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A Done Deal


Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z, who tied the knot on Friday night at a loft in TriBeCa.

It’s about time! I hope you crazy kids can make it last.

Does this mean a Beyonce baby is soon to come?

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  • So is this really confirmed?? I think it was all speculation. Congrats to them though if they really went through with it.

  • I love the whole roman numberal 4 thing, meaning forever, and the wedding date was 4/4…

    I also like the fact that they can still keep some things private. Maybe it will help the relationship last, unlike many others who have been in the direct spotlight before them.

  • he’s such an ape. I mean, she looks georgeous, and then….Mr. so called “pimp” looks like shit.

    u can do better hon. but if u r happy, than good for u. hope it lasts for ur sake

  • i dont think they belong togeth but if they are happy am happy 4them jayz thinks he is cool but he is not hes wife is but he is friken rich good luck guys

  • So, what’s up with Jay Z’s pants cuffs?

    Couldn’t he get a tailor who would make a pair of pants that fit?

    Or, did Mr. Z rent the wrong length and turned the cuffs down?

    I only ask, folks, because second to the beautiful Mrs. it was the second thing of prominance in the pic that caught my attention.

  • they both make me sick!!
    i hate most celebrities anyway, cuz theyre so full of shit, and if you took away all their money they would be regular people like you and me, and no one would give two shits if they got married or divorced… but these two i REALLY hate. If Jay wasn’t a famous rapper and you saw him on the street you’d think he’s ugly as shit and could care less what he’s like, but because they’re all glammed up you actually sit there and act like you’re happy he got married. wtf

  • This is a nice picture of the newlyweds. He doesn’t resemble a troll and her wicked younger sister is not in it. You rock those sandals Mrs. Jay Z!

  • He is a lot older than I thought. Not that I care very much about him. Beyonce seems like a nice girl though. Good luck to them.

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