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OMG My New Lesbian Girlfriend TOTALLY Had a Nose Job!

Blake Lively Totally Had a Nose Job, Before and After Pictures, Photos

I knew no one could be that beautiful naturally. I feel so much better about myself now.

What a difference a nose job makes!

Radar tracked down some before and after shots of Blake Lively, from Gossip Girl.

Yeah, homegirl totally had a nose job.

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  • She looks cute before and gorgeous after.
    Actually, I have the same experience with you. One of my lesbian friend I met on LDATEdotCOM/photo/leskiss also got a nose job.But she regreted about that since she preferred her previous appearance. But I don’t think it make any difference. I love her not because of her face.

  • she looked pretty before.
    now she looks like drop dead gorgeous.
    so who cares she got a nose job!!?!?!

    to me she looks great

  • She probably had a “deviated septum.” That’s what they all say when they get rhinoplasty. Can’t anybody just admit “I had a fucked up, ugly nose and so I did something about it”?

  • WOW I feel so much better now for some reason. She is super cute. Have you ever seen pix of Kate Hudson pre-nose job? I swear 95% of Hollywood chicks had a nosejob!


  • hahaha i totally love this
    my friend is totally obsessed with blake “i look like her, we have the same hair blahblahbalh”
    i emailed it to her
    muahaha! brilliant
    great work beet!

  • Honestly, I don’t think Blake is pretty before OR after. I mean, she is ATTRACTIVE, but not super-pretty. Leighton is the gorgeous one…*drools*

  • lay off blake!
    she’s amazing and you’re obviously just jealous.
    get over yourself.
    she’s gorgeous either way.

  • I am DYING to find out who did her nose.
    I love the shape of my nose, but it is slightly too big for my face and makes me look like Chrisitna Ricci in Penelope.
    I really really would love to know who her surgeon was!!!
    I’m not kidding.
    Anyone??? If you have any idea on how I could find out maybe you could email me at
    contactalittlehelp (at) yahoo . com

  • Well, credit where it is due to the plastic surgeon! nose jobs are notorious for not being able to fully predict the results, and Blake’s nose looks natural and really suits her face.

  • Wow she looked horrible. Can’t believe she’s still pretending she never did surgery.

    Ugly and a liar now that’s a resume!