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Save Breasts, Not Animals

Natalie Cole at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Unforgettable Evening Benefiting Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund, Pictures, Photos

Natalie Cole — outspoken critic of Amy Winehouse — arrives at a fundraiser for the Women’s Cancer Research Fund wearing animals that I certainly hope were, before their deaths, used to test some manner of cancer treatment.

I know, I know, it’s great that Natalie Cole is showing up to support breast cancer research.

But, really, what else does Natalie Cole have to do these days?

She could have skipped that coat.

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  • are u a dumass vegetarian/vegan/pussy/gayest type of person the world has ever seen/type of person who is such a pussy they cant even eat meat jen? well if u are FUCK YOU! or just go to youtube and look up shoes

  • well at least i am brave enough to put my name to it – and i am wearing shoes made from rubber which is from trees. And personally i don’t have a problem with people eating meat if they choose to – i personally think that wearing the corpses of animals who are tortured and killed to make humans look fashionable is evil – i also don’t have to swear when i make a comment – i am educated.

  • Maybe it’s a faux??
    I wouldn’t know the difference.
    But then again, like canvas shoes said…it’s tacky…so who would really want to give off the impression that they are wearing it.

  • i think she looks great because at least she’s ecouraging natural body definition and not plastic surgery, which we all know a lot of our latina sisters have resorted to ummm, ninel conde come to mind? Seems she is also on interracial dating service mixedfriends dotcom. I saw some pics looks like her very much at that club. Maybe you want to check it out.

  • Natalie Cole needs to buy a synthetic coat, realize and accept that Amy Winehouse is about 3454 times more talented than she, and shut her ugly piehole.

    In my opinion.

    And I’m with you, Jen. Anonymous: you make me proud to be a vegetarian and an animal-rights advocate. What an ignorant piece of shit you are. Thanks for making me feel better, though.

  • I have no idea what Ms Cole is doing
    I hope it’s a good thing
    I don’t really care if the coat is made of fur
    the coat is awful
    the thing I just can’t stand is fundamentalism
    and sometimes I am a bit fundamentalistic at that too

  • Evidently, many of the posters are ignorant, if not down right animal haters, who don’t have a clue to what horrors and pain animals to which animals are subjected in Institutionalized Animal Abuse (Research Labs) or Industrial Animal Cruelty (Intensive production and brutal slaughter of animals for food). BTW, all of these animal abusing enterprises are LEGAL and funded by government, our tax dollars. Cancer research is up there as one of the most vile of animal torturers, in which animals suffer and are mutilated, left to writhe in pain while monsters coldly “observe” their agonizing death. Cancer is on the rise, so why is Cancer “research” still funded and promoted as the answer? BIG profits – thats why. Speak for the animals, promote alternative testing methods. Leave the animals alone!

  • natalie was drinking hateraide over miss winehouse and she should have realized that she would have to do her own shyt right fur is a lack of thought and compassion

  • Hi, I’m a washup and crusty old singer that can only make the press by showing up at events and chiming in like someone cares…anyways I’m going to have an album come out in week to a few months, it’s release date should be soon because the pro tools editors are just sync’ing my voice in time and tune with all the songs my father wrote and that’s it!….but they’re going to do a special spot on Scientology tv? You know, Entertainment Tonight? So please watch and buy what my manager calls “my last attempt” and $0.006 of each dollar is going to some charity called the pita house, they serve sandwiches everyday to many vagetarian women across this fine nation, so support the cause and ….vote Osama : ) & have a great day.


  • All the comments here just remind me of the exact reasons I hate PETA.
    Oh and you know what’s nice about fur? It’s sooo soft and warm. Regardless this coat is tacky.
    Also I woudn’t say “Fur is evil” wouldn’t the more accurate statement be “The people who kill animals to create fur coats are evil” Seeing as how before it was a coat it was the same fur that was a PART of the animal. So clearly by the transitive property you’re stating that the animal was evil.
    That’s what I interpreted it as anyways.

  • abbi – read the my second comment – where i state killing an animal for fashion is evil. Personally i to think fir looks great – on its orginal owner that is.

  • I think fur is a more logical item to wear. I mean think about it. EVERYONE has cancer anymore. Did anyone stop to think about how one possible cause could be that we wear all these synthetic materials? It would be organic (is that the right word) to use natural stuff? Just saying. I realize there are other alternatives like cotton or whatever. Native Americans made EVERYTHING out of animals. Does that count for anything??

  • Wow you all are hard on Natalie Cole……Please get a life of your own…….She has the right to wear fur…..She can afford to wear fur…….She comes from a great legacy of talent ( father is Nat King Cole) Amy Winehouse is a talent….however, she does not have the longevity in the music business as Natalie nor the number of produced Album/CD’s in her collection. Most of the comments on this site sound like a bunch of low budget Walmart shoppers in tacky leggings……Dont Hate!!!!!!