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Shia LaBoeuf is Off the Hook


Shia LaBoeuf is off the hook for his Walgreens arrest last month.

The 21-year-old “Transformers” star was in a Chicago courtroom for only minutes Wednesday before prosecutors read a letter from the Walgreens Co. and a security company saying they don’t want to continue the case.

LaBeouf, of Glendale, Calif., didn’t speak but smiled at the news.

Damn you, Walgreens!!!

Why didn’t you want to continue the case??? This was going to be soooo much fun!!

I’m gonna write my own damn letter to Walgreens explaining that being drunk and obnoxious is a very serious crime in the gossip world, and I consider their failure to prosecute to be a threat to my livelihood. I’m gonna take down Walgreens, baby!!

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  • He’s as cute as a button, but perhaps has a bit of an attitude problem. I predict more mug shots in his future!

  • I have to agree with mary Poppins. I hear that Shia has a bit of an attitude and when I see him in interviews his head sometimes grows a couple of inches. I just learned that he was arrested in February of 2005 for assault with a deadly weapon. It seems he rammed his car deliberately into a neighbours car and knocked on the nieghbours door brandishing a knife. He was later cuffed, arrested and sent to jail. You can about it on

    When Indian Jones comes out, he will be blasted with all this fame all at once. I predict he will pull a “Lindsay Lohan” and get caught up in the fame…..only time will tell…but I have a strong feeling though….oh well.

  • “if i could hold you close lyk you were neva if i cud hear ur voice you’d tell me 2 be strong” its not shias fault yh no use of u lot sayin stuff on diz site cuz i knw hiz nt bothered abt diz fukin comments u ritin abt him im in los angeles n u knw wat i’ve tlked 2 him yh datz da whole point y i came ere