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All Is Not Well with Christian Bale

There’s clearly some very real darkness behind Batman’s pretty face.

Last week should have been one of the greatest weeks of Christian Bale’s life. Instead, it seems he was in a very bad mood.

Just a couple days before he allegedly verbally assaulted his family in a London hotel, Christian lost his shit on the set of Terminator 4 in New Mexico.

During a scene, Shane Hurlbut (seriously), director of cinematography, screwed up a shot — at least in Christian’s mind. We’re told Bale went ballistic, screaming “I will kick your ass” along with other choice remarks. Several hundred people heard the outburst — including Military Police — which was described as “intense.”

Is this how Christian always is? Or is something stressing him out right now? Tipsters, write in!

He should be so happy about the success of The Dark Knight! Just goes to show, folks, nothing on the outside can fix the problems you feel on the inside. Hopefully Christian can work out whatever’s bothering him before things get more out of hand.

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  • who cares. his personal life is his personal life. he is an exceptional actor. and i think when too much personal stuff is involved in the media, it takes away from an actors true talent. leave the drama for the lohans and the kardashians. you guys better watch your back… patrick bateman will find you… and he will slice you. and also, i believe he has been estranged from his mother and sister for a very long time. his mother and sisters are a part of a circus in wales, he left the circus (no joke) to live with his father in LA when he was a young child. i am almost certain with bales recent success they have magically wanted to be “involved” in his life again. team christian!

  • big movie, big stress. and i second the whole heath thing. maybe he’s mad that heath, the tragedy that it is, is getting all the attention for his death, and he’s sick of hearing about it/dealing with it/coping. at any rate, he’s gonna get a LOT more publicity now-positive OR negative-whether he likes it or not. welcome to stardom. hey, you accept the paycheck. ;)

  • Im just another bitch that stops on the freeway whenever I smell the burned rubber from a car crash.

  • He’s a fine actor
    I don’t care much about him as a person
    he’s not someone I know
    and I don’t find him that attractive anyway
    but he’s a good performer
    maybe he’s performing

  • Maybe hes upset that hes just watched his film a few times at different premieres starring his late friend, and hes not dealing with it mentally.

  • Hey Beet, per Australia’s Channel 10 Late News tonight, Bale is suffering from depression as a result of the death of his friend Heath Ledger… Apparently, the release and several viewings of the Dark Knight upset and depressed him.

  • P.S. The news also alleged that he was having marital problems, but it didn’t elaborate any further on that.

  • Gawd. I just hope he doesn’t channel his “Patrick Bateman” role and start happily killing people.

  • Totally not story related, but this man looks so much like my ex-husband I want to punch the computer monitor every time I see his picture.

  • Depression hurts. Christian Bale is afforded the luxury of health care that not alot of Americans have access to. He could be a great advocate for mental health care, or he can keep acting like a diva.

  • first i would like to say i love christian bale. he’s hot and an amazing actor.
    but…when i first heard about how he allegedly assaulted his family…it actually crossed my mind that it was a media stunt. i mean, whose family reports them to the police? and if someone was to report someone else, and then planned on recanting their story, one would probably trust family, over say..a friend, to do this. think of it this way…before the movie came out, and immediately after, everyone was buzzing about heath ledger. i really didn’t hear much about bale until this controversy surfaced. everyone also kind of associated heath as being troubled with his dark character, the joker. now everyone is starting to talk about bale and how he is also dark, and under stress. it’s kind of being accepted in the press as well. no one is really bashing bale over this. he’s getting more praise for cooperating with the police than anything. the yentas at the view didn’t even want to comment on it. in my opinion…i smell a very well plotted media stunt to focus the dark night attention onto troubles bale rather than formerly troubled heath.

  • My friend interviewed him in LA about a month ago and she said he was really shitty then, she couldn’t get him to crack a smile for anything. Shes totally adorable – so if she couldn’t get him to grin then the guy is messed in the head. Its like not smiling if you ever saw puppy and a kitten having a hug in a field of daisies. Fucked. Up.