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Lil’ Romeo Moves from Rappin’ to Hoopin’

Lil Romeo on Full Ride Basketball Scholarship to USC

Do people say hoopin’?

What do they say?

I’m really not cool at all.

Anyway, huge ups to my man Lil’ Romeo, who today signed a letter of intent to play on USC’s basketball team on a full scholarship. Not so lil’ anymore!

Romeo will be graduating as an honors student from Beverly Hills High this spring. No summer vacation in rehab for this rock star!

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  • I don’t know who the hell this dude is, but – is that a diamond-encrusted cookie monster necklace he is wearing? What the…

  • Why in the world did they give this lil creep a full scholarship??!?! PPSSHHHT, what happened to the good ole days when people were given what they deserved? Like Britney fully deserves a shovel to the head….

    • I would like to say to Jen Jen you are clearly full of hate for peolple you don’t even know. First of if you went to a University then you would know that Free Rides are only given to someone that deserves it weather its academics, athletics, or finances that enables them to recieve it. But you clearly have issues if you are talkin about put a shovel to someones head so i hope you get the help you need.

  • Good for him obviously he didi deserve it he graduated with honors that means he worked hard in school.and plus he is not a bad basketball player either his skills on the b ball court are nice. people always want to bring someone down when they are doing good for themselves. romeo has money he doesnt need to go to college but he is i guess he is smart enough to know that the entertainment industry doesnt always work out. and all people got to say is negative when he is doing something good with his life. i guess you would rather see him on a corner selling crack to a 12 year old then maybe you would be happy.

  • jen jen, why wouldnt he deserve a full scholarship. He graduated with honors and is a good athlete. What, does he not fit in the all american, orange county look for you

  • What is wrong with you jenjen, and caseysays..There must be something really wrong with the world when you only have negative things to say about someone who is trying to better themselves, i guess your world is “PERFECT” huh?!

  • since when does a top 15 high school point gaurd in the country NOT deserve a scholarship jenjen??? and like everyone said… he was a HONOR student.

  • To the first two DUMB ASSES……. Dumb ass #1 thats Master P’s son but you probably don’t know him because all you watch is probably The O.C. and Hills. Dumb ass #2 you probably don’t know him either. You know black people can do more than just rap and sell drugs, which you think thats all we do. Ask yourself are you doing better than what he’s accomplished or are you just sitting home all day looking on the internet for who you can write negative SHIT about.


  • Jen Jen and Casey evidently you two don’t have anything going for yourself to ask the question why did they give the lil creep a full scholarship. Did you not read the part where it says he GRADUATED WITH HONORS? I guess not huh! I know, you wasn’t trying to see that part. Don’t knock a brother for something he has earned. Don’t be a Hater…be a congratulata…ok

  • I’m pretty sure Romeo and, especially, O.J. Mayo, will be packing in the crowd at USC. It’s a win, win situaltion

    Oh yeah, his dad Master P at one point was worth over $300 million and Romeo has had hit records and TV shows himself. Ain’t knowbody hurtin’ financially. Yet he wants to go to college. This is good example from someone originally from New Orleans. Bad example: Little Wayne and Baby.

  • He shouldn’t have taken the scholarship. He and his pops are full of money, paying tuition at USC would be like pocket change to them. He should have walked on and let some poor or middle class kid get that scholarship money, somebody who would probably struggle to pay USC tuition if not for scholarship money.

  • Hey JazzyPhizzle…

    Lil Wayne is currently going to the University of Houston. How is he a bad example??

    He didnt recieve his court docs because of Hurican Katrina and thats why he got arrested in Iowa…because of that he’s a bad exmaple??

  • I see what you mean billy ray about not needing to accept scholarship when he already got money. But some people who have money, can easier throw money with no care and perhaps Lil Romeo want to let people know that he do take education and finiance seriously than anyone ever give him a credit. 2nd, maybe by accepting scholarship give him more boost or motivation to stick to 4 yrs of higher learning than just to come and go as he please to finish college later. Of course scholarships come with restrictions like must take certain courses or maintain 3.0 GPA or higher and etc., this will determine how responsible Romeo is. Last, it nice to see people with money like Romeo can be a good role model to those brats with money or they think they have money (ex. Rich parents with kids to inherited like Paris Hilton) to put money into a good use. It a possiblity that since if Romeo can maintain the use of the scholarship til college graduation, he could start his own scholarship programs for those who would need it. If yall dont agree… then get yo butt out of the chair and do something, improve your grades and work harder til you get where you want to be! Even Michael Jordan’s son doing the same thang!

  • True he does have money but I still say if he deserved it then why not take it. For all we know, he’ll probably make some big contribution to the school that CAN be used to help those less fortunate. And to be honest what he did is no different than like the cases I see at work everyday—case in point I see lots of “well to do people” on Medicare that cold afford to pay for a whole state worth of people but does that stop them from using it nooooo. A lady’s claim came in today who’s very wealthy but uses Medicare to get her friggen toenails cut @ the podiatrist office instead of just getting regular pedicure/paying out her own dang pocket. So, let this young man do his thing & Romeo I’m proud of you. And hats off to you P and Momma P for raising another educated black gentleman!!!

  • @ Gmoney

    I thought Lil Wayne use to go to TSU not UofH to major in Sport Medicine or something like that? And I doubt that Lil Wayne still in college since now he is CEO or President (I’m not sure which) of Cash Money and been like rapping on every darn mixtapes and remixes that been coming out like everyday! He cant be at 2 or 3 places at a time.

  • i’m kinda proud of him! he and his father are worth MILLIONS. he could have easily not went to college and released as many crappy rap albums as he liked.

  • Us black folk can’t win “your damned if you do, and your damned if you don’t”. This kid should be a role model to other kids whose family is well off. He worked hard and he will be graduating with honors from Beverly Hill High. He maintains a successful career in entertainment; he is a honors student; and he is a really good basketball player. The future for Mr. Romeo is bright. Lil Romeo gets everything that he deserves. Master P raised that boy right!!!!

  • First of all, Lil’ Wayne is a sophmore-level student at University of Texas, Houston with a major in psychology; he is the CEO of CashMoney Records, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t desire education-it would be ridiculous to assume that just because he has this title that he doesn’t aspire to better things. Third of all, while I’m glad Lil’ Romeo received the full-ride to USC, I have to agree with those who said he should’ve passed it off to a less-fortunate, yet equally good player/scholar, or just scholar. Also, to those who believe that African-American youth are only good at selling drugs, rapping, or video modeling (I mean you, #2 post), I a,m a living example of a African-American youth trying to get rich the right way: maintaining a 3.7 GPA on a full scholarship at Seton Hall University…don’t assume you know us…”The Wire” is not me.

  • As a former HS athlete and current college athlete who’s parents could definitely afford my tuition, it’s not about the money. As a student athlete, you prove yourself for 4 years hoping that you get a chance to continue doing what you love… getting a full-ride athletic scholarship is the best feeling in the world. Knowing that you earned your worth (and yes, most signings have GPA req.) is what it’s all about. A lot of people who get signed don’t have the money. Just because he comes from money doesn’t mean that he didn’t earn his scholarship. I look forward to seeing how he does next season.

  • Teresa, Tina, Beautiful Breze, Keke:
    Y’all need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. I never said anything bad about the dude. EXCUUUUSE me for not knowing who he is. All I did was make a joke about his cookie monster necklace.

    Some bitches need to chill out.

  • Master P surely raised him right. Right message Romeo is giving to others, education is more important than money, by choosing to go to University and plans to be the best Athlete. Congratulations and Good Luck to him.

  • i think that is a very good thing for him and hi say all yall haters need to just shut up and fall back and what the fuck is yall hating for i say all yall muther fucker haters need to just fall the fuck back.holla……………………………

  • congratulations Romeo you deserve it. Even though he’s rich and it wont affect him whether he does or dosn’t go to college he still is. He is a great role model…. and he has a gorgeous bod lol! Big Up Romeo! xxxx

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