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  • Hey, “God”

    a) go shoot yourself and save the rest of us the bother.

    b) his life is his to manage and enjoy. In order to become what he is he has made immense sacrifices so far, his family and country should be more than content by now!

    c) You say/think he has a small penis, but I wonder, what kind of insecure person chooses the nick “God”?

  • That guy must have a pretty big dick. He makes me horny. I want to give him a blowjob then let him fuck me! He is so buff and sexy. Like he is like fucking gorgeous!

  • MMmmm I would say that given his height, he is probably packing a good 9 when hard! I would let him fuck me until I passed out from the pleasure!

  • Sorry to disappoint you ladies, but my dick looks the same when limp in my swimming speedo. It only grow to 4.5 inches.

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