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JLo Has JTwins!!!


The day has finally arrived!

Early this morning, in Long Island, NY, Ms. Jennifer Lopez gave birth to a healthy baby girl and, 11 minutes later, a healthy baby boy.

The twins are as yet unnamed.

“Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon,” says Jen’s manager.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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    • You can tell me she’s retaining water all you want! Bitch looks ugly, and like she had a face lift! Such a phony!

  • ahahahahah
    diddy IS the man lol
    until today i have never heard of a girl coming out first but just so happens that jlo’s daughter came out first then the boy lol

  • Babies gonna be named;

    Estropeado and Podrido

    …they’re both fine, in spite of the fact the picture clearly shows JLo began taking her ‘meds’ days before the delivery.

  • holy shit jlo is fuckin huge!! hahaha well i heard some crap that her father said that she was gonna have twins and that it was hereditary or something and i know that that is something that happens but i think that she was on fertility drugs and that is how she got pg with twins, why the fuck are they trying to hide it? anywayzzzzzz

  • damn its about time she popped them out she was gonna tip over anytime soon but congrats though i hope she dont fug up their names