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Never Too Young for the Red Carpet!

Melissa Joan Hart and Baby Son Braydon Hart Wilkerson, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Melissa Joan Hart showing off her son — Braydon Hart Wilkerson — at the book party for The Hot Mom To Be Handbook.

Mark was born on March 12.

What a cutie!!!

He’ll probably be doing lines with Jodie Sweetin’s baby in no time!

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  • I really hate the comments you make about babies futures…sorry. I really do find you funny most other times though.

  • Hahaha anonymous. Hider.
    I think the baby comments are hilarious because it’s saddeningly true that a lot of babies do indeed to grow up to do lines. Especially celebrity babies.

  • @Abbi : The baby comments ARE hilarious. Thats the only thing most celebbabies are good at.

  • If you pull the lever on his back he throws a punch. That’s what happens when you whore out your babies.

  • omygod i always knew she was ugly but ooooo my god!!!!! I dont get what her husband saw in her… she hideous!!!! her kids are cute thanks to her hubby…. im sorry but shes absolutely disgusting!!! she was never good looking…she”s a white red head w/nasty freckles everywhere and has a lazy eye n a lisp…. eeeewwww so gross…n thats only some things… I really think her husband must of married her for more money……