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Yes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, They’re Paparazzi

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Los Angeles

And ever since that whole “fat” thing exploded (no pun intended), they care about you! Yes! They’re taking your picture again!

Being called fat by people like me was the best thing that’s happened to your career since Party of Five! So you’re welcome.

And I know I promised I wouldn’t call you fat anymore — and I actually think you look nice here — but that doesn’t prevent me from pointing out the fact that you have bedazzled jeans. Really, Jen? Those are unnecessary.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Bedazzled Jeans

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  • oh god. why dont you people grow up. she is not fat at all. she might not be a size 2, but shes no bigger then a size 7. You people are pathetic.

  • there is NO effing way she’s a 2! i’m not saying she should even want to be a 2, but you don’t gotta lie! if you’re really a 7 than own that shit! at least she has big boobs. (but too bad she has a horse face)

  • You dumb bitches are so fucking jealous. You wish you looked this good. Oh and btw, this blog sucks a huge donkey boner.

  • First, if your going to leave a derogatory remark leave a REAL name, second WHO CARES if she said she was a size 2 and she isn’t…like most women don’t do the same…just because she’s famous she can’t lie…please! Last but not least she is one of the most honest, sweetest down to earth actresses(and a very good one at that) there is. So all you women stop hatin’ because she has REAL “ASSETS” and let her be…YOU GO JENN!!!!

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Is A fantastic actress singer and person

    there is no way in the slightest that she is fat

    and anyone who thinks she is has a screwed up few on what women should look like

    Go Jennifer!!!!

  • hey jennifer..
    you are not fat, really not! i have seen that movie you were in-if only- and when i first saw you i really fall in love with you

  • Jennifer love hewit looks like she is havin fun in that pic. And who cares if she liked bedazzed jeans. You people pick on stars like voulters on a carcas, i mean seriously, it dosent even matter. Who gives a dam about who is fat and whos seven sizes to small!

  • if you think she is fat you’ve gotta be crazy!!! she is beyond beautiful. I’d give anything to look like her.

  • It’s not personal , it’s just gossip.. NOO ! it’s just having nothing better to do with your time..
    I wish people could just get a life.. and not hate all the time..
    JLH is not fat at all..

    And besides.. I’d rather be ” fat” than have my bones sticking out of my body ANy day !

  • her career is fine have u seen the ratings for ghost whisperer

    and thats how you know you must look good, when the only bad thing they can point out about u is that your jeans have rhinestones, who even notices that.

    fyi i like the jeans

  • Leave Jennifer love hewitt alone. You guys are mad because u don’t look like her.she is a great person And a great singer and actress. She can be a size 2 she not that big.i wish I looked that great when I turn her age.right now I’m only a 13 years old. When I grow up I want to just like her.she is a great role model for kids and teenager
    Jada love Tamez
    p.s yes my middle name is love lol