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Baby’s Day Out

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves took little Levi for a stroll in Malibu on Thursday.

Dayum, check out Camila’s dress! I mean, check out Camila’s body in Camila’s dress. That kid is like five seconds old and Camila’s already back to looking awesome. I mean, she has a tiny bit of pudge still in her tummy, but, hell, I have that anyway, and all my babies are non-human and thus never lived in my tummy.

And the photo agency says Matty’s carrying gifts for Levi on his head. But whatever. You know he’s just trying to be extra weird for the cameras.

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  • she wore that dress to show off! btch. whatever. she’s totally wearing 2 sets of spanx under that.

  • as soon as that baby came out they brought in the plastic surgeon and did the tummy tuck

  • tru dat. there is no reason anyone would wear that to “take the baby out” unless you knew you’d be photographed.

  • And that’s why I hate people who are in super shape and workout pre-baby. They look freakin’ amazing in hours! Meanwhile, us regular humans, well, you know….

  • Apparently I have missed a lot of days on my favorite blog.
    Seriously, look at that womans body, after just having a baby, seriously?
    I hope i’ll be that lucky.