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A Public Apology to Jennifer Love Hewitt


Okay, Love, you win. You seem to have the support of my entire readership, so I suppose this is long overdue.

I am sorry for calling you fat. Repeatedly. That was mean and uncalled for.

And I liked you on Party of Five.

I wish you all the best in your impending marriage, and promise not to make fun of your weight ever again.

Can we be friends again?


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  • I have to agree….unless you want people taking pictures of YOU and saying you are fat and UGLY…then yeah….. you need to not be so quick to be so freaking critical. Holy Cow Evil Beet!

    You’re quite synical to be so freaking young as well…..

    From someone who used to be Bulemic & Anorexic… that really sucks.
    I’m happy with my body even though I’m definately not a Barbie anymore…Barbies are plastic! How boring!

    I enjoy your site but come on….set a theme for being a wee bit more positive.

    A loyal reader here….but stop being so negative.

  • Oh puh-lease! If you don’t want the snark and gossip then read

    JLH had a ridiculously rockin’ bod and she isn’t quite sporting that these days. It’s the Beet’s job, nay obligation, to take note and apprise us, the loyal reader, of the significant changes of JLH’s arse. I applaud the Beet for the work she has done with this story!

    Cynical=good. Cynical=funny.

    If I need sunshine up my skirt I’ll tune in to the Kathie Lee Gifford Power Hour.

  • Big ups to The Evil One being woman enough to apologize. Jennifer is beautiful inside and out and there are so many douche bags within the Thirty Mile Zone to rag on, that we can let her be! BTW whomever photoshopped this picture gets a D minus, dammit!

  • this subject makes me hungry for something sweet…to keep my size 8 or 10 or whatever.
    I have a chocolate cake waiting for me right now

  • the photo you posted is too funny…. say sorry and then paste her pic on a fat body! lmao

    anyway – i think she looks great.

    and it’s my birthday,
    so i’m right.

    now i’m gonna go out to eat.

  • She’s gained weight and it’s very noticeable – I don’t see how you did any harm in pointing that out. She looks out of shape – and should probably work out. This person has the time and money to work out and be healthy, and to set an example for her fans (are there any really though?).

    Oh sorry… but your readers have the right not to feel bad about their out of shape bodies so lets ignore this problem …

  • JLH has a fat, fat ass, and anyone who says different has a fat, fat ass.

    *I* have a fat, fat flabby, pasty white ass myself, and therefore and immune from the harpies and biddies who will tut and cluck because Beet (and I) simply observed a truth. That truth is, Jennifer Love Hewitt has a huge, billboard-width flab-ass that would be better at home on a 300 pound black woman named LoQuisha.

    She be fat, y’all. From the waist up she’s perfectly normal, but from the waist down she’s a big fat fatty boombalatty.

    Pears of the world unite!

  • In fairness to me, I chose this picture because I liked the little thumbs-up I was giving, and for no other reason. People are so quick to judge! :)

  • Yes, J-Love is fat. Her head has expanded quite considerably… She has a fat head. FAT HEAD!! A fat head of nightmarishly fat proportions. Nightmares will ensue…

    Flippancy aside, I stand by the opinion that in no way is she fat. No way. By Hollywood’s warped standards yes, but in the REAL world she is average and most importantly HEALTHY. By the real world I mean the world in which women eat more than 500 calories a day, some of which consists of carbohydrate, and don’t puke it up after. You don’t need to be a heifer to see things logically.

  • Come on, we all know Beet has said worse about celebs. Its a gossip site, what would expect. Now, if she said Jlove was a crackwhore who looks like she could eat her future husband, then that would be something to talk about.

  • I don’t know why anyone is surprised that you’re disgustingly hypercritical of a woman with healthy womanly curves. These comments come from the same sick mind who thinks skank jaslene is the picture of health and womanly beauty. If I had to choose between these two women, I’d choose the one who doesn’t look like a dying ethiopian boy. But that’s just me, a normal (but I guess according to you, fat) size six girl from the south. I know it’s your thing to snipe at celebs, but I think you have a pretty large fanbase of normal sized girls, and I don’t really want to read if you keep making me feel fat.

  • I don’t see how anyone is surprised at these comments, since they come from the same sick mind who finds jaslene to be the picture of health and beauty. Given the choice between these two women, I would choose the one who doesn’t look like a dying ethiopian boy.

  • i think it pretty dumb to write shit about JLH in the first place because you obviously haven’t looked in the mirror lately……..lets see a picture of u in a bikini and see what every one thinks

  • Nice chins beet. Photoshop was not your strong suit I see. Get out and get some sun. While your at it, a life. Jenn is absolutely beautiful! I love her because she’s in Hollywood looking like a real woman.

  • malren get ovver ur self we all know u have a flabby ass but wen u say JLH has one I don’t know wat u meen becoz i can’t see past ur universe of an ass!!! and as for evil get the slimfastout then call her i swear sometimes you really do my head in with this oh btw to help you on your article … EVERYWHERE JLH’S ASS GOES I GO TO .. she walked the other day yhp took 10 paces forward 8 left and then headed down the street.. and to end on this note stop freakin stalking her !!!!!!!!!!!!! Lot’s O’ Love Your Beloved Friend Tasminxx

  • i don’t get it!How dare you criticize jennifer being fat when you are soo much fatter than her?

  • I feel bad for you. That you feel the need to rip another woman down. She never made you feel bad about working out/being healthly in her teenie mags, you did that to yourself. Fact, beauty mags will make you feel ugly.
    Way to go setting female kind back a few steps for joining in on the weight bashing. Thumbs up tool shed! Learn to love more then the outside, and maybe you’ll be outraged by things that actually matter.