and just b/c they are on a reality show does not give people the moral right to dig into their personal life, or for family members(Jodi,Julie) to spread stories about them that is none of their business,

    What happened to Jodi she deserved, she is no saint and Kevin is a whimp, and a sissy, I think Jodi did’nt want to help anymore and this was her way of stopping it, as for Kates family, if I were her I’d keep themout of the spot lite to, I think they are pretty messed up people, as far as the grand parents go, it is rediculous they don’t see their grandchildren, if they wanted to, they could, We do have laws for that sorts thing,

    I think what ever problem Kate has goes back to her child hood, I mean there is only one sister who lives and has any thing to do with mom, and dad and thst is the soster who started a blog against Kate like Jodi and Julie did, What does that tell you?,

  • Bethany, I just read your comment from a few days ago, and all I can say is “you go girl” I loved it, some body who is not afraid to tell it like it is,

    I wish we could all be on more at the same time, It’s really lonely around here, hmmmmmmmmm!

  • i wish I had all the time in the world to write about this family! I too was gaga for the show when it first arrived, but now I find so much fault with them it’s hard to speak! I was extremely upset when Kate and Jon were lamenting the fact that Aaden had to wear glasses! That should be the least of their concerns. They are so lucky that their children were not born with serious birth defects due to their prematurity. I hope they realize this. Also, since they are so religious couldn’t they see that maybe children would come sooner or later. They were very young when they had the tups. My grandmother was 16, in 1918, married, and had 5 miscarriages, at age 26 she adopted a 1 year old, at age 40 and 42 she gave with to two healthy children, so if you just wait it might happen, or maybe it’s not meant to be. I am lucky to have two children, one has asthma and diabetes, the younger one, thank goodness we stopped at two. I love my son, but he takes a lot of care, and if he only needed glasses I would thank my lucky stars, unfortunately now we have to worry about kidney failure, blindness, maybe losing a limb.

  • As for family feuds, stay out of it. It only turns into a battle of “she said”, “he said”, “they said”. However, I have to admit I wondered what had happened to Jodi, Beth and perhaps a few other. And I did wonder if the episode over the gum incident, would bring on hard feelings.
    I really thought the show would start to run it’s course after the 6 started school, with maybe a few specials as follow ups on how every one was doing.
    Does TLC or the G’s really think that in the middle of an economic crisis, the audience really wants to see episodes about lavish trips and gifts, hair transplants, etc?

  • I have always loved Jon and Kate Plus 8. I am unhappy with the way Kate has treated Jodi. We can all use a little extra money right about now. I hope the two of them kiss and make up for not only the sake of the children but the sake of the show as well. The children should not suffer because grown people do not know how to act.

  • Lynette, it is momma’s like you that my heart hurts for, I know as a mom, I’d rather had been sick or hurt than my kids, Even with them all grown I feel the same way.

    I certainly think it’s a miracle thet the Gosselins babes were all pretty healthy, nothing seriouly wrong,

    Have you ever heard or read the story of Chris & Diamond Harris? google it some time, I hope J & K have read that story, it certainly is different than the Gosselins, and they are a lovely couple who have had to struggle, not only financialy but lots of health issuse also, and yet they are Thankful for what ever help they get, and it’s not what the Gosselins have gotten either.

    I do enjoy the show some times, I do think Kate can be rude and very hard on Jon, but I usually don’t say a lot of negative things b/c I have been on a blog where they hate the woman so bad, and say some of the most hateful things and not really know for sure if it’s true or not.

    Any way heres some cyber hugs to ya(((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) hope you have a wonderful day. God Bless

  • I think it sounds like Bullshit. I mean seriously the blogs name bothers me. I love John and Kate and they are far from perfect. I dont know them personally honestly but the whole situation just sounds like both sides are being exaggerated and it’s obvious that the person who wrote the blog strongly dislikes Kate so of course she is going to make her out to look bad and if she didn’t care about the money she wouldn’t bring it up all the time.

  • I was shocked to casually come a cross a webpage about aunt jodi and what has been going on. shame on kate and john…. she is really mean to john and he just takes it!!!!!!! its obvious that kate has alienated all of her and johns family from their lives….. shame on them both!!!!!!!!!

  • it didn’t take long to see what kind of person kate is. after all jodi has done for her and then to discard her from their life because their was a disagreement. what about the children. do the know what happened to aunt jodie and their cousins. the point is kate and jon don’t care. I wish they would take the show off the air. kate and jon are getting rich off their own children. they are without conscience. I guess the grandparents and siblings must have affended the queen. I will not watch these two anymore. good luck jodi.

  • Aunt Jodi and sister, STOP WHINING and grow up. This is so ridiculous and a waste of time. Who cares if someone bitch about the gum. Get over it!

  • Really you guys, what has Kate done to sweet little aunt Jodi? Jodi is just as guilty as Kate, no more so really, b/c Jodi wanted a piece of the pie more than she wanted to be an aunt, She is the one who severed ties between her and Kates kids, she is the one who wanted big sister to defend her, and for what? Money, yes money, See no one is above wanting their share, not even when you have a squeeky little voice,

    As far as the grandparents, well there are laws to protect grand parents and visiting rights, so evidently the Kreiders don’t want to see the kids. If they were my grand children, I guarantee you I would see them, What have they got to loose, a relationship with Kate? no b/c there is’nt one any way.

    So while Kate is not “Perfect” in anyway shape or form, she takes a lot of heat for things that she can not help, 2 being Jodi and the grand parents, Why is it so hard for people to place some of the blame on other family members? Look at Kates sisters and brother, they have nothing to do with the parents either except for Clarrissa, the others do not even live close to them, I don’t think the Krieder kids had such a wonderful child hood,

    As far as Jodi ever being around the kids again, If I were Kate she would not be, unless it was supervised, who knows what she would tell those kids, espically after running her mouth to big sissy, Jodi was wrong, any way you look at it she is a coward and she is wrong, Let her tend to her own and not worry about Kates kids, after all she is not getting paid for it, Right?

  • kate is so self serving. If she and jon cared about their kids they wouldn’t put them on nation wide tv. kate treats people with no respect. she has some issues that she needs to get help for. When someone expresses an opinion that goes against what she thinks she does the only thing she knows how to do and that is kick those people out of her life without so much as wondering how that will affect the children who love these people. I wonder what the long term affects of that might be. I wonder when the last time those two paid for anything. I hope for the kids sake the show gets cancelled.

  • Molly, ITA with you, I hope the show gets cancelled to, not for your reasons tho, just to see who you all will pick on next, The Dudders, or the Roloffs I’m sure, b/c what women on these blogs have proved is that they have been handed a lemon or two in life and they have to spew their hate at some one, even if it’s some one they don’t know.

  • It’s Beth that has the mansion, not Jodi. But it’s hard to say that someone lives in a mansion. Where I live a home like J&K’s would be around 3,000,000 even though it’s not that nice inside, that land would be worth a fortune.

    I think Kate is sooooo rude to Jon, and she thinks it’s perfectly fine behavior. I hope that now that they have money he can divorce her. He deserves better. I believe the blogs, mostly because it’s not the first we’ve seen of Kate pushing people out of her lives. Those kids never see their grandparents. I believe kate’s term was that the grandparents ‘aren’t actively involved in their lives’. The episode where she wouldn’t let the kids walk on the hotel floor without shoes — OMG!!! what a freak.

  • wahmof2, I know a lot of people who will not walk on bare floors, espically hospital or hotels, just as I would not sleep under one of their comforters, that does not mean they are freaks, they are using their brain, try googleing some stories and you’ll see why,

    As far as the grand parents, they don’t want to see the kids or they would, plain and simple. Grand parents have rights to, there are laws for that very thing, so lets put the blame where it belongs,

    As far as Beth, she is one classy lady, not like Julie and her pitiful sissy, if anyone had a lot to tell I’m sure Beth could, but she is to much a lady for that, unlike Jodi she was not in it for the money, I’m sure she and her husband could but all the Kreiders and Jon and Kate.

  • after watching many of the episodes and reading alot on this family i have come to the conclusion jon is just as sickening as kate.He is so whipped and says and does whatever kate says. I use to feel sorry for him,not anymore. He expects just as many handouts as she does.They both deserve other. I am a happy mother of two children who has a working husband as well as myself.I have never had as much help as that woman.we struggle daily to buy food,clothing and medicine.i may only have 2 kids but could only dream of taking some of the wonderful vacations they do.if most people got the same help they do alot more people would probably have more kids. EXP..personal chef,cleaning lady,someone who folds,irons and puts their clothes away and the list goes on and on…..Ive gotten to the point where i cant even stomach the show,and to whomever this may offend and youre saying ‘well then dont watch it’ GUESS WHAT I DONT.No wonder they have moved,probably no one in their hometown can standthem. HEY Kate@Jon isnt it so convienient that now your six babies are off to preschool your moving away from your help?You sure dont need them as much now. But i doubt youll turn any FREEhandouts down . I sure hope your next free handout is some counseling for Maddie,she seems to have serious problems like her mom,so sad….I think aunt jody seems like avery good person.Kate was probably so jealous of her,because she couldnt be half the mom jody is.By the way Kate and and jon dont count on any income from the twins in show business,they really dont seem to have any talent at all,except for maybe the crying at the drop of a hat,and split personalities..

  • Any more the show is all about endorsements & freebies. I do believe it has run it’s course; it is time to call it quits. I liked it better in the beginning and they seemed like a normal family with a lot of kids.
    (I suppose they are moving because they do not get along with any one any more…hmm)

  • Lori, can you honestly say that if the free stuffs were offered to you, wouldn’t you accept it? I just don’t get why all you people don’t want this family to enjoy the benefits of being on this show. It seems that just because your family doesn’t get to enjoy the same thing as the Gosselins, therefore it’s wrong? Well, guess what? That’s life!!! Some people are lucky and some aren’t. So maybe it’s really not right for you to watch any tv show afterall!!!

    About this Aunt Jodi and sister… has it ever occured to some of you that if this women really love the kids (as they claim), would they even start this nasty blogs against the kids parents? And therefore these kids will suffer too if something bad happened to the parents like some wacko out there attacking them as a result of turning many people against them. This two claim they are their family, yet they don’t do what normal family do when there’s some misunderstanding… like fix the problem between themselves privately. So, therefore, this nasty blog is nothing more trying to get back at the parents and try to make the maximum damage against them as much as possible.

    By the way… do families really do this kind of extremely evil thing to their own??? Oh that’s it… they are actually just IN LAWS…

  • I watched Jon and Kate last night and it was refreshing. It was just Jon, the boys and Cara. I noticed that when the people from the Phillies gave the children caps and shirts that Jon actually said Thanks. Kate , the girls and Maddie did not go. It seemed much more relaxed without Kate and Maddie. I wonder if Jon and Kate know what the children are missing without the grandparents in their lives. Unless the grandparents are alcoholics or pediphiles




  • Jenny, I totally agree with you, evidently no one is reading our comments, which is fine, I just explained if the grand parents really wanted to see the kids, by our laws Kate and Jon could not stop them,

    As for sweet aunt Jodi, I think she was tired of helping and this was her way out, she really did not love that family or she would still be there, why is it so much harder to blame others than Kate for all the family B.S.? I believe Beth Carson and her family loved the Gosselins more than any of them did, and as aires woman said, no one on these blogs know the whole truth, Jodi’s sister just said enough to GWoP to get more mud slingling started, and some of the blogs have eaten it up, It has become the gospel truth to many of the Kate bashers, and sad but true, no one knows, So many people speculate about the life of some one they don’t even know, It’s one thing to blog or comment on what we see on T.V. but some of these women have gone to the ends of the earth to did up any thing about them, some have had petitions started to stop the show, some have xcontacted child social sevices, and some have gotten Paul Petersen involved, But the commonwealth of Penn, says they have not had any complaints on the Gosselin’s and that was stated on Fox News, and CNN.

    But this is just a few things people have done, Gosselin without Pity have done worse than anyone, and they drag up more dirt than any one. I don’t know how these people sleep at night after the things they say and do against this family, and yet say they do it b/c they are concerned for the kids, “No They Are Not”!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Lori, I don’t think you offended any one, at least not me, I just would think if you truly do have 2 children, you’d be more careful of how nasty you talk about Kates twins, who are you to say they have no talent? or that Mady seriously needs some help? Are you educated in that field enough to make that assumption?

    Be careful what you say about others kids, they are Gods children to, and he loves them as much as you love yours, if you have any. Some times what goes around comes around. Have a great day/evening

  • Missy, thanks, you nailed it as well. But for me, I’m just worried about this family… Just like what I’ve said before, if something tragic happens (I pray and pray to God it won’t) to the parents (J K) resulting from all these hate blogs started by Jody and sister who claim to be their family (or more accurately IN LAWS FROM HELL) then this people should be held accountable (sent to jail at least)…

    Because you’ll never know what kinds of people are reading these blogs these days. And there are many nutcase out there (like the anti abortion bomber psychos) who might try the extreme and confront these parents and might even end up tragically. Then what will happen to the kids who these hypocrits profess to care about… Who knows maybe this is actually one of Jody and the sister’s objective, afterall what this sisters are doing right now is obviously how to make Kate and Jon pay regardless of any outcome….

    And if you think about it, this personal vendetta against the kids parents is simply because of the MONEY and that of Jody’s part on the show resulting in JODY LOSING HER 15 MINUTES OF FAME…which I think the malicious blogging sisters couldn’t take.

  • I don’t think Jodi approached TLC. My understanding is TLC approacher HER and wanted to compensate her. People who appear on their shows on a regular basis get compensated. I thought they also approached her more than once. Can someone clarify this?

  • Missy,By yhe way,i do have two children.Have you really ever watched these shows?Maddie crys or throws afit on just about every episode.FYI..Imight not be educated in that field as you say,but im not a total idiot.Obviously if you think these kids are normal and they do have talent,i hope you dont or plan to ever have your kids in show business.As far as them having no talent,Kate and Jonsaid they have been told by many people to get them in show business,WHY? just because they are twins,they dont even look alike.Have you seen the episode where the kids put on a “talent show” obviously you didnt.After you have seen that one then coment me back.I totally agree about “these are all gods children” but when youre a “television star” and you cant handle other peoples opinions,then maybe your time has come to call it quits.Thats the price of fame.Iguess like you said “what goes around comes around”Thats why i intend to live a private life.

  • Jenny,If you would have really read my blogs maybe you would have gotten my point.You asked me”honestly if free stuff was offered to me ,wouldnt i accept it?” thats a really stupid question.of course most people would like handouts.Have you heard of any of the reasons why they are moving?well i have.ONE-they were told free medical was being cut from them because there was nothing wrong with their children.Those parents said they should be entitled to free medical.Why?Because they have 8 kids-who cares.They just want and expect it.And by the way i never said it was wrong because we dont get the same kind of help.And yes,we do plenty together as a family ,certainly not as much as them,but thats because we pay for ours.Did you really happen to read mine?it clearly states,i dont watch it anymore.i think it can be a wonderful thing when someone gets help,but you know what?maybe they could do the same.Starting off by them donating their things ,instead of taking their things to a cosignment shop.Do you know what that is?its a place where people sell your things for you,but you do indeed make most of the money for that item. My point is if they cant afford medical,Why do they have a nanny “kates helper”and are planning to adopt another child?I guess i do have a problem with anyone who are lazy parents that dont work,and are physically capable of it.Dont get me wrong,i think its great when a mother can stay at home with their family to raise kids,but why doesnt jon have a job now?They claim they deserve this ,but if you think about it,thats just like someone that keeps having more kids to get more welfare.Maybe if they cant do it without help,they shouldnt adopt into the family.

  • This is in response to Jenny and Missy’s comments:
    Since you both are so high and mighty and NEVER say anything bad about people…which you are doing just as much as anyone else on here….get off your soapboxes!!!!! You both seem like you think you are better than everyone else….probably why you agree with Kate on so many things. Just as you are telling people that “if you don’t like it…stop watching the show”…if you don’t like what other people have to say and you think this blog is junk….stop reading it!!!
    There is nothing wrong with people getting “freebies” but when I have to contribute to these “freebies” by paying my taxes…I disagree with it thoroughly. They want everything to be handed to them on a silver platter and cry and complain about how they don’t have the money to cover their own children’s health coverage but yet they are adopting another child….gimme a break!!!! That’s called playing the government..and fraud…I’d like to know anyone else who can’t “afford” to pay for their children’s medical bills…but CAN afford a nanny, “Kate’s helper”? It seems as though you think it’s ok for people who are considered millionaires to get free handouts from the state? I guess I don’t understand why anyone would think this is acceptable. In response to this blog being malicious…..and Jodi and her sister are the (in-laws from hell)…they have every right to say whatever they feel like saying, you obviously don’t know the situation to be making these snide comments. Jodi didn’t approach TLC for the money…she’s been watching those kids for free because she loved them….Kate cut Jodi out of the kids’ lives because TLC approached Jodi for being a recurring person on the show…Jodi didn’t want to step on Kate’s toes because she knows that Kate is self serving and would be mad because there are other people “benefiting” from HER show. Jodi told Kate that she didn’t care about the money and was happy just being a part of the kids’ lives. That wasn’t good enough for Kate….Kate went on to say that Nobody will get anything from the show except her and Jon and told TLC that if they started to pay Jodi…she was pulling the plug on the show. As far as the grandparental rights and you saying that “if the grandparents really wanted to see the kids…Kate couldn’t stop them”….I don’t know where you are from…but to my knowledge..this law was cut several years ago and even if it was a law where they are from…what are the grandparents supposed to do…come and kidnap the kids in the middle of the night to see them. They couldn’t just walk right up in their house if Kate doesn’t want them around. It also kills me how you talk about how you can’t stand hearing the excuse that people give about “just being worried about the kids” but then you go on talking about it yourself. The children are beautiful kids but 10 years down the road you will see just how messed up they are after living under the ruthless, controlling, manipulative bitch that gave birth to them. If you even watch this show at all you’d see how deeply depressed Cara has been acting in this last season. It’s very sad…and Maddie…is definetly following in her mother’s footsteps. She’s rude, and thinks she rules the roost! I don’t enjoy saying that about a child but you know what?? as you say……THAT”S LIFE!!! Maybe you need to read some of the local’s comments…they know first hand on how Kate is and acts. I would be embarrassed if I were you…commenting on things you know nothing about.

    The family with 17 kids and one on the way—the Duggers–show is much better, they actually show the struggle of a large family…and ways to make life a little more cost efficient with their children. The family works for what they have and don’t expect free handouts from everyone they come in contact with, and their family is double that of J&K. The mother is not neurotic and doesn’t verbally abuse her husband. They all seem to be happy people and love each other. Very good show, and is refreshing to see a NORMAL family function and appreciate the things that they worked for themselves.

  • jenny,its pretty funny how you had some snoddy remarks about jody .she has a right to defend her character as much as anyone.if you ask me youre just as guilty ,youre just on the other side of the fence that being jon and kates.she pretty much did them a favor by keeping all of those screaming brats so kate could do her god she even had someone watch the kids so she could learn how to cook organic foods,but its already out there she has her own personal chef,OMG,give me a break. Face it lady,this woman may seem like she does a lot for her family on her show,but dig a little deeper,she really hardlyhas to do anything

  • cathy and lori,i agree with you guys . either missy and jenny have no kids or they are lazy and live off the system.gee isnt it funny anyone would think just because she is their aunt she doesnt have a right to speak her mind. personally im happy she was able to get out of that crazy situation and to not be used anymore.

  • Cathy, first about the Duggers, they are a wonderful family and they are raising their children pretty much in the same way my family came from, clothes and all, with that being said. Watch Out, the dirt on them is already starting to hit the fan, Michelle has already been called a freak, and she and her daughters have even had theur hair made fun of,

    Now back to the Gosselins, I have seen almost every show Thanks for asking, I don’t believe they are any longer getting welfare or your tax dollars are paying for their up keep, Who says they don’t have their own insurance? And it is not their fault companies want to keep on giving to them. So what? it’s not your money.
    As far as calling Kate names like you and others have, no I would not do that, but if thats the only way to get your point across more kuddo’s to ya.
    And yes the grand parents could see the kids if they wanted, no not kidnap them, that is a silly remark to say, there is still a “grand parents law” for visitation, unless said grand parents are proven to be unfit, this is America, we do have that law all over our U.S.A. As far as Jodi, I hope she never sees them out side of a television, she is squeeky clean-two-faced and a coward. She is as low as a family member can be, I don’t care what people say Kate said, I did’nt hear Kate de-grading Jodi, I heard Jodi de-grading Kate, Kate has said nothing bad about any of her screwed up family, and yes I believe they are messed up.

    The local comments you mentioned, is from who and where? mostly blogs and people like Julie and Jodi who are ticked off b/c they have lost their fame, Yes TLC are the ones who went to Jodi, but it was Jodi who chose to leave, How do you know it was all Kates fault? you don’t,

    I could’nt care less if you don’t like her, I’m sure she could’nt care less either, I just find it sad when grown women hate another women so bad, that they will attack her children, So maybe you and Lori need to take a step back, and if you can’y fight us fair, then don’t start fighting wiyh the kids, maybe you shouls pull up your big girl panties and brush the dirt off your little knees and play fair or just go home.

    I guess our opinions of the show and Kate is just as important to us as yours is to you, Just b/c we are not bashing the heck outta Kate don’t mean we agree with all she and Jon do, but they are young and they are learning, I’m sure when you started out with a family you made mistakes also, pleuuzzzzeeee, don’t let us think you are like these other perfect parents, I’m sure Kate and Jon have wished many times they would have said or done some thing different, but they are in this for the long haul, and they are doing it together, like it or not, they are together, Helllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo, they are together..

    Jenny. I doubt if any one couls be held accountable for what is said on these blogs, and it is to bad. We do have a lot of weirdos around, I to believe if Jilie and Jodi can make things look worse for Kate they wii, after all is’nt that why Jodi went crying to big sister in the first place, was just to start more trash on Kate, Who in their right mind does a blog about what a family member did to them, if the Gosselins were not on T.V. Julie would have never said any thing on a blog, well heres the proof, why did’nt they come out with this crap 2 years earlier? b/c they wanted Jodi to get some money also, thats what it was about Jodi making money, (off of the backs of Kates Kids) but it would have been okay for Jodi, but not the parents!! Wow

  • that’s funny….I don’t remember EVER saying anything bad about her children… I’m entitled to my opinion as are you…And for your information…how do you know I am not one of their family members as well?? YOU DON”T. I think you need to check up on the grandparent laws…are YOU qualified in the laws of this country? Because, not all states serve to the grandparents law anymore. I know because I’ve been down that road before… doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a good ten years. I never said I was perfect but then I’m not on national TV making a fool of myself. I, too, have made many mistakes and am not afraid to admit it, I came off my soapbox a long time ago. Where has it been stated that Jodi said anything derogatory about those children??

    By locals…..I mean…in the same neighborhood or town that the Gosselins live!…and I don’t think making fun of people’s hair and someone calling Michelle a freak is nearly the same as what people say about Kate Gosselin…that’s not even in the same ballpark.

    Even though they are not perfect, I know they do love their children (kate and jon)….that’s not my point and I never said they didn’t….I just said the woman is screwed up, for whatever reason, she is under a lot of stress but so are a lot of people in this world and that’s no excuse for some of their “gimme gimme gimmes”. I too wish the “weirdos’ you refer to would make themselves known, because Lord only knows that’s the “only way you can get your point across”…don’t be a hypocrite Missy.

    And as the being jealous thing…..I don’t have anything to be jealous of….I’m not in an abusive, dysfunctional relationship like they are…and to plan to be anytime soon. I am not stuck and binded to my spouse only because we have 8 children and I don’t want to pay child support for them. Are you really that shallow that you have not paid any attention to the facts in this situation or do you just come on here to debate your “all knowing” facts with everyone?? Oh by the way….don’t bother to comment back because I will not be posting my opinion on this matter after this comment, and as a matter of fact will not come back on to read your statements….I agree that we disagree and let’s leave it at that. your not worth the time….I have a life! WOW maybe you should get one too!

  • why are these people weirdos? because they don’t agree with you? i have to tell you you are in the minority on this page missy. you are the weirdo


  • tom is being a real but it is not nice to call people those kinds of names just do what is best lol…love the show

  • I agree with the blogger named Erin. I think the poor lighting in the interview with the “supposed” Aunt Jodi was to conceal the fact that someone was hired to say this to create controversy. People really need to get “lives” so that this is not an issue.

  • Wow, this is my opinion, Jenny has nothing to do with what I say, so don’t blame her.
    Amy, I do not live off any system, except my husbands and our chosen life style, would’nt know what the system or welfare looked like if it knocked at my door, I am how ever probably older than you, my children are all grown and have their own lives, my husband and I travel and live very comfortable, tho we are far from being rich.
    And yes to another comment, I have over the years had a lot of dis-agreements with family, but never would I want to tell the whole nation about it.
    I have never said you Cathy were jealous or to stop watching, I could’nt care less if you do or don’t watch , and I do not know if you are a jealous person or not.
    I do not have all the “knowing facts” as some one said, I just don’t make up stories of what I don’t know, like so many do, where do all the stories come from? I was reading a blog today in ref: to Mon, nites show, this A.M. some one suggested that Kate looked like she was medicated (on drugs) well guess what? tonite it went from she looked like to she is over medicated, wait a day or two and it will be on several blogs that Kate Gosselin is doing drugs and TLC is paying for it.
    This is what I mean about where do the stories start, and we already know they don’t end.

    As far as Jodi (Again) how do you know how that really came about? b/c Julie said so? b/c Jodi said so? are there not two sides to every story? Oh yes Missy and we got 2 sides, Julies and Jodi’s, so what makes them so believeable? You ahve not heard any thing on the show about it have you?

    So now you guys want to call me a hypocrite, why, what have I said in a hypocritical way? That is not fair. I said I think J&K make plenty of bloopers, but they are young and they are learning, just as we all are still doing (only I’m not as young anymore LOL)

    3 or 4 of you got together and called Jenny and I lazy, living off the system, a hypocrite,a weirdo, and for what? b/c we have a different opinion?
    some one said Jodi had a right to defend her character, defend from who? from what? who was offending her? other than she lost out on her t.v. time and her money,

    Now heres a question, some one please answer this, if it it in fact J&K are exploiting their kids by keeping the show going, what would you have called Kevin and Jodi doing the same thing? was that not what they wanted was to make a buck off of not only J&K kids but their own as well?, and so many peole are up in arms about this, that J&K are making money off the kids, but yet are so mad b/c they believe Jodi’s story that Kate would not allow TLC to pay her to do the same thing, Talk about hypocritical, See all I’m saying is I don’t believe every thing I read on these blogs, every one has a different version and no one, no one really knows for sure,

    As for the poster who asked, “how do you know I am not family member?” so who cares if you are, why are you on her with us instead of helping that family of yours?. I have shared e-mails with one of Kates sisters, would you care to guess which one? if you are a family member, you should know the whole story.

    You are right about the difference between Michelle Dugger and Kate, not the same ball park either thats for sure, but give Michelle a season or two and she will be right at home plate with Kate Gosselin, the trashy stories have already started on her and her family, worse than their hair and clothes, I did not want to comment on it , but posters have made fun of her and her intimacy with her husband, dirty, nasty, dis-gusting stuff, and they are just getting started,

    I’m not going to try and change any ones opinion and I won’t change mine a lot either, I could say some negative things about the show, my pet peeve is how the kids act up, but that is from me being raisedin a different era. I don’t usually say much about them negative, b/c thats what everybody else does, and if we all agreed it would be pretty boring would’nt it?.

    One more small thing, but so huge, just b/c we do not agree, does not mean you are right and Iam wrong, that you are wrong and I am right, it only means we have a difference of an opinion.

  • Honestly, this is by far the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. What right does anyone have to make money off of somebody elses life. To me Aunt Jodi sounds like a spoiled stuck up bitch. Who is she to criticize Kate for having extra help, you take 8 kids for the most what two days, yeah try living with them. Maybe, then you would be so cheery. If this women is so “Well-off” and didn’t need the money then why the fuck does she care soo much. You want your life to be filled with cameras just to make a quick buck. It sounds to me like she wanted her five minutes of fam and when she didn’t get it through the show she used this stupid fucking blog to get everyones attention. Now, here people are giving her exactly what she wants, attention. Honestly, had i been offered money to look after my neices and nephews i would not take it, and the fact that she not only did not deny the money but had her HUSBAND (not herself) go to Kate and ask for money is just sick. I would have acted in the exact same way, they are the ones who will have to pay for University for ten fucking kids, every single dollar to those people in an insured future for their children. Rather, then keeping that money for her kids she is expected to pay her family for something any of us would do for their family for the plain fact that they are family and you love them. Honestly, Jodi’s sisters blog should just be shut down, i don’t even understand why she would get involved in the first place. Everyone can clearly see those kids are growing up just fine, they are far more intelligent then most kids their age and eat better then any of us. Honestly, i don’t even see how Jodi could have made Kate look like a bad mother, she is a push over, she lets them do whatever they want, she lets three year olds out smart her. This is all just very grade school and both Jodi and her Sister need to grow up and realize that their not going to become stars out of this

  • They are getting all of their trips for free and, believe me, they are milking the system for all it is worth. Did you see Jon at the Phillies game? He was grabbing up tons of food and souveniers. I never saw him pay for anything (I didn’t seem him being very grateful either). He is just as bad as she is if you ask me. There is a reason that they are not in contact with a ANY of their family members. They are in a position to help those less unfortunate but they are too GREEDY and too busy helping themselves. I can’t watch it anymore.

  • Then Robin, if it hurts you or makes you that mad, you are right , you should not watch it any more,

    I agree with the above poster, I just could’nt put it in the words she used LOL, but Jodi is a cry baby, and she was doing it all along for the attention and her time on T.V. And Julie was right there to help her get it started, Two Peas in The Same Pod, just lovely

    She did’nt get her way and she just had to let big sister know about it, what is wrong with freebies? they are not on welfare, it’s not coming out of our taxes, Geesh why don’t people let that phrase go. How are they milking the system,? b/c they accept offers? well so would you and so would I, if it’s no longer out of your tax money, why do you care who gives them what, and where did Jon not act appreciative? I also have heard them many times over say they could’nt do what they do, if it was them paying for it.

    Also up thread some one said that Mady, would more’n likely grow up and shoot up a school, well you should watch your own spawn, did theses other kids that shot up the schools ever have a reality show? NO!! do you think their parents ever thought they would do such an awful thing? NO!! How can you people talk about some one elses kds like that, it may come back home to ya, Don’t temt God. be careful what you wish on others, it could come back home to haunt you. Say what ever dis=spictable thing you want about J&K but leave the kids out of it, and if you that said that are from GWoP please go back to your own play ground, I know it’s nasty and dirty over there, but please don’t drag this site in the mud with theirs.

    And yes thank you Erin I agree I believe it was all made up to, just to have more dirt thrown at Kate, B/c Jodi and Julie are the ones who are doing the throwing, Does Julie think Kate would ever allow her to be around those kids again? I hope not, Jodi did’nt love those kids, or she would have kept her cry baby tears to her self and stopped wanting the public attention, but I guess a bird in the hand is worth more to her than two in a bush. Why is it so easy to believe them? b/c Kate is not on here trying to mud sling, she thinks to much of her kids for that,

    But let me tell you, I think most of Kates family are messed up, her sister Clarissa is some thing else, on one hand she is preaching God’s word and in the same breath she was trashing her family, that is why it is so hard for non-believers of God to believe any thing that christians say, b/c most wordly people would’nt think of trashing their family on the inter-net, Think about that.

  • I decided last week I hate Kate. When I saw the long bangs in her eyes all highlighted and the shorts that showed her legs during the interview I was done. The fame and money went to their heads as it ALWAYS does. I always cringed when she would yell at Jon. She called it “being real”. She was right it is “real” sin. Yikes. It scares me to think where that family will find itself in few years. Regret is not a fun place to be.

  • robin,exactly my point.There sure is a reason why NO ONE in that family has anything to do with them.Not just jody and her family,but everyone else. Did any one happen to catch the episode when they celebrated the sextuplets birthday?Kate made her comments and laughed at the lady riding the pony.saying something like i bet the horse is thinking just shoot me now.,just because she wasnt skin and bones.How embarrasing for her.Maybe she wasnt offered free lipo or tummy tucks like kateShe says this lady is like their grandma.WOW, no wonder her blood family cant stand her.Thats really ashame she would put someone down like that.If i remember correctly kate looked pretty disgusting after having her kids.Not that most people dont, but most people dont go around laughing on national television about other people like kate did.

  • Dear Missy or (Kate) because we know thats who you really are. It amazes me that a woman with eight children could sit back and find the time to defend herself to the world. Why dont you admit who you really are. Who is Jenny? Jon. Oh i forgot Kate never forwards any negative feedback to Jon. Who else would defend somebody else as much as you two do? By the way Kate, I sure am glad to to see you no longer in nursing when one of your kids had a bloody lip and you freaked out and yelled at jon. Go play with your kids, instead of spending all your time defending yourself.

  • Hey, just wanted to say I have always loved the show but there are oters out there with sextuplets, and Kate has a lot of good ways, but why cant your kids play normal and does any of your neighbors visit does Mady and Cara have any girlfriends? Jon dont know how you deal with Kate, hope ypur marriage can survive it. I will always watch the show, just glad its you and not me. Good Luck!!

  • Well, I think I have stirred the hornets nest because suddenly all this people are coming out from everywhere attacking my post and Missy’s in support of the hate bloggers – Jody and sister and others…

    Ok to Lori, Cathy and everyone else supporting and defending all those malicious bloggers. The common gripes that I noticed about what you are all saying is that you don’t like that this family is getting all this freebies from eveywhere and seemed to think that J & K and family are having an easier life. There’s a mention of chef cooking for them, cleaning lady, nanny’s, house cleaner etc. And, I’m not sure if this is actually true since all this allegations is coming from one side only – the hate blogs against J & K and family… And let’s just say this is true but so what???

    This is the one thing that I don’t understand. Why is it so wrong for you people that this family is having an easier life? They have a show and are getting all the benefits which includes money, gifts, freebies and more… Just because they started with nothing are they supposed to stay poor while TLC is getting all this trucks of money off of them? The truth is almost all super rich entertainers (actors, singers etc.) started as poor… Britney, Brad Pitt, Oprah … Even Paris Hilton got even richer because of that reality show which became a big hit and so boosting her skanky career… LOL. The same is true for the Gosselins. I consider them entertainers because they are entertaining millions of people for many hours a week.

    So is it really that bad that they are getting richer (just like other entertainers) because of their show? And don’t tell me about the “child exploitation” crap because if you go there what about all the parents of child actors of the past and present like Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan and others…

    Also, don’t you want to see the kids have a brighter future like a nice house, a secured college education… Or just because your family isn’t having it easier, then the Gosselins should remain poor as well and you rather want to see them homeless or live in a Trailer Park with both parents working and leaving the 6 little kids to Cara and Mady to take care of… Is that the kind of life you want for them?

    By the way Lori, this family isn’t getting anything from the government or your tax money (please stop being so gullible by believing all the lies of hate bloggers)… TLC and the show advertisers are providing them all that they need right now. Jon and Kate have now the means to stay at home taking care of their kids… And I’m very very happy for them and unlike some people here I’m not in the least jelous about it… I even wish they’ll become super rich because of the show just like many people in the entertainment industry…

  • About what I called “MALICIOUS BLOGGING” by the sisters… a term the hate blog supporters doesn’t like. Well, it’s pretty malicious no matter how you look at it. I will even add “EVIL” to all these blogs because one of their sole purpose is to stir people’s emotion against this wonderful family – although imperfect since I myself don’t like K or J (mostly kate) behavior sometimes…

    Likewise, they are EVIL BLOGS because they have the potential to become deadly for the Gosselins. You might say “oh that’s not going to happen”… Well, just like the crazy people of the “anti abortion”, “anti Vietnam war”, and other causes that stirred crazy people to murder like Rudolph, McVeigh, Kaczynski, W. Ayers, this HATE BLOG BY JODY AND SISTER and others will likewise agitate some wackos of the “anti child exploitation” advocates in resorting to violence against the family especially Kate and Jon. Furthermore, just look at the anger and hatred that some posters here are expressing against this family… What I’m saying is, what if something bad happened (I’m praying it won’t) because of those bloggers? Aren’t you going to feel awful for at least supported and encouraged Jody and sister and others to stir up these crazy people to commit violence?

    Also, let’s be honest about this… Jody and sister’s main purpose in starting all these hate blogs is to derail the show or have it cancelled. This is obviously as PAYBACK to Kate and family because of money issues and Jody getting cut off from the show. Since when she is still in it they (sister and Jody) seem to be happy about the whole thing and aren’t writing blogs about this child exploitation crap. But now since Jody is out they (the sisters) cleverly stirred some gullible people everywhere including the wackos of America in all shape and sizes.

    This includes this “HAS BEEN CHILD ACTOR” in the 50’s named Paul Peterson (never heard of this guy before) who seem to think of himself as the SAVIOUR of abused children. I consider this as laughable because they are on camera by just being themselves and for a few hours a day and 3 days a week. By comparison the child actors are being forced to act differently than themselves on sets sometimes for weeks on end so that’s real work for those kids… So it’s only proper that he should concentrate more on those kids than this family. In fact, there are much more serious cases this guy should be going after like the parents of kids in pageants which is also on TLC.

    But because that TLC show isn’t as popular and this guy isn’t going to get publicity and extend his “15 minutes of fame” he isn’t going to CNN and gripe about it. So, it’s obvious that he is only interested in promoting himself. Besides, how come this person isn’t going after the DUGGARS family as well? Oh I see… they aren’t as popular as the Gosselins… so no publicity for him…


  • jenny,,okay first of all i have heard of no one hoping or praying of anything bad to happen to these little kids.Actually you are the only one who keeps bringing this issue up.Some may say you are the crazy one. You obviously are tracking down their every move and try to cyou orrect every thing everyone else says.Once again smarty,I will tell you ONE MORE TIME i am not jealous nor would Ilike to see those kids grow up poor.Its not their fault they have two very

  • jenny,,okay first of all i have heard of no one hoping or praying of anything bad to happen to these little kids.Actually you are the only one who keeps bringing this issue up.Some may say you are the crazy one. You obviously are tracking down their every move and try to correct every thing everyone else says.Once again smarty,I will tell you ONE MORE TIME i am not jealous nor would I like to see those kids grow up poor.Its not their fault they have two very ungrateful parents.And I noticed again how you seem to believe this is speculation about kates helpers ,a cleaning lady someone who does their laundry irons and even puts it away. I guess it is one sided.Kate and Jons side.It was on one of their episodes.Any one who would constantly bring up this issue about crazy people and would know so much about it this in fact does concern me.And to answer your question Yes I would feel sad if anyt hing were to happen to any child .But it would not be my fault.Obviously I have not done my research on nut jobs like you have.Oh by the way i noticed you had nothing to say about the bday partyor were you actually there?do also happen to work for the govt?Y eah I didnt think so.

  • I have six sibling. Me and my twin sister are fifteen, my two older brothers are seventeen and nineteen, my youngest sister is nine, my second youngest sister is eleven and my youngest brother is thirteen.
    I am old enough now to know that raising all of us was hard for my parents. My dad worked full time and my mom stayed home to take care of us. When my oldest brother was old enough to babysit, Mom started working part-time.
    We stressed Mom out a lot. She yelled at us all the time, but we always knew she cared. When my little sister was being picked on at school Mom told her a funny story that made her laugh instead of cry and then she told her what to do when if it happened again.

    What I am trying to say is that Jon and Kate are pretty good parents. I know what life is like taking care of a lot of children and it’s never easy. Our parents seemed to always yelled at us or each other, but love was always present on our home. It is the same at the Gosselins.
    When you have a lot of kids and a tight schedule of course you are going to get stressed. My parents were the same, and Kate is the same. What my parents did is they got my brother to babysit every Saturday and they went out to spend time with each other.
    Kate should do the same, except they should hire a nanny. It does wonders to relieve stress and I really saw the change in my parents when they started.

    I am a supporter of Kate.

  • Oh My Lordy Be! (as Kate would say) Oh wait thats me LMAO, Jon are you in the closet? come in here and see me right now, do you hear me Jon? Hellllllllllllllllooooooooooooo Jon,

    Oh Jenny this could be so much fun, if I were a deceiver, “sincewearelyingaboutnames” what kinda name is that? Any way where do you come up with those thoughts, did you dream that up? or are you naturally used to just spewing what ever comes to your mind?

    lori there have been plenty of bad things said about the kids on here, evidently you just don’t read all the comments. And yes Kate did and does have help, but the funny thing is, is that those very people have said them selves they volunteered to do this, Kate did not have to ask,

    As far as the chef and others there now is TLC’S doing, and the only time the chef is there is when they are filming, So you are saying if you were offered a trip that you would refuse it? if some one offered you free service you would refuse it? Well honey send it my way, I’d love to have a freebie.
    and so that is exactly what Jodi got her panties in a wad about, she did’nt get the freebies Kate got, so what? You all think Jodi wasso sweet and loving, sure until she found out there would be no money and then whoosh she was gone, so was her love and concern for the kids,

    I am not Jenny, but as far as researching “nut jobs” all you have to do is watch the news or read the paper, Everyday it’s loaded with crimes against children, So Jenny did not have to go to college to research that did she,

    What was about the B’day party? b/c Kate was having fun and cracking jokes with people who loved her, I know it’s hard for some of you to believe that Kate can laugh and have fun. So she yells and she is some times anal about trivial things, have we not all done the same thing, About the remark (supposedly made about Nana Joan) Kate was saying that b/c all of the kids were riding ,what she said to Nana was not to fall off and get hurt,

    Well Jenny I guess (Miss Smarty) you are still in the closet, LOL where does this stuff come from? LMAO, missy is Kate and Jenny is Jon, Oh Lordy Be,

    I guess maybe if (Sincewerealllyingaboutnames) OMG what a name, if they really want to I’m sure the moderator or the IP Staff of this blog can check out who we are and where we are from, But Jenny, it’s nice to meet you , I just wish we could have or should I say, I could have carried that on for a while, it could have been so much fun, Me being Kate, hmmm, Missy shaking head, and wishing she had Kates bank account!!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow Jenny and you to lori, and who ever this name person is, hope no one is mad, it’s a blog and it’s filled with POV’s and opinions, that don’t agree, but we are still adults and still can be civil.

  • People get a life……..Noone is perfect….Ok Kate is disrespectful to Jon…..WOW, is that such a big deal..They are marride with 8 children……She has stress build up…..

    I say God bless them both and where ever the road leads them.


  • Oh Lori, are you being funny or what? Now you are assuming I’m the crazy one because I happen to know all this things and you don’t? That’s the problem with you… You only love reading gossips on tabloids and the internet while as for me, I’ve always love reading world events including historical. For example one of the people I listed as a one time crazy guy is W. Ayers, who is on the news recently because of his association with Obama. You should have known that but because you are interested in reading only about gossips on reality show people you don’t know anything about what’s going on.

    Also, are you accusing me of stalking someone? I’m confused really… what gave you sunch a ridiculous idea? Let’s see, I posted my opinion here about the ongoing feud between the Jody’s side and the Gosselin side and I happen to be pro Gosselin and stated my point and my concerns for the safety of the family especially the parents. Now just because you hated them so much (especially Kate) and don’t agree with my opinion you are accusing me of being a stalker and the crazy one? Wow, what a genius…

    Actually, after reading your response I’m thinking that you maybe one of the people I’m worried about regarding the safety of the Gosselin family. Because in your post you mentioned twice
    that you also don’t want anything to happen to the little kids but not once you included the parents…which in the first place are the one’s I’m more concerned about.

    It’s also very strange that you said that you don’t watch the show anymore and yet you are still obsessed with this family… especially Kate who I noticed that you seem to hate with passion. I find that really scary…seriously.

    By the way, who cares if they have hundreds of helpers, cooks… inside their house!! If they can afford it, why not? You said you aren’t jelous and yet you kept on bitching and griping about this same thing over and over again…

    Missy, I find it funny too that they think I’m Jon… They think that all people are all Kate or Jon haters so they don’t think it’s possible that some fans are actually defending them…

  • I have to comment on this because I was a huge fan of this show. Reality show that my whole family could watch and we were so intrigued by the children.

    I’m still trying to understand this whole mess between Aunt Jodi and Kate. I can see why Aunt Jodi would be hurt by their belitting comments.

    Fast forward to the Philadeliphia Baseball outing where Jon took 1/2 the kids for a once in a lifetime event. You could see the jealousy in Kate’s face the whole time while Jon narrated the show. Kate missed out on this event. What stuck in my mind about this show was Collin running through the bases on the field and stopping because he didn’t want to get his shoes dirty. The camera’s focused on Kate’s face and she just rolled her eyes. He was afraid to get his shoes dirty and he’s only 4 years old.

    All I can say to TLC is bring Aunt Jodi back to the show. She brought character to the show. She’s kind and beautiful. I wish they could mend their relationship.

  • let me start off by saying the reason i only said i would never want anything to happen to the kids as well as any one else.Thats only because you asked me wouldnt you feel bad if something happened to the kids. i absolutely would never want anything to happen to any parents.or anyone else for that matter. The reason i did get on this site is because it said “Jon and Kate Plus Eight Gets Nasty:Aunt Jody Tells Her Side” Any one who reads anything about anyone is just as much to blame when things are being said. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinions and im sure you have heard certain things as have i. I really dont have anything else to say you both made your point like i feel i made mine. i am not “obsessed ” with them just because i got on here to see what jody had to say,as well as anyone else does when they read anything on them .Ido have a life and could really give a shit less what they do or how they do it,but my only point is that they sure seem to do everything on their own,but they do indeed get alot of help. The fame in my eyes seems it is going to their heads. There are alot of people in the world who have alot of kids, that dont get help . Again this site was aunt jody telling her side,not kate & jons. Ifeel if any one wants to continually kiss their ass then get on their site. By the way i do have other things to do ,as i hope this is not the only thing going on for you.i am defending what i believe as you both are. Just because I dont agree with you doesnt mean you are right and vice versa.Again ,you are on here just as much as anyone else if not more so calling me obsessed is just plain ridiculous.


  • all you progosselins can SUCK IT! you’re all a bunch of b******* that think you’re better then everyone else. just like Kate and Jon. I think thats what my girl Lori’s talkin about when she called you Kate and Jon. you seem like some stuck up, ungrateful a**holes. how dare you tell people they are obsessed and you fear for the well being of the gosselin family. you are the ones to be worried about. go back to reading your history since you’re so damn smart and stay off the lowly hate blogs if you don’t like it ya dumb b****, get over yourselves and crawl back up in kates a**.

  • Man I said lets be civil and we get called bitches for that, evidently tommy could’nt spell “bitch” there I did it for you, hope that you calling women you don’t even know bitches makes you feel all grown up like a punk, b/c real men don’t do that, As for you sticking up for your girl lori, it sounds like to me the two of you are about 12-15 years of age, Have you even gotten out of middle school yet, b/c you clearly can not carry on a civil conversation with out getting all bent out of shape, shame on you tommy, does your mother know you are playing on her computer?

    lori who could sound more rediculous than you , you are the one who wants to argue over the same ole comment, let that dog die,

    And to “no name” Jenny can have her POV just as you do and the reason she is on here, same as the rest of us “because she can”

    We are not the ones who are being smart asses, we are not the ones looking to argue over the old dog, Frankly I think Jodi is a whimp and thats my opinion, If you think she is so great, good for her, you think that, I just gave my reasons why I don’t care for her , no one is trying to change your minds, (Gee I’ve said that how many times?) but I won’t change mine either.

    Honestly, I don’t care what you feel or don’t feel about Kate or Jodi, I don’t expect everyone to agree, but can we dis-cuss with out name calling, so it gets a little heated up, but whats with the bitches? that is so high school, reminds me of what Jodi did, she could’nt fight her battles with Kate so she got big sister to write a blog about it, well at least Lori, I’ll give you credit, your Tommy stuck up for you, Jodi could not even get her own husband to do that for her, pretty sad huh? Looks like Jodi turned Kevin into a whimp just like her,

    Jenny, just wanted to say Thank You for your well thought out views and comments, and Thank You for your interesting thought provoking POV’S that keep every one looking for the better answer.

  • Zoe, heres some humor for ya, A girl told her friend once “I think everyone is crazy except you and I, and some times I’m not to sure about you” LOL Yeah you are right, we are all nuts!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  • Alright , first off let me please state for the record ,Missy and Jenny are absolutely, positively without a doubt right. But I guess it is pretty funny how you said something about that boy (tommy) not spelling the word B**** right. Really the only thing i noticed was he was not so trashy as to write the filthy word out like you did. I did however notice you had some misspelled words -Rediculous and couldnt- the apostrophe goes in between the n and the t –so it can read could not. Yeah i learned that in the 2nd grade. I would not have brought that up , but since you seem to belittle any one who does not agree with you ,there you go. I really think you do care what others have to say , because I have seen more posted comments from you two than anyone else. Well believe it or not , this has been fun talking back and forth and waiting to see what others have to say. I think my time has come to call it quites , I have a family and a life and really dont have any more time to keep this up. Im sure there will be another person on here for you two to spend your much valuable time disagreeing with , Im just hoping you two have no little ones to look after unless of course you have a nanny doing that for you. Again , lots of fun but I really I cant stand either one of you. I will not be checking any more comments , so really the best of luck to everyone,,,,No really I mean it !

  • Sorry lori, you are upset, and yes I really mean it to, I’m glad you got my mis-spelled words and it don’t offend me that you did, why would you leave? we are adults here and we have a different POV, it does not mean I am any smarter than you or any one else, so please quit saying that. I have not portrayed my self as being smart, just my own little .2 cents worth is all, just as you and others have, I mean you keep harping on the same thing and so do I in answering your comments,

    Want to change topic, hey lets do it, we can agree to dis-agree, but no one has to get mad and leave, I did however get ticked off when Jenny and I were accused of being trolls, that is worse than being called a B—h. BTW what is different in spelling out the word or abbreviating it? I think one of the worst I have seen on a blog is WTF? well it’s still vulger no matter how they print it,

    Any wy hope you stay around and chat with us, really as for me, I do not want to fight with anyone as I am sure Jenny does not either, Heck it’s a T.V. show, people we will never probably meet, I do how ever have compassion for that family, lordy be some one has to,

    I don’t think Saddem Hussein (spelled wrong I’m sure) was hated any more than Kate Gosselin is,

    Just think back a few short years ago, when the WTC fell, I don’t think you could have talked to any one there for a while that would have said they hated another person, And now the internet has generated so much gossip and hate about this woman it is really sad, If the dis-cussions were just what we see on the show, it would be entirely different, but it’s not, Gosselin without Pity people have had them staked out and several people have turned them into child services, They have explored every personal thing about their life, and when that was not enough, they started making up stories, This is what turned me off on Jodi, she knew all the trash being talked about the ones she claimed to love, and yet she and her sister had to make it worse, Even if what she says is remotely close to being true, why would she want to make it worse , she does realise some day the kids will read these blogs, and what will they think of aunt Jodi then?

    Did she need attention that bad, that she would take a chance on Money vrs her love for the kids, well evidently she did, and I guess money was more important. Kates sister was doing the same thing, only in the name of God, well God is not into spreading gossip, no way shape or form, His word even says “there is nothing sharper than the tongue, not even a two edged sword” But a few phone calls to her Pastor and her daddys church her blog was down,

    Now what ticks me off with some of these blogs from family members is that they can say what ever they want, but they are not open to refute, you can not talk to Jodi or Julie, and I think that is cowardly, If they are bold enough to start a blog then they should be brave enough to answer some questions, don’t ya think. Okay sorry for the long post again and sorry if any ones feelings are hurt or upset, that was certainly not my intentions. Hey Jenny if your on, hope you have a great week end, I am busy painting, DH is working on the car, and yard work, yeah it;s that time of year,

  • I have to say I am fasinated with this show. I (also) think Kate is terrible to Jon, mainly because she has no respect for him, so she beats on him at every opportunity. But I want to know about their move to North Carolina. Does anybody know the lowdown on this house they are supposedly buying or building? And when is the “wedding vows” episode being aired? Having the film crew meals catered during a filming is standard procedure, so Kate’s private chef is really just part of the whole production. And of course they are being paid for this, who in their right mind would do that for nothing.

  • You really think Kate beats Jon? are you serious?

    No one has said for sure when they are moving, there are so many stories about the size of the house and the 2-5 million $ price tag, but nothing the show has confirmed as of yet.

    I agree with you, if she has a chef, more power to her, and of course thay get paid, “Big Bucks” They probably have already more money than all of us on here will see in our life time, All put together. Good for them and God Bless em’ they are gonna need it..

  • i just happened to find this website a couple days ago . i spent a while reading all of everyones responses. i just wanted to say all opinions were interesting and some funny. i think you missy have way to much time on your hands . not saying im disagreeing with all you have to say but i was just wondering why you asked if that girl was upset ? i read hers and all she said was she has a family and a life . so whats wrong with that ? it seems you comment on everything . maybe thats why other people were thinking you were Kate . why do you also say others are “harping” when you are spending just as much time defending what you believe in ? i dont know much about the gosselins and dont really care one way or another . i think this may have been mentioned before but i dont see why you spend so much time defending the family unless you are the family or her . im just wondering if this is the only website you post all of these blogs , or if your wrapped up in others as well . its seems like you are trying to wear people out so theyll stay off of aunt jodys site . thats what makes me wonder who you really are . i know youll come back and comment and thats ok , but you only seem to answer back to other people certain things , not some of the things you may feel deep down you are wrong .

  • Does anyone understand what is being kept from the public?

    She has her laundry done for her, folded and ironed for her. Food cooked and cleaned up. All their vacations paid for in full. Her house is cleaned for her. Shopping is done for her.
    The new house is next!
    Neighbors and friends are helping out all the time. Yes, it is very nice of them, but I see Kate seeing these favors being “owed” to her.
    (for what? giving birth?) Take care of your own!

    Fans send the children gifts, cloths, toys, thousands of dollars worth of things each month, is very nice and there’s Kate being a control freak and bitching about EVERYTHING!
    (Do it yourself Kate! Provide what the public does!)
    Either that or stop crabbing about your life.

    She seems to always be looking for a pat on the back, every word that comes out of her mouth is I and me! She is so rude to her husband, correcting him, interupting him, and bosses him around like he’s 15 years old.

    I have four kids, 13 year old twins and a 9 and 10 year old. My husband works full time. I work part time at a school. My kids are A students and respectful. My husband and I did this without an ounce of help.
    There is not a mother I have ever met that has it as easy as Kate, yes eight kids and all. Give me a break.

    When it comes to her family (mom, dad, sisters, brothers, etc.)
    I think Miss control freak Kate needs to learn, “when every kid in the sandbox doesnt like you, it’s not every kid, it’s YOU.

    I really don’t think this woman could not take care of her children for one simple month without all the help and donations she gets.

    The only thing I see coming from this show is one of her children
    (in the future)
    writtng a book about their control freak, bitching, whining,
    complaining mother. If her husband is smart, he’ll be long gone once
    the children are grown.

    Who is this woman trying to kid?
    One other thing, get rid of that bird’s nest in the back of your head
    Kate, it does nothing for you.

  • i think that TLC were paying jodi and all this is just made up to make Jon and Kate and TLC look bad…Jodi just probably wanted MORE money….also so what if Kate has a nanny or babysitter or a cook it not a big deal kate deseved a chef…the TV show is also probably not going to do anything to the kids!

  • Forgot to add this to my last post I love Jon and Kate……………P.S Watch Them on GMA (i think thats it) they talk about how the respond to critism and how there show is very real…….also i would belive Jon and Kate more them i would belive ANY one eles!

  • Kate is human garbage and a pathetic excuse for a human being. She is too holier-than-thou for her own good and she disgusts me.
    Her poor husband… ….I feel so sorry for him.

  • glad to e a part of the gossip this is great b/c kate acts so wonderful all the time and tries to act so perfect its great to she shes a bitch

  • Yes Gennie in Fla. I will comment to you, I ask why she was upset b/c she said she was, and I am new to this site as well, I couldn’t care less, and I really do mean that, I have said several times I don’t care who defends Jodi, why do you care if I defend Kate?

    I could tell you at least a dozen things I don’t like about Kate or Jon, or the kids as matter of fact, but why? Is that all everyone wants to hear? Why is it Pro Kate ppl, get so bashed all the time but you anti- Kate ppl think you should be able to say what ever? This is a blog, it’s how it works, your opinion, my opinion. Thats all “Opinions”

    No I do not go to other sites, and i”m sorry I came here, I did see one the other day, it’s pretty much like GWoP, ppl who love to hate J&K, yes thats the name of it, well hell thats what most of the blogs of the Gosselins are , Hate,

    No I am not related to the Gosselins, have never met them, and probably never will, altho that is usually the first question I have seen asked by Anti-K&J ppl.

    I just think their personal life has been talked about other than what we see on T.V. and ppl have had a hay day with it, I guess any one who likes J&K should just back up their little P.C. and stay of the blogs, b/c unless we have some thing negative to say , you don’t want to hear it. I just thought these blogs were dis-cussion boards but they are not, it’s a place to cuss, call names and fight, with ppl you’ll never see or know,

    I’m a big girl, I can answer any thing, thought I had been doing that, and how do I wear any one down, they say what they want to, and yes I did say she was harping and also said I was to in answering her comments, so please read my comments in full, I’m not blaming lori, or Cathy for their comments, nor do I care how they feel, Jenny and I were called names and I think that is childish and rude,but hey if it pleases them so-be-it.

    And maybe Genny, you think I spend to much time on here , well that is hurtful, b/c I don’t see where I have done any thing wrong, even being called a bitch, I did’nt re-taliate to much, but I’ve been called worse by better so it did’nt bother me that much. Maybe you ought to spend a little more time to get to know ppl before you call them out on things, well heck we all should. Maybe we could get some civil tone in this blog, but as of right now I won’t hold my breath, So again I will say I am sorry if I have offened any one, and if anyone else wants to jump at me feel free, Oh BTW I see Jodi and Julie have added some thing new to their site, you might wanna check out, Hope you all have a great Sunday.

  • Missy

    With all of your opinion postings on this site, could you learn to put a sentence together properly? You write as if you were a third grade
    What is with a dash between so many of your words?
    Do you know better than to start a sentence with a conjunction?
    (ie: AND)
    Lighten up on the comma’s, learn where they belong.

    Don’t type like you speak! It is very ghetto, to the point of head

    Thanks, Have a great Sunday!

  • I’m sorry to hear that fame is causing problems with extended family members, I figured it would sooner or later. They really aren’t instilling family values into their kids by doing this. Seems like they are shutting everyone out of their lives. So sad cause this show won’t be around forever more

  • I’am so glad that a mis-spelled word or conjunction, a comma, a period or what ever you want to belly ache about is more to your liking than actually a conversation about how you people hate so bitterly.

    You don’t like my 3rd grade writing, so what, no one asked you did they? So you can have your blog back, b/c most of you are a bunch of idiots and can’t stand a real debate, all you want to do is bait people and talk about hate and trash some one and if you can’t get it done than you start personal attacks.

    So here it’s yours. Have fun and “Enjoy Your Self”

  • ok yea right this is all bull shit because first of all maybe kate has a point damn it jodi shouldnt even be asking for fuckin money she should of done it because she wanted to she should be happy she even got to be on the show how do we know jodi isn’t lying huh maybe she wants to become famous she is just jealous

  • Wow …………….this is just PATHETIC. I spent a long time reading these comments and i’ve come to a decision my opinion is not going to change just because Kate didn’t want to pay Jodie, because Jodie shouldn’t need to be paid ,and we don’t know if Jodie made all of this up for publicity and whoever made all that crap up (and even if it’s not made up) they shouldn’t be making it global. If Kate’s a bitch let her be one but stop spreading it Jodie is trying to act all innocent but if you pay close attention she’s the bad guy.And one more thing………..STOP MAKING UP CRAP! LEAVE THE GOSSELINS ALONE YOU THINK THAT IT WON’T EFFECT ANYBODY BUT THINK ABOUT THE KIDS DO YOU THINK THEY LIKE HEARING CRAP ABOUT THEIR MOTHER NOOO NOW INSTEAD OF RUINING PEOLES LIVE JODIE AND JULIE GET FUCKIN LIVES.

  • Hey Jodi and your sister do you want some cheese with that whine. Are you kidding me, anyone who watches the show know’s how kate is. Sounds like someone has a little case of the jealousies. If you are the perfect parent that your trying to protray well for gosh sakes write a book! So I guess you have never said anything to your kids, you’ve never gotten upset with anything they have done and who in their right mind gives gum to a 3 yr get over yourself HONEY! When somebody gets their feelings hurt isn’t easy to pick apart everything to justify it and make you look like little miss april sunshine? As for me I will not stop watching the show and I like Kate seem’s to me she don’t put up with no crap and I wouldn’t put up with no crap from AUNT JODI

  • 21996, you screamed at all of us to LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE, yet you get your jollies watching them on TV every week? You expect us to LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE when their own parents put them on display every week? You ask us to LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE when their parents parade them around like a circus act? You want US to LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE but YOUR obsession is so great that you’re getting freaked out over some internet postings and YELLING and cussing at total strangers? Sound like YOU’RE the one that needs to LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE before YOU go completely insane with anger!

    Honestly…calm yourself down, learn how to write (maybe you and Missy can take a class together), and quit being so self-righteous.


  • you know…about the stain thingy…i can totally relate to Kate on this one and i only have 4 kids. if she were allowing her kids to run around with stains and food all over their shirts…you people would bitch about that saying she doesnt care about her kid’s appearance…she cant win. i dont like my kids looking a mess because it reflects on me as a parent. people dont understand that mothers of little one dont have time to stand in a laundryroom and treat stains…its a bitch. And for all you people who bitch and criticie how kate raises her kids…why dont you volunteer to babysit if you think you can do better…i give you 10 minutes and all hell would break loose. furthermore, for maintaining a group of 8 toddlers in public…kate’s “control” is the only thing tht keeps those kids under control and as well behaved as they are. one last thing…if you had 8 mouths to feed in addition to your own…you’d be doing everything in your power to make every dime you could to provide for those children. if they weren’t seeking assistance or making money off the shows or working two jobs…they would be seen as lazy parents. wish you would just leave these poor people alone for goodness sake…if you don;t like the show dont watch…no ones holding a gun to your head making you watch…if you dont watch then that is just one less thing you’ll have to bitch about.

  • to those who say that fertility treatments are part of God’s plan…

    If they are, then why is selective reduction not also part of the plan? I believe that if you go so far as to extend “God’s Plan” to include medical intervention, it could also be said that the odds were against Kate and perhaps she should have reduced some for the sake of the others. I am fully against abortion as much as anyone could be, but I don’t understand how you believe that God would want you to have fertility treatments. When God wanted Mary to have Jesus, she became pregnant. Did she have IUI? IVF? Nope, good old fashioned miracle, following God’s plan! And if fertility plans were part of his plan, then so is abortion.

  • first of all i love this show and everyone who has somethin bad to say about them obviously has no idea what its like to have multiple kids!!!sooo booo effen erns to you assholes and for aunt jodi nobody asked you to put your face there anyways yes your family but you know what if your not there to help them piss off by the looks of it you were there for them at first now its sounds like your just there for the publicity and yer own personal fortay and yes the money for the show should only go to the family because ITS THERE SHOW!!!! why are people bashin kate like shes a monster or something? shes jus out for her family the way it should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kate if your reading this you go girl stay stong

  • dear jon and kate Iam going to be a grandmother for the first time since i started watching your show i can’t stop i love all your children very much in their own way . my son and daughterinlaw lost the first baby .Then they tried again on furtillaty pills it worked she is dew in feb. can not wait to be grandparents .ithink all your skills with the eight children are terrific i have been watching your show for along time it is great keep up good work . Ieven watch the reruns they are fun too. well hope you get this because i just want you to know your to great parents.

    Sincerely penny labbee grandma to be

  • ive personally met the gosselins, cant stand them and cant wait for the show to get cancelled. theyre a bunch of stuck up know it alls who make me sick. maybe if you two acted as though you werent such high paid celebrities you wouldnt have so much shit being said. if it wasnt for your “fans” YOU WOULD HAVE NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe someday jon youll grow a pair and punch that snoddy ass bitch in her face.

  • Thats the problem, most people dont volunteer to watch eight kids lyn because most people arent so stupid to have eight . Anyways she gets alot more babysitting breaks than alot of people. I dont feel sorry for her at all

  • people can be so mean….the only thing keeping her kids from going crazy is her order….if u don’t like it that your problem…if they were not doing something right people would have something to say…The kids could esally take charge but kates order helps! I LOVE JON AND KATE… KEEP DOING THE SHOW!

  • None of this surprises me, at all! At the end of the second season, I told my husband that Kate needed analysis, and that 3 of her kids, ie Madie, Hannah, and Collin, would need some sort of therapy or “intervention” before they were 10! What a sad situation for all of them. I think that since the parents are not responsible to stop the show, producers should step up and do it for them. Failing that, where is Child Protective Services of PA? There is more than one reason (physical abuse), that they can be brought in to further prevent “abuse” and “exploitation” of these 8 kids. So sad!! By the way, the public can help these kids too. JUST STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!

  • I am a fan of Jon & Kate but I have noticed the abscene of aunt Jodie
    and also I think the Gosslins are taking advantage of every free perk
    they can get their hands on. They say they are not using their children
    for money but they surely are. Both of Jon & Kates personalities have
    changed this season. Kate is more overbearing than ever and Jon seems to have gotten an attitude. This show is starting not to be as
    enjoyable as it used to. I think Jon & Kate think they are some kind
    of movie stars,when its their children that have made them the money.
    This is a shame because this show started out great but I think greed
    has taken over. They should get back to the basics of the show and
    stop acting like they are some kind of super stars!!!!

  • I saw Kate on the Bonnie Hunt Shot,
    her hair is awful.
    Anyone telling her it looks good must be
    laughing behind her back!

  • jody go! Tell the those losers that you are a person and you are in charge of You go girl. Do not babysit the kids . tell them to go some were eles.

  • Did anyone catch the episode last night when Kate gave Maddie and cara the pedicure ? I wish Kate would have dumped that dirty foot water all over that little brat for whining ,sent her to her room and told her she couldnt go to Hawaii!!!!! Speaking of break downs Kate had one on the plane flying to Utah. Like mother like daughter.

  • Did anyone catch the episode last night when Kate gave Maddie and cara the pedicure ? I wish Kate would have dumped that dirty foot water all over that little brat for whining ,sent her to her room and told her she couldnt go to Hawaii!!!!! Speaking of break downs Kate had one on the plane flying to Utah. Like mother like daughter.

  • The best thing to do is quit supporting the Kate habit. If everyone pulls their money she’ll have to go back to work like the rest of us.

  • To all u ppl who are bitchin and moanin about this show…lemme ask u one question…why do u watch it? just so you can bitch and moan…your life is more pathetic than anyones if thats all you can do is watch tv shows you hate just to bitch about them. See where i’m goin with this? As far as Jon and Kate go…they are wonderful parents and are not exploiting their children. The network approached THEM to do the show…not much of a show there if the kids arent in it. Are the Duggers and the Big World Little People’s kids being exploited also? To all you people who think u know it all…these “freebies” Jon and Kate get and the free trips for the family are benefiting the companies who provide them also as a tax write-off. Companies are getting free advertising in a round-about way. Also, for my family to have an “outing” costs an arm and a leg these days. If the Gosselins had to pay out of pocket for outings it would cost them a bundle with 8 kids…i think its nice these companies do this for them. I think it also teaches the kids a good lesson that giving can make other people happy. Sounds like some of you are a little jealous. Furthermore, I am sure the film crew enjoys filming the family in all these locations and I dont hear you ragging on the film crew getting to go here and there. I think Jon and Kate have made every right decision when it comes to raising, providing for and nurtuting their children. FOr [kttp] who said “I dont feel bad for her…she was stupid enough to have 8 kids” I dont think I ever once heard Jon or Kate ask for anyones pity. Chosing to have all of them was HER choice so go suck an egg. Seriously if you people would spend as much time focusing on your own lives as you do on Jon and Kates…you’d be a whole hell of a lot better off. To [Appalled] in response to your post…what episode was there ANY physical abuse? How about dont speak unless you have facts. Ive never seen ANY physical abuse on this show! What channel are YOU watching? A message to Jon and Kate…in a world where you can be anyone…just be yourselves. KEEP ON DOING WHAT GOD INTENDS FOR YOU TO DO!!! THIS FAN WILL STILL BE WATCHING! I LOVE THE SHOW and MY KIDS DO TOO!!!!! Oh and one more thing…if Jon and Kate’s attitudes have changed…perhaps its because they too are sick and tired of listening to you people bitch and moan. I know I get sick of it…so how about “if you have nothing nice to say keep your mouth shut!

  • Charlene’s post on Aug 27th…read it and learn something. Charlene hit the nail on the head. Very well spoken Charlene!

  • Listen I’ve been watching j&k for years now since they been on t.v. and I thought she was just the best thing since sliced bread I mean I really looked up to her I thought wow she has 8 kids and shes organized and happy never in a bad mood has a great husband who does anything she says wow is she lucky now ever since i got my computer and been reading these blogs and all the inside gossip is coming out about kate I am shocked!!! Especially about Aunt Jodi I really liked her alot she was a great help to kate how can she do that to family? Oh well my point is my opinion on Kate is changing but to be honest all the gossip makes me watch the show even more now and im excited to watch to cause now i can just go online to one of the blogs and talk to other people from around the world and get there opinions on the shows this is great and alot of fun!!!! Well welcome me im new at this Sincerly Jenine Have a great Halloween everyone!!!!!

  • The whole situation is very sad. The kids are not going to know how to live without cameras following their every move. They are going to feel very alone when nobody wants to watch them on TV anymore. I’m a stay at home mom of two and seriously, Kate has got it very easy with all the help she gets. Most of us have to cook, clean, do laundry, FOLD our own laundry (something Kate never does) and also look after our kids ourselves. We don’t have people cooking for us, coming in to do our laundry, volunteering to look after our kids for us. Yes, I know she has 8 kids … my Nan had 7 and did it all herself. I have friends who have 5 kids (again, not quite 8 but still alot of work) and do it all themselves. Kate really needs to stop whining and realise how lucky she is for all the help and free vacations she gets.
    I really liked Aunt Jodi, very warm and loving. She is missed in the show. Her sister’s blog .. the truth breeds hatred .. seems to have been taken down. Shame, I liked seeing the other side of the story.
    Happy Halloween everyone!!

  • kate if u really dont like all the comments about your disfunctional family why dont u cancel the show or would that mean u and your whipped husband would have to support your own litter…you had fertility to make all these gifts from god,,,please anybody who has fertility treatments always comes up with a litter,,u knew what u were getting into,,,free trips free supplies, free clothes, and now PAID speaking engagements,,,,i myself dont want to hear anything about u or your brood, and i understand now u have gotten a free home, and your new van,,my god have u know shame there are people out there who really need help, and u just dropped a bunch of kids and u are a celebrity,,,thats entertainment i dont think so,,,,support your own family u and jon GET A JOB and stop living off freebies,,,by the way stop slapping jon and slap maddie instead what a brat

  • just commenting on “disgusted”, i personally think what you said wrapped it up. maddie is such a brat. even though people are going to say something about slapping someones kids its still funny , because i heard kate whips the kids all the time, and in some of the first episodes when you seen her holding something in her hand (i cant remember what it was) thats what she used on them. not saying i disagree with a good ole fashioned spankin, but that kid (maddie) needs one daily as soon as she wakes up!!!!!!!!!!! by the way, dont be surprised when someone comes on here and has something smart ass to say about your comment, some people cant handle the truth. there were a few other real good comments from oct.21-today. (Others as well) others do agree with us . just like one of a girls comments referred to a girl “missy” as to maybe being kate . after reading “missys” responses its possible . she had something smart ass to say to anyone who didnt agree with her, and sure did defend everything the gosselins do. there pretty funny you may have to go back and read some of them. just good to hear others feel the same as i do !

  • Wah wah wah wah. They get to see all this places while I’m stuck here at home watching reality tv… wah wah wah.

    Wah wah wah. Kate got all this cooks cooking for her while i cook by myself… wah wah wah.

    Wah Wah Wah please please Kate I can’t take it anymore… STOP THE SHOW… please Kate… I’m so GREEN WITH ENVY…

    Wah Wah Wah I feel so sorry for myself they get all this FREEBIES Wah Wah Wah.

    Wah Wah Wah I’m such a PATHETIC PERSON… I keep on watching the show although I’m SO SO FREAKING JEALOUS….

  • Really…all of this discussion. How much of the things we read are true? Who knows. Jon and Kate should either do an honest interview with a major interviewer or write the truth about these situations. If all of these things are true then the show will fall fast away. The kids are adorable and Jon and Kate probably need the income to support their family. What would they do if the viewers stopped watching? I hope these things about Kate are not true because it makes her look like a not nice person. Jon, why don’t your brothers add to this conversation or at least defend you? Or are these things being said true and they too are not fond of Kate? You really need to honestly defend yourselves or many of us will assume these things are true.

  • I “allow” all my little stupid slaves to take care of my
    home and children. For free. Bow down to me!

    I should of had a litter years ago had I known I would live
    the life of Riley for free!
    I am a movie star!!!!

    Because I have nothing else to do, I decided to get remarried.
    I’ll go to one of the most expensive dress shops in the US.
    Someone will pay for it! As usual. (snickering)

    Since I have nothing else to do, eight kids and all! I’m going
    to drag my little money makers to Hawaii to this wedding. Jon
    will be there, if he likes it or not!

    I only got one of Jon’s nuts when I married him the first time, after “my” second wedding (that we’re not paying for), I’ll have
    his balls in a bag. Right were I want them.

    That’s right everyone, it’s all about ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!

    Chat soon, when someone else is doing my laundry, dishes,
    cleaning my house, cooking our dinners and watching my
    little money makers!

    Gotta go, gotta poof up the back of my hair, chicken style!
    Also have to smack and correct Jon every ten minutes to
    keep him in his place.

    Reminder: Find something to bitch about every half hour,
    pretend to be busy at all times.

  • STFU you stupid B…. Just because everyone isnt agreeing with them doesnt mean we have to kiss their ass.. just because we dont agree with you doesnt mean we have to kiss all your asses…………….. by the way b…. youre the pathetic person , smart ass know it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I watched the show a gain tonight. The kids are adorable and seem to smart. Although I do not agree with kids being on tv, it is certainly the choice of their parents. Without a doubt Jon and Kate need to address the issues. If they have a chef, so what, I would want one too if I had eight kids. The thing is they need to admit it. As for Aunt Jodi, I feel she added something to the show as does Beth. I certainly hope that the stories about Kate and her antigonistic behavior are not true. I admit she is not exactly charming, but I watch the show for the kids. Jon and Kate undoubtedly get many “perks” being on the show. Nothing wrong with that, but like I said, they need to admit to these things, or else people will not look fondly upon them. If they are no long looked upon fondly, they will lose viewers and the show will not continue. If the show does not continue then how will they survive with eight kids and no jobs? Wise up Jon and Kate…come clean. Tell the truth about the Grandparents and the other relatives. You claim to be religious but that is hypocritical if these things are true. Nobody likes a hypocrate. Fess up.

  • Exactly Lulu!! It’s fine if they get help from family and friends etc, but it’s not fine to deny it and hide it. It’s fine to receive financial help too, but not fine to claim you don’t get any and then go to speak at a church and claim that you have nothing just so that you can get donations from people who undoubtably have their own problems. I think the problem alot of people have is that Kate claims she has such a hard life when she has everything handed to her on a plate.

  • First of all I think it is hilarious that if Jodi was on the payroll this blog would not even exist.
    If I had eight children and people offered me trips and vacation houses for free I would certainly go. When they went to Utah it was free. So if the resort spent 15,000 for the week what would it cost the resort to put a commercial on TLC for 1/2 hour as many times as that episode has been rerun??
    I also read in an interview Kate defending her “Chef”. It is not a personal chef it is the craft services that is provided for the cast and crew of any show on TV.
    If they only showed the family sitting around the table coloring who would watch? Any one who has ever been on any realtity show will tell you about editing. As far as Kate yelling at Jon or the kids….Who doesn’t yell at their husband and children? I am not saying that Kate is not a bitch. I don’t personally know her and I can not judge. She might be. As far as Jon not working….don’t be haters!!

  • I think everyone needs to relax. Who cares…it’s just good TV. I don’t think anyone here can say anything about the way they live their life because you have not been in there position. I watch the show all the time and the children seem very happy. They are very lucky and have had a lot of great experiences because of the show. No one in there right mind would turn down so many opportunities for their children. And I also could not believe the comments about how Jon and Kate should have just aborted some of the children. I don’t see how anyone could say that when you see what perfectly health, happy, adorable children they are. Aunt Jodi seem very fake to me anyway I don’t believe anything she has to say.

  • I have to comment here…whether or not Kate gets help from family or the public or financial assistance is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. I have 4 kids (my youngest is 10 months) and my husband unexpectedly passed away this past April (without a will) and I dont feel its any of anyones business how I am financially caring for my family. It is NOT Jon and Kates duty to tell ANYONE how they financially care for their kids. As for Jody (Kate’s sister-in-law) if she wanted on the payroll for her appearances on the show then she shouldve asked for the show to be called “Jon & Kate plus 8 and Jody too”. If Jodi agreed to watch the kids and if she loves her neices and nephews the way she says she does…SHE SHOULD HAVE WATCHED THEM UNCONDITIONALLY AND HER WILLINGNESS TO WATCH THEM SHOULD HAVE COME FROM THE HEART WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. I hear a lot of speculation and rumors being rehashed just by what one disgruntled person (Jodi) has reported. You know…”the bad stuff is always easier to believe”. Unless you are there to witness things first hand…you shouldnt believe everything you read. Remember…”Believe most of what you see, half of what you read and none of what you hear.” Also, I resent the fact that some of you posters think that children which result from fertility treatments are not part of God’s plan. God created the minds which created fertility treatments and the Bible tells us to be fruitful and multiply doesnt it…I didnt read the clause in the Bible where it said …”be fruitful and multiply, just dont do it with fertility treatments because its not part of my plan”. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE to decide what IS and what ISNT God’s plan. My brother and his wife wanted children so desperately and could not reproduce on their own due to medical reasons, they tried to adopt but were inelligible…IT WAS GOD’S WILL that they were given the means to have a child of their own. My neice will be of age soon to access the internet and I pray to God that she never comes across your posts saying that SHE was not part of God’s plan. How damaging that can be to a child. Furthermore, how do you think the Gosselin children that you feel sorry for and who you think need protected will feel once they read some of your posts. Cara and Mady are 8 and I am sure one day soon they will access the internet and see all you people calling them and their mother and father nasty names and saying that their sibling will need therapy and that one person suggested “dumping dirty foot water on Mady’s head!!!” SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE…IF ANYONE IS DESTROYING THESE CHILDREN…ITS YOU!!!! Listen to what you are saying about this family! Do you even think BEFORE you post this crap? Think about it. If these were YOUR children would you want their friends coming up to them saying “…yea, I read on the internet where your mom’s a bitch and your dad is lazy…blah blah” YOU PEOPLE are the one’s who feel these kids need protected…then DO IT by keeping your hatred and your nastiness to yourselves. Clean it up people. In conclusion Jodi’s blog should be titled “Jealousy breeds Stupidity” Also, I hear alot of whining about the “perks” Kate gets from the show. As I mentioned in a prior post these companies “donate” things to people on the show …and Kate is NOT the only reality tv person to get “perks”. They ALL do. And as far as the 2nd wedding how do you people know that the network didnt suggest that to make for good tv? The network has a lot to do with the places the Gosselins go and the things that we see and dont see. Not you nor I have any ides what TLC put in the Gosselin’s contract. How do you know these theme parks didnt contact the network and “offer” these freebies to the Gosselin’s? You dont! And you know yourself if someone offered you and YOUR family a free day at the park…YOU’D take it too! You know…Jealousy is a sickness…get well people.

  • Also, for the people who post nasty comments about Kate’s hair…why dont you post a picture of YOUR hair and we’ll all critique it as you do. My sister has been a hairdresser for 30 years and FYI that hairstyle is “in” for people who have short hair. Kate’s hair is already short…what else would you suggest she do with it? If she went shorter you’d have something nasty to say about it then…if she got extensions you’d find something negative to say about that…can she win here people? Unless you hold the autonomy on hair…shut the hell up! Also, you mindless pinheads…the guests who appear on these talk shows HAVE THEIR HAIR DONE BY THE SHOW’S HAIR AND MAKE-UP PEOPLE!!! Her hair looked great…you’re just jealous that perhaps you are not as savvy and hip and “in” as Kate is all whilst managing 8 kids, a husband and a household. Perhaps if you were taking care of YOUR kids YOUR house and YOURself instead of wasting your time posting your negative bullshit that NO ONE wants to hear…you could be a better person. Post a picture of YOUR hair…come on now…lets see it…

  • With response to agreeing with disgusted’s post on Oct 29…how do YOU know that Kate used whatever it was she was holding in her hand to strike anyone??? were YOU there to see it? False accusations are the same as slander. Unless you saw Kate strike anyone with any object…keep your mouth and speculations to yourself. Forgive me…but your speculative post made you sound like an asshole.

  • After thinking about this whole “Jodi thing” … would Jodi have voiced her info if she HAD been paid? I think not…she would have gone about her merry way with extra cash in her greedy little paw and would have probably kept her mouth shut. Jodi is the spoiled brat crying and whining that she didnt get her way. Looks to me like JODI would have been making a buck off the kids too. Knowing that…isnt Jodi the hyprocrite? Here she is bitchin that she’s not getting paid for her time on the show. She would have made money off the kids…isnt that the very thing she is condemning Jon and Kate for? Hmmmm…think about it people!

  • Oh and (poster) mistyp…Ive never heard Kate complain that her life is hard…challenging perhaps…but not hard. Where do you people get off that she complain and whines about her life? Ive seen every episode and Ive seen nothing but a strong individual here…wish MY mother were as good as Kate.

  • I have to comment here…whether or not Kate gets help from family or the public or financial assistance is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. I have 4 kids (my youngest is 10 months) and my husband unexpectedly passed away this past April (without a will) and I dont feel its any of anyones business how I am financially caring for my family. It is NOT Jon and Kates duty to tell ANYONE how they financially care for their kids. As for Jody (Kate’s sister-in-law) if she wanted on the payroll for her appearances on the show then she shouldve asked for the show to be called “Jon & Kate plus 8 and Jody too”. If Jodi agreed to watch the kids and if she loves her neices and nephews the way she says she does…SHE SHOULD HAVE WATCHED THEM UNCONDITIONALLY AND HER WILLINGNESS TO WATCH THEM SHOULD HAVE COME FROM THE HEART WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. I hear a lot of speculation and rumors being rehashed just by what one disgruntled person (Jodi) has reported. You know…”the bad stuff is always easier to believe”. Unless you are there to witness things first hand…you shouldnt believe everything you read. Remember…”Believe most of what you see, half of what you read and none of what you hear.” Also, I resent the fact that some of you posters think that children which result from fertility treatments are not part of God’s plan. God created the minds which created fertility treatments and the Bible tells us to be fruitful and multiply doesnt it…I didnt read the clause in the Bible where it said …”be fruitful and multiply, just dont do it with fertility treatments because its not part of my plan”. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE to decide what IS and what ISNT God’s plan. My brother and his wife wanted children so desperately and could not reproduce on their own due to medical reasons, they tried to adopt but were inelligible…IT WAS GOD’S WILL that they were given the means to have a child of their own. My neice will be of age soon to access the internet and I pray to God that she never comes across your posts saying that SHE was not part of God’s plan. How damaging that can be to a child. Furthermore, how do you think the Gosselin children that you feel sorry for and who you think need protected will feel once they read some of your posts. Cara and Mady are 8 and I am sure one day soon they will access the internet and see all you people calling them and their mother and father nasty names and saying that their sibling will need therapy and that one person suggested “dumping dirty foot water on Mady’s head!!!” SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE…IF ANYONE IS DESTROYING THESE CHILDREN…ITS YOU!!!! Listen to what you are saying about this family! Do you even think BEFORE you post this crap? Think about it. If these were YOUR children would you want their friends coming up to them saying “…yea, I read on the internet where your mom’s a bitch and your dad is lazy…blah blah” YOU PEOPLE are the one’s who feel these kids need protected…then DO IT by keeping your hatred and your nastiness to yourselves. Clean it up people. In conclusion Jodi’s blog should be titled “Jealousy breeds Stupidity” Also, I hear alot of whining about the “perks” Kate gets from the show. As I mentioned in a prior post these companies “donate” things to people on the show …and Kate is NOT the only reality tv person to get “perks”. They ALL do. And as far as the 2nd wedding how do you people know that the network didnt suggest that to make for good tv? The network has a lot to do with the places the Gosselins go and the things that we see and dont see. Not you nor I have any ides what TLC put in the Gosselin’s contract. How do you know these theme parks didnt contact the network and “offer” these freebies to the Gosselin’s? You dont! And you know yourself if someone offered you and YOUR family a free day at the park…YOU’D take it too! You know…Jealousy is a sickness…get well people.

  • Also, for the people who post nasty comments about Kate’s hair…why dont you post a picture of YOUR hair and we’ll all critique it as you do. My sister has been a hairdresser for 30 years and FYI that hairstyle is “in” for people who have short hair. Kate’s hair is already short…what else would you suggest she do with it? If she went shorter you’d have something nasty to say about it then…if she got extensions you’d find something negative to say about that…can she win here people? Unless you hold the autonomy on hair…shut the hell up! Also, you mindless pinheads…the guests who appear on these talk shows HAVE THEIR HAIR DONE BY THE SHOW’S HAIR AND MAKE-UP PEOPLE!!! Her hair looked great…you’re just jealous that perhaps you are not as savvy and hip and “in” as Kate is all whilst managing 8 kids, a husband and a household. Perhaps if you were taking care of YOUR kids YOUR house and YOURself instead of wasting your time posting your negative bullshit that NO ONE wants to hear…you could be a better person. Post a picture of YOUR hair…come on now…lets see it…

  • Oh and I wonder if Aunt Jodi would have come forward with all her “family info” had she been paid. Sounds like Aunt Jodi is the spoiled little brat here crying when she didnt get her way. If Aunt Jodi HAD been paid…wouldnt SHE have been making money at the expense of the children??? Isnt that the very thing she was condemning Jon and Kate for? Seems to me that Aunt Jodi is not only a crying little brat…she’s also a hypocrite! Oh and if you’re reading this Jodi…dont say you love and care for Jon and Kates kids…you cant possibly love them when you go on the internet and verbally bash their parents and air these childrens family problems as if they wont ever read your posts. Jon and Kate are probably better off without you.

  • Well, I don’t know about you ladies
    but I think Jon is just absolutely gorgeous.
    I’d treat him like a real man ;)
    So who cares about Jodie and Kate.
    It’s all about Jon!

  • In response to the post left above…Kate has never claimed to be perfect. In fact I recall an episode were she even said that she and jon and NOT perfect, nor will they ever claim to be because if you are perfect that means there is no room to improve yourself. Look it up. Kate even said that people dont want to see perfect anyway.

  • Emily I agree with you that Kate is a good mom but I dont agree with calling ANY child ugly. ALL children are beautiful. Would you want someone calling YOU or YOUR children ugly. Be nice. Remember kids are easily scarred by remarks like these. For the sake of little one’s feelings…be nice. Honestly, I dont think what Jodi’s children look like is relevant to these conversations. Seriously.

  • In response to ANONYMOUS, actually I have heard Kate say MANY times how hard they have it . Also I personally don’t hate them because of the things they get, I think they just seem to “ACT” as though they do everything on their own. Thats wrong. Fess up, is all people are trying to say. In regards to someone saying that something she was seen holding( in some of the first episodes) thats she used, I dont personally know if it’s true or not , but do you know? I have read something on it myself. Also,if you don’t like negative things that are being said, than why are you on here. You personally attacked Jodys character, so what the hell makes you any better . As far as you Lyn, my understanding is Jody was approached as to getting paid Kate said “NO WAY” Why? Does she think no one else deserves money but them? Sounds a little greedy huh? And from what Ive heard Jody has been pushed out of their lives. If thats the case, who did that except for the parents? They seem greedy anyway not not speaking unless they are paid a certain amount of money. For you people who gets so bent out of shape for the negative comments, GET OFF THESE SITES THAN. Go to the site where it reads KATE AND JON ARE GODS,if you can find one.

  • Found this on another blog…and I agree with her.

    that girl
    Jul 10, 2008 at 7:41 am

    Oh my gosh – you people need to find some children who are really in danger or neglected or orphaned or starving somewhere and put all this concern to good use. Kate’s not abusive, Jon’s not mean, and the kids aren’t disturbed – they’re NORMAL.

  • You think the kids are “to” smart? You watched the show
    “a gain” tonight?

    I couldn’t bring myself to read the rest of your post.
    I hope you don’t have children and pray that if
    you do, you are not home schooling them.

    I wish stupid was painful.
    Do you know the diffrence between the words two, too and to?
    One more thing, again is ONE word.

  • lyn i think everyone should have there own opioion and you have yours and i have mine. I sordof agree with you you should not call any ”child” ugly but like i said in my first comment i am only 10 years old!I still have my momments when i get jealous . like maddy all kids are beautiful but some are not

  • Jon and Kate go to my church. They sit by each other while their kids are in children’s church. The workers in the kid’s department think the kids are great too.
    Okay, so Kate is harsh sometimes on the show and stressed to the brink. Aren’t we all? I like that she doesn’t edit the way she acts in front of the camera. Her and Jon don’t pretend to have it all together. Its reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who has problems.
    Of course things go on behind the scenes we aren’t aware of. They are real people with real lives.
    And about Jody..I hope they mend their relationship. Everyone has fall outs. Everyone mistreats people they love.
    Come on guys…cut them all some slack.

  • If there isnt a site which says that Jon and Kate are Gods…perhaps Ill start one…there SHOULD be! LOL

    Nice try Julie…enjoy bathing in your stew of hatred and negativity…what a way to live.

  • Tammy you can HAVE your opinions thats fine and I have JUST as much right to post here as you do. A lot of this crap is taken out of context and YOU dont know what was said by anyone because all you have to go by is “hear-say”. I find it hard to believe that if the network approached Jodi and told her that they would pay her but Kate would not allow it…I think the network is a little more professional than to approach matters that way. Furthermore, I hardly think Kate has the final say as to whether or not Jodi gets paid…that is a network decision. Also, if the network offered to pay Jodi…why didnt they offer to pay Beth, Janet and the other kind people who “VOLUNTEERED” their time to watch the kids. I still dont think you people get it…”JODI IS BITCHING BECAUSE SHE DOESNT THINK THAT JON AND KATE SHOULD BE MAKING MONEY OFF THE KIDS…IF JODI HAD GOTTEN PAID BY THE NETWORK SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN MAKING MONEY OFF THE KIDS TOO!!!” She’s a hyprocrite. I guess it would have made it okay for Jon and Kate to make money off the kids so long as Aunt Jodi got her cut right?!?!? What a frickin joke. I dont think its greedy that Jon and Kate are the only ones who get paid…if Jodi doesnt want to help out for the benefit of the children she claims she cares so much about then tell her to stay the hell home with her own damn kids. Look how many years Aunt Jodi has been in the picture. If she TRULY had a problem with the way Kate is toward the kids (if there is any validity to her claims) then she’s just as guilty for not coming forward sooner. Shame on you Aunt Jodi. I would bet my last dollar that if Jodi were getting paid …not a word would be said from Jodi’s mouth. What’s that term I’m looking for…ummm “hush money”. As far as my attacking Jodi’s character…I would have attacked her character if she actually had some. Someone who comes out with all this “bullshit” simply because she isnt pocketing some cash has no character sorry. Jodi…how do you sleep at night? Has anyone ever given any thought to the fact that perhaps Kate felt that if the network paid Jodi, then the other volunteers would get upset and not volunteer the time that they so willingly gave unless they TOO were paid? You know that IS a possibility. Dont judge until you get the truth from the network’s mouth. Again, if the network WANTED Jodi paid…THE NETWORK AND ONLY THE NETWORK could make that decision…NOT Jon, NOT Kate, NO ONE except the network has that authority to pay someone. Also, the Duggars have little kids on camera…what damage is that doing to them? or is it just the Gosselin’s you people pick on? What about Tori and Dean…they have a baby in front of the camera too. Are you people picking on them? Yea…thats what I thought…of course they dont have an Aunt Jodi in their family to stir up the shit. Seriously people, I hope the network comes forward and explains FIRST HAND (not through the mind and mouth of Jodi) and sets the record straight as to what really transpired, perhaps then you might not be so hell-bent and determined to believe everything Aunt Jodi spews forth.

    Oh and one more thing…if Jon or Kate were mistreating the kids…I AM CERTAIN THAT THE CAMERA CREW WOULD HAVE APPROACHED THE APPROPRIATE PEOPLE AND IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED. Now come on people…be smart…Jon and Kate would NEVER hurt those kids and you ALL know it. But like I said before “bad stuff is always easier to believe”. Sad, but true.

    P.S. Thank you antiquedresser for your positive post. Forgive us Tammy…we dont like negativity…but we DO like Kate!!! Ha Ha

  • Oh and Tammy…I think Jon and Kate can decide for themselves what amount of money makes it feasible for them to speak in public. That’s not for YOU to decide. I manage my daughter’s music career and book all her concerts and gigs and such and I can personally tell you that the rising costs of travel expenses & hotel expenses have not made it feasible for us to book certain engagements. Perhaps the Gosselins didnt feel that it was not feasible for them to spend thousands of dollars making a trip to speak half way across the country to not recoup their losses. Afterall they DO have a family to support. I know I wont spend $4,000 in travel expenses unless a gig pays atleast $6,000…who would? would you? You seriously need to step back, stop being so narrow-minded and LOOK AT BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY!!!!

  • Tammy you said in your post “If you don’t like negative comments then why are you on here?” My response to you is “I didn’t know this site was for negative comments only. I am on here to try to difuse the false accusations and one-sided path that this story has taken.” Let me ask you this “Why are you here? To breed negativity in a world that has too much negativity already?” F.Y.I. My reason for being here has merit. Does yours?

  • I am a 12 year old boy and I want to say that I love the show Jon & Kate Plus 8. My mom and i would wtch the show while she was pregnant with my younger sister and brother and it made me “okay” with the fact that I was going to have younger siblings at a time I wasnt so sure. Watching Jon and Kate raising 8 little ones helped my mom gain patience I had never seen her have before. I guess she watched them and felt that with 8 kids these parents survived and that I think gave her the confidence to raise two more kids. Thank you to Jon and Kate (and your 8 kids) for making my mom a better mom through your show. I get kick out of watching the Goselin kids because they are the real deal. They make reality tv worthwhile. I love how Kate and Jon are on the show because they are a lot like my mom and dad and I know my parents love each other. My mom obseses about cleanliness just like Kate does (it drives my dad nuts) but Im always proud to bring friends home because I know the house is always clean, Anyway Im a big fan thats all.

  • To whoever: This is Lulu. I made a typo when I typed “again”, it is one word and you are right. And as for the kids, I left out a word. The kids seem to be smart is what I meant to type. You surely are critical. That’s okay if you don’t want to read the rest of what I wrote. However, I still believe that Jon and Kate should come forward with information regarding their relationships with their parents, Jodi, Beth and other family members. This religious routine that they play and then treating others the way they do, especially family members, is extremely hypocritical. Hopefully Kate is reading this site or someone tells her about it.

  • First off , who the hell do you think you are Lyn?Just because you obviously have all the correct info,I guess i’ll shut the f** * UP!!!!!!!!How do you not know I dont know them? I am their neighbor? Iam part of the show? Kiss my a**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Second who the h*** lets their 10 yr. old kids on here? You Lyn sound just like another girl on here (missy)AKA (kate) By the way, you say im going off hear say, where do you get your info?Dont be a f****** hypocrite!!You talked just as much shit (but it was just not of j&k ).Dont be sorry about not liking negativity. I dont like stupid people LYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To the person who posted TO LULU on october 30. Who the hell are YOU to correct people’s typos? You remind me of my english teacher. So what if LULU hit the space bar or misspelled a word or two (to, too) Who really gives a shit? Did you realize that YOU misspelled the word difference and the word home-schooled should be hyphenated. Wanna nitpick? We’ll nitpick. Keep on posting LuLu typos and all. We get the point regardless of grammatical errors. Hey LuLu I guess this is only a site for negative AND correctly spelled posts. Too bad we’re not leaving.

  • Lulu I can defend your typos but I dont think its anyones business what lies between Kate and her relationship (or lack thereof) with her parents. That is not relevant nor is it anyones business. Also, this “thing” between Kate and Jodi has only been told by one side…so dont judge until you have BOTH sides of the story. Just hoping people will back off with the hatred and negativity until BOTH sides can be heard. P.S. I am glad that the negative posting toward the children has stopped. Bravo!

  • To the person who posted TO LULU on october 30. Who the hell are YOU to correct people’s typos? You remind me of my english teacher. So what if LULU hit the space bar or misspelled a word or two (to, too) Who really gives a shit? Did you realize that YOU misspelled the word difference and the word home-schooled should be hyphenated. Wanna nitpick? We’ll nitpick. Keep on posting LuLu typos and all. We get the point regardless of grammatical errors. Hey LuLu I guess this is only a site for negative AND correctly spelled posts. Too bad we’re not leaving!


  • Well Tammy…to answer your first question “Who the hell do I think I am?” well…I’m lyn i thought you knew that.

    secondly, i DONT claim to have all the info just the knowledge that there are two sides to this story, one which we have not heard yet…and if you’re willing to shut the **** up then by all means please do so.

    To answer your question…I dont know who lets their 10 year old child on this site…i think the little girls name was Emily…so stupid I guess it is Emily’s mom and dad who let her on this site. Why dont you go ask Emily…Im sure she has the answer to that one.

    Thank you for telling me to kiss your ass, but I probably wouldnt be able to find it with your head so far up it.

    And to respond to your final comment…if you dont like stupid people then how do you stand to be around yourself?

    just so YOU know … i don’t get my info anywhere…I’m just smart that’s all. It doesnt take a rocket scientist or a psychology degree to figure this one out….but I guess that’s why YOUR not smart enough to see it!

    P.S. You dont like what I have to say…go away cuz this bitch ain’t leaving! Ha

  • If you’re betting that I’m AKA “Kate” then I’m betting that Tammy is either AKA “Jodi” or AKA “Julie”. You’ve got an awful big hard on for the Gosselin’s. Why don’t YOU come clean and “fess up” as to who YOU really are, “Tammy”!

  • Hey Jodi and your sister do you want some cheese with that whine. Are you kidding me, anyone who watches the show know’s how kate is. Sounds like someone has a little case of the jealousies. If you are the perfect parent that your trying to protray well for gosh sakes write a book! So I guess you have never said anything to your kids, you’ve never gotten upset with anything they have done and who in their right mind gives gum to a 3 yr get over yourself HONEY! When somebody gets their feelings hurt isn’t easy to pick apart everything to justify it and make you look like little miss april sunshine? As for me I will not stop watching the show and I like Kate seem’s to me she don’t put up with no crap and I wouldn’t put up with no crap from AUNT JODI

  • Thanks for the compliment Tammy (AKA Jodi/Julie!) I am most honored that you think I sound/speak like Kate. Kate is a very a-matter-of-factish and well-spoken individual. Don’t hear much rebuttal from you regarding my perspective on things…I guess perhaps my posts and the possibility that the truth lies in the side of the story not yet heard has struck a nerve with you. Awww too bad. Grow up! Have a nice day.


  • Ahem…my dear sweet 10 year old Emily…re-read the posts…it was TAMMY who was appalled that a 10 year old was on this site…NOT ME! I think its GREAT there are posters of ALL ages. ALthough you SHOULD practice what you preach honey because wasnt it YOU who made the nasty remark about Jodi’s children’s looks [post from Oct 30 @ 9:30]??? I believe it was. So BEFORE you tell others to be nice … perhaps YOU should do the same. Emily perhaps you need to post your comment to Tammy NOT me. And no sweetie…I have quite a number of years before I am 56 thank you…but you know what? BEing 56 wouldnt be so bad…the older the wiser! Ha Ha

  • Ahem…my dear sweet 10 year old Emily…re-read the posts…it was TAMMY who was appalled that a 10 year old was on this site…NOT ME! I think its GREAT there are posters of ALL ages. ALthough you SHOULD practice what you preach honey because wasnt it YOU who made the nasty remark about Jodi’s children’s looks [post from Oct 30 @ 9:30]??? I believe it was. So BEFORE you tell others to be nice … perhaps YOU should do the same. Emily perhaps you need to post your comment to Tammy NOT me. And no sweetie…I have quite a number of years before I am 56 thank you…but you know what? BEing 56 wouldnt be so bad…the older the wiser! Ha Ha

  • Oh dearest Tammy…do you EVEN realize what an asshole-comeback that was??? You call me ugly yet you have NO idea what I look like. Asshole! Come on Tammy…you can do better than that. How bout rebutting my perspective on the whole Kate/Jodi “thing”? Afraid you might be WRONG!!!! Yea…thought so. Get happy.

  • Also I didn’t want to leave out the reason I said “who would let their kids on here?” Yep, it was me TAMMY, and for you to think thats wonderful, theres something wrong with you. Lyn I really hope you dont approve of everything thats said on here. you (Lyn)have just as much negativity and bad language as the next. By the way when i said you sounded like KATE it wasnt a compliment . If youre really trying to sound smart and intelligent dont say stupid ass words like (“matter of factish”)and constantly end words with an “ly for kate g. being a nurse and you thinking she sounds like a “well spoken individual” Im just hoping you didnt spend money on that education.

  • Tammy are you breaking wind or just talking out your ass again…i can’t tell the difference anymore. You want to talk about uneducated people…speak for yourself. You can’t even put together a complete thought in a grammatically correct sentence. I know you didn’t mean it as a compliment when you said I sounded like I Kate…I was being sarcastic, but I guess you weren’t smart enough to pick up on my sarcasm. I end words with “ly” when it is proper to do so. And there is a BIG difference between MY negativity and YOURS. Your negativity toward Kate is fueled by some personal hard on you have with her which is why you are probably Jodi or Julie disguising yourself with the name Tammy. My negativity is toward shitheads like you who think you know everything when you clearly don’t and you try and suck in anyone within earshot who is foolish enough to believe your line of crap. From a psychological standpoint, after re-reading your hate posts about Kate…honey you’re one f***ed-up individual. Your hatred, left untreated, is going to eat you alive from the inside out. You can keep on talking Tammy…but guess what? No one is listening anymore. No one cares what kind of hatred you have for Kate AND the kicker of it all is this…”Kate is probably at home with her loving family and she’s probably not giving a rats ass how much you despise her. Nope not at all. The hatred you have toward her is something that only YOU care about. I think what your real problem may be is that you dislike ANYone who may be better than you, smarter than you, has more than you, has achieved more than you or has what you can’t have…you’re just a hater and because of that you are a loser A loser who sits at her computer, foaming at the mouth like a mad dog, plucking away at the keys posting the hate that she feels for every person that she knows is better than her, tearing others down only to make herself feel a little bit superior. Your sick. You need help. I suggest you get it before you’re eaten alive by your own hate. Your pathetic. And one more thing…I don’t talk the way I do to “sound smart”…I AM SMART and I’m smarter than YOU that’s for damn sure. And ummm…what relevance is there why a 10-year-old is on this blog? Who the hell cares? Well…just from what was posted looks like the 10-year-old is smarter than you too, Tammy.

  • I wanted to mention that if you watch the video of Aunt Jodi at the beginning of this blog you will hear her mention that she is on vacation. Well if she is boo-hooing about money and her being not as financially stable as Jon & Kate then what the heck is she doing on vacation? She obviously has money to blow if she’s on vacation. Must be nice.

  • Shame on all you petty, pea-brained old biddies. What has Kate ever done to any of you personally?! How dare you call anyone such horrible names. If you don’t like her, don’t watch the show. All you perfect people should apply for your sainthood now. I watch this show faithfully and I have never seen where they asked anyone for any of the freebies. They are always grateful for what they receive. If people want to give them stuff, that’s their business. I think it’s wonderful that this family went from both parents having to work to being able to give their children terrific opportunities. More power to them!!!!

  • this message is to tammy. stop telling people how they should talk and what words to use. maybe you should shut your mouth and listen you might learn something. emily has just as much right to post here as you do no matter how old she is. get lost tammy. for anyone here who has said that kate is a control-freak this tammy person has her beat by a mile. lyn i think you are sharing a good message to everyone. we should not jusge until we have heard both sides to this story. thats only fair.

  • Tammy I’m curious …Do you have something relevant and meaningful to say about Kate and Jodi’s dilemma (which is the reason for this blog) or are you just posting to hear yourself talk and take up space? We”re all getting a little tired of hearing you bitch and moan…give it a rest.

  • I like John P’s post…very sweet sentiments from this young man. Nice to see that Jon & Kate Plus 8’s show have drawn the interest of people of ALL ages. Kudos John!

  • Tammy why don’t you grow some balls and post a message directly to emily (age 10) stating your disapproval of 10-year-olds posting on this blog. why are you going through ME to voice your concerns about kids posting? Then you can show emily and me where there is an age-limit for bloggers on this site. Quit trying to dictate to everyone…it’s getting old.

  • ok,lyn from the sound of your your comments you posted , i can tell you are a very intelligent person. the only reason i said that about the ten year old , is because i do have an11yr. old myself and do monitor sites shes on. i do not speak in this fashion around my family, ( i just feel i should defend myself as well) i dont HATE the gosselins.i dont claim to be a perfect mother,and the list goes on…. My only thing is when people like you(lyn) jump on everything i say or correct everything i do it just gets irritating. i feel i am a pretty intelligent person with views of my own Believe me i absolutely have “no hard on ) for them as you said many times .All my point is you dont know how smart i am as i dont know you. if my 11yr. old daughter came to me after reading this and asked me what a hard on was ,i sure would have to have a long talk with her. so as to you thinking all of those nasty comments were from really me (there not)i think you sounded personally like one of the most awfully meanest people i have ever come across.last, just wanted to remind you that alot of people can come on here and write anyones name . the last thing i wrote was about the ugly comment wasnt true and this bitch aint leaving either

  • Like i said, cut all this BULL SH*T on kate and jodi
    this is all about Jon!!!! he is sooooo damn hot.
    Kate does not deserve him! nope.
    He is way to sexy for her. I would take him any day;)

  • I think ,actually I know it is a FREE country and if I want to be on this site i will be.I have every right to be on here if i can a flat screen computer i just have to take every advantege i can so if you don’t want me on this site cut my internet off.And Lyn if you keep on leaving comments about me I will do a lot of damage.Lyn like I said you are about ’56’ and i am a young thing. and i can do anything i want.EVERYBODY GIVE ME A COMMENT EXCEPT YOU TAMMY AND LYN YOU BOTH ARE WAY TO HARSH!

  • I think ,actually I know it is a FREE country and if I want to be on this site i will be.I have every right to be on here if i can a flat screen computer i just have to take every advantege i can so if you don’t want me on this site cut my internet off.And Lyn if you keep on leaving comments about me I will do a lot of damage.Lyn like I said you are about ’56’ and i am a young thing. and i can do anything i want.EVERYBODY GIVE ME A COMMENT EXCEPT YOU TAMMY AND LYN YOU BOTH ARE WAY TO HARSH!

  • Well Tammy…I was challenging everything you said because I wanted the other bloggers to see that there IS another side of the story OTHER THAN the negative anti-Kate one that has been put out there by Jodi & Julie. My problem with people like YOU is simply that you keep spoon-feeling the hate to everyone and as I’ve said before “people will always believe the bad stuff before the good” and that’s NOT right. The general public (or those interested in J&K+8) need to step back and look at the reasons for and the possibilities of the OTHER side of what really went down BEFORE they judge the Gosselins. That’s all. One of your first posts directed specifically toward me was that of an irate woman upset that I was trying to provide these bloggers possibilities as to why the Gosselins may have done or not done something…but your insistence portrayed you as someone who was INSISTING that her thoughts of what happened WERE 100% accurate. I was simply saying that the ONLY people who truly know what went down are Jodi, Kate and the execs. It is up to those directly involved to SHARE THE TRUTH of the matter with the public…which they are not entitled to do because IT’S NONE OF OUR DAMN BUSINESS. Get where I’m going with this?

  • THIS SHOW HAS TURNED INTO A ADVERTISEMENT FOR JUCIY JUICE GARANIMALS, AND TV GAMES AND WHY Do u think MONEY,,KATE HAS FOUND ANOTHER AVENUE TO GET MORE MONEY AND EVEN THOUTH THESE ARE PROMOTIONAL ITEMS WHO DO U THINK ENDS UP PAYING THE TAB FOR ALL THEIR MONEY GRUBBIN HANDOUTS,,,,THE CONSUMER,,,THE COST IS EVENTUALLY PASSED DOWN TO THE CONSUMER, AND WE PAY BECAUSE THEY HAVE FOUND THE ULTIMATE MONEY TRAIN,,,LIVING OFF THE LITTER, NEITH OF THEM WORK ANYMORE, ABLE BODIED INVIDUALS, THAT LAY ON THE ASS ALL DAY, OR NO GO TO THE GYM AND WORK OUT OR GET FROSTING DONE ON THIR HAIR [so 60s] SO THEY CAN LOOK THEIR BEST FOR THEIR 25,000 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS….I DONT MIND ANYONE GETTING A HELPING HAND EVEN WHEN U WERE TOLD TO GET RID OF SOME OF THOSE KIDS 6 WAS TOO MANY, BUT U CHOSE TO HAVE THEM ALL THATS FINE , NOW SUPPORT THEM YOURSELF WITHOUT ALL THE HANDOUTS AND EXTRAGANT VACATIONS, HAWAII TRIP FOR RENEWED VOWS MY GOD ISNT ONCE ENOUGH? AND FREE WEDDING GOWNS, AND NOW BIGGER HOMES AND NEW VANS TO HAUL THE LITTER AROUND,,,MY GOD HAVE U NO SHAME’//////take care of your kids yourself,,i cant wait until u are cancelled and u have to pay for all the goodies u have received {taxes} then u can sell and live like normal people do and make ends meet where u can,,,,just out money aside for counseling for maddie and cara, im sure they will both need it and to the gal who thinks jon is hot my god u have got to be blind in one eye and cant see out of the other,,,but that is ure opinion and u are entitled to it,,,poor thing as for me i have seen a hugh change in the money grubbing jon like at the baseball game when he could not grab enough free stuff and food for the kids and i never heard one thank u, just get me a large box so i can haul home more, it has become about jon and kate and not the kids, and they are rakin it in,,,and the money grubbers want more and more,, if u cannot see past this as the new jon and kate then u are not seeing what has happened to a cute couple who started out with good intentions and cute kids, now the discipline is gone the kids are brats and maddie and cara need thearpy how sad and im sure they see nothing wrong,,,kate sits on her butt all day and screams orders, have u ever see her vacumn or dust or pick up a rag and clean, no i havent that is life they are not living it, she just takes pictures od bowel movements and runs around the house showing it to everyone,,how disgusting, grow up kate u are insane

  • And that’s why no one cares about kate. She is just a person
    who is getting a crap load of money from a tv show because of
    her kids. If it wasn’t because of them, she’d probably be
    poor. That’s why Jon is so hot. He has a job, takes care of the kids, and cleans the house. I know I could treat him like a real man;)
    So hot! and Kate doesn’t know what she has. Oh well, she will just aslways be the person who takes and takes and never give back.
    Like all the money she is making and won’t even give a little
    to Jodi. Poor kids, they don’t even know why their Aunt Jodi never comes to visit anymore. BECAUSE MOMMY IS GREEDY AND WANTS ALL THE MONEY TO HERSELF. Good luck explaining that to them…

  • I will not believe any of this until jon or Kate says something. P.S. umm… Lyn i think you are being a little harsh on emily shes only ten and you do not need to be swearing

  • Gee you seems to know a lot of specif information about Kate right down to the type of hair coloring treatment she has done…sounds like this is Jodi or Julie posting again. Who EVER said anything about Cara and Mady needing therapy? Do you know that as a fact? Sounds like YOU need therapy you jealous, uneducated loser. With regard to the freebies, if you knew ANYthing about advertising…the cost DOES NOT fall on the consumer. Also, you’re pissin and moanin about a little bit of money going Jodi’s way…F*CK JODI…I dont see Janet or Beth or Carla asking for money and besides Aunt Jodi is family, she is the Aunt who should have been volunteering to watch the kids “OUT OF THE GODNESS OF HER HEART” not looking for a kickback. I’d be damned if I ever asked for money to watch MY neices and nephews. Looks like Jodi is the money-hungry one in all of this. Does Jodi work a job outside the home? Looks like Aunt Jodi was planning to make her money off the show by “volunteering” to watch the kids and when THAT backfired she grew wild hair up her ass and decided to bash J&K for it. Grow up Jodi. I’m curious…why did Jodi have to have her sister Julie start a blog to make her woes public? Doesn’t Jodi have the balls to do it herself? One more thing…when the kids start school and the airing ceases…WHO WILL YOU HAVE LEFT TO PICK APART AND BITCH ABOUT??? Get a life already and quit tearing people down to make yourself feel better about your lousy life. As Ive pointed out in other posts and will continue to point out…AUNT JODI WOULD HAVE BEEN MAKING MONEY OFF THE KIDS IF SHE HAD BEEN PAID TOO…SHE’S CONDEMNING J&K FOR THE VERY THING THAT SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN DOING AND THE ONLY REASON SHE CAME FORWARD IS BECAUSE SHE’S A WHINY, SELF-SERVING, HEARTLESS GRUB WHO CANT VOLUNTEER WITHOUT HOLDING HER HAND OUT!

  • How do you know if Kate is getting a crap load of money? You DON’T! Allow me to suggest you keep your mouth shit until you have proof to back this up. YOU dont know how much money these people are making. Jon and Kate still have to put food on the table, pay the utility bills, put gas in the tank (and to fill that van it HAS to cost a pretty penny)…these people have to pay to live aside from whatever they receive as donations. Donations are “things” not everyday living expenses. You dont know what plans J&K have after the kids start school. Kate may even go back to work as a nurse. I am certain that this show has consumed them for the time being … and this is their job now. How else would the show get the footage it needs with both parents working outside the home. The basis of the show is to show the American public what life is like on a daily basis with 8 kids. It would be a pathetic show to see that mom and dad are leaving the kids with sitters all day while they worked outside the home. Not much of a story there now is there. THAT is why J&K dont work ouside the home (bet you feel like a real a-hole now huh) You dont know if these people are trying to make as much as they can while they can for their kid’s future until the kids ago-out of the show and Jon and Kate go back to their normal lives pursuing other careers. The speaking engagements are inspirational to everyone who attends (otherwise they have no business being there to listen). Also, if you listen to the intro on the show…Kate and Jon were only trying for ONE more and got 6 more…THEY WERENT TRYING FOR MULTIPLES…but they were blessed with 6 more. Walk a mile in Kate’s shoes…if you were carrying multiples…could YOU choose which ones lived and which ones didn’t??? I couldnt and I’m betting you couldn’t either.

    Also, when the kids ask why Aunt Jodi doesnt visit anymore…J&K need only reply “because Aunt Jodi wants paid to come see you. She can’t come to see you out of the kindness of her heart.” IT’s that simple.

  • You just contradicted yourself in your post BIG TIME which further proves you know very little about what you speaking of. You said “Neither Jon or Kate work, sitting around the house on their asses all day….then you make mention of their 25,000 speaking engagements” which is it? are they sitting around all day OR are they out earning money at their speaking engagements? It can’t be both ways. You and Emma need to post on the blog titled “Jealousy breeds Stupidity”.


  • wanted to mention that if you watch the video of Aunt Jodi at the beginning of this blog you will hear her mention that she is on vacation. Well if she is boo-hooing about money and her being not as financially stable as Jon & Kate then what the heck is she doing on vacation? She obviously has money to blow if she’s on vacation. Must be nice.

  • Emily I have NEVER told you not to post here because of your age…THAT WAS TAMMY and she even admitted to saying she was appalled that a 10-year old was posting here. Re-READ THE POSTS HONEY. Oh, and don’t threaten me. Post all you like I dont give a hoot.

  • I am responding to some of these comments. I am pursuing my masters in Psychology and I have watched this show on a regular basis and I do not see dysfunction within this family unit. The only dysfuntion is that which has been verbalized by the aunt in this tell-tale blog “Truth Breeds Hated” As far as an outburst or tantrum or fight amongst the children that is typical of any family. Even the Brady Bunch had their fair share of sibling rivalry and tantrums. Some of the hate and jealousy posted here is a bit ridiculous. I suspect I will be reading about some of you all in my case studies.

  • …ummm yes I HAVE seen Kate pick up a rag and clean. In fact I’ve seen her mop too! She even admitted to being obsessed with cleanliness. I cant remember which episode it was but she was sweeping the floor AND she was wiping down her stove. Get your shit straight BEFORE you post please!

  • Shame on all you petty, pea-brained old biddies. What has Kate ever done to any of you personally?! How dare you call anyone such horrible names. If you don’t like her, don’t watch the show. All you perfect people should apply for your sainthood now. I watch this show faithfully and I have never seen where they asked anyone for any of the freebies. They are always grateful for what they receive. If people want to give them stuff, that’s their business. I think it’s wonderful that this family went from both parents having to work to being able to give their children terrific opportunities. More power to them!!!!

  • You negetive people suck. Kate is doing a great job with so many children. I give Jon applause for letting Kate vent at this frusturating time in their lives. It will get better and I think Jon knows this. Every day things get easier. I wish I had as an involved father for my 2 children. Kate tries to make each child feel special, perhaps you negetive people may have guilt in this department. I have personally seen mothers work the 3-11pm shift so that they didn’t have to deal with the children. Kate is not only firm and fair with the children but also consistant which is very important.
    Did you ever think that the freebies that Jon and Kate enjoy are the selfish endevors of the poeple offering them, hoping to be mentioned on the show, benefit financially from an increase exposure. Think about it!!

  • AMEN mom of 2!!! AMEN! This is the point I have been trying to make all along with my long-winded posts! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you mom of 2! Thank you!n =o )

  • Very few posters, if any, know Jon, Kate, Jody or their kids. This is a TV show. Realty or not, its still a “show”. Children’s lives go by very quickly, and I am sure that with a large family and many duties, it goes by even faster. Because of this, I commend Jon and Kate for recording their lives. Most parents, even the critical ones on this blog, would jump at the opportunities this family was gave. For all that say this family isn’t special, they caught your attention, huh? There are a lot of mothers like Kate, its not always pretty thing to watch, but we all know they exist. All the posters that write sentence after sentence being positive or critical, how would you fair in a TV show? Reading your rantings about people that you don’t even know makes me embarrassed for you. One thing Kate should try to practice. If she wants to portray herself as a Christian woman, the man is the natural leader of the family. This does not diminish the woman’s role, if anything it makes her role easier. If a man and woman marry for the right reason, this falls into place.

  • Hey Ladies, haven’nt been on for a while. Seemed like some of the posters were pretty mad at me b/c Jenny, Lyn and I did not give in and agree with them, I was called some names (awwww boo hoo, hoo) LOL.

    I see Lyn you are on a roll and you are sticking to your guns, Good Job!! Several of the comments today have echoed exactly what we were saying a while back. Poor Jodi!! she is a whimp like her sister. She wants it both ways, kids and money, funny thing is if she was being paid it would be off the backs of Kates kids but some of these ppl think s that would have been okay, but not their own parents?.

    Any way “go forward girls” keep up the great debate.

  • Thanks for your support Missy. A wise man once told me on his death bed “Only God Shall Judge Me”…THAT spoke volumes. Don’t you agree? Anyway, welcome back!


  • Lynn, I think you need some help. You’re kinda crazy… yelling at people, getting mad at 10 year olds….
    and by the way, i think you need to spell check. the message you left for me saying “Allow me to suggest you keep your mouth shit until you have proof to back this up. ” watch the language, they’re little kids on
    this site. So relax.

  • Emma, if there are little kids here maybe they should go play in the sand some where else, as far as spell check, pleeeeeezzzzzeeee, we’ve been there and done that, it was a typo unless she meant to say it, but certainly was not any worse than [ppl on here calling others bitches!! Besides it’s the blog, and ppl do use bad words a whole lot worse than shit, So children should not be on here at all,

    So we are not concerned with spelling and grammer and conjunctions and all the crap that I was raked over the coals about, if our posting is hard to read or understand then simply “SKIP IT”. So before any of those cry babies start on me, I’m saying what I want and I’m not calling names, if you do thats fine it’s your keys so type whatever you want, Thanks lynn and yes “Only God has a Right to Judge as he will ALL OF US”

    Connie I agree with you there is always another side to tjhe story,

    Have you read about the Gosselins new home?

  • Oh holy Emma…please forgive my typo as I bow before your holiness. Please excuse my typo as I was typing in a dimly lit room. Sorry but I type on my laptop in the same room in which my kids sleep and THEY come first…not YOU! You wanna nit-pick…we’ll nitpick. Check your post from Nov 1st…you spelled always wrong AND you said bullshit and damn in the same post, so there! You’re not perfect so get off your high horse.

    About the Gosselin’s new home all I have heard is ppl complaining that it’s big…well ya know…they have 8 kids and they need the space! But that is the way ppl are these days…can’t be happy for anyone when something good comes their way. I, for one, am happy for every perk and every opportunity that the Gosselin’s receive. I know they are grateful for the things they receive. Just watch the clip from the Dr. Phil show…that is genuine gratefulness. I lost my husband this past April and the outpouring of support was incredible and I was thankful for the people and help I got with my children. I guess that is why I think it is so great that people are there to help Jon & Kate in ALL ways. Just when you think you’re all alone…you find that you’re not and that’s a very blessed reassurance. If feeling good about people helping others and those who need a little help receiving assistance is a bad thing…then sue me! I’m happy for them.

    Thanks for having my back Missy! ;o)

  • Grow up Emma! I’m enjoying this debate. You don’t like it…go away! You’re not saying anything meaningful to this conversation anyway.

  • Yes, Emma…do you have a point (relevant to the subject of this blog) you’re trying to make? just curious

  • I originally watched the show the first season and enjoyed it. Boy was I wrong. The show started as something very cute and engaging but it now has become an infomercial for various products Kate and Jon are advertising during the episode. Has anyone else noticed that when an item is on the show such as Juicy Juice or a Playschool house, that same item is then on a commercial at the next brake? I noticed that starting from the first season Kate is drowning her kids in Juicy Juice, which is a full of sugar, but is claiming to be an organic only shopper. Jon apparently now makes enough from managing his kids careers to not work as his career is no longer mentioned and he is now around in every episode. I am also getting sick of watching these people go to Disneyland, Lego Land, Zoos, Philly’s Games etc. for free and with VIP treatment just because they paid to have Kate impregnated via modern science. If Kate had become preganant as the famous couple did here in the U.S. in the 1930s, the old fashioned way, their claim to fame would be a lot more unique. I think that at the very least the makers of the show should post a message stating that the following program contains paid advertisements from: Legoland, Juicy Juice, Fisher Price etc. and not pretend that is not exactly what they are doing!

  • Hey Jay…plain and simple…if you’re sick of watching…then don’t…it’s just one less thing you have to gripe and whine about! Tada!

  • juicy juice is 100% sugar you moron! says so right on the bottle…there is no sugar added! please get a clue BEFORE you post this bull. jay if ya got an issue get a tissue. boo hoo

  • As far as the Gosselins new home according to The Imperfect Parent blog (which is getting bad) the Gosselins paid over a million dollars for their new home in Berks County. They are not moving to N.C. Now where these women got their info I’m sure came by the way GWoP they also show some pictures of the house, I my self hope it is their house, that will really piss off these ppl.

    I was reading back up thread (trying to catch up) and I see some one is still stating that I am Kate, that is so funny, Where oh where did Jenny go? wish she would come back, for a while Cathy, Lori, Carla, Amy thought Jenny and I were Kate and Jon, too funny.

    What is funny was some one telling someone off about spelling or how to put words together and they mis-spelled difference, Why is it with all the hateful things that are said about innocent children on here less serious than some one spelling or using a comma out of place? kinda stupid huh? As for me I am not a good typist nor am I good on the computer but we are not in school taking lessons and receiving grades so if my comments are spelled wrong or I use a comma or period when I should or should not so what? who really cares?

    You know Lyn I have been saying it does not matter to me what the Gosselins get for free or what they pay for, God knows their heart and they are the ones who have to sleep with what they do, I am sure they are doing what they feel in their hearts are the best for their family, and I still do not hear them begging for any thing, if they get every thing free so what, the tax payers are not paying for it.

    On the other blog I mentioned those women are crazy, they disect every part of every word Kate says and they are always coming up with info, and most of the time it is made up bull. They have 3 blogs about the Gosselins on one site and they are hateful, horrible women, the ones that are decent are ripped to shreads, but they have some strong defenders for the Gosselins also.

    Any away Lyn sorry about your loss and it sure was not that long ago, I hope you still have that support around you and your children, and you are right, when you think you are alone and every thing is crushing in on you, you find that there are decent caring loving ppl to help you make another day/night thru. Wishing you Gods speed for a quick recovery I know it does not happen over night. Take care you are in my thoughts.

  • Jay from Ca. what does it matter if they advertise products? ofcourse they do they are making money for it, and why do so many care about their trips? it does not cost you any thing. I think it is great that they can do that, they always say if it was not for the show they could not afford to do this.

    Is it just some thing that sticks in your crawl or is it just that it really ticks you off, Honestly I just wanted to know, b/c there are so many ppl who have a fettish with all the freebies they get and I just don’t understand why. I think it is great that they get the chance to do this, there are many children in our neighborhood who will never get the chance to leave this town let a lone go on a vacation. Any way just my opinion thats all.

  • Thank you for your kind words and comfort. I know it seems a little “odd” that I am blogging about J&K the way I do, but it keeps me sane. My husband and I had a relationship that few ppl understood (similar to Jon & Kate) but I will defend it to the hilt that way went on ‘behind closed doors’ with our relationship was something entirely different than what most people saw. i just wish people would realize that Jon and Kate are human just like everyone else (well, almost everyone else) and would stop tearing them and their children down. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO HAVE SO MUCH HATRED TOWARD PEOPLE WE DON’T EVEN KNOW. Spreading gossip and rumors can be so damaging to families on so many levels. IT NEEDS TO STOP. Bottom line…whatever problem Jodi had with J&K…it should have been handled privately not publicly. If she truly cared about family the way she said she does in her little video at the top of the page, then she would have protected this family from all this hatred. Enough said. Thanks again, Missy…and don’t feel bad…i was told when I first started posting to this blog that I sounded lot like you. LOL Great minds must think alike I guess. Great posting with you!

  • i meant to say 25,000 DOLLARS to hear them speak about kate dropping her load and everyone else caring for her children,,,having a bunch of kids is not an amazing feat nor is caring for your family the way most normal people do without the help of donations or free vacations or promoting all the various products they indorse,,never knew juicy juice was organic,,,,i guess i missed the one episode where she picked up a rag and dusted,,,sorry it must of been between vacations, and yes i also understand the house was given to them by tlc……more handouts and they are standing in line to swoop down on anything free,,i am not impressed with her mothering skills or her houseful of kids, and NO i do not watch the show any more,,do i care? no just stating an opinion, which i understand this is what this site is for,,different strokes,,different folks…u think they are amazing I DONT

  • I think if this site held everyone to one name when they signed on, there would be 1/2 of these posts.

  • I have been watching the show for a while. I don’t care for Kate’s mannerism. At first I thought she was just plain rude, I am now seeing the same mannerism in her children as they get older.

    I then thought she was an attention seeker. The night the show
    was about Jon and the kids going to the baseball game. Kate had such a sour puss on during that interview. It wasn’t about her
    and she didn’t look too happy keeping quiet.

    After weeks of watching I think she is arrogant, rude and pushy.
    I think it all comes down to the fact she is boring.
    She is a hugh bore.

    Its time to get rid of everyone in your home, (tv crew) start
    paying one on one attention to each of your children.

    These kids will all end up seeking negative attention, acting immature
    when conversations are not about them. Also doing and saying anything for anyone who will listen to them, to the point of boring
    and annoying others.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Lyn I agree with your POV on J&K’s relationship, as far as the smacking and hitting goes, where do these ppl get it is abusive? we have done that for many many years, And never in anger, I have never seen Kate take a swing at Jon in anger, she is always playing around and Jon loves it, but ppl are so shallow minded and only look for all the mistakes, like Kate only dusting once(in between vacations) that is so childish and just nit picky, which is what most of the naysayers are doing, just dragging up any thing to hack Kate about. It won’t matter what she does she will be damed if she does and damed if she don’t, when you see her do some thing different they call it “damage control”

    Now with Jodi and Julie, well that is just a tad to much of jealousy, So many posters think J&K are exploiting their kids, but if Jodi had been paid she would have been doing the same thing (using J&K’s kids) but they seem to think that would have been okay. I think Julie and Jodi both esp: Jodi are as about as low as a snake in the grass, as I have said before if I were Kate Jodi would never spend another ten minutes alone with my kids, God only knows what she may tell them. I think Jodi is a cry baby and her motives were always to be on the show and make money from it. If not why did it ever become such a big deal?

    Her little video here only speaks volumes of her self pity and tells alot of how she really felt about the Gosselins and it was’nt love.

    Hope you have a great week Lyn and we’ll be chatting again soon.

  • Lisa, you are so right about holding every one to one “Name” I usually don’t respond to Anonymous ppl I think they take the cowards way out, say what they want to, to whom ever and just remain anonymous, well how chicken of them, I would say if they don’t have a name they should’nt have an opinion either, and usually their opinions are not liable or worth reading any way, Thanks for the comment Lisa.

  • What the heck are you thinking

    this is not your right to be getting into other peoples lives when you dont know the whole thing

    *%$# you

  • You all need to get a real life and stop talking about
    someone else’s. And lyn, is this all you actually do all day

  • Emma…WHAT is your problem. FYI I’ve taken a rest and let Missy take a whack at all you negative ppl because honestly your negativity depresses me. Well…if Missy and I are “one in the same” then you and Tammy are the same person. Get happy and get real….oh and listen to Jillian would ya!?!?!

  • I watch this show all the time! I feel bad for Jodi and he treatment she has endured, I as unaware of all of this. Sadly I view the show entirely dfferent. Jodi, I wish you only the best you are a wonderful ad caring woman

  • Callie – ICAM. If she is not involved or center of attention then she acts, says, does things to take away from Jon’s enthusiasm. She is so self absorbed she makes me sick.

    I just finished watching the San Diego episode and my heart just breaks for Alexis and Collin. They go on and on and on about how much of a wild child Alexis is but I have yet to see it, except her acting like the 4 year old she is. Poor Collin bangs his head while trying to catch up to his Mom and it is God’s way of handing out punishment because he didn’t listen to the nanny.

    I don’t care for Jon or Kate but I love watching the kids, which is why I continue to watch the show. They are adorable and watching them just makes me smile. Children are innocent and I hope that this show and what is said about them, and yes their parents also, does not affect their future mental health. I just love Alexis – she is always smiling.

  • Lyn some of these ppl crack me up, really . First Jenny and I are J&K and now you and I one of the same, kinda funny huh LMAO, well thats okay. And to Emma, if Lyn is on here all the time 24/7 why does that concern you? it is not costing you any thing, oh wait I know you are afraid she might tell some more truths about J&K and you ppl can’t handle a good debate can you, it’s either call names or argue, well Lyn keep up the good comments,

    I think it just pisses ppl off that you don’t cave in to their negativity and lousy comments. You stand your ground and back up what you defend, You “All American Girl You” LOL Happy Posting

  • I love the latest episodes where Kate is trying to “make” Jon take back or apologize what he said about something and he just won’t! He is starting to show the audience that he is trying to stand up to his possessive wife now. In many ways, Jon knows his weaknesses and relies on her for the strength he does not have but he also realizes she goes to the point of obessive control and does cross the line when he is told by her to recant and he just won’t let her win now. Good for him! He still has a long way to go and the kids are stopping him from breaking free now. He is just not a very happy man and feels trapped at this point.

    As for the show, it started out as a nice documentary of curiosity. It has escalated to a constant, round the clock reality series that invades the children’s privacy. They are a circus act for us now when we turn onto their show. Mady is in constant need of counseling (as in the episode where she just couldn’t steer the water ride well and she stormed out or how she throws constant tantrums whenever it does not go her way). She has said on the show that she does not want to be videoed during one of the times when she was upset over something.

    With this new home I hear they are building. If they intend to hide the cameras, it just validates how this is truely an invasion of privacy to the kids and they will one day truly see how awful the effect will be from this. This is fine with other shows like RealWorld or Road Rules because they are consenting adults and are aware of the notoriety it can bring to their lives. These children will grow up and others will smother them and criticize in every angle for as long as the circus shows are aired. This has become in my opinion, borderline child abuse. There should be a law against filming children in a reality series with no breaks and making such a profit for the family. These kids are without a voice in this now. The family has no other income to survive if this ends now but I do feel for ALL of the kids.

    I had twins and I remember how much attention that brought about everytime we left the house with them. We did receive free formula and diapers from different organizations. This kind of generosity is a blessing but I did not milk it by crying poverty the way Kate is doing. I didn’t have money to eat organic but if I had made money from my kids, this is the least I could do for them.

    Bottom line, this show has to run its course and we will get bored with it over time. There are so many others with huge families showing right along side of theirs and it will die down. The money they make now should be socked away because it is a finite and Jon will have to work again…

  • Do you understand this is not a debate?
    You don’t need to answer every post!
    I think you need some friends. Get a life.

  • Well “Missy Headache” I do understand it is none of your buisness how I post, when I post or how oFten, I have a great life and very full filled and I enjoy posting with some of the girls on here, So whats it to you any way? and why are you bothered with it? I have several friends and a lot of aquaintences and I am a busy lady, any thing else you want to know?

    To Bottom, I understand that the Gosselins are not building a home they are buying a million dollar plus house in Berks County, like 24 acres the house looks more like a mansion and they have room for horses, swimming pool and a guest house, I think it is wonderful and the kids will have lots of room and more privacy.

    As far as Mady the only counseling she needs is for her bottom to meet the back of her fathers hand, as well as some of the others, they are children and children need to know who is boss and it certainly should not be them, I believe Mady is a spoiled little girl and she just needs some loveing in the right place(her butt). She throws fits b/c she can and gets by with it, if Kate or Jon would snatch her up a time or two when she does that she would quit, b/c it is not cute nor should it be acceptable. Children only do what they know they can get by with.

    As far as Kate and Jons behavior toward each other, I think it is cute the way Kate tells Jon to say “your right Kate” and he refuses, and it is done in fun. I have never seen her smack him or hit him (as some have suggested) in anger, it’s always playful.

    Well “Missy Headache” was this post okay with you? and tell us why can’t you use your own name ? are you ashamed? it just boils my blood that some of you come on here and want to rant and rave about what some of us say or think but you don’t have guts enough to use your own idenity. So instead of you worring about how often I comment why don’t you figure out what you are hiding from. I’m sure you can come up with some thing if you give it some intelligent thought.

  • Hey everyone, this is all really interesting to me! I really like the show, the kids are adorable!


    Does anyone know where I can read the full blog with all the dirt in it??

    Poor Family, but that Kate is a bit of a pain in the a*@

  • Missy,

    Mady nor any child for that matter should ever be physically abused as you suggest in taming her behavior. Consistency in taking away priviledges after verbal reminders to cease are better alternatives. Children need to learn that if they break the rules whether in the family or past their front steps, there are consequences but it should NEVER by way of hitting them! If you ran a red light (because you want to) and an officer stops you for it, do they smack you? No, they will write you (warning) by way of a ticket. You do it often, your driving priviledges are taken away in lieu of caning you or beating you. Do you understand how they should be taught in order to be law abiding and respectful citizens? You hit them and the cycle of abuse will continue for generations that warrants more counseling to remedy.

    You know, they were invited to appear in the Oprah show and not only were the crew for TLC there to film, a producer from the Oprah show came also to film along with them before they headed off to the trip. That meant two flim crews inundated their home! Imagine the invasion of privacy to film this circus act now! I am appalled these children have absolutely no rights to protect them from national television! I am appalled that they have no breaks like other child actors and no teachers to teach Mady and Cara when they all travel so much. If the family are always shlepping off to trips, they need appropriate homeschooling.

    Lastly Missy, I don’t give a rat’s rump roast if their new home is newly built or existing. Modifying the home to accomodate hidden cameras are easy and I’m sure they will be planning that for this new home so the crew can really take over! And remember, if others sponsor them freebies, they expect to be alotted media airtime as well. They have every right to come in with their own film crew in addition to what’s in there now. No one comes out of this without a piece of the pie and the only ones you see in the end are the children with no voice in the matter. Believe me, they need to be investigated on who comes in and out of that home, how often they go out for appearances and what kind of daily life routine are these children going through that does not include the invasion of camera exposure. When all this dies down later, the home they have will still require them to pay taxes for as long as they own it. Where will the money come from after this is all over? Do they realize the upkeep when the income is gone? Surely they can’t believe they will be filming till they are in college. Even I got tired of watching the Dilley sextuplets and they didn’t do daily filming.

  • Oh Bottom, first of all I guess you like many of the Americans have thrown the “Book” which is called the “Bible” out of the door, I believe it says not to spare the rod, and where does this generation get that a spanking causes so much trama? sure we have child abuse always have had, I’m not talking about beating, or a smack up side the head, I’m talking about a good ole’ fashion butt spanking, and hell no it does not cause drama down the road or lead to children being abusive. OMG where do ppl get that?

    Parents today find it is easier and less work to shout and scream at their kids. Also they like to remind them selves that they (the parents) can still count to THREE, that is the most stupidest thing I have ever seen, I hera it all the tyime while shopping, a mother will yell out “Tommy I’m gonna count to three” and all the while Tommy is tearing the hell out of packages that we end up paying for.

    Well frankly I’rather see her warm up the butt God gave him and see some results instead of her stupididy. But these lazy ass parents would rather others be disturbed by their btrats then get off their butts at home and teach them some manners, I guess that would cut into their time blogging about some one else.

    I have heard ppl say that Kate hits her kids, well all I can say if she does she must not make them feel it, and I even heard some one bitching about her using a paper towel roller on them, big deal, like that is gonna hurt them, but all you have to do is get their attention, you don’t have to beat, leave marks and shout, scream and yell, to me yelling is worse than any ass whiping,

    Sorry if you don’t agree, well really I’m not nor do I care, my kids were spanked and I have great adult children, and you can’t tell me you are a God fearing person and you just overlooked that scripture,

    As far as the new home, believe me you, they will afford it the rest of their lives, what about all the royalities they will get until the end of time, and how much money do you think they have already made? believe me they have nothing to worry about now or in the future.

  • Truth Breeds Hatred….So does Jealousy.
    What a sad, jealous, pathetic person Kate’s sister in-law (Jodi)
    and her sister in-law’s sister (Julie) must be. Julie (Sp?) calls Kate fake and turns right around and says she shouldn’t let people know who her kids really are. I tell you fake. Jodi’s sweet little totally calm, always under control voice. She walked around on the show like she popped a couple valiums before filming with her smile, smile, smile. Oh goodness, he just put a hole in my wall. Oh well, we just need a little nap and some gum. Kids will be kids, smile, smile, smile. Really,.. is that how a REAL person would have reacted? Julie or her sister didn’t have a problem having JODI’S kids filmed when the spot light was on her. I guess it must be hard for Jodi not to be able to take her family on all those nice trips and not getting free stuff for her kids like Kate and Jon do. Seems pretty shallow and selfish on her part. I can’t believe Jodi would let her sister talk about Kate’s kids and refer to them as animals in show biz. How do you let your sister (Julie) refer or compare your on nieces and nephews to animals? Can you just imagine how expensive it is to take care of 8 children and give them good clothes, toys, field trips etc THAT WE ALL WANT FOR OUR KIDS? Who doesn’t want to put our kids in fun educational classes and watch their eyes sparkle when they get a new gift. That’s just being a loving parent that wants the best for your kid. We ALL do. How many times have you spent too much for Christmas or birthdays? But could you do any of that w/ 8 kids? Really think about that. Is it better for them to run around in rags, never get to do extra curricular activities or ever go on family vacations just so people don’t see 30 minutes of their lives a week. I don’t know about any of you and your home lives, but seeing 30 minutes of my life a week you wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on. It’s not like every second of their life is on TV for one and if you found a way to give your kids a decent life style that we ALL want for our kids as opposed to living and struggling like hell just to put food on the table, wouldn’t you choose a better life? Would you choose good food, a nice yard for the kids to play in, daddy be around more? Really, how else are Jon and Kate supposed to do this? It’s not like they can just put them back. Who would want them to have to give them up because they can’t support them? What about those mom’s out there that work long hours to support their kids, but hardly ever get to spend time with them, should they not work because it‘s not the ideal thing to do with kids? Much better to just live on welfare right? Yeah, tell that to the people that do have to live on it. You can’t fake a two or 3 year old beaming with happiness. This is what I see when I watch the show. Things may be clipped and cut and even done over, but you can see those kids are loved and happy. It’s just sometimes people get jealous. People love to talk about other people. It’s just truly sad when it’s your own family doing it. Julie and Jodi says Kate’s kids are so bad off and yet Jodi put her own kids on the show. NOW that SHE’S not on the show, well now it’s “Kate’s horrible… Jons pathetic“. Funny, it was “Kate’s a GREAT MOM and Jon’s just a wonderful dad” before. Don’t you remember seeing those clips? On another note, people keep saying Kate’s sooooo mean to Jon, look at the way she treats him. People, come on now. You have to remember this is at LEAST a whole week’s worth of footage cut down and pasted together in little bitty snippets and shown over and over and over. I’d be willing to bet if any of us were filmed for a week and it cut and pasted together how many times it would SEEM like all we do to our better half is fuss at them. All it would take was 2 or 3 snappy moments in a week’s time and there you have it. Are you to tell me you NEVER snap, yell across a room or give a love tap ONCE in a week or a month to your hubby or wife? NEVER? Never try to talk over the kids? NEVER get snappy at your better half because the kids are aggravating you when you probably shouldn‘t? NEVER? Humm, I don’t think anyone can say yes to that. Not without being a yes sir, no sir kind of spouse. Or anyone that is married or has kids would disagree with me truthfully. And well “drama” sales so what clips DO you think your going to get to see? The couple walking around like Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver? Also, how do you know what Jon says to her? How can you really judge ANY persons relationship from 30 min a week cut up into bits and pieces? What I don’t understand is how someone can talk about their own family member like that? If I was Kate’s brother I would be ashamed of my wife for letting her sister trash his own sister like that. Heck if it was me I would be filing for divorce for putting my sisters financial security in jeopardy like that. I love my nieces and nephews and would NEVER want to see them have to do without cause of me. Nor would I let my husband openly pursue trying to destroy my nieces or nephews means of support. That’s just shameful. Kate’s brother should be ashamed for letting her do it. Wonder how Jodi would feel if the shoe was on the other foot? THAT’S YOUR FAMILY GIRL. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? It’s not hard to put two and two together to see that what Jodi and her sister Julie are saying stems from nothing but pure meanness and jealousy. Where were they advocating against the show in the first or even the 2nd season? No Jodi and Julie were all smiles and saying it’s a wonderful thing. That’s why I wouldn’t take too much stock in what Jodi and her sister blogging about to be the truth or stretching the truth. I’m sorry but I don’t consider nice clothes, a descent roof over the kids’ heads, fun toys, healthy foods, exciting vacations and field trips or a mom and dad always being there, hugs and kisses all day DAMAGING. IT’S CALLED BEING BLESSED. HAVING THE GOOD LORD HELP YOU FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT WORK. Especially when you have 8 kids ( that you did not plan on) to feed and support and can actually say you found a way to do it. It doesn’t take a child expert to know how hard it would be. All it takes is doing your check book and cringing because at times its hard and then imaging trying to do it with 8. I personally love watching Jon and Kate + 8. I think it reminds people of what it’s like to love your better half but know that at times we go through ups and downs and moods, but tomorrow’s a new day and we’re no different than anyone else. That our kids can drive us nuts at times, but we love them and we would do what we have to to make our family work no matter how impossible it seems. It’s not about who the kids are, but getting to see milestones and having a good understanding of the difference in children and how interesting it is how girls mature so differently than boys. How siblings interact with one another and what to look for in your own kids when it comes to them growing and learning. I have two young autistic children and I find it VERY beneficial to see when the children develop fine motor skills how their verbal skills grow. How potty training some kids are different than other siblings. When certain behaviors start to show up. How beneficial it can be to have a child on a good set schedule. What kinds of routines seem to work good with kids. Maybe not to all but to a lot of us that enjoy the show w/ or without typically developing kids, big or small families, new or experienced parents. We simply find it educational. And I am thankful to the Gosselin’s for give us the opportunity to learn from them and enjoy watching the children and their relationships develop. I am VERY happy for them that they are able to financially support all their children and give their children what they need and also have the opportunity to enjoy life a little. No matter what I have or don’t have, I would never wish someone to have less than me or to never have more than me just because I wasn’t given the opportunity. Regardless of who Jon and Kate really are or how people (in-laws) want to make them out to be, we need to remember why we starting watching the show in the first place and to not forget that not everything is as it seems (Kate being this or that etc). That it is what it is. “Reality” TV Not necessarily or completely “actuality” TV and you’re not always getting the whole story or your getting thing out of context. Jon and Kate are doing what they feel is best for their family to make ends meet and to have a good decent life and the network is going to show what sells.

    That’s my two pennies anyways,

  • Thats more than two pennies worth. I agree with you, but how do you have the time to write all this stuff. You obviously love sharing in life of Jon and Kate plus 8. Where can I see a pic of their new house? Boy oh boy they sure need it.

  • Oh my god, you people are SO awful and hateful! Such judgement… Do you believe everything you read on the internet? Do you really know what occurred between family members to cause an estrangment? Everything you’re quoting and citing is 3rd hand knowledge.

    You don’t really know what goes on in the families of people on reality TV. After all these years and the hundreds of reality shows out there, it’s pretty clear that they’re partially scripted and that people are on them for monetary gain. And why not? I think people should stop judging these reality show families and just turn their TVs off, if they’re so offended and outraged by what they see. There are true problems in the world and getting so angry about what other people do with their lives is absurd.

    If years from now, Jon & Kate’s kids, the Duggar kids, and the Roloff kids are all screwed up from their upbringing on TV, well then their parents will deal with the consequences, just like everyone else had with their specific childhood issues. They’re providing for their families in a unique way and benefitting greatly from their specific lifestyle choices. More power to them.

    If you’re jealous and bitter because no one is giving your kids free clothes from the Gap and giving you a free vacation, call TLC and let them know you’re available…

  • True,.. I guess it was more like a full piggy bank LOL! Well, to be honest if I want to post to a blog or write one I just pull up word pad on the computer and write a little bit throughout the day until I feel like I’m done. If I wrote it directly on the web page it would timeout WAY before I was done or could get back to it. LOL. I don’t really know what J&K’s new house looks like. I haven’t seen, but looks like some people have.
    Blessing, :-)Choosy

  • Well said ladies…sry I have been away tending to family matters, but I am glad to get back to this blog to see that positive points have been made. Missy, I don’t know ya from Adam…but I love ya and would love to meet ya. We share so many of the same view points. I’ll post more of my thoughts on the J&K discussion soon.

  • Oh My Gosh GGG!! you are so fun, I’m gonna be the first one to call TLC, Damn I need a paid vacation, wait a minute!!! I don’t have any kids left at home, well dang there went my chance.LOL

    Al tho I think all these kids will be fine, the Duggers, the Rolloffs and the Gosselins, If they are not then the parents will deal with it, you are so right,

    And you just said both you and choosy what we have been saying about poor aunt Jodi and little sis Julie, they are unbelieveable, and yes as long as they were on TLC things were fine, even tho Jodi was there b/c of Kates kids, and if she had been paid it would have been b/c of Kates kids, but ppl were okay with that, but not if Kate does it, doesn’t make good cents.

    And Choosy I’m sure that all the problems with Kate and her family was not all Kates fault, I mean we have all had problems with family members but I sure don’t blame them for all of it nor them blame me.
    But I am sure Kate was taken advantage of until she wised up and saw what was happening, but youy still never hear her or Jon speak ill of any one in that family.

    The new house or rather what ppl are saying is the new house can be seen on a lot of different blogs, for instance if you go to Gosselins without Pity, they have a site where they show the house, and it is beautiful, if it really is the Gosselins house, I really hope it is. Oh BTW you can not comment on that site but be glad b/c they are horrible people.

    Looking forward to chatting with you more to Lyn, hope all is well and we will get to know one another here, Cyber friends are great, So hang in here girls, and lets watch and discuss our show The Gosselins.

  • I watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 and think the show. Now reading this has got me wondering what really happens behind the scenes and, if any of this stuff about Aunt Jodi and all the other things r true. I wish there was away to find out. I do wonder how they afford all that stuff with 8 kids cuz ppl with less kids have a hard time affordin that kinda stuff. I hope this isnt true.

  • Anonymous, the Gosselins can afford all this b/c of the show, they have stated many times if not for the show they would not be able to do the things they do. Why ppl keep harping on them about the freebies they get is beyond me, they are offered these things by companies who want to advertise, no worse than our sports players who wear gear for a certain company. They (the G’s do make a lot of money) and they should.

    As far as Poor Aunt Jodi, in my persoanal opinion I think she is just a scamer who thought she was gonna make some big bucks off of Kates kids and alot of ppl think that would have been okay for her but that the Gosselins shouldn’t do it. I don’t think Jodi loved those kids as much as she said or she would still be there, when she found out there would be no ,oney, she quit, plain and simple. But then she had to go crying to big sister and start some crap, some will tell you Julie was only defending her sister, bull $$$$ who goes on the net to defend little sis. They knew it would bring many negative responces to the net about Kate and thats exzctly what they wanted and GOT.

    What I find is Kate and Jon have taken the high road and to not talk bad about their family and so every one wants to blame Kate for the distance between her and family members.

    I can not stand to watch a grown woman as Jodi in her video, whinning about how hard things have been for her, I hate the fact that some one will start a blog but fix ot where you can not comment back to them on that blog, well then it’s not worthy to even read, It’s like she and Julie can dish out all their bull but don’t want to hear any thing in responce to it, and they sure don’t want any comments back to them, like they have done to Kate,

    Do I think Kate is perfect, heck no, do I think she is a better WOMAN than Joodi and Julie, hell yes I do. Jodi is looking for pity and Julie made sure she got it, If I were to see Jodi I would tell her just what I told Kates sister Clarissa, she should be ashamed and ask for forgivness. she is a cry baby and a back stabber. Now remember I did say this is my opinion only, and I’m sure there will be some who is gonna jump on me, so -be-it.

  • I think this is soooo sick ! I love the show and the kids love the crew members. So to say they are on tv too much is sooo dumb. I agree with Missy ( even tho I don’t know her =]). Aunt Jodi wasn’t saying this when she was on the show. Now that she’s off she wants to talk all this Bull ? She put her kids on the show too most of the seasons too,I think we should get child labor laws on her too if she makes that the case.By Jon and Kate saying they did this show basically for the kids and that they make money off of it shows she wants her kids to have a great life. Do you think if they didn’t have the show they could afford it? No , so she put her kids on the show , making sure they are comfortable knowing her kids can have what they want. What mother wouldn’t do that ? They don’t have to be stressed about money and it makes them better parents because they have more time with their children. If they thought this was the worst thing to do they wouldn’t do it because they love those kids so much , just by looking at them they love those kids. They are so real on tv you can never say they aren’t real.


  • Come on Pamela, do you really believe that? Jon is not taking any thing he doesn’t want to, he loves it and all you people know it, thats why you are so fired up on Kate, she has got what he wants, regardless if it’s grumbling or bitching or whining he is not gonna leave her, and have you checked out what child support would cost him? And he could not handle the kids on week ends all alone, He is not gonna leave Kate, they love each other, what is wrong with ppl ? she did not do all this by her self, Jon was right there the whole time.

    You ppl really make some of us laugh when you make statements like “he should leave her” or “he is so hot” he’s hot b/c he is in love with Kate Gosselin.

  • I don’t think that’s aunt jodi, Ive seen a lot of episodes and it seems like someone that is trying to imitate her

  • hey people, forget about jodi. j&K have moved into to 1.1 million dollar spread. i live about a mile away in berks county. okay for all of you idiots that think they are so wonderful and are supporting the show. Guess, who is paying the morgage on this house? Everyone who watches the unemployed couple that exploits the kids. She is all about the freebies. Sad…whats going to happen to them when they finally cancel this crap. Don’t think they can afford this kind of morgage without employment. I have driven by the house and see them outside. Any by the way…..they have just built a new fence .

  • And I own a piece of the Golden Gate bridge that I will sell “cheap” LOL

    Emma, I’m not about to say you are “lying” but do you have any idea how many ppl have said they are neighbors to the Gosselins? have had an affair with Jon? have baby say for them? cleaned for them ? traveled with them? c’mon you think we believe you?

    Thats like asking if we believe what pennmommy said, Yeah!!! NOT

    Okay, we have been blessed with Kate and Jon on theses blogs, Beth has been on theses blogs and several nannies, and pennmommy of course who swears she was in their home daily, what a load of crap, Oh don’t forger the one who said she was Kates sister, think I’ll come on as Kates mom, bet that would get a lot of attention and QUESTIONS!!!!!

  • If this is the same “Emma” that posted on November 4th, then you are the same Emma who said that us bloggers need to get a real life and stop talking about other people’s… I suggest you do the same Emma. Perhaps you need a tissue or a dry mop to soak up the foam coming from your mouth. You sound like an angry, jealous little child who can’t stand that someone else has something they want. Be happy…your jealousy is gonna eat you alive.

  • It is clear that a lot of you people need to get a life. There are two sides to every “story” and the fact that Jodi and her viscious sister feel the need to tell their “side” of the story makes me think there is jealousy involved. I have often heard both Jon and Kate say how blessed they are and how lucky. Seriously, would you tell people no if they were offering you clothes, cars or vacations? I think not! Until I hear Kate and Jon’s side of the story I will not think badly of them. Even if I DO hear their side of the story I will not think badly of them. If all you people bad mouthing don’t like it maybe you should quit watching. Like I said, some of you folks need to get a life!!!

  • Sid, I am so proud of you for speaking up, I to have said I have heard the Gosselins say so many times how thankful they are for all the gifts and help they have and still do get.

    I guess some of these ppl hate Kate so bad they can not accept any thing good she would say or do, You wanna hear some real hate go visit Jon & Kate plus 8 Imperfect Parent, they now have 3 sites, and it is war, Some of those women are so mean, all they can see is hate. I don’t think I have ever heard any one talked so badly about as Kate Gosselin, and I give her credit for “Keep on going”. Thanks Again.

  • Who cares if they get donations? Or who cares if people give them things for free? If any of you women were being offered all the perks that they were, its safe to say that none of you would turn them down.

    If you guys don’t like the show, then don’t want it. Its as simple as that, if Aunt Jodie and her sister is pathetic enough to post blogs about the “truth” then they need to start worrying about themselves and keep their minds off other people’s business.

  • Way to go Sid! It is nice to see that people with common sense don’t “hop on the band wagon” when hate is involved. This is the message that Missy and I have been preaching on this blog all along. Hi Missy! =o)

  • I am quite sure that Jon and Kate are better people, better parents, and are much, much, much smarter than 90% of the people posting here. Geez, there really are a lot of petty, ignorant freaks in the world, aren’t there? Oh, and Jodi and her drama queen sister are a joke.

    The Gosselins have a wonderful life, and I couldn’t care less that they get so much great stuff for free. It has no effect on my life whatsoever. Much continued success to Jon, Kate, and the kids!

  • Jon & Kate aren’t perfect. I’ve seen more episodes of them being more real than not. Pin me down with 8 kids and I’d be a bit on the ragged side as well.

    So they get free things from various sponsors, don’t think the sponsors aren’t writing those donations off and benefitting from the advertising and plugs.

    I’m mean to my husband… I’ve spoken harshly to him, used sarcasm, even given him some sharp love taps from time to time.

    Life changes, people come and people go from our lives, sometimes we only have people for a season.

    I have seven children – blended – and it was crazy when they were all together with us. I know other families with more than the perfect 1.2 children. There is chaos, there is disorder, more than I’ve ever witnessed on J&K+8. I don’t condemn or judge – I marvel at the way the way they can do life under those stressful conditions.

    Everytime I read one of these sites, I’m disgusted by the meanness and spitefulness – it far exceeds anything Kate exhibits on the show.

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch. There are many programs on television that I find disgusting – I exercise my freedom of choice and don’t watch them. It’s that simple, people.

  • I am not perfect inraising my two children and could not fathom having six more. I would love a nanny and a personal chef, if I could afford those perks, I would have the help.

    What we are all forgetting is this; Jon and Kate plus eight is a TV show that like all entertainment is edited for the viewing public. Until there is an episode that shows twenty four hours of unedited film, view this Jon and Kate as it should be, entertainment. As for not liking the show, turn the channel.

  • “Guess, who is paying the morgage on this house?”

    Their family is. By drawing an audience and making millions in ad revenue for TLC, they are getting financial opportunities like any other TV personality. TLC is not a charity outfit. Jon and Kate make them money. Millions. They are not like you or me they are television celebrities now. They are no less entitled to buy a million dollar house than any other successful celebrity.

    Just like any other child stars the kids may have problems in the future, and just like any other celebrity Jon and Kate have sacrificed their privacy and opened themselves up to being scrutinized by millions of strangers who think they know better than they do how to raise their children and live there lives. I’m sure these very same people would say “No” to the wealth and privilege that comes with the one in a million television ratings success that has happened with their show.

    I wouldn’t do what they do for free.

    People driving past your house, gossiping about your family online (including your in-laws), and reporting every negative encounter they have with you.

    If you don’t like the show, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. If you hate Jon and Kate, that is a little bit sick. If you resent them for their financial success and opportunities, that is just too bad because there is absolutely nothing they owe you.

  • I cant believe the CRAP I am reading. Jon and Kate are awsome parents and I look up to both of them, There are so many people on this blog that to me seem jealous of their life style. They are doing what they need to do to support their family, and if I were in their situation I would do the same thing, You all should be ashamed of your selfs for even talking like this. They are good Christian people and you all should not judge them, just remember that those who judge will also be judged in the end by the one who really has the authority to judge. Keep up the good work Kate you will always have someone in your corner in MO.

  • I feel the show Jon and Kate plus eight should be called Jon and Kate plus hate. I can not even believe that as a christian man that Jon would get slapped around by her just to make money off his kids. It’s degrating because I have a gutless son- in-law that hides behind my grandchildren and his wife a woman. Gutless.There are just as good families out there that could use the money as well now that Jon and Kate have raked enough in. It’s sure is on alot of people’s mind about where is all of Kate’s family but of course they must have seen through her along time ago. To bad it took aunt Jody so long to clue in on such a pathtic little girl as Kate really is. Other people in America have alot better stories that I and I’m sure plenty more would like to see . SO Kate take what you made and take off on a life long holiday.

  • The TV station isn’t stupid..they know what is going on, and they are ignoring it just so they can make a buck on the kids as well. TLC should be held liable for contributing to the delinqency of a minor(s). TLC should have to pay for all the therapy the kids will need in the future…because they are going to need it. Jon and Kate plus TLC are pimping this kids out. TLC wake up and cancel this show.

  • Lyn, it was a different Emma…
    not me…i don’t even know where jon
    n kate live. so i would deff not be
    saying i see their kids playing
    out side.

  • P.S.
    Why don’t jon or kate ever talk about
    their parents? i mean it’s cool n all if
    they don’t want to but i’m just wondering
    if anyone knows anything about them

  • Look @ the post from anonymous on 10/30 @7:40..then look @ the post from lyn on 10/30 @ 7:57 they are the same post from 2 different ppl.. lyn is closer to the Gosselins then all you ppl know..her blogs are HUGE and she is on here all day long. I think lyn is on here blogging with many different names. lyn has the same controlling nature as Kate does…hmmm looks fishy to me.

  • This is to “You ppl wise up” who do you think you are? it is a good thing you are on this blog and not some that have Moderators b/c you would be banned, how can you come on and accuse Lyn of being a troll? just what makes you think you have knowledge of that?

    I would tell these ppl to watch out for you, you are a trouble maker and if you have any kind of morals or pride you will leave here and not re-turn.

    Lyn does not spend all day on here and if she did it’s none of your damn buisness any way, she is not the only one who writes a long post, evidently you must enjoy it. And it is not costing you any thing.

    So little fishy who ever you are don’t worry about Lyn or any one else on here posting, you can do the same here as we tell ppl about the show ” switch channels” sounds like this little sandbox is full of players and there is no room for loosers like you. Go away , Good bye

  • LMAO @ Missy are you another one of lyn’s alias sure sounds like to me. You have me confused with someone who cares about what the hell you think..because I Don’ blow your hot air in another direction… I can do anything I want without your permission so shut the @#%$ up !!! you are so psycho..its is hallarious!! STILL LMAO @ MISSY

  • emma,
    jon’s dad is deceased. not sure about his mom. Kate’s pretty much estranged from her entire family. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she just wrote them off. She seems like the type- if you don’t agree w/ me then get out of my life. Anyone see a pattern here? I think her parents even live in PA. regardless of what the hell happened YEARS ago, I don’t agree w/keeping the grandparents out of the kid’s lives.
    I have had numerous issues w/my family and what it all boils down to is that they’re STILL family regardless. You can’t pick your family so just suck it up and be at least cordial, especially when there’s children involved. Especially when they have NO OTHER grandparents!
    I quit watching the show months ago when I got wind of how Kate treated her sis n law and how she complains about her “tough days” with the nannies and personal chefs. Ugh.
    I also am not a fan of the way she treats Jon. Imagine how mean she REALLY is when the cameras are OFF? If she has no problem belittling him in FRONT of the cameras, she probably beats the hell out of him when the cameras are off. Scary.
    The kids are adorable but I can’t support them being exploited and this family profiting because the kids are “cute” and “entertaining”. Face it, this isn’t real life w/8 kids. This is candy coated garbage.

  • *applause* *applause* I agree with you evilzoe. Hey TLC when are you going to cancel this show, before everyone stops watching the channel altogether?

  • If you really want to analyze it, Lyn and Missy have the same Characteristics in their blog as each other, with in turn are like Kate’s. They all might be the same person.

  • I have 3 children and would really have loved to have more, But my husband and I realized that we want to give our children more then we had. It was kate’s Choice to have all of these children. Now she is whoring them out for the public to buy by the 1/2 hour. People need to stop watching. These children did not ask for this and had no say so. Their greedy greedy mother has sold her children to make her life better. Kate’s not a mother she’s a “Madame”

  • Keep working on that degree. When you have a family and bills you are responsible for come back, lets see how far that degree got you, the one your parents are paying for.

  • I dont know why all ya’ll are hatin’ on them, because there regular people just like you. I know where your comin’ from but they have more responsibilities than you. So maybe thats why Jodi is actin’ like a fuckin’ byotch.

  • Oh my God! I can’t believe this awful haters. It seems that if you are supporting the Gosselin family then they automatically think that you are the same person or a troll? . Hey guess what you JEALOUS TROLLS! Don’t you know that this show is the top rated show of TLC??? Do you think all those who watch this show is just like you – haters? Who are so pathetic and and are so jealous that they cant’ stand that this family is enjoying all the perks for having a sucessful tv show and having a great life!!

    Just wondering why if you so hate this family why do you continue to watch their show? ISN’T THAT SO PATHETIC? You kept on bitching about Kate and family and at the same time you can’t help to watch their show which is only helping Kate and family becoming even more richer!!! You might say “well, I’m not watching anymore” but that is EVEN MORE PATHETIC because that means there is something wrong with your head!!! It also means that you are OBSESSED with this show and you seriously need a medical help!!

    So my advise to all you trolls and haters is to seek medical help as soon as possible about your obsession on Kate and family and you’re irrational jealousy on people who you don’t even know in real life! I’m very sure it will help make your life happier.