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Amy Winehouse Pubes Pubic Hair Pictures Photos

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  • God in heaven…she just has stank-on-ya written all over her! I can just imagine the flies that escape when her pants come off…for the love of everything holy…seriously how could anybody want to get close to her? Her face is littered with sores, she is missing teeth, she has a chia-pet climbing from her crotch…oh wait EPHIPHANY…she would look so HOT with Samantha Ronson…look out Lindsay…you have some competition!

  • Oh God, who gives a flying fiddlers??? Its natural, its normal. I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with hairless minge.

    Annoying ingrownness? Tick.
    Having to scratch in public and looking like you can’t help but get it on with yourself every five minutes? Tick.
    Looking like a little girl who should be left alone? Tick.

    Although kudoz, Ernestine, for the “lady garden” phrase. Is now entering my vocab under “ways I choose to decorate my fanny”

  • ^^ there’s nothing wrong with a little hair down there, but when its clawing at your stomach you might want to think about trimming, if for the sake of the public only.

  • It’s not that big of a deal. i’ve seen surveys saying only one third of young women trim much less shave. oh and fun fact to the gal that likes it natural-it only itches when growing back or when chafed. try shaving everyday or using powder when going completely bare. i’ve never had an issue shaving the labia/perianal areas and bikini line. shaven is cleaner and makes sex feel way awesomer. and its all soft and lovely. i’m sure the penises agree. sure, It’s fun to laugh at a messy drugged-out celebrity tho.. they’re people capable of oopsies too.

    • Wrong! Shaving is not cleaner, if anything its dirtier because there is no barrier to keep bacteria out. And no, not all penises agree…. the next time you think shaving is cleaner, try shaving off a yeast infection. Lemming……i wish the media would start killing themselves so people like you who absorb and do everything they tell you would follow suit. Get a life and learn to make decisions for yourself. Its just hair that yopu were born with, its not the bubonic plague. What if animals thought le we did and hated themselves because they were born with hair (!!!) on their bodies, we d have hairless lions and horses running around. No how weird would that be? Ok,im done….

  • I dont think theres anything wrong with hair! Its sexy – waxed will be old and out of style soon. If this was a man it might be considered sexy!! The rotten teeth, matted hair, and coke body – not so much.

  • The fact that she stopped shaving is her one redeeming quality these days. The waxed/bald look is dull, unmysterious, conformist, and TOTALLY BORING!!! Bring back the bush! (Not “W,” but “V”). :)

  • I welcome the bush back. I agree with whoever said that earleir……..waxed/bald is unmysterious, Unsexy & dull.

  • I hate it when women have the ‘bare down there’ look. I like to have something to run my fingers through before I get to my target. I don’t have any problem with them trimming the length of their pubic hairs.

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