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Oh Hells Yes: Leggings Lohan Is Designing a Line of Leggings!


I suppose it was just a matter of time.

Lindsay’s rep confirms that she will be doing a line of leggings. No other details are available right now.

I am soooo going to buy these. I’m not even kidding. I totally will.

In other fashion news, Whitney Port is the latest Hills star to decide to do a fashion line. Whitney’s line “will launch this fall in upscale boutiques like Planet Blue. The 17-piece collection will feature a lot of navy, pink, multi-colored jackets, tie-dye and sparkly dresses that will retail from approximately $100-$500.”

Tie-dye dresses? Hm.

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  • Hahahaha. I seriously just came to your site to tell you about this! She really is “Leggings Lohan!” Good call Beet!!

  • Ialso thought of you when I first heard this! Love it, love it, love it!!! Can this get any better?! hahahahahahahahaha! :) Can’t wait to see them!

    AND-why do people think if you’re on a (not at all) reality show, somehow you’re instantly a fashion designer? Puhlease-I wouldn’t buy a thing from Lauren, Heidi, OR Whitney’s “line’s”! ;)

  • I think this picture is particularly funny because if you take a close look the color of her feet are a COMPLETELY different color than her fake and baked body. Oh Leggings Lohan, giving a whole new meaning to half baked…

  • they come with a little-known secret inside pocket on the waistband for your crackpipe.

    popular AND practical