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Politics Are Happening, Ya’ll


Hillary Clinton won the all-important democratic primaries in Texas and Ohio on Tuesday.

And Mike Huckabee swept the Republican vote. Nah, I’m kidding, McCain won Texas and Huckabee’s ass finally dropped out.

It’s anyone’s game still, kids.

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  • I just saw the hot blog about the election on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ” SearchingMillionaire dot com”.. Many celebs support Hillary there.

  • the problem is that even true democrats like me dislike hillary and i refuse to vote for her

  • I LOVE Obama!! But if (yuk!) Hillary is the nominee I will have to vote for her just to keep McCain out!!! I pray it doesn’t come to that because I can’t stand Hillary. But a Democrat is better than 4 more years of Rethuglicans!

  • Obama’s snow job is starting to melt! Mc Cain wants to win that war, no matter how many of our forces are maimed or die! Which leaves us with Hillary, the work she did for New York State was unbelievable, setting the standard for what a Senator should be. Vermont went nuts last night, just like Ethan Allen did after the Revolution was over, that man stole everything there was to steal in that state, they followed his example and just may have stolen the nomination from Hillary! Those few delegates will mean a lot in the near future!