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Colbie Caillat Was Once Rejected from American Idol

I love stories like this!

Colbie Caillat is one of my favorite new artists, and it turns out she was once rejected from American Idol. In fact, she didn’t even get in front of the main judges — she was rejected by the pre-screeners.

A couple years (and 40 million MySpace plays) later she had a record deal and a booming career as a singer/songwriter.

“It happened so fast,” she says. “I was just writing songs and putting them up on MySpace, and then I got a record deal. Then it was like, ‘Whoa, you’re going on tour with the Goo Goo Dolls this summer.’ So it was brand-new, but now it’s been a year for me, so it’s kind of like I’m getting used to it all.”

Today, she’s touring with John Mayer.

You dodged a bullet with that AmIdol thing, Colbie. They would have had you in a contract to sing pop trash for the rest of your life! Everything happens for a reason, kiddos.

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  • Yup, she dodged the bullet there. It’s funny that the finalists and semi-finalists haven’t really made it after the American -or any other country’s- Idols. I think it’s the hype. They can’t live up to it.

  • Silly me, I thought she was singing “pop trash.” Her hit song is called “bubbly” right?

  • i really cannot stand this girl. i like the song bubbly for a second but now i think it’s like the cheeziest thing i’ve ever heard and all of her stuff sounds the sammme…..

    • colbie caillat is the very best girl singer i ever heard,yoy must be on drugs an listing to rap music or you are alittle fat pearson who is just plain jealous of her, get a life.

  • I only know Bubbly, and only because it was a free download on iTunes. I don’t pay for any of my music (I know it’s bad to download illegally, but I don’t care) so I have no opinion. But I do think that she’s WAY better off than having gone that pop-machine route. People might take her seriously

  • and I don’t even know for sure who this Colbie girl is, but if she is who I think she is, then she should be burned alive. I’m hyperbolizing. She should really just work in the music section of a Border’s and keep her saccharin lyrics to herself and whatever guy is humping her at the moment, like everyone else. Because every time I hear her on the radio, I vomit into my own lap, while driving.
    I should probably just stop listening to the radio.
    There is something else I should be doing right now.

  • Yeah, I hate that song too. Trite drivel.

    Who knew the Goo Goo Dolls were still around?

  • Okay, I admit that “Bubbly” is pretty cheezy but I do like the rest of her music. For once in recent history we have a female singer that is not famous for her plastic body or downright nasty-assed lyrics and you guys are ripping her apart? WTF?

  • Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Alanis Morrissette, Aimee Mann, Tori Amos, Sarah McLaughlin, Sarah Harmer, Neko Case, KT Tunstall, Cat Power, Natalie Merchant, Feist, Shirley Manson, Kelly Clarkson, Kathleen Edwards, Meg White (not so much singer but so many kinds of awesome)….

    Who am I forgetting? There isn’t enough, agree, but there are women out there who represent.

  • I saw her last Sunday at the John Mayer concert. She has got to be the most boring performer in the whole world. The concert organizers could just played her CD and placed a mannequin on stage and the audience would have not known the difference.

  • Yea, yea. My friends sister is a huge fan of this chick and John, and she said Colbie is a horrible performer.

  • leave her alone, shes brand new!!!! the girls got a set of pipes, and she writes her own stuff. I saw her with john mayer!! She is scared to death… who wouldnt be..

  • This gal is a terrible performer. I just saw her a few weeks ago and she can’t even sing on key… she is completely tone deaf. I can’t believe they even let her tour.

    She is definitely a flavor of the month, the record company will use her and abuse her then barf her up. She will not have a lasting impact on the music industry.

    And for the record, she co-wrote her music… which in the music world doesn’t mean a whole lot.

    It doesn’t matter if she is brand new… I have seen girls at local coffee shops sing better than her.

  • I think she’s great. She has a relaxed attitude, enjoys what she does, sings from the heart… I just love her and I can’t wait to hear more!

  • haha as always there are so many negative comments on her here, but so many many more positive ones elsewhere.

    to each their own i guess.

  • Anyone stating that Colbie Caillat has no talent, is a horrible performer etc… Clearly has no idea what they are talking about. She is an incredible singer and as she has stated herself, she has terrible stage fright. She is getting over it and will take over the music world in no time. She is one of the very few REAL artists out there. She’s refreshing, especially in an industry that has become so monotonous!

  • [i]Colbie Caillat is one of my favorite new artists,[/i]

    Oh my god, you’re an idiot.

  • Many young artists get knocked around by stiff necks and armchair critics when they’re starting out. (Elvis, Shania, Dylan, etc)

    I don’t know who booked Colbie on a tour with John Mayer, but Hendrix toured with The Monkees briefly until someone was forced to admit their stupid mistake.

    In the proper showcase and with a bit of experience she will blossom into a very fine entertainer. In the mean time she can get by on her sweet voice, breath taking beauty and undeniable charm.

  • Saw Colbie Caillet tonight sing one song….granted she is a new young artist and I wish her the best…. but, I really must say that her lyrics are immature, and her stage presence is horrible… she radiates no energy or passion whatsover and was dressed in this metallic potato sack of a bag that looks like she bought it at the clearance Halloween section of the neighborhood CVS. Her agent needs to help her with her image and style or she will go nowhere fast in the music industry!

  • I love colbie :D
    i know some of her songs are cheesy, but it is really rare for an artist to have atleast one song which isnt.
    i am absolutly in LOVE <3 with her song 'battle' right now.
    haters should get a life. searching up someone just to write negative comments is extremely sad. x